Inchcock Today – Sun 4th Sept 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop


Sunday 4th September 2016

Awake at 0200hrs; Dreamt of being chased through corridors again.

0205hrs: Got out of the  £300 second-hand recliner chair without any hiatus and to the WRHD in the wetroom. No bleeding anywhere this morning, that’s a good start.

01h0218hrs: Got the washing ready and went down 01ito the laundry room to get the washer going.I checked the filter on the dryer, and it was right clogged up!

Got the meshing out of the dryer. I checked the filter on the dryer, and it was well and truly in a state of not-being-cleaned-for-agesness!


0235hrs: Back, up to number 72.

0255hrs: Down again to the washing room to transfer the clothes into the dryer. Cleaned the inside a bit first, as it had streak marks on the inside of the drum.

0310hrs: Back up again to the apartment and got the laptop on to do the final touches to yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

0410hrs: Once more down in the lift, and folded the gear into the bag, had a wipe around, and cleaned the dryer filter and refitted it. Back up again, having taken care not to make any noise on my trips up and down, with it being so early.As

As I passed the notice board on my way back, I saw a not about one of the tenants, May. She is in City hospital, and not very well. I’ll get in touch with Jenny who wrote the note later today and ask if I can visit or send her some flowers.

IT was 0500hrs by the time I’d got the laundry back into the flat and stored away in the airing cupboard and clothe-racks. So, it took about three hours to get the task done, and that is quicker than it usual is. Being so early a start, I didn’t have to wait for any machines to come free and the lifts were not being used by anyone else.

01fI looked in my daily bag but could not see my pound shop floppy hat. After a short search, I realised that I’d given it to my Australian pet, Koala Katie to look after. No luck in the search for my expensive wind-proof umbrella, though. Tsk!

A mystery as to what I’ve done with that?

Time to take the medications and get the laptop on to update this diary of woe. Then spent many hours Facebooking without any annoyance other than it was going a bit slow.

10bGot a good ablutioning done, during which a Whoopsiedangleplop occurred. Well, a dizzy spell I think, but it was a quick one. One minute I was getting the shaving tackle sorted for use, then found myself on the floor with a bruised cheek and tiny little cuts on my face. Probably caused by whatever I hit on the way down to the floor where I was wounded and confused I soon came round and with the help of the sink, got up again. Might I have a shiner in the morning? Hehe!

Got the showering done and went to see Olive. I was pleased to see she was doing so well again today, she’s been through a lot of procedures with her Crohn’s treatment and blood change. An amazing woman, she managed to tell me off for my falling and heard some tales from her past. I love listening to her stories, it’s the way she tells them yer know! I departed after a cuddle.

The Haemorrhoids were suddenly giving me bother and became very tender. May have been started when I took my trip to the wetroom floor? But I now found myself in a position of not wanting to stand too much in case the dizzies returned, and in pain when I sat down? Ah, well.

St02Got the fodder cooking, not that I felt hungry at the time.

The Crock-Pot garden peas, red peppers and leeks were added to the tasty Beef and Potatoes ready-meal. Beetroot and two bread thin slices.

Honey yoghourts to follow.

The head started aching, and the piles continued to sting. Humph!

I foolishly washed the pots before eating the food. Due to difficulties in cleaning the Crock-Pot porcelain dish, by the time I got to eat the meal, it was not very hot. But still, it went down the gullet okay. I’d done the pots early so I ould watch the England match against  Slovakia.

I was rather confused by the commentator’s comments during and after the event. Got a feeling of Deja Vu. They thought Rooney had played well? I’ll have to get another TV that shows the same as other people see when it comes to England footie matches? Hehe! Well, at least they won. I hope to be proven wrong about my fear for the future games.

Sister Jane called at half-time. Nice to have a natter with her.

Having got up so early, I took the evening medications and tried to watch some TV. But the dropping off soon got the better of me, and I gave up. Turned off the gogglebox and was away to the land of nod withing minutes. The dreams came, despite my being so tired. Annoying when no details can be recalled at all, just vague suggestions that I was being chased again..

Woke around 0230hrs, had a WRWW, and the piles caused so much pain, I had difficulty in finding a position where I could sleep. Bother!

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