Inchcock Today Friday 16th September 2016: Out and about at last, Olive radiant.

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Friday 16th September 2016

0255hrs: Woke and escaped the working well again £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Much better this morning all round. No bleeding at all from anywhere, including Haem Aroid and Little Inchy. The fri02throat is so much easier too, now. Arthur Itis no bother, Duo Denal no bother, Hernia Harry not bad at all. Rea Flux and Anne Giner were letting know they were there, but generally, I was feeling good, so good I stayed up.

Saw the note under Koala Katie about the doctor’s appointment, rechecked the timing, I’d written 1100hrs to be on the safe side, but the actual time is 1050hrs.

Thanked Koala Katie (KK).

Don’t laugh, oh go on then. Hehe!

fri03The kitchen sink that the emergency plumber had sorted out for me, was working okay.

The scratch marks on the draining side of the sink really seem to bother me. The previous tenant obviously cut up her vegetables whatever on it, and it looks horrible! I got a plastic drainer months ago, that covers some of the marks.

Made a cuppa and foolishly took the medications too early (0315hrs). Tsk! Got the laptop on and updated the diaries and started this one. Did some graphicationalisationing.

0510hrs, too early to do my ablutions cause the noise from the shower would disturb my neighbours. So I tried to do some Facebooking. Started to go slow after two hours.

Had some breakfast for a change, corn flakes in milk and a few caramelised biscuits dunked in my mug of tea. Nearly took me morning medications again, Huh!

0900hrs: Began the ablutions. Carbolicalisationing again today. A grand shave and shower, although I had to rush it a bit timewise due to me getting carried away with the WordPressing previously.

Perked up a bit now, and got the things ready for the Doctor and Clinic visitations. I planned to get out to Mansfield after the medical business is sorted, thanks to my wonderful free bus-pass (Oh I do feel lucky today, no idea why, mind?)

Popped out en route to call at Olive’s, and she was in, bless her negligee. Couldn’t stay too long, but she gave me four James Grieves (I think that is the name) apples from her daughters garden. Very kind of her. I haven’t seen any of these for years but remember I used to like them for their bitterish flavour. Quick chinwag and cuddle and she reminded me to take the list of things to do with me. I had to return to the flat to try and find it. Humph! I couldn’t! I dropped the apples off during my failed search for the list.

fri04Heavy rain was descending when I got down the lift and outside.

By the time I was halfway down Winchester Hill, it got terribly dark and ominous.

Took this photographicalisation from under the wind-proof umbrella to show you how bad it actually looked. Although by the time I got the camera out and positioned myself under the brolly, the rain temporarily eased off.

Hobbled hiatus-free all the way to the Doctors surgery without having to stop once… slowly mind, only just made it in time for the appointment. Made a date for the Flu Jab, Tuesday 4th October 2016 @ 0920hrs.

Seconds later, Dr Vindla called me into her surgery/room.

I think i remembered everything I wanted to talk to her about. Told her of the dizzy last week when I woke up staring at the shower room ceiling. She’s to make an appointment for me to see someone at the City Hospital.

Asked her for some extra Codeine Phosphate and or Oxycodone painkiller to counter the combination of the Angina and Hernia. She let me have some Codeine. Also some Corticosteroid cream. She sent the prescription straight to the chemist in Carrington.

Thanked her and limped to the Chemists to collect the prescription, had to wait a bit, but no bother about that, waiting in the dry.

Out to the bus stop and caught one to the City Clinic. Good news… yes, I said Good News! Little Inchy’s lesion is much better and improved, only have to go each month from now on to have him examined. Yehaa!

Bus back to Sherwood and caught the bus to Pronto Mansfield. (I do love, me pensioners, free bus pass!)

fri05When we reached the Newstead Abbey bus stop, the weather seemed to brighten up a touch.

By the time we’d gone half a mile further it returned to being gloomy again.

Arrived in Mansfield Bus Station and plodded through the underpass toward the B&M store to search to see if they had any of the Bonners Hungarian Goulash, the Bisto Vegetable Granules or Bonners Curried Beans – they had none! Got a plastic bottle of distilled vinegar, though. Then waddled up the road to the Pound Stretcher and got some bin bags. Hardly worth the trip out, but I enjoyed the doddering about and bus ride.

fri06Back to the bus station via the Market Place.

It looked very sad in the drizzle and lack of stalls. There was a van with two blokes in it that were trying to help people to stop smoking, but the blokes were both asleep!


The rain persisted, but my windproof umbrella proved its worth today. Struggled back up the hill and caught the bus back to Sherwood.

An old chap who got on the bus a bit further along and sat next to me looked a bit down. So, I mentioned the weather to him, and he started to chinwag.

fri07He had lived in Sweden for many years and told me about the ice and snow they have to contend with.

Nice bloke, I think he appreciated having someone to talk to perhaps.

That’s him on the right getting off the bus ten miles further on.

Dropped off in Sherwood and waited there for the L9 or L8 bus to arrive to lift me up the hill back to the apartments.

Had another great gossip with two other tenants who arrived to get the bus back.

In the lifts at the flats, they both agreed with my statement, which was: “Well, for me it’s a wee-wee, slippers on and a brew in that order, what about you two?” They both laughed out loud and agreed.

After getting in and carrying out just those actions, I got the meal warming up and laptop on to update this diary.

Called to see Olive. Radiant she looked today. Although in pain, as usual, she emitted pleasant beauty. We had a natter for ages a kiss and cuddle and off I trotted in some haste back to the flat for a WRHD session… again?

fri09Got the rather heavily seasoned nosh served up. Buffalo wings, pulled pork on BBQ sauce with baked beans, and no bread, but I did have two rice cakes.

Too rich, too much and terribly disappointing it was.

I’ll pay for having this later, mark my words. Hehehe!

Took the evening medications and settled to watch some TV. Absolute waste of time! In the following couple of hours, I nodded off for longer than I stayed awake. Gave up, turned off the TV and tried to get to sleep, boy did I sleep too. Not for too long, but deeply. Until I sprang awake with the feeling that something was wrong? I had to get out of the £300 second-hand now vibrating recliner and check around the place for anything untoward, left on or leaking. Found nowt. Nodded off quickly and easily again, until another sudden waking up again at 0230hrs, in desperate need of a WRWW, and decided to stay up and get the laundry done.

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