Inchcock Today Monday 12th + Tuesday 13th September 2016

Monday 12th September 2016


Oddest of dreams – giant Ouija boards – me having to run around with a giant pencil to point out the figures and digits, people calling me to go here and there?

0405hrs: Stirred into life with stomach rumbling to have a WRHD, the £300 second-hand recliner also rumbled when it allowed me out of it on the third press of the button. The WRHD mission failed, I was clogged up somehow inside, and the innards were bubbling away still.

Popped on the scale, and was very pleased with the 1lb I’d lost overnight.

To the kitchen and had to titivate up from last night’s pot washing and bin bag preparations. Two rubbish and one recycle bag readied to take to the waste chute after 0800hrs.

Seemed awfully cold in the flat?

Made a brew and took the morning medications with the last of the tomato juice I’d got left in the mug on the ottoman at the side of the chair.

01hObserved the hand written note that I’d left next under Koala Katie to remind me of the INR blood test and call at the chemists for my prescriptions.

Went back to the kitchen to check I’d turned off all the taps and lights – and made myself another mug of tea – got two now? 11b

Laptop on, and checked on the Google diary, then WordPress and CorelDraw X8 opened and updated this journal.

Facebooked for a few hours.

Got ready for the hobble to the surgery. Ablutions, nibbles, bus-pass to get back with and finally got a WRHD.

Called to see Olive. She mentioned my voice croaking, I’d not spoke to anyone all day to realise how it sounded. Chinwag and cuddle and I set out to the surgery.

Back later, I hope.

tue01As I walked down Winchester Hill, a sorrowful sight was beheld:

This poor squirrel had been run over. Unfortunate little thing.

Pressed on to the doctors and signed in, made the hobble in 40 minutes, good going today. I may, just consider going for the next Olympics? Hehe!

The nurse soon had the blood taken and told me to book an appointment with the doctor about the dizzy spells and cough/throat. So I did, for Friday 16th @ 1050hrs. Thanked her and gave her the nibbles.

Out and over the chemists and got the prescriptions. Bought some lozenges for the throat, gave them their nibbles and out to catch the bus into Arnold, to get the photographs printed from last week’s Social Hour.

When I got to the store, there was a tailback at the photoshop, so I did some shopping. Paid for it, and returned to the photograph machines, but the queue was even longer! Gave up and limped to the bus stop and caught an L9 back to the flats.

Gave up and limped to the bus stop and caught an L9 back to the flats.

tue03WRWW, and got the meal cooking. I tried one of the tomatoes I’d bought at Asda, Lancashire grown Tomkin Tomatoes they were called, an odd nobbly rugose shaped.

The label claimed they were ‘Extra Special’ sweet and tangy – The one I nibbled while cooking, was bitter foul and acidy!

Probably one of the worst tasting variety of tomatoes I’ve ever tried. Eurgh!

Bus from Arnold and a little confab with a tenant as we entered the flats.

tue02WRHD session (Again).

Got the medications into the drawer. Creams lotions and potions into theirs.

Checked the emails and Facebooked a while. I’d made some errors and was not very happy with myself. The trouble is, on the odd occasions when things seem to be going well, I get excited and make these boobs and cock-ups yer know. Feeling down now.

tue04Got the fodder prepared.

Had a couple of slices of the Wholemeal Irish batch bread with it, I’ve managed to avoid too much bread lately too.

Lamb hotpot, Anya potatoes and extra Crock-Pot vegetables. I didn’t eat the tomatoes. I’m afraid, possibly due, to my sore throat and chesty cough bug, I did not expect to enjoy it. And I didn’t enjoy it either. The old taste buds are still failing me?

A tad depressed now, I put on a DVD (Doctor Who, series four) and proceeded to fall asleep every few minutes, wake up, rewind the DVD, fall sleep, wake up rewind… Well, you get the idea?

Dreamt about my taking Hitler’s place and changing tactics in 1942, and not attacking Russia, but did restart Operation Barbarossa in 1948. No idea how I remembered this and nothing else in detail but there you are. Bonkers!

Tuesday 13th September 2016


0345hrs: Stirred and had to climb out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, due to its refusal to respond to my pressing of the button, the bruise where I knocked me elbow as I fell will soon clear up? Hehe!

Feeling a bit down this morning for some reason, I made my way for a WRHD, a painful and bloody session I’m afraid. At least I didn’t find any taps, lights or electrical stuff left on today. The throat still playing up the rumbling innards with me still, but on the brighter side, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Read Flux and Duo Denal were being very good to me, in fact.

Got the washing collated and in the bag, the 20p coins in my pocket and set off down to the laundry room. As I got into the lift (Elevator for the Americans reading), there on the floor was… well, I’m not sure. It didn’t smell, this pile of brown/green gunk spread all over?

Got the washing in the machine and started it, back up to number 72. Made a brew, took the medications and started the laptop. Did a graphic then returned back down to move the clothes into the dryer. The lift had been taken out of action, meanwhile, and this at 0500hrs?

Titivated the laundry room a bit while I waited for the washer to finish, moved the gear into the dryer, and back up to the flat. Good job we have two lifts innit?

Did a bit of Facebooking, but stopped when it started to stick and freeze, I’ll try again later. Graphicalisationing was done, and it was soon time to fetch the laundry back up and put it away, so down on the lift again.

The old dryer had done a good job. Got the things folded and into the bag. I cleaned the fluff filter out and returned to the apartment again. Sorted the washing, airing cupboard and replaced the cleaners in the pots ready for the next session. This all between many visits to the wetroom for WRWWs, oh dear.

Had a swig of the cough medicine and updated this diary.

Had another go at Facebooking.

Saw Olive, she was going out, being collected by her daughter, shopping and going to her scrabble meeting.

Got a good shower and readied things for the bus trip to town to get some citrus deodorant, Lavender soap, Dettol lavender and nuts.

w01The weather was glorious.

It was a pleasure to wait at the bus stop for the L9 into town.

I got Lewis Hamilton (He even looked like him), as the driver this morning. Blimey, he shifted that bus as if it was a formula one car, bless him. I found out why later, he stopped for a fag on Carlton Road en route.

Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and popped into the Wilko Store. Came out with Dettol lavender antiseptic disinfectant, citrus fresheners and two food storage boxes.

w02Into the pound shop Pound Shop and got some cooked bacon. Then over the walkway into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Took this photographicalisation while over the roadway. Then into the centre and to the nut stall on the market.

Got some chocolate and yoghourt w03covered cashew nuts.

Back down the same way, and once on the street level again, I noticed a little woof-woof being as good as gold at the traffic lights.

I don’t think he shows up so well on this photo.

I’ll try to cut him out and enlarge him.

No, didn’t come out too well.

Called into the little Tesco store and was so strong willed as I refused and resisted getting any of their temptingly tasty fresh cream french horns! Mind you, they didn’t have any in stock. Hehe!

Hobbled to the bus stop and caught one back to the apartment complex.

w04I was feeling good as I entered the foyer, but when I got around to where the lifts are, though… Flipping ‘eck!

The left one was stuck on the 15th floor, and the right one was out of order too!

So, no choice in the matter, I had to struggle up the 24 flights (Twelve floors) up to get home.

w-05On the 7th floor, I had to stop for a few minutes for a rest.

The Angina and knees were giving me too much hassle.

Pressed on, slowly and got there in the end.

Tired weary and puffing a bit, I got into the flat and put the stuff away. Got the cheesy potatoes done and in the oven for crisping and browning. Took the bags to the rubbish chute.

Laptop on to update this.

w06The cheesy potatoes came out looking good, but the taste buds had not returned to their usual appreciative mode yet, but it went down rather better than the last two meals did.

I forgot to add the vinegar to the mix when I mashed them all up, so added some on serving it all up.

Plenty of crispy areas, very tasty, these.

w07Ate the meal watching a DVD called ‘Golden Years – Grand Theft OAP’, it was one of the best British comedy films I’ve ever seen.

I got into it quickly and suffered no nodding off periods at all!

After it had ended, I slipped into a deep sleep, though.

A few minute later just as I woke up in need of the porcelain and when I was trying to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the landline phone rang. It was Brother-in-law Pete, he’d noticed I had not posted the Monday Inchcock Today and wondered if I was alright. He asked me if I had still made my ‘Will’ out to him and Sister Jane. Only joking, Hehehe!

Had a chat and I told him I hope to get up to see him next week and try to help him with his computer problems.

w08I checked the Google diary afterwards, to see what I’d have on next week.

Good job I said to Pete that I thought I could manage to get to visit them on Friday, providing that no other appointments arrive in the meantime.

Tried to watch some TV but the nodding off sessions returned, and I gave up.

Then I woke in agony with the Cramps in the knees and ankles, realising after cursing a bit, that the walking up all those stairs when the lifts were kaputt was probably the cause? Cause since taking the Magnesium tablets that Sandie from the TFZ site advised, the cramps have really got so much less problematical… until tonight.

TTFN all.

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  1. glad to hear you enjoyed ‘golden years’

    saw it at the Odeon cinema, West Bromwich, a few months back with some pensioner pals

    really funny film – we all loved it

    • Cheers Dunc, it was a grand laugh with some thought prompting script. Hehe!
      Hope you are getting up to enjoyable activities in your retirement? Take care Sir.

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