Inchcock Today Thu 14 July 16: Evening battle with the £300 second-hand recliner – I lost!

Confusing Innit?


10dThursday 14th July 2016

0405hrs: Rather sprang into life this morning. Tried to rid the thoughts about the dream I’d been having. They were not nice at all.

The rickety £300 second-hand recliner noisily allowed me to extract myself from it and have a WRWW & WRHD session. A bit of bleeding from the rear quarters, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna both giving grief. Tsk!


Two beauties & the Beast

Laptop on and the diary finished off for yesterday and posted.

Started this one off.

Belatedly remembered the morning medications and took them with a cuppa.

Another WRWW then started the graphics and doing this post.

Did a bit of Facebooking, but I must not get carried away, cause I need urgently to get a damned good shave and shower, being as yesterday, feeling rather faded, I didn’t have one. And I want to have time to visit Olive before I go to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Shed. Must get the nibbles, camera and I ready promptly.

P1110218Got a wonderful shower and freshened everything up. Carbolic soap and citrus gel used today.

Dressed then assembled the things needed for the Tenants Hour.

Popped in to see Olive on the way to the Social Hout at the hut. She was perky, as she was expecting her daughter to arrive and stay with her for a few days. We had a chinwag, and I departed, with the thought of not seeing her for a few days now, as I don’t want to intrude on her family gathering.The

A little sad I was, but hoped things went well for them, and Olive enjoyed the visitation.The

Took the jars to the recycle box and on, to the Community Shed.

10e2A really slow start today, despite it being the best day for weather in ages.

Handed in the raffle prizes.

It filled up a bit later, though.

BJ arrived and joined out table with Tina, Bill, Eddy and myself.

I gave BJ the photographs I’d had printed from last week, and off to the flat to get the bags and things ready for this weeks visitation to Asda (Walmart) to get today’s photographs printed.

I was feeling much better now. To the bus stop, had a chinwag with some of the gals at the bus-stop and gave them some nibbles.

Then I got the photographs developed, and did some shopping while they were developed. Got some fresh pod peas, two lemon drizzle desserts, tomatoes, Irish batch loaf and nearly weakened – but resisted the Fresh cream Horn cakes! (Chest swells with pride – hehe!)

10k2Arriving at the bus stop for the return bus, I noticed the battered public bench near to it, had apparently not suffered any more damage?

Had a go at the crosswords on the journey back to the flats.not

Glorious weather today.not

Had to fight and resist the urge from the eyes for my nodding off again.


The trees near the City Hospital were all in leaf bloom and looked lovely.

Back at the flats making my way up to mine in the lift, a mega-dizzy spell hit me.

I struggled for a few moments with this one, but it cleared by the time I’d got out of the lift and to the door?

A WRWW and WRHD were tended to, during which another much less violent dizzy came. (But there was no more today, fortunately)

Medicated myself, and got the fodder cooking!

Some chips in gravy in the oven with some red onions, and made some beef gravy in the saucepan, with two little bits of beef.

I felt suddenly so tired again, that I dare not leave the cooking so stayed in the kitchen all the time while the meal cooked.

50 minutes later, I served it up along with a dessert, apple and banana.

It didn’t look too good but tasted absolutely wonderful! I think my adding some Oregano to the gravy might have helped.

10k3Got settled in the shuddering second-hand £300 recliner to eat it, and the phone rang. By the time I’d half-extracted myself from the recliner, whoever it was had rang off.

Settled down again, (The second-hand £300 recliner refusing to work) and started on the food… yes you’ve guessed, the phone rang again. I was out of the  second-hand £300 recliner quicker this time, but still not fast enough before whoever it was, again rang off!

Back in the now working £300 second-hand recliner and to the now getting cold dinner. As the landline rang again, I thought, if it was the doctors, they usually ring on the mobile if I don’t answer the landline – and when it rang again, I remained firmly ensconced in the second-hand £300 recliner!

An urgent call for a WRWW stopped me eating again, the £300 second-hand £300 recliner shook and wobbled noisily at it let me out and to the porcelain.

Long job, when I got back and into the £300 second-hand recliner which reluctantly allowed me to settle in it, the meal was so cold, another battle with the £300 second-hand recliner and back into the kitchen to warm up the meal. I’d served it in the plastic dish, so had to transfer the stuff onto a metal tray to warm it up in the oven. Then put it back into the plastic dish and ate it in the kitchen. I could not face another contest with the £300 second-hand recliner!

Depressed now.

As I was getting back into the mentally and physically challenging £300 second-hand recliner (That I suspected was laughing at me – Hehe!), the landline rang again – I uttered a word I don’t often use and ignored it!

Lot’s of TV to watch tonight… as I nodded off…

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  1. Is this sexy picture a rather desperate attempt to bring people to your blog? Ha, ha! Always nice to see myself on the pages. Of course I’ll have to charge you…

    • Ah… You noticed! Damnations and Tsk! I can assure you I can only afford a bit to pay you with yer know, but, if that’s what it takes for me to see your and Shirl’s enticingly tempting sculptures then so be it. I can make a deposit of 50p straight away. And that is 65.92 cents, so you know I mean business. Hehehe! TTFN X

  2. Cheque, card, transfer or cash gal? I’ve got some old 2/- (Two shilling) pieces that are selling for £15 on the money market. I wonder how much it’ll cost to post one to you?

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