Inchcock Today Wednesday 14th September 2016: Emergency Plumber Summoned – Oh dear…


Wednesday 14th September 2016

0255hrs: Sprang awake in need of a WRWW, as I detached myself from the now working once again £300 send-hand recliner and made my way to the wetroom, I pondered on the dream about a building and canal I’d been having, I knew it was not nice, but details again evaded me.

Got back and nodded off again (Rare this is), only to spring awake again at 0355hrs in a desperate demand for a WRHD, back to the porcelain and had an extraordinarily and painful, blood fetching passing session. Took ages and a bit of oohing and aahing. So relieved and pleased when it was finally over and finished with. The haemorrhoids bled profusely.

I cleaned myself and the porcelain up and decided to take a senna tablet with the morning medications and medicines. I reckon if anyone broke into the flat, the most valuable items to steal would be the drugs? Hehe!

Despite the uncomfortableness of and the burning sensation coming from my rear-quarters, I began to feel a bit better later. Took the medications with water then made a strong mug of tea and got the laptop on to update the diaries.


Whoopsiedangleplop under the sink!

Went to make another brew and… Whoopsiedangleplop!

Water all over the floor in the kitchen!

I got down to investigate with relative ease, to find the takeaway pipe to through the back wall was hanging loose, and the connector pipe to the sink plughole had become detached from the sink!

Getting paper towels to clean up meant me getting up and down again to sort things a bit, but I could do nothing about the problem than to wipe up the water.

I’ll have to beg Olive to phone up about it to the maintenance people for me later, far too early to call on her yet (0625hrs). The cleaner gals are due today as well.

After doing what I could, getting up again started the Angina and Arthritis off. Feeling pretty fed up now.

Did some graphicationalisationing then I did some Facebooking to try and get my attention off of the situation?

Went to Olive, she had the cleaners in who were coming to me next. She looked ultra radiant today. She willingly called the maintenance department for me and told them of the failure I had had, with the sink and water. Got a promise from them that someone would be here within four hours to sort it. Gave Olive my thanks, a kiss and a cuddle and returned to the flat.Met Warden 

Met Warden Deans on te way, she needs to see me urgently, and told me to call to see her Thursday (Tomorrow) before the tenants social hour? 

The cleaning ladies arrived an hour or so later and set to work, but didn’t do the kitchen cause it might only get messed up then when the plumber called. We had a laugh while they did their job, I paid them and off they went.

wed02Another hour or so and the plumber arrived. He looked at the situation and went down to his van to get another of the black pipe units and returned.

He soon it all done, thanked him and off he went.

The new sink plug was of thin plastic and had no chain on it to allow me to pull it out in hot water? I got a stick-on hook and stuck it on the savoury nibbles box next to the sink, to the hope of keeping it from disappearing later, I hope? He replaced the overflow hole/outlet with a metal cover instead of the plastic one, and he’d replaced the black plastic tubing that had fell off of the other pipework under the sink, it should have been attached to apparently.

tue05I cleaned up the area. Then back on the laptop and did a Birthday graphic for Marissa Bergen. Took me many hours to get it something like I wanted it to.

Seen here on the left after finalisationing was completed.

I hope Marissa has a cracking day.

Did a bit more working on a graphicalisationing for future use.

Then I tried to concentrate and sort out the Google calendar for next week.

Don’t want to miss owt off.

Got the results of the last INR test and the date for the next one, that being Monday 19th. Sent an email asking for that day to the surgery. No reply yet apparently.

Updated this diary and planned the day’s nosh. I’m having the can of Pimientos peppers with pork and veal filling in tomato sauce, oven chips and mushrooms heated in water with tomato puree added.

Email back from surgery:

wed03Shame that means getting a bus and tram to get there, and the same to get back. Hey-ho! Oh no, it doesn’t! It’s at the City Hospital, innit? So I can walk there and catch a bus back almost to the flats! Great that. Providing I’m in a decent state regarding Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis and the weather is okay, it’ll not be too bad at all hobbling there. Most of the route is downhill going as well.

Great that. Providing I’m in a decent state regarding Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis and the weather is okay, it’ll not be too bad at all hobbling there. Most of the route will be downhill going there, as well.

wed04I reckon if I leave the flats for about 0700hrs, or maybe a little earlier, say 0630hrs to be safe, I should get there for around 0800hrs, the opening time for the Phlebotomy Dept.

I wondered what Warden Deana needs to talk to me about tomorrow? Fretting a bit about that now.

wed05Got the meal prepared and on the plate.

The taste buds have still not returned to full functioning yet, but I ate it all up.

The contents of the peppers taste through, very delicate flavour, but nice. Got the chips cooked a lot better as well. Or maybe it’s the returning sensitivity of my gustatory cells? I looked that one up, hehe!

Sandra from the TFZer site suggested that I try having Pizzas. I tried one in 1982 and didn’t like it. I’ll have a look at them, see what flavours I can find to try when I get out shopping again. I think you can buy Pizza bases and add your own food to them and cook them in the oven? Must have a look on the web for ideas later.

Settled down after many many attempts over a fifteen minute period, got into the £300 second-hand recliner chair ready to consume the meal, and realised I’d not took the medications – up, out to the kitchen and got them. Down in the chair again, left the mobile phone in my jacket in the hallway, up and fetched it, settled again and realised I’d got the wrong glasses on for watching the TV nosh, up and swapped them with the middle distance spectacles and down again, then a sudden requirement for a WRWW arrived, up and to the porcelain then back again to settle once more to eat, the now cold meal! And believe it or not, it being coldish didn’t stop me enjoying it at all. Odd that?

Soon started nodding off and it seemed like every time I did I had a dream, but cannot recall them in detail, one was something about my being unable to get into or open a giant envelope using a giant BIC razor?

Woke around midnight and extracted me from the recliner and to the wetroom for a most painful WRHD session, that caused bleeding that needed cleaning up afterwards, and enabled me to stub my toe, twice, during the visit. Hehe, never mind it woke me up this did. So, I had a bag of cheesy curls, fell asleep, and when I woke a few minutes later, I had to get the hand-held hoover to clean up the crumbs that were all over me, on the carpet and the chair cover. What the heck I was doing while asleep, to get into this state, I didn’t know?


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