Inchcock Today Thursday 15th September 2016

Thursday 15th September 2016

thu010420hrs: Up and out of the now working once again £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD, not so bad this morning, no bleeding and a lot easier.

Another misty morning.

Medications took then made a brew made, and laptop on and got to work creating graphics on CorelDraw X8 and CorelPaint for a good few hours.

Graphicalisationing for new post Advice for Whippersnappers in later life. Here’s the header for the page, finished it, at last, all I have to do now is to write the funny poem to go on it. Hehe!


Began Facebooking, but sticking again, gave up.

thu02Checked this weekend on the Goggle Calendar. Mustn’t forget the Doctor in the morning, and the Foot First Chiropodist on Saturday morning.

Had a grand carbolicalisationing in the shower, changed and got the things ready for the Tenants Social hour. Raffle prizes, nibbles.

Called to see Olive on my way out, but she was not in. I think today is her Scrabble session?

Off to the tenants meeting in the Community Hut. I left a message with Obergruppenfurher Julie, for Deana to know I’d missed her, but I’d be in all day today.


Toni and Bill were both feeling very much better. Brian was his precious grumpy old self. Polish Eddy, the most elderly Tenant in either of the blocks of flats at 94-years-of-age, was in great form! The lady who’s face I’ve had to block doesn’t like her photograph being taken. I didn’t realise she was in this photo until I came to posting it on here, so masked her face out of it, bless her, a lovely woman too.

Sat next to Toni today, and heard about her going to a funeral earlier in the week. The humour she puts into her stories is great to listen to. Nice to hear her asking about why BJ had not come to the meeting. I explained he was still on holiday in Cornwall.

The call to the porcelain forced me to leave a few minutes before usual. Said my farewells and as I was making a fast as I could manage hobble to get back to the flat and the Wetroom, I met Norman, neighbour and another of the nonagenarians in the block. He’s such an appealing old fellow. I gladly but foolishly, held back the bladder to enable me to listen to him as he related the story of his television going bang and packing up! Like looking in a mirror Whoopsiedangleplop-wise seeing Norman, bless him. He was alright though I’m glad to say.

Walked with him to the flat door, departed and knocked on Olive’s door, but she was still out.

Back to the apartment and struggled a bit on the porcelain. Laptop on and did some more graphicationalisationing for later use.

thu04Warden Deana rang the fancy ‘I only wanna be with you’ (Dusty Springfield) tune on the door bell. (Anyone calling to see me, please feel free to press the door alarm button several times, I love the song.) Hehe!

She asked me if I’d done a battery check for the alarm wristlet. Told her I had done it last week.

The British Gas situation was discussed at length. Outcome being, she is to email them again with my complaints about their service, the different lies and misleading information we had received from people we’d spoke with over the ten months of dispute.

thu03aGot the food on. Tonight it would be mild Chilli Con Carne, vegetables and chips, with black bean sauce.

A lemon Frizzle to follow. Nibbled some nuts as well.

The taste buds are almost back to normal now, so I enjoyed this one a lot.

The Morrisons delivery arrived, and the chap kindly carried the bags into the kitchen for me. He was amazed at the view out of the kitchen window. I told him I’m still amazed at it after living here for a year and a bit.

Watched some TV and fell asleep and stayed asleep until 0225hrs when I got up for a WRHD and stayed up.

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