Inchcock Today Mon 5th Sept 2016: Dedicated Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Day – Failed Tsk! Hehe!


I have made today, this pledge to myself. We’ll see?

Monday 5th Sept 2016


Oh, got that wrong – 8oz down! Hurrah!

0455hrs: Moved and the tender piles forced me to get up. The cushion with a hole was not giving me any relief from the pain. I’ll have to mention it to the nurse tomorrow. To the WRHD session, much bleeding and tenderness from this read end. Humph! No signs of any dizziness, though, so that’s good.

Popped onto the scales, I’d sooner not talk about this if you don’t mind. Oh, yes I will, I’ve just checked my weight list, It’s down, down I say! Alright, it’s only 8oz, but better than the other way? Hehe!

I’m determined to avoid any Whoopsidangleplops today – if I can, I’m getting fed-up with having them!

To the kitchen, to find I’d left the flipping tap running all night – A good start, Damnations! Took the medications with tomato juice and made a cuppa, laptop on.

Did some graphicalisationing for this post, finished off Monday’s and started this one off.

I couldn’t remember what time I had to meet Linda (The fuel poverty lady) today, so I looked back on Thursday’s diary and found it was 1100hrs, in the foyer.

Did some graphicalisationing for the TFZ site for a few hours. I’m starting a new series titled ‘You never know who’s watching – do you?’ Putting the TFZer gal with a famous bloke, with another TFZer sneaked into the graphic watching them?

It took me three and a half hours and I’ve only got four done, so it’ll take a while to get them all done. Hehehe!

Oh, must get missen ready for the meeting with Linda now. TTFN.

1355hrs: Down to the foyer, and felt so horrible about myself when I later found out it should have been 1100hrs, and, about me getting it wrong! I must try to apologise to Linda. Idiot!

Up to the flat and got the things needed, back down and caught the last L9 bus into town.

I went into the Wilko store to see if they had any of those what I now know, are called Protection Stamps, (That Olive informed me of) for blotting out names on letters etc. to save me using the shredder each time. Asked a lady on the Customer Service counter, but no luck, she suggested I try W H Smiths in Victoria Centre.

So I departed and climbed the stairs up and over the road into the Centre and 0001called in the Market to get some nuts. Took a photo of interest as I was over the roadway. In the distance, I spied the flashing blue lights of an emergency vehicle and zoomed in with the camera to investigate. Note the cyclist just about to pass the car?

He pulled out without looking in front of the bus, which had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Naughty!

Onward into the top floor of the centre and to the nut stall in the vegetable place. I overspent a bit here… Chocolate and yoghourt covered cashews and some yoghourt covered hazelnuts. Then got some pod peas and yellow mini tomatoes.

Hobbled along to W H Smiths, but they had never heard of anything like a thing called a Protection Stamp.

Carried on and down into Tesco to spend a bit more. Tomato Juice and salt and vinegar rice cakes.

01iThen out into the busy streets and over into Trinity Square, where I spotted some stuff in the used jewellery shop window, that I thought might appeal to the TFZer ladies, so I took a photograph.

Pearls and diamonds!

I wish I could buy some and take them to the gals.

Then I popped into the Little Waitrose store to spend even more.

Got a yellow pepper, Marmite Rice Cakes, cheese twists and an onion.

01fWalked down through the City Centre on my way to try the stationery store on Exchange Walk for the Protection Stamp.

The folk were clearing and packing up the Nottingham Beach rides and sand.

Looking at the mayhem, I nearly walked into a Community Policeman near the council house steps – but I don’t think he was aware of this, as he stared at the workmen with a smile on his face?

Down the alleyway to the Ryman stationery shop. A very kind lady who I asked about the Protection thingy, went and fetched me one and returned with it, a smile on her face and wished me good luck. I think I might have looked a bit pale and poorly to her? Bless her.

I proceeded, after realising the funds were now getting low, to the bank to get some cash. I had ten minutes before the 40 bus was due to leave, but there were no people at the bank counter, so I entered and got served immediately. Then, the dreaded Whoopsidangleplop – I could not find me bank card!

I was flapping and panicking a bit now, so angry with myself again. I hoped I’d used it when ordering Morrisons online and left it near the laptop? The girl sorted getting me some cash. Humph!

To the bus stop and while I waited, did another search of my pockets – and found the bank card! Oh, the relief! Still felt a right plonker, though!

10bCaught the number 40 back to near the flat. As the bus pulled off, there were four people all looking at their phones at the same time, and I thought this scene if I got a photograph of them, would be of use for a humorous graphic. But the bus stopped to let them cross before I got the camera out. Ass we moved on, another lady on her own was on her phone, so that had to do for me idea for a funny shot. but I couldn’t think of anything to write on it.

When I dropped off the bus on Winchester Hill and I managed to get across the road safely, a chap who got off at the same time as I did, shot past me at a good rate of knots. Further on he had to stop for traffic to cross the narrow road onto Chestnut Walk to the flats. We started a conversation and nattered away. He lived in the other block of flats, Winchester Court. on the first floor. He told he was 85 and had seen here for four years. We both agreed how nice it was. He departed briskly into his block and I thought, I’m not doing very well… he is 86 and he left me for standing with his athletic walking rate? Hehe!

I called in to see Olive, but she was not available. (Sob!)

I got in and just missed a phone call – I hope it wasn’t Linda I’d missed. Very embarrassed about getting the time of our meeting wrong. Shame mode adopted!

In the flat, a quick WRWW, then I got the food away and started the meal preparations. Took the medications while I thought of it.

BR02As the darkness began to fall, I noticed the wonderful red/orange glow from the sun’s decline from the kitchen window.

I took this photograhicalisation of it, but it came out nothing like as vivid as the eye saw it.

The choice of repast was again decided by the  use-by dates on the BGafood in stock. Minced lamb and potato ready meal. Colcannon potatoes, yellow tomatoes, beetroot and marmite rice cake, followed by the last of the short dated honey yoghourts.


I think I’ve been getting up too early the last few mornings – I was struggling to stay awake to watch the goggle-box, yet sleep would not come?

So, the planned avoidance of any Whoopsiedanglplops was a failure today!

I’m just happy that card was found!

TTFN all!

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