Inchcock Today Monday 19th September 2016: INR blood test – Laundry – Shopping and Sweet Olive joy!

Monday 19th September 2016


Didn’t stir until 0630hrs this morning – fought with the £300 second-hand recliner and escaped for a WRHD session. The event went without any hiatus, but I did notice the water level in the WC was a few inches lower than normal?

Rushed around and got things ready for the walk to the Nottingham City Hospital for the INR Blood level check.

1mon02I was soon setting out and up the gravel hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down the path onto Mansfield Road.

The rain was so fresh and so thin that I didn’t actually notice it as I wobbled along.

Not until I stopped at the gate to take a photo of the waste bin.

1mon03The contents crammed in so much that stuff had been left on top and at the side of it.

Somebody had been having fun it seemed, judging by the empty alcohol bottles and inside: Half-eaten pies, cakes and pizzas.

They, must have been dining in the rain?

1mon04Left over the hill and started off down Edwards Lane to the traffic island.

Where I came across another roadside waste bin.

With an interloper showing interest in the debris on top of the bin as mentioned earlier.

He/she wasn’t too interested in my camera work, though.

The rain stopped for a while as went on over the road and carried on down Edwards Lane, 1mon081mon05then left along Valley Road, the ring road.

On to the Traffic Island, over the pelican lights and left up to Hucknall Road to the hospital grounds. Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered, nad made my way to the blood taking Hall.

Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered the grounds, and made my way through the maze of buildings and to the blood receiving hall. Took a ticket and settled to read my Keep Calm and Carry book, with the anecdotes and true stories from ordinary people of their experiences during the war.

I was summoned to go in and soon had the blood took. The nurse had a bit of bother stopping the bleeding, well, a bit more than usual, like.

1mon06As I departed, the rain came down a bit heavier.

When I got to the crossing on Valley Road, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me, as he belted by.

I pressed on as the rain got a little lighter.

Took a photographicalisation near the 1mon07next traffic island. From under the umbrella. I have to say, I’m well pleased with this brolly, nay bother from the wind with it at all. Mind you, it wasn’t very windy, come think of it.

Over the road, limped on and right up Edwards Lane.

The only bother I had on both the going and coming trips, was this part, going back up this hill, Anne Gyna let me know she was rather unhappy about this. Hehe!

I didn’t time myself on either journey, but I seemed to get back to the apartments in pronto-time.

As I went in, I noticed that both machines were free at the time. So I nipped up and got the washing ready. Where does it all come from, hehe! Back down and got it going. Back up again and got the laptop on to finalise yesterday’s and get it posted.

Back down and move the stuff into the dryer. Then up to the flat and got awfully carried away doing graphics and starting this diary off. Realised a couple of hours later I’d not collected the washing yet! 11b

Down and gathered the laundry and cleaned up the filter and counter surfaces. Someone had put the clothes on the draining board for me to retrieve. Oh, I do feel a clot!

2tue02I got the bags and bus-pass and made my way to the bus stop and off to Arnold to get some fresh veg. Had a nice chinwag with one or two on the bus.

Dropped off at the Sainsbury store in Arnold.

The bus shelter had been vandalised again. Fancy that! 

Gawd did I spend well today! Cream cake, cheeses, Danish Blue, Stilton, Marmite cheese, cheddar cubes, Aya potatoes, carrot, parsnip, turnip, leek, Wiejska, Higgidi onion & cheese quiche, Chicken drumsticks, Marmite rice cakes, Surimi, a jelly and cherry vine tomatoes! Over £30 worth altogether. Tsk, Huh and Humph!

Caught the bus back and had a chinwag with a lady tenant.

2tue03Called in to see Olive. She was in fine form again, still telling me off for things. She did not want one of the cream horns. Very kindly Olive rang the Chiropodist that was advertising home visits to see if she could fit me in. Olive said she charges the same as the Foot First who I was not very pleased with on my last visit on Saturday. But of course, a home call to tend to me is a distinct advantage. The woman is to call Olive back later, and I am to call at Olive’s tomorrow at either 0900hrs or after 1600hrs to find out if she can take me on. The nails will need clipping again in four to five weeks. She’s so good to me, bless her cotton socks X

I returned to the flat after giving Olive a kiss and cuddle in thanks. Well, I like it!

2tue01aBack on the laptop to update things and do some more work on graphicalisationing for a few hours. The time shot by, and soon it was time to get the meal ready.

I popped on the scales as I went into the spare room to get me jammies ready – flipping things are playing up again! Hehehe!

1mon09Balsamic Onion  and Cheese Quiche, red and yellow tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pickled egg, extra blue cheese slices on the top & cheddar cheese cubes… I believe there might have been two fresh cream horns and a pot of mandarins in jelly lurking in the vicinity too?

So tasty it was. I’d planned to eat half of it and save the other half to have cold tomorrow, but it was too nice not to eat all of it!

Phoned Sister Jane and told her about me trying the very first quiche of my life.

Soon started nodding off when I got the telly on, and it was not long before I was in the land of nod.

Inchcock Today Sunday 18th September 2016: Olive in good form!

 I don’t make the same mistake twice. I tend to make it five or six times, just to be sure, like!


Sunday 18th September 2016

Sonntag 18. September 2016

Stirred at 0330hrs, tried to get back to sleep, gave up. 0400hrs: Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRHD session. Not too bad at all, the Senna tablets seem to be working.

Took the medications and applied some Phorpain gel to where I could reach on the shoulder where I was clobbered by a rugby playing built bloke yesterday in Victoria Centre (Mall).

sun02Popped onto the scales…


Please to notice the scales seem to be working correctly this morning.

Very nearly almost a pound down on yesterday!

A smug mode adopted!

Made a cuppa, and remembered to put the next appointment on the Google Calendar for Monday 31st October @ 1430hrs at the chiropodists.

Another rather smug mode adopted here, hehe!

Laptop on and finalised the Saturday post, adding the photographicalisations taken on the heroic mob threatening and challenging trip to Nottingham and the Obergruppenfurheress Chiropodist.

Did some graphicationalisationing for Facebook later. Then tried Facebooking in the hope that it has lost its habit of sticking on me. It hadn’t though, very frustrating.

It took me five hours to get it sorting, what with having to turn off and restart several times, thus losing where I was and what I was doing. Tsk!

7sun01Getting late now, took the medications and had a wash and brush up, then called to see Olive. Her grandson Roger was there, and we all had a good chinwagging session.

She told me off for a few things. So that cheered me up and told she was in good form again.

She kindly rubbed some Phorpain gel on the bruised shoulder, bless her. A kiss and a cuddle. And I was soon back to the flat for a WRHD session.

7sun03Into the kitchen to start the meal cooking and the sky was amazing.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this before?

Got the chips in gravy into the oven and added a beef slice to it after 20 minutes so they should both be cooked at the same time.

Perused the TV magazine and selected some things to watch. Fell asleep and when I woke, bits of the dream I’d had stayed with me. I was on a wooden boat with several other people who would not talk to me; apparently, I had been passing the wind? They cast me adrift in a giant saucepan and somehow found myself in a sewer, where I was in the middle of a party with folk I didn’t know, but they all seemed to like me.  All of them wanted to tell me about how to cook fish fingers in batter properly? They started arguing about whose was the best method and a melee broke out? 

Then sudden panic for a second, had I burnt the food? Then it dawned on me when I saw the time, I’d only nodded off for five minutes or so: How I got all the dreaming in I don’t know?

7sun02Got the food served up.

Very nice and tasty indeed.

Settled to watch the box and no nodding off, in fact, when I turned off the TV, I couldn’t get to sleep at all!

It must have been well-passed 0200hrs before I drifted off.

Woke around 0630hrs and had to rush about getting ready for the INR test in time.


Inchcock Today Saturday 17th September 2016:

Saturday 17th September 2016


I stirred around 0229hrs, and in need of an urgent WRWW, operated the £300 second-hand recliner chair and was nearly shaken out of the thing as it shuddered and shook. No recollections of any dream details.

To the kitchen and took the medications with water, then got the washing things ready to go down to the laundry room.

0238hrs: Down with the bags and got the things into the washer number two. Back up to the apartment for a WRHD session, bloody and painful this time.

Went back up again and got the laptop going. Took the photograph above from the kitchen window.

0335hrs: Down and moved the things into the dryer. Did a bit of graphicationalisationing and it was soon time

Once again, back up to the flat. Must remember today by 1230hrs I have to catch the L9 bus to get to the Feet First Chiropodist. Gives me time to have an amble around before the 1400hrs appointment. Hope it doesn’t take too long, then I can catch the last L9 bus back to the flat at 1505hrs. Made sure the Pensioners Free Bus pass was in my jacket pocket.

sat02Did I did some more of the graphicationalisationing and started this update. The time went so quickly, and it was soon time to go down again to collect the clothes.

I must say the colour coded socks made life easier.

Cleaned the filter out and wiped down the machines that I’d used.

Back up in the lift yet again to number 72 and another WRHD, oh dear.

Put away the washing and made up a bag with the accoutrements needed for the next visit. Accoutrements, I wonder if that’s the right word? I’ll look it up, hang on, please. Ah, it says “gear, outfit, tackle, paraphernalia, rigging” so I think that’s right. I meant, the soap capsules and powder, fabric softener and the inwash freshener crystals?

Made another cuppa and got on with the diaries and graphic making.

Did some WordPress viewing. Got carried away with the new funny-ode page and got it finished and posted off at last. I hope it gets received well because it took me weeks to get it right. Every time I planned to get some more done, a new appointment would arrive from the hospital clinic or doctors.


There are only four of them there buses on a Saturday, and I have to catch the 1130hrs one, to ensure I get to the clinic in time for the appointment.

Still, it’s better than Sundays, there none then. Hehe!

I hope to get it all done in time to catch the last bus back to the apartment from town at 1505hrs.

Did my ablutions, lemon soap, citrus body spray were used this morning. Applied the creams lotions and potions. Hehe!

All finished, I got my myself looking half decent and set out, calling at Olive’s on the way, but she was not available. Bet she’s having a lie-in, and I don’t blame her either.

At the bus stop, I was joined by Frank and two other tenants and we enjoyed an excellent blether about everything and nothing. The bus was well late arriving, and the driver seemed a bit tense. As we pulled up at the next stop near the Winchester Court flats, Frank realised he’s left his bag a the bus stop behind. Well, when he told the driver and asked him to wait while he retrieved it, the bloke went bonkers, told Frank to stay on the bus, and he drove around back to the bus stop so Frank could get his bag – cursing and mumbling about his being 12 minutes behind schedule already! Poor old Frank, I felt so sorry for him. I got some of the other passengers laughing about it and telling them it could have been any one of us. This did not help the drivers mood! Hehe!

sat06In town, I got off on Queen Street and fought my way dangerously through the crowds down through the City Centre and onto Exchange Walk.

What I had not realised was, with the bus being so late, when I arrived at the Bank it was closed! It was a bit scary making my hobbling on my way to the bank. Crowds or what! Phew!

sat04 sat05

So I made my way stutteringly, due to having to stop very often to prevent someone walking into me, back up to Clumber Street to get to the Victoria Centre Market to get a belt and me cashew nuts. I decided to bar myself from the City Centre on Saturdays in future, far too risky for anyone dodgy on their feet!

Got a belt £6.99 and the dark chocolate covered cashew nut, 200grm for £3.38. Had a hobble around and got shoulder charged by a bloke who I thought ought to be playing American football or Rugby. Recovered and a couple asked if I was okay, which I was, cause I didn’t go over, although it was close. Packed solid with shoppers and shoplifters it was today.

I took a longer, but less populated route out and to the Chiropodists in plenty of time for my appointment. This visit was reminiscent of my going to the sat09Dentist – with Japanese trained concentration camp guards in place of the usual staff! Humph!

A woman shouted at me, calling out my name and getting all upset because I didn’t hear her her the first time.

She marched me to the treatment room and barked: “You take off your shoes and socks, put feet into the bowl, and wait for me, yes?”

I was so scared, I wasn’t going to argue with her, I meekly replied “Yes”.

I took this photograph of a new sign that had appeared on the wall, I was going to take another one of the new price lists. Thought I heard the Obergruppenfurher woman returning, being a little nervous, I put away the camera.

She did my feet in about three minutes, and told me, well, commanded me: “You put on shoes and socks, meet me in reception, yes?” More a threat than a question!

I was inwardly a jibbering wreck after I paid them, re-booked and left the place, out into the crowds again to make me way to the L9 bus stop.

sat07 sat08Wearily, I got through the crowds.

Got to bus stop and awaited the arrival of the last L9 bus. It arrived on time and I was soon on the way back to the apartment.

I called in to see Olive first, she was a bit better today and as radiant as ever. A jolly good gossip and laugh. She recommended that I stop going to the Feet First place and said she’d phone a home visit chiropodist and find out how much they charge, and if they could add me to their list. Wonderfully caring is Olive, and she is excellent on the phone. She will call them next week for me.

A kiss and  cuddle, and I was on my way back to number 72. Where an overdue call for a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session, was performed first thing. I put some pain gel on the arm and shoulder where the bloke barged into me, cream on the slightly bloodied rear end, and took an extra painkiller with the medications.

sat10Got the meal prepared in no time. Beef slices, a tiny tin of garden peas, pickled eggs and beetroot.

A banana and lemon curd yoghourt to follow.

I enjoyed this meal and am rather pleased with how I am managing to resist eating bread with my meals so often nowadays.

It had been a good day healthwise today, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal all been kind to me. Hernia Harry, got a bit bothersome after the Man-Ape shopper had tackled me in Victoria Centre, though. Hey-ho!

I’ll ask olive tomorrow if she wouldn’t mind rubbing some Phorpain gel over my shoulder back for me.

Chose some TV to watch, Pie in the Sky, and then a film. Fell asleep several time during Pie in the Sky, got to the start of the film, first set of adverts and off I went, until 0400hrs when I stirred in desperate need of a WRWW.

TTFN folks.

Advice for Whippersnappers in Future Life


Where once you enjoyed shaking it about on the dance floor,

You’ll grow arthritic, have angina and no cash left, so, therefore,

You’ll be incapable of jigging anything with the lassies anymore,

By definition far less and less will you manage to score,

For your bodily actions will become far too shrunken and sore,

Later you’ll become an excellent raconteur,

Telling others of your exploits, victories that once you saw,

Tell folks how you were once stung on the bum, by a Dumbledore.

From socialising, drinking and concerts you’ll have to withdraw,

Can’t pay you gas bill, get in trouble with the law for being poor,

With sadness, you’ll recall that in 1963, oh, the shows you saw,

Roy Orbison, Billy Fury, Adam Faith, even Sandie Shaw,

Stopped using your pipe; you can’t afford the Erinmore.


Your pension fund will decrease by at least fives-core,

Embarrassed, you’ll ask for help from the Salvation Army Corps.

Can’t afford to mend your shoes, windows or door,

You’ll not remember what your aftershave was used for!

Short of cash, you’ll have to sell your beloved vibrator,

To buy yourself instead, antiseptic creams and a respirator!


You’re getting up times will become much later,

Looking in the mirror, you’ll see your Pater,

See wrinkles and pot-marks you’ve not noticed, now feeling unsure,

Wake up throughout the night, for WC visits, like never before.

Your speech will be littered with many an error and metaphor,

To eat your meals, you’ll wear your teeth and a pinafore,

Your memory loss and confusion will become folklore,

Bending down to pick summat up, becomes a furore,

Getting utility bills, make you fret and sweat through every pore,

The kids of today, you’ll soon learn to deplore.


Ask why footballers get paid so much more?

Finding your health, mind, teeth and hair you cannot restore,

You get dressed shave shower and wonder what for?

Whence has hope desire and health have gone for sure,

  Why, how do you keep up your spirit’s therefore?

Life becomes hard, embittered and a bit of a bore,

Time to browse the undertaker’s brochure?

Then you’ll meet a lovely Olive, ah, that’s the cure!

Olive - My sweetheart

Still, life ain’t so bad… Hehehe!

Inchcock Today Friday 16th September 2016: Out and about at last, Olive radiant.

Today’s Funny Old Advertisement


Friday 16th September 2016

0255hrs: Woke and escaped the working well again £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Much better this morning all round. No bleeding at all from anywhere, including Haem Aroid and Little Inchy. The fri02throat is so much easier too, now. Arthur Itis no bother, Duo Denal no bother, Hernia Harry not bad at all. Rea Flux and Anne Giner were letting know they were there, but generally, I was feeling good, so good I stayed up.

Saw the note under Koala Katie about the doctor’s appointment, rechecked the timing, I’d written 1100hrs to be on the safe side, but the actual time is 1050hrs.

Thanked Koala Katie (KK).

Don’t laugh, oh go on then. Hehe!

fri03The kitchen sink that the emergency plumber had sorted out for me, was working okay.

The scratch marks on the draining side of the sink really seem to bother me. The previous tenant obviously cut up her vegetables whatever on it, and it looks horrible! I got a plastic drainer months ago, that covers some of the marks.

Made a cuppa and foolishly took the medications too early (0315hrs). Tsk! Got the laptop on and updated the diaries and started this one. Did some graphicationalisationing.

0510hrs, too early to do my ablutions cause the noise from the shower would disturb my neighbours. So I tried to do some Facebooking. Started to go slow after two hours.

Had some breakfast for a change, corn flakes in milk and a few caramelised biscuits dunked in my mug of tea. Nearly took me morning medications again, Huh!

0900hrs: Began the ablutions. Carbolicalisationing again today. A grand shave and shower, although I had to rush it a bit timewise due to me getting carried away with the WordPressing previously.

Perked up a bit now, and got the things ready for the Doctor and Clinic visitations. I planned to get out to Mansfield after the medical business is sorted, thanks to my wonderful free bus-pass (Oh I do feel lucky today, no idea why, mind?)

Popped out en route to call at Olive’s, and she was in, bless her negligee. Couldn’t stay too long, but she gave me four James Grieves (I think that is the name) apples from her daughters garden. Very kind of her. I haven’t seen any of these for years but remember I used to like them for their bitterish flavour. Quick chinwag and cuddle and she reminded me to take the list of things to do with me. I had to return to the flat to try and find it. Humph! I couldn’t! I dropped the apples off during my failed search for the list.

fri04Heavy rain was descending when I got down the lift and outside.

By the time I was halfway down Winchester Hill, it got terribly dark and ominous.

Took this photographicalisation from under the wind-proof umbrella to show you how bad it actually looked. Although by the time I got the camera out and positioned myself under the brolly, the rain temporarily eased off.

Hobbled hiatus-free all the way to the Doctors surgery without having to stop once… slowly mind, only just made it in time for the appointment. Made a date for the Flu Jab, Tuesday 4th October 2016 @ 0920hrs.

Seconds later, Dr Vindla called me into her surgery/room.

I think i remembered everything I wanted to talk to her about. Told her of the dizzy last week when I woke up staring at the shower room ceiling. She’s to make an appointment for me to see someone at the City Hospital.

Asked her for some extra Codeine Phosphate and or Oxycodone painkiller to counter the combination of the Angina and Hernia. She let me have some Codeine. Also some Corticosteroid cream. She sent the prescription straight to the chemist in Carrington.

Thanked her and limped to the Chemists to collect the prescription, had to wait a bit, but no bother about that, waiting in the dry.

Out to the bus stop and caught one to the City Clinic. Good news… yes, I said Good News! Little Inchy’s lesion is much better and improved, only have to go each month from now on to have him examined. Yehaa!

Bus back to Sherwood and caught the bus to Pronto Mansfield. (I do love, me pensioners, free bus pass!)

fri05When we reached the Newstead Abbey bus stop, the weather seemed to brighten up a touch.

By the time we’d gone half a mile further it returned to being gloomy again.

Arrived in Mansfield Bus Station and plodded through the underpass toward the B&M store to search to see if they had any of the Bonners Hungarian Goulash, the Bisto Vegetable Granules or Bonners Curried Beans – they had none! Got a plastic bottle of distilled vinegar, though. Then waddled up the road to the Pound Stretcher and got some bin bags. Hardly worth the trip out, but I enjoyed the doddering about and bus ride.

fri06Back to the bus station via the Market Place.

It looked very sad in the drizzle and lack of stalls. There was a van with two blokes in it that were trying to help people to stop smoking, but the blokes were both asleep!


The rain persisted, but my windproof umbrella proved its worth today. Struggled back up the hill and caught the bus back to Sherwood.

An old chap who got on the bus a bit further along and sat next to me looked a bit down. So, I mentioned the weather to him, and he started to chinwag.

fri07He had lived in Sweden for many years and told me about the ice and snow they have to contend with.

Nice bloke, I think he appreciated having someone to talk to perhaps.

That’s him on the right getting off the bus ten miles further on.

Dropped off in Sherwood and waited there for the L9 or L8 bus to arrive to lift me up the hill back to the apartments.

Had another great gossip with two other tenants who arrived to get the bus back.

In the lifts at the flats, they both agreed with my statement, which was: “Well, for me it’s a wee-wee, slippers on and a brew in that order, what about you two?” They both laughed out loud and agreed.

After getting in and carrying out just those actions, I got the meal warming up and laptop on to update this diary.

Called to see Olive. Radiant she looked today. Although in pain, as usual, she emitted pleasant beauty. We had a natter for ages a kiss and cuddle and off I trotted in some haste back to the flat for a WRHD session… again?

fri09Got the rather heavily seasoned nosh served up. Buffalo wings, pulled pork on BBQ sauce with baked beans, and no bread, but I did have two rice cakes.

Too rich, too much and terribly disappointing it was.

I’ll pay for having this later, mark my words. Hehehe!

Took the evening medications and settled to watch some TV. Absolute waste of time! In the following couple of hours, I nodded off for longer than I stayed awake. Gave up, turned off the TV and tried to get to sleep, boy did I sleep too. Not for too long, but deeply. Until I sprang awake with the feeling that something was wrong? I had to get out of the £300 second-hand now vibrating recliner and check around the place for anything untoward, left on or leaking. Found nowt. Nodded off quickly and easily again, until another sudden waking up again at 0230hrs, in desperate need of a WRWW, and decided to stay up and get the laundry done.

Inchcock Today Thursday 15th September 2016

Thursday 15th September 2016

thu010420hrs: Up and out of the now working once again £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD, not so bad this morning, no bleeding and a lot easier.

Another misty morning.

Medications took then made a brew made, and laptop on and got to work creating graphics on CorelDraw X8 and CorelPaint for a good few hours.

Graphicalisationing for new post Advice for Whippersnappers in later life. Here’s the header for the page, finished it, at last, all I have to do now is to write the funny poem to go on it. Hehe!


Began Facebooking, but sticking again, gave up.

thu02Checked this weekend on the Goggle Calendar. Mustn’t forget the Doctor in the morning, and the Foot First Chiropodist on Saturday morning.

Had a grand carbolicalisationing in the shower, changed and got the things ready for the Tenants Social hour. Raffle prizes, nibbles.

Called to see Olive on my way out, but she was not in. I think today is her Scrabble session?

Off to the tenants meeting in the Community Hut. I left a message with Obergruppenfurher Julie, for Deana to know I’d missed her, but I’d be in all day today.


Toni and Bill were both feeling very much better. Brian was his precious grumpy old self. Polish Eddy, the most elderly Tenant in either of the blocks of flats at 94-years-of-age, was in great form! The lady who’s face I’ve had to block doesn’t like her photograph being taken. I didn’t realise she was in this photo until I came to posting it on here, so masked her face out of it, bless her, a lovely woman too.

Sat next to Toni today, and heard about her going to a funeral earlier in the week. The humour she puts into her stories is great to listen to. Nice to hear her asking about why BJ had not come to the meeting. I explained he was still on holiday in Cornwall.

The call to the porcelain forced me to leave a few minutes before usual. Said my farewells and as I was making a fast as I could manage hobble to get back to the flat and the Wetroom, I met Norman, neighbour and another of the nonagenarians in the block. He’s such an appealing old fellow. I gladly but foolishly, held back the bladder to enable me to listen to him as he related the story of his television going bang and packing up! Like looking in a mirror Whoopsiedangleplop-wise seeing Norman, bless him. He was alright though I’m glad to say.

Walked with him to the flat door, departed and knocked on Olive’s door, but she was still out.

Back to the apartment and struggled a bit on the porcelain. Laptop on and did some more graphicationalisationing for later use.

thu04Warden Deana rang the fancy ‘I only wanna be with you’ (Dusty Springfield) tune on the door bell. (Anyone calling to see me, please feel free to press the door alarm button several times, I love the song.) Hehe!

She asked me if I’d done a battery check for the alarm wristlet. Told her I had done it last week.

The British Gas situation was discussed at length. Outcome being, she is to email them again with my complaints about their service, the different lies and misleading information we had received from people we’d spoke with over the ten months of dispute.

thu03aGot the food on. Tonight it would be mild Chilli Con Carne, vegetables and chips, with black bean sauce.

A lemon Frizzle to follow. Nibbled some nuts as well.

The taste buds are almost back to normal now, so I enjoyed this one a lot.

The Morrisons delivery arrived, and the chap kindly carried the bags into the kitchen for me. He was amazed at the view out of the kitchen window. I told him I’m still amazed at it after living here for a year and a bit.

Watched some TV and fell asleep and stayed asleep until 0225hrs when I got up for a WRHD and stayed up.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 14th September 2016: Emergency Plumber Summoned – Oh dear…


Wednesday 14th September 2016

0255hrs: Sprang awake in need of a WRWW, as I detached myself from the now working once again £300 send-hand recliner and made my way to the wetroom, I pondered on the dream about a building and canal I’d been having, I knew it was not nice, but details again evaded me.

Got back and nodded off again (Rare this is), only to spring awake again at 0355hrs in a desperate demand for a WRHD, back to the porcelain and had an extraordinarily and painful, blood fetching passing session. Took ages and a bit of oohing and aahing. So relieved and pleased when it was finally over and finished with. The haemorrhoids bled profusely.

I cleaned myself and the porcelain up and decided to take a senna tablet with the morning medications and medicines. I reckon if anyone broke into the flat, the most valuable items to steal would be the drugs? Hehe!

Despite the uncomfortableness of and the burning sensation coming from my rear-quarters, I began to feel a bit better later. Took the medications with water then made a strong mug of tea and got the laptop on to update the diaries.


Whoopsiedangleplop under the sink!

Went to make another brew and… Whoopsiedangleplop!

Water all over the floor in the kitchen!

I got down to investigate with relative ease, to find the takeaway pipe to through the back wall was hanging loose, and the connector pipe to the sink plughole had become detached from the sink!

Getting paper towels to clean up meant me getting up and down again to sort things a bit, but I could do nothing about the problem than to wipe up the water.

I’ll have to beg Olive to phone up about it to the maintenance people for me later, far too early to call on her yet (0625hrs). The cleaner gals are due today as well.

After doing what I could, getting up again started the Angina and Arthritis off. Feeling pretty fed up now.

Did some graphicationalisationing then I did some Facebooking to try and get my attention off of the situation?

Went to Olive, she had the cleaners in who were coming to me next. She looked ultra radiant today. She willingly called the maintenance department for me and told them of the failure I had had, with the sink and water. Got a promise from them that someone would be here within four hours to sort it. Gave Olive my thanks, a kiss and a cuddle and returned to the flat.Met Warden 

Met Warden Deans on te way, she needs to see me urgently, and told me to call to see her Thursday (Tomorrow) before the tenants social hour? 

The cleaning ladies arrived an hour or so later and set to work, but didn’t do the kitchen cause it might only get messed up then when the plumber called. We had a laugh while they did their job, I paid them and off they went.

wed02Another hour or so and the plumber arrived. He looked at the situation and went down to his van to get another of the black pipe units and returned.

He soon it all done, thanked him and off he went.

The new sink plug was of thin plastic and had no chain on it to allow me to pull it out in hot water? I got a stick-on hook and stuck it on the savoury nibbles box next to the sink, to the hope of keeping it from disappearing later, I hope? He replaced the overflow hole/outlet with a metal cover instead of the plastic one, and he’d replaced the black plastic tubing that had fell off of the other pipework under the sink, it should have been attached to apparently.

tue05I cleaned up the area. Then back on the laptop and did a Birthday graphic for Marissa Bergen. Took me many hours to get it something like I wanted it to.

Seen here on the left after finalisationing was completed.

I hope Marissa has a cracking day.

Did a bit more working on a graphicalisationing for future use.

Then I tried to concentrate and sort out the Google calendar for next week.

Don’t want to miss owt off.

Got the results of the last INR test and the date for the next one, that being Monday 19th. Sent an email asking for that day to the surgery. No reply yet apparently.

Updated this diary and planned the day’s nosh. I’m having the can of Pimientos peppers with pork and veal filling in tomato sauce, oven chips and mushrooms heated in water with tomato puree added.

Email back from surgery:

wed03Shame that means getting a bus and tram to get there, and the same to get back. Hey-ho! Oh no, it doesn’t! It’s at the City Hospital, innit? So I can walk there and catch a bus back almost to the flats! Great that. Providing I’m in a decent state regarding Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis and the weather is okay, it’ll not be too bad at all hobbling there. Most of the route is downhill going as well.

Great that. Providing I’m in a decent state regarding Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis and the weather is okay, it’ll not be too bad at all hobbling there. Most of the route will be downhill going there, as well.

wed04I reckon if I leave the flats for about 0700hrs, or maybe a little earlier, say 0630hrs to be safe, I should get there for around 0800hrs, the opening time for the Phlebotomy Dept.

I wondered what Warden Deana needs to talk to me about tomorrow? Fretting a bit about that now.

wed05Got the meal prepared and on the plate.

The taste buds have still not returned to full functioning yet, but I ate it all up.

The contents of the peppers taste through, very delicate flavour, but nice. Got the chips cooked a lot better as well. Or maybe it’s the returning sensitivity of my gustatory cells? I looked that one up, hehe!

Sandra from the TFZer site suggested that I try having Pizzas. I tried one in 1982 and didn’t like it. I’ll have a look at them, see what flavours I can find to try when I get out shopping again. I think you can buy Pizza bases and add your own food to them and cook them in the oven? Must have a look on the web for ideas later.

Settled down after many many attempts over a fifteen minute period, got into the £300 second-hand recliner chair ready to consume the meal, and realised I’d not took the medications – up, out to the kitchen and got them. Down in the chair again, left the mobile phone in my jacket in the hallway, up and fetched it, settled again and realised I’d got the wrong glasses on for watching the TV nosh, up and swapped them with the middle distance spectacles and down again, then a sudden requirement for a WRWW arrived, up and to the porcelain then back again to settle once more to eat, the now cold meal! And believe it or not, it being coldish didn’t stop me enjoying it at all. Odd that?

Soon started nodding off and it seemed like every time I did I had a dream, but cannot recall them in detail, one was something about my being unable to get into or open a giant envelope using a giant BIC razor?

Woke around midnight and extracted me from the recliner and to the wetroom for a most painful WRHD session, that caused bleeding that needed cleaning up afterwards, and enabled me to stub my toe, twice, during the visit. Hehe, never mind it woke me up this did. So, I had a bag of cheesy curls, fell asleep, and when I woke a few minutes later, I had to get the hand-held hoover to clean up the crumbs that were all over me, on the carpet and the chair cover. What the heck I was doing while asleep, to get into this state, I didn’t know?


Inchcock Today Monday 12th + Tuesday 13th September 2016

Monday 12th September 2016


Oddest of dreams – giant Ouija boards – me having to run around with a giant pencil to point out the figures and digits, people calling me to go here and there?

0405hrs: Stirred into life with stomach rumbling to have a WRHD, the £300 second-hand recliner also rumbled when it allowed me out of it on the third press of the button. The WRHD mission failed, I was clogged up somehow inside, and the innards were bubbling away still.

Popped on the scale, and was very pleased with the 1lb I’d lost overnight.

To the kitchen and had to titivate up from last night’s pot washing and bin bag preparations. Two rubbish and one recycle bag readied to take to the waste chute after 0800hrs.

Seemed awfully cold in the flat?

Made a brew and took the morning medications with the last of the tomato juice I’d got left in the mug on the ottoman at the side of the chair.

01hObserved the hand written note that I’d left next under Koala Katie to remind me of the INR blood test and call at the chemists for my prescriptions.

Went back to the kitchen to check I’d turned off all the taps and lights – and made myself another mug of tea – got two now? 11b

Laptop on, and checked on the Google diary, then WordPress and CorelDraw X8 opened and updated this journal.

Facebooked for a few hours.

Got ready for the hobble to the surgery. Ablutions, nibbles, bus-pass to get back with and finally got a WRHD.

Called to see Olive. She mentioned my voice croaking, I’d not spoke to anyone all day to realise how it sounded. Chinwag and cuddle and I set out to the surgery.

Back later, I hope.

tue01As I walked down Winchester Hill, a sorrowful sight was beheld:

This poor squirrel had been run over. Unfortunate little thing.

Pressed on to the doctors and signed in, made the hobble in 40 minutes, good going today. I may, just consider going for the next Olympics? Hehe!

The nurse soon had the blood taken and told me to book an appointment with the doctor about the dizzy spells and cough/throat. So I did, for Friday 16th @ 1050hrs. Thanked her and gave her the nibbles.

Out and over the chemists and got the prescriptions. Bought some lozenges for the throat, gave them their nibbles and out to catch the bus into Arnold, to get the photographs printed from last week’s Social Hour.

When I got to the store, there was a tailback at the photoshop, so I did some shopping. Paid for it, and returned to the photograph machines, but the queue was even longer! Gave up and limped to the bus stop and caught an L9 back to the flats.

Gave up and limped to the bus stop and caught an L9 back to the flats.

tue03WRWW, and got the meal cooking. I tried one of the tomatoes I’d bought at Asda, Lancashire grown Tomkin Tomatoes they were called, an odd nobbly rugose shaped.

The label claimed they were ‘Extra Special’ sweet and tangy – The one I nibbled while cooking, was bitter foul and acidy!

Probably one of the worst tasting variety of tomatoes I’ve ever tried. Eurgh!

Bus from Arnold and a little confab with a tenant as we entered the flats.

tue02WRHD session (Again).

Got the medications into the drawer. Creams lotions and potions into theirs.

Checked the emails and Facebooked a while. I’d made some errors and was not very happy with myself. The trouble is, on the odd occasions when things seem to be going well, I get excited and make these boobs and cock-ups yer know. Feeling down now.

tue04Got the fodder prepared.

Had a couple of slices of the Wholemeal Irish batch bread with it, I’ve managed to avoid too much bread lately too.

Lamb hotpot, Anya potatoes and extra Crock-Pot vegetables. I didn’t eat the tomatoes. I’m afraid, possibly due, to my sore throat and chesty cough bug, I did not expect to enjoy it. And I didn’t enjoy it either. The old taste buds are still failing me?

A tad depressed now, I put on a DVD (Doctor Who, series four) and proceeded to fall asleep every few minutes, wake up, rewind the DVD, fall sleep, wake up rewind… Well, you get the idea?

Dreamt about my taking Hitler’s place and changing tactics in 1942, and not attacking Russia, but did restart Operation Barbarossa in 1948. No idea how I remembered this and nothing else in detail but there you are. Bonkers!

Tuesday 13th September 2016


0345hrs: Stirred and had to climb out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, due to its refusal to respond to my pressing of the button, the bruise where I knocked me elbow as I fell will soon clear up? Hehe!

Feeling a bit down this morning for some reason, I made my way for a WRHD, a painful and bloody session I’m afraid. At least I didn’t find any taps, lights or electrical stuff left on today. The throat still playing up the rumbling innards with me still, but on the brighter side, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Read Flux and Duo Denal were being very good to me, in fact.

Got the washing collated and in the bag, the 20p coins in my pocket and set off down to the laundry room. As I got into the lift (Elevator for the Americans reading), there on the floor was… well, I’m not sure. It didn’t smell, this pile of brown/green gunk spread all over?

Got the washing in the machine and started it, back up to number 72. Made a brew, took the medications and started the laptop. Did a graphic then returned back down to move the clothes into the dryer. The lift had been taken out of action, meanwhile, and this at 0500hrs?

Titivated the laundry room a bit while I waited for the washer to finish, moved the gear into the dryer, and back up to the flat. Good job we have two lifts innit?

Did a bit of Facebooking, but stopped when it started to stick and freeze, I’ll try again later. Graphicalisationing was done, and it was soon time to fetch the laundry back up and put it away, so down on the lift again.

The old dryer had done a good job. Got the things folded and into the bag. I cleaned the fluff filter out and returned to the apartment again. Sorted the washing, airing cupboard and replaced the cleaners in the pots ready for the next session. This all between many visits to the wetroom for WRWWs, oh dear.

Had a swig of the cough medicine and updated this diary.

Had another go at Facebooking.

Saw Olive, she was going out, being collected by her daughter, shopping and going to her scrabble meeting.

Got a good shower and readied things for the bus trip to town to get some citrus deodorant, Lavender soap, Dettol lavender and nuts.

w01The weather was glorious.

It was a pleasure to wait at the bus stop for the L9 into town.

I got Lewis Hamilton (He even looked like him), as the driver this morning. Blimey, he shifted that bus as if it was a formula one car, bless him. I found out why later, he stopped for a fag on Carlton Road en route.

Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and popped into the Wilko Store. Came out with Dettol lavender antiseptic disinfectant, citrus fresheners and two food storage boxes.

w02Into the pound shop Pound Shop and got some cooked bacon. Then over the walkway into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Took this photographicalisation while over the roadway. Then into the centre and to the nut stall on the market.

Got some chocolate and yoghourt w03covered cashew nuts.

Back down the same way, and once on the street level again, I noticed a little woof-woof being as good as gold at the traffic lights.

I don’t think he shows up so well on this photo.

I’ll try to cut him out and enlarge him.

No, didn’t come out too well.

Called into the little Tesco store and was so strong willed as I refused and resisted getting any of their temptingly tasty fresh cream french horns! Mind you, they didn’t have any in stock. Hehe!

Hobbled to the bus stop and caught one back to the apartment complex.

w04I was feeling good as I entered the foyer, but when I got around to where the lifts are, though… Flipping ‘eck!

The left one was stuck on the 15th floor, and the right one was out of order too!

So, no choice in the matter, I had to struggle up the 24 flights (Twelve floors) up to get home.

w-05On the 7th floor, I had to stop for a few minutes for a rest.

The Angina and knees were giving me too much hassle.

Pressed on, slowly and got there in the end.

Tired weary and puffing a bit, I got into the flat and put the stuff away. Got the cheesy potatoes done and in the oven for crisping and browning. Took the bags to the rubbish chute.

Laptop on to update this.

w06The cheesy potatoes came out looking good, but the taste buds had not returned to their usual appreciative mode yet, but it went down rather better than the last two meals did.

I forgot to add the vinegar to the mix when I mashed them all up, so added some on serving it all up.

Plenty of crispy areas, very tasty, these.

w07Ate the meal watching a DVD called ‘Golden Years – Grand Theft OAP’, it was one of the best British comedy films I’ve ever seen.

I got into it quickly and suffered no nodding off periods at all!

After it had ended, I slipped into a deep sleep, though.

A few minute later just as I woke up in need of the porcelain and when I was trying to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the landline phone rang. It was Brother-in-law Pete, he’d noticed I had not posted the Monday Inchcock Today and wondered if I was alright. He asked me if I had still made my ‘Will’ out to him and Sister Jane. Only joking, Hehehe!

Had a chat and I told him I hope to get up to see him next week and try to help him with his computer problems.

w08I checked the Google diary afterwards, to see what I’d have on next week.

Good job I said to Pete that I thought I could manage to get to visit them on Friday, providing that no other appointments arrive in the meantime.

Tried to watch some TV but the nodding off sessions returned, and I gave up.

Then I woke in agony with the Cramps in the knees and ankles, realising after cursing a bit, that the walking up all those stairs when the lifts were kaputt was probably the cause? Cause since taking the Magnesium tablets that Sandie from the TFZ site advised, the cramps have really got so much less problematical… until tonight.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th September 2016 – Fustilarian activities today – but I like em!

Sunday 11th September 2016


Kept waking all through what bit of sleep I managed, mind racing going nowhere. Dreamt something about being in a vortex of dozens of angry people running around shouting at each other and none of them listening to the others?

0340hrs: Gave up trying to sleep, the piles ensured sleep impossible anyway. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner that operated impeccably, then to porcelain for a WRHD session. During which I remembered the Whoopsiedangleplop from last night with the tomato juice spillage on the carpet.

This thought was brought on by the blood that flowed from the haemorrhoids into the toilet bowl. Been a while since Haem Aroids bled like this. Little Inchy was not bleeding at all, Anne Gyna was only the slightest of bother, Duo Denal okay, Hernia Harry right, Rea Flux was of little bother, Arthur Itis was not bad at all and no dizzies yet. So, all in all, a good start to the day. I thought.

Popped onto the scales – popped off the scales. Blimey worra shock!

sun20455hrs: Into the kitchen and found the mess I’d left from last night and the cleaning up of the tomato juice Whoopsiedangleplop. Cleaned it up. Made a cuppa and took a photograph out of the window.

Mused for a while staring out into the morning view. The mind doing its own thing, confusion reigning.

Feeling I was a quidnunc, I meditated and pondered over life for a while – no answers solutions or remedies came to mind.

sun3So I got the vegetables prepared for the slow-cooker.

Mushrooms, carrots, garden peas and red onions. Seasoned with some vegetable stock.

Got the laptop going and finalised the Saturday post then started this one off.

Then, CorelDraw X8 opened and got on with doing some more of the TFZ session graphicalisationing.

Five hours later, I think I’ve finished the TFZer series. Phew! Now what to call them? Here’s a couple of them to give you an idea of what they are about.

x-nancy x-lyndal

See the idea? Each TFZ gal is being watched. Perhaps I’ll call them, er… erm… “Your are Being Watched?” Not very original.

Got them posted on TFZ and then on the Facebook Photograph albums.

Shattered now I am – Got the nosh on!

01fThis was not one of my best efforts mind. Not that it was bad or anything, just seemed tasteless?

The coughing had eased a lot during the day, so I thought I was going to enjoy this meal, but no, everything appeared to taste rather bland to me tonight?

Even the usually wonderfully tasty Nordic Bacon was disappointing.

Called to see Olive, but she was out. With her daughter dining, if I remember rightly what she told me yesterday.

Back to 72 and another WRHD. Had a shower and did the ablutionising.

Spent hours sat there falling asleep in front of the goggle-box. Finally gave up and tried to read the Spike Milligan book, but struggled to concentrate, so gave up, curled up and waited for proper sleep to come.