Saturday 10th September 2016: Late Whoopsiedangleplops, Humph!


Saturday 10th September 2016

0415hrs: Demand from the innards for another WRHD session forced me up out of the working again £300 second-hand recliner to the wetroom. Not a pleasant duty this morning in the least. Pain and blood involved here. Tsk!

Feeling a little uncomfortable, the mind turned to thoughts of rampant hypochondriasis for a few minutes as I sat on the porcelain pondering in this. The bug I’ve caught seemed to be inflicting a cough, dizziness (Not the usual kind), the taste buds and concentration. But, it’s getting less bothersome compared to yesterday and Thursday.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications, with a swig of the cough linctus and a guzzle of the Peptac with an extra Omeprazole 40gm capsule to hopefully calm the ulcer down a bit. I checked on the web if it was safe to take an additional tablet and saw that: “The most common side effects (1-15% of patients) are severe headaches, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and nausea/vomiting.” This explained a lot! Hehe!

Popped on the scales… oh dear! 3lb up from yesterday – How is this possible? It’ll be the scales playing up?

Laptop on and completed the Friday Diary then I started this one off.

01hDecided to get the vegetables on the go for later. In the Crock-Pot, leeks mushrooms, fresh garden peas and yellow peppers.

The small saucepan had the little Anya new potatoes, and the large one had the bigger Anya potatoes.

Logical eh? Haha!

mc06The Morrisons delivery arrived and had to be sorted.

The minted-leg of lamb steaks looked appealing in their packaging.

The prepared vegetables, carrots & peas seemed delicate and fresh.

I’d got some smoked bacon medallions at two for a bit cheaper, so I can give one to Olive, cause I know she likes them a lot.Back to the laptop, updated this and did some Facebooking with fingers crossed that it would not stick and freeze again. It did a few times, but only for moments. Spent two hours or so on it, then moved to doing the TFZ series.

Back to the laptop, updated this and did some Facebooking with fingers crossed that it would not stick and freeze again. It did a few times, but only for moments. Spent two hours or so on it, then moved to doing the TFZ series.

Far far too much time spent on this, cause I love doing them, at least six hours in total over the day. Weary-eyed and light-headed by the time I stopped myself.

Got the lamb in the oven and nipped out to visit Olive. She did look a lot better today, and managed to tell me off for getting her the bacon. So I knew she was feeling better too now! Hehe!  I didn’t have much time with her today, as her daughter was coming to visit her. A very nice chinwag, kiss and a cuddle and I had to leave, taking her rubbish bag with me to drop into the chute on my way back to number 72.

mc04Where I had yet another WRHD  (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session.

Got the nosh served up.

It looked a treat but was very disappointing. Well, the lamb was, everything else was okay. Seemed to have the texture of a cardboard box for some reason?

Even the dessert tasted musty to me. I’ll be glad when this bug or cold whatever it is has had its fuss out with me.

Too weary to do any more graphicationalisationing now.

Watched a DVD, Doctor Who 4th Series. Well, I tried, but kept nodding off. Gave up and as I got my head down in the £300 second-hand recliner, another WRHD was needed? Where’s it all coming from?

Stubbed my toe on the trolley in the wetroom – first time I’ve done this for weeks now. Getting back into the £300 second-hand recliner, I knocked the mug of tomato juice off of the ottoman at the side of the chair!

Made use of the thick paper towels as quickly as I could, but the stains looked set in already. Got the spot-cleaner from the kitchen along with a scrubbing brush and some cleaning rags then returned to try and clean it up.

Did as good a job as I could, but had then to move the recliner to another position so it covered the blemish on the carpet in the end.

Shattered now, I put the cleaners away and the rags in soak in the bowl, banging my head on the corner of the cupboard door under the sink as I returned the bottle of spot cleaner.

Now so tired, weary and frustrated with things! At least the 300 second-hand recliner worked seamlessly and allowed me back in to settle once again; then the piles started giving me bother again! This, prevented me nodding off for ages.

I reckon I got off around 0130hrs, but that’s a guess.

Humph! Did I feel sorry for missen! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Friday 9th September 2016: The indistinguishably of logicallity lingers

Friday 9th September 2016

p11108030500hrs: Woke with the same light-headedness that I had last night, coughing a bit, hard to concentrate. But no actual dizzies, this combined with the £300 second-hand recliner chair working correctly to release me for a WRHD session, that was painful (Nowt new there though) but blood free and I didn’t stub any toes, almost convinced me that things were getting better already! Hehe!

Noticed the note I’d left for myself under Koala Katie, and out the paperwork in my pocket for later.

Took the medications and made a cup of tea. When putting the weekly morning pill pots back in the drawer, I spotted just one tiny tablet stuck in the corner of Thursday mornings.

Ah-ha! I thought. Perhaps a possible explanation for last nights feelings of lethargy and weakness? It was the Bisoprolol tablet that I’d missed yesterday morning when I emptied the pot out to take the doses?I got 

I got the laptop going and searched for “What if I miss a Bisoprolol dose?” As anticipated, it said if you are within 4 hours of the next dose due, do not take any extra. So I didn’t. This could be the cause of my depression and fogginess? I thought about whether or not to take some cough medicine to counter this nagging tussis I’ve had for 24 hours of so? After failing to find the bottle of cough medicine, I decided not to take any. Hahaha!

That’s the cough linctus and the new umbrella still to be found then, oh and the electric razor. I feel satisfied all three are lurking somewhere in my apartment?

Sod-it! The dizzies back, I thought I was doing well this morning.

Hello, another WRHD session! No bleeding again, though, just pain. Sneezing now!

Laptop back on and got yesterday’s diary finished and started this one off.

p1020586Went into the kitchen to make a brew, and this was the view. Fantastic I thought.

It looked like the homes in the centre, as they were lit by the upcoming sun from behind and to the left, were, The Chosen Ones!

I still get astounded by the views from here. And feel lucky to have them to look at.

0815hrs: Closed laptop down and readied for the trip to the dentists.

0001After the shower and shave, I bravely mounted the new scales.

Up just a pound (and a few ounces, but let’s not be pernickety eh?).

Called to see Olive on the way out, but no answer, perhaps a little early? 

A little overcast this morning, but the sun got through on the odd occasions. I struggled up the gravel path into the park. But it was worth it and so beautiful up there. The trees and bushes so green, and occasionally stopped to watch the dogs walking their owners.

One dog, an elderly looking grey and white greyhound had really got this owner trained well. The ball was thrown, and he chased it picked it up and stood waiting, for the boss to get to him to pick it up and throw it again! I really enjoyed the walk through today.

Seemed to be feeling a bit better too. I did forget to get the cough medicine as I ambled down into Sherwood, passing the chemist on the way to the Dentist! Humph!

01fTwo girls crossing the heavy traffic on Mansfield Road drew some horn tooting from some of the drivers.

The pelican lights were about 100 yds further down the road. The gals just gave them the finger and carried on laughing.

I had to laugh too!

Into the dentist, to find they had knocked a wall down and changed the reception area to accommodate three receptionists now. The thick coating of gloss paint had only recently been done by the potent smell of it. Had to fill in a mega form and permission sanction form, then waited to be called.

The nurse called me I assume, but I didn’t hear her, so she came and shook me shoulder as I was doing the crossword book.

Up to the surgery, very quick they were today, I noticed the light fitting above the chair was much more populated with dead insects than on the last visit. They soon had me checked asked if I was in any pain, said you are okay, book another appointment with the receptionist on you way out… All done!

01hSettled the bill with the Obergruppenführeress on the desk. When she told me I’d to pay £19.50, it was only time she smiled. I thought it was £18 last time, maybe it’s gone up a bit. Not complaining mind, a lot better than having to go private and pay hundreds of pounds – although a private dentist may have higher quality flies in their light fittings to look at? Hehehe! 

Out and was lucky enough to be in time to catch the L8 bus back up Winchester Hill and to the flats.

Had a blether with a lady from the 4th floor in the lift, we were both intent on getting our slippers on, making a cup of tea and visiting the porcelain!

Called in to see Olive, but no answer. Her family might have taken her out for the day.

I returned to the apartment and visited the porcelain, made a mug of tea and got me slippers, then laptop on. Added the dates to the Google and paper diary, then did a shopping order from Morrisons. Updated this post.

More work on the TFZ ‘Who’s watching’ graphic series. Got about 10 done now, but many more to do yet. 

Got the chips in the oven and nipped off to visit Olive, and she was in. Lovely chinwag and mutual fondness seemed to be in the air. A kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat to sort the meal out.

0001Although the fodder looked appetising, with the cold or whatever it is I’ve got, the taste-buds let me down and I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I should have. Mind you, I ate it all… out of habit more than relish I think?

Made an order online for delivery from Morrisons for tomorrow.

I’ve ordered some tiny cans of garden peas now the fresh ones are finishing. A lot dearer getting these little tins. When I was checking to see if I needed any more bleach, I found the missing cough medicine! Took a good swig of it.

Climbed into the £300 second-hand recliner chair with a mug of orange juice, some nibbles and the TV paper at my side, to settle and watch a DVD, “Quatermass 11” from the 1959 TV series and took the medications, remembering the ulcer medicine, not that it’s very effective but better than nothing.

Minutes later, I realised I’d not got the mobile phone nearby, got out of the now reluctant £300 second-hand recliner and retrieved the phone from my jacket pocket in the hallway. Climbed back into the £300 second-hand recliner chair to settle.

Minutes later, after I’d just started to watch Quatermass, I saw the curtains had not been drawn. Got out of the now reluctant to work and shuddering a bit £300 second-hand recliner and pulled them too. While doing this, I spotted I’d not got the alarm wristlet on – hobbled to the Wetroom where I found it on top of the porcelain, put it on and returned to the £300 second-hand recliner, and sat down without any hiatus, as it was now refusing to operate at all.

Then the nerves started, ‘Had I turned off the taps, locked the door, left the oven on, closed the kitchen window,  left the heater on in the wetroom?’

Got out of the now dormant £300 second-hand recliner yet again and checked around, all seemed okay, so back to the £300 second-hand recliner and found it working? Okay, it shook and whined a little, eventually, I settled again.

I started to watch the DVD and got through it without any nod-offs!

Had to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner in request intimated from the body for a WRHD session. (Tsk, no rest is there! Hehe!) I put down the extra WRHDs to the bug I’d caught.

The TV programmes I watched, after the DVD, were scattered with the nod-off moments.

Woke from a long doze around 0200hrs, coughing. Another trip to the porcelain was needed, this time, the £300 second-hand recliner worked seamlessly?

I’d been dreaming about high cliffs and trying to jump off but couldn’t get down, repeated efforts, nets would appear and catch me, giant birds scooped me up and replaced me the top again, as I tried again I’d find myself in a bath full of bubbles, got sucked down the drain and fell back at the head of the cliff again? There were so many other failed attempts and reasons for failure I’m sure, but of course, I cannot recall the others?

I sprang awake at 0415hrs or so, again in need of a WRHD session.

Inchcock Today Thursday 8th September 2016: Not too well today. Shame, Hehe!

Thursday 8th September 2016


Awoke at 0400hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any bother, and had a WRHD session, again without any bleeding. Good!

Decided to take the opportunity to get me down to the for a laundry room session, being as I had got up so early.

Assembles the cleaning articles and was soon on my way down and got them in the washer. I checked the dryers and found again, that they had not had the fluff filters cleaned, so I did them.

Back up to the flat and started this diary off.

Down again and transferred the washing into the dryer. Someone had been down meanwhile and thrown the empty laundry bag I’d left on top of the washing machine, into the corner behind the door, when they had put their washing in the other machine. That was nice of them.

Back up the lift and finished yesterday’s diary off and got it posted. Had to have another WRHD session?

Down for the last time and emptied the dryer, folded the clobber and back up and put them away.

Made a cuppa, took the medications and got the nibbles in the bag for the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut later. Then updated this twallop and did some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw.

Got a few TFZ series done, but it took my hours, got about six ready now, but so many to do yet.

11cMade another cuppa and checked the emails. Facebooked a while.

Carried out the ablutions, all well. Titivated up I took the bags to the rubbish chute

Having cleaned up, I took the bags to the garbage chute.

Got the vegetables, peas, mushrooms and peppers going in the Crock-Pot for later on in the day.

And out to the Tenants Social Hour a the Community Hut.

Many missing today, BJ was on holiday in Cornwall and Somerset. However, Toni came today. She looked poorly, but she’d bravely turned up.



Having a real nice time and the dizzies came over me. Left early and returned to the flat and carried on with doing the TFZ graphicalisations.

After hours, I’m managed to get eight done now.

Not too good, not exactly ill like, hazy, lack of gusto.

So I got the meal going earlier than usual, cause despite me feeling lacklustre, I was getting hungry?

p1110803A WRHD (Again?!),  then I tried to do some more on the graphics, but the concentration had gone. Humph!

Mustn’t forget me dentist appointment in the morning. I’ll write a note now to remind myself. 

Put the note underneath Koala Katie in the hope that I notice it, cause I usually say ‘Good Morning to her like.

Got the beef in black bean sauce in the oven. The vegetables I have already added some black bean sauce to the Crock-Pot.

Blimey, it’s gerrin hard to focus, I’ll have to give up on the laptop and hope I get up in time to catch up on it tomorrow before the dentist.

Coughing a bit regularly, a haziness but no dizziness, getting a bit concerned. Might ring the 111 line if it gets any worse.

Called to see Olive, but no answer. That didn’t help me cheer up, Hehehe!

p1110804For my fodder, I made boiled Anya potatoes, Beef in a black-bean sauce ready meal and popped some beetroots in with it. First time in a while, but I couldn’t eat it all, feeling a touch bilious now.

A bit sort of disconcerting, but not complaining really you know, just uncomfortable with not knowing why these new ailments have visited me? Hey-ho!

Checked the TV paper, something on all night to watch, no nodding offs periods for a few hours, then the one big nod off.

TTFN folks, it might be cheerier news tomorrow. He says full of confidence, Hehe!

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 7th September 2016 – Failure in my phrontifugic desires


Wednesday 7th September 2016

0535hrs: Woke, and did my best to remember the dream I’d been having, but not very successful with this. Annoying indeed! Bits came back to me, climbing the outside of buildings, being chased Again! And singing on a hilltop with sheep and giraffes in a field?

mc02Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliners and carried out a WRHD, no bleeding again this morning.

Popped on the scales and got a pleasant most assuredly unexpected but welcome surprise!.

Cleaned some table-wear that I’d missed from last night, and left the damned tap running again while I nipped into the front room to get the laptop warmed up so to speak. Luckily it was only for ten minutes or so this time, so I still have some hot water for a shower later. I hope.

Took the medications and made a cuppa. Not feeling too bad now, Anne Gyna is absent, Arthur Itis not bad at all, Haem Aroids easier than yesterday and not bleeding at all, and the burn on my right knuckle was not painful or bothering me in the least. It’s times like these that I worry you know – What’s coming to equalise things, get them back to the Whoopsiedangleplop normal? Hehe!

Did my ablutionisationing using the carbolic soap. The hot water lasted okay.

mc04I feeling so good within myself, that I decided to try and walk to the Arnot Hill Park and feed the ducks later.

I tried for the first time to get details from Google Maps about the distance I had to walk.

Made a mess of it the first few times, trying to get the start and end destination input properly, but I got there in the end.

I think the distance given looks spot on (1.3 miles), but the time of 25 minutes seems a bit optimistic?

Of course, they assume whoever wants to walk this route do not have Arthritis, Angina and mangled ankle? Hehehe! I hope. (There’s hope in hoping I’ll remember!) I’ll see if I can remember to check the time when I leave.

Did a lot of work on the graphics and diaries.

Must get me ready now – hope there is enough hot water for me shower?

mc05Set off on the route on the map.

En route there were many many Pavement Cyclists I came across.

However, none were of any singular, particular danger or hiatus to me today.

Up through the Woodthorpe Grange Park, down onto Mansfield Road and turned right towards Daybrook.

I was quite disappointed that the premises where the raised flower beds were that I was going to get some photographs of, was no longer there! They had demolished the fantastic Derby Stone brick wall as well.

Crossed over the nasty road junction near the Vale Hotel with ease today.

I thought about calling in the B & M store to see if they just might have some of the Bonners curried beans back in stock. But determined this would not be a good idea, as I was timing my little gadabout wasn’t I?

Noted the time when I started out up the gravel hill earlier as 0930hrs.

Plodded onward, thinking that a few years ago, I would have considered my rate of knots I was doing today, to be very steady and casual – nowadays I’m going as fast as I could manage. Tsk!

mc06Right into Nottingham Road passing the Fire Station and along to the Arnot Hill Park.

Pronounced Arno Hill locally, a soundless T at the end.

The place was beautiful today, probably because there were so few humans with their pit bulls lurking around?


I got the wrong setting on the first photograph, as you can see – Tsk!

The variety of ducks was much diminished compared to my last visit. No mandarins or Canada geese at all? There were plenty of my favourite Mallard ducks, though, and they seemed to enjoy the earthworm pellets, along with the pigeons.

I looked at the time on my mobile phone and was flabbergasted when I realised I’d done the walk to the park in  32 minutes! So Google Maps were so very nearly spot-on with their forecasted time of 25 minutes, well done Google!

mc08When I departed from the park, I popped up the road and into the Sainsbury store.

I got some Anya potatoes, fresh pod peas, Beef in Blackbean sauce ready meal, two roast chicken legs reduced due to a short shelf life left on them, cheese twists and some Marmite mini rice cakes.

To the bus stop outside to wait for the L9 bus back to the flats. There were eleven minutes to wait so I walked to the bus stop nearer where the L9 was coming from and only just caught it, as it was several minutes early.

mc09Two tenants were on the bus already.

Frank and Mavis. They were not in a talkative mood, though.

I wondered if I’d unintentionally done something to upset them?

Oh dear…

No communication from them when we got off the bus, they both sat in the seats and did not reply to my cheerily intended: “Take care both TTFN…”

Oh dear again…

Up to number 72 flat, and after a WRWW I got the things put away and shelled some extra peas to take to Olive in case she was not feeling well it would save her having to get up a do them. Put the fodder away, got my quota in the Crock-Pot with some mushrooms and went to see Olive.

She was still not very good. She refused the shelled peas. Obviously, she was in distress of some sort. Managed to give her kiss and little cuddle and departed in a rather depressed state of mind, feeling sad I could do nothing to help, back to the apartment. Took away the joy I had in feeling better in myself, today.

Checked the TV magazine, and lots of watchable stuff to watch on tonight.

Laptop on to update this and do a bit of Facebooking. Some nice kind comments and messages were waiting for me. Got an email from the Haematology Dept. The Warfarin level was very low, change of dosage, got to go again on Monday at 1130hrs.

Took the medications.

p1110796Got the meal sorted.

Sheer indulgence it was, I almost felt decadent as I scoffed it all away.

No consideration for the calories whatsoever! Hehe!

Anya potatoes, well-cooked chicken leg, Nordic style bacon, beetroots, fresh garden peas, yellow peppers and tomatoes and mushrooms. Followed by a pot or orange in jelly, the banana I did not manage.

Selected the TV programmes and promptly fell asleep, waking up when they had all finished! Tsk!

I did have a dream, though, more of the decaying building corridors, then on some canal water, walking on it?

WRHD session, thought about doing the pots, then got me head down, very late on indeed. Couldn’t shake off this sense of foreboding?

Inchcock Today Tuesday 6th September 2016: Nowt much exciting today, and only one minor Whoopsiedangleplop!


Tuesday 6th September 2016

Up at 0530hrs – Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRWW and WRHD. All was well!

Took the medications with some orange juice and back in the wetroom for a stand-up wash. It was too early to use the shower because of the noise it makes.

MC01Got changed and onto the scales.

Notice how well I lied in the writing on this photograph? Hehe!

On the laptop and did some of the diary work, graphicalisations towards the new upcoming eventually TFZ gals series, then the Facebooking for a while.

MC01Tried out the new Protection Stamp thingamajig.

It seemed to work okay.

Mind you, at that price, it should do. (£11).

No idea how long it will last for? Then again, I’m not criticising, cause I don’t know how long I’ll last! Hehehe!

Got the things ready for the INR blood test at the surgery (Nibbles, paperwork and bag for any shopping I might do [Might?] Huh!).

I called at the Community Shed on the way out. Saw Obergruppenfurheress Julie and asked her to update Linda with why I missed her Monday and apologise profusely for me. She was on the phone all the time, so I had to write a note asking her too.

Off to the surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Level Test. At the end of Chestnut Walk, as I turned down into Winchester Hill, I took these two photographicalisations of the bushes.

BGaThe reason I’ve put them on here, was to ascertain what the plant was on the right, and what insect it was a caught?

Got to the doctors in record time again I think, or very near anyway. 39 minutes I reckon. Of course, once I sat down in the waiting room and then tried to move again, Arthur Itis attacked the knees and ankles and I struggled for the rest of the day. Hey-ho!

The nurse was in good spirits and a chinwag as she did me was appreciated. Gave her the nibbles and left to go to the Lidl shop and have a nosey around.

Got a bit carried away again. (Fancy that) Got a baking potato, bananas, grated mature cheddar, tomato juice and choc bars for the nurse’s nibble box. My plan was, to have some cheesy mash, veg (Pod peas, leeks and red peppers, done in the Crock Pot) Nordic style bacon and beetroots, might even have some Marmite Rice Cakes with it later. Got the veg on, but that will still be a few hours before it’s ready.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood and just missed the L9 to take me up the hill. No problem this morning. though, apart from the pain from the knees, all was well. Hehe! I crossed the road and checked the timetable and decided to walk up and over the hill and go through Woodthorpe Grange park and down near the copse on the gravel hill down to the flats.

BR02Nearing the gates into the park, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me as he came up towards me and entered the park up the pedestrian path.

But it didn’t bother me at all.WPlie

I stopped to watch some dogs walking their owners and getting them to throw a ball for them to refuse to fetch! Hehehe!


Another cyclist came past me and weaved between the pedestrians.



I stopped for a while underneath a clump of trees.

The beauty and colouring of this with the sky above in contrast and I was a contented and appreciative if nature old chap for a few moments.

To the top of the park and down the gravel path, even Arthur Itis could not get in a gloomy mood. Then I saw the flats and it reminded me of m making a cock-up and missing Linda yesterday, and the spirits did fall a bit, though.

Called in to see Olive, but she was not in. The spirits fell further.

Back to number 72, and after a WRWW, I prepared the pod peas, leeks and red peppers getting them into the Crock-Pot, potatoes and cheese ready for making and baking later. Another couple of peas shot off never to be seen again!

Made a brew, laptop on to update this and after a couple of hours lap topping (Listening to the Shadows music on YouTube), I took the midday medications, a bit late I know, checked the food and went to visit Olive again.

Back in a while. (I hope!)

Olive had her daughter who’s brought her back from shopping. A great chinwag and laugh we all had, Olive liked her cheese twist and didn’t tell me off about taking it for her. She then pain-gelled me nether-regions that I can’t get to, lovely it was! A cuddle and kiss and I came back to the apartment.

A WRWW, then I checked on the Crock-Pot peas leeks and peppers, need a bit longer, but that’s fine. Got the instant mash in the mixing bowl and added a mass of cheese, bit of salt and vinegar and a pinch of demerara sugar, got the boiled water and added it a bit at a time until I’d mashed away and got the required texture. Then, got in an oven tray and spread it all out thinly.

Into the hot oven (Important it is hot), and baked it, while I kept checking to see if it is browned enough.

Checked the TV papers and found a lot of viewing of interest, wrote them down. Cleaned the kitchen a bit and within twenty minutes the potatoes looked to be done to a T.

mc01I have to admit to catching my knuckles on the side of the oven when extracting the potatoes. Applied the Germolene, Tsk! Got the meal served up and it looked far better than it was, although not a failure by any means. The cheesy potatoes were crisped and tasty, the bacon gorgeous. I let myself down a bit by not keeping the vegetables hot enough, though. The Marmite rice cake and cheesy twist were good, a lemon yoghourt and banana to follow, but I couldn’t manage the banana after feasting on all the other goodies. Hehe!

Got the washing up done, a WRWW and settled to watch some TV – when will I learn not to bother? Repeatedly fell asleep for a few minutes and got no enjoyment of the programmes. I gave up late one and drifted off into a dream filled kip!

Inchcock Today Mon 5th Sept 2016: Dedicated Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Day – Failed Tsk! Hehe!


I have made today, this pledge to myself. We’ll see?

Monday 5th Sept 2016


Oh, got that wrong – 8oz down! Hurrah!

0455hrs: Moved and the tender piles forced me to get up. The cushion with a hole was not giving me any relief from the pain. I’ll have to mention it to the nurse tomorrow. To the WRHD session, much bleeding and tenderness from this read end. Humph! No signs of any dizziness, though, so that’s good.

Popped onto the scales, I’d sooner not talk about this if you don’t mind. Oh, yes I will, I’ve just checked my weight list, It’s down, down I say! Alright, it’s only 8oz, but better than the other way? Hehe!

I’m determined to avoid any Whoopsidangleplops today – if I can, I’m getting fed-up with having them!

To the kitchen, to find I’d left the flipping tap running all night – A good start, Damnations! Took the medications with tomato juice and made a cuppa, laptop on.

Did some graphicalisationing for this post, finished off Monday’s and started this one off.

I couldn’t remember what time I had to meet Linda (The fuel poverty lady) today, so I looked back on Thursday’s diary and found it was 1100hrs, in the foyer.

Did some graphicalisationing for the TFZ site for a few hours. I’m starting a new series titled ‘You never know who’s watching – do you?’ Putting the TFZer gal with a famous bloke, with another TFZer sneaked into the graphic watching them?

It took me three and a half hours and I’ve only got four done, so it’ll take a while to get them all done. Hehehe!

Oh, must get missen ready for the meeting with Linda now. TTFN.

1355hrs: Down to the foyer, and felt so horrible about myself when I later found out it should have been 1100hrs, and, about me getting it wrong! I must try to apologise to Linda. Idiot!

Up to the flat and got the things needed, back down and caught the last L9 bus into town.

I went into the Wilko store to see if they had any of those what I now know, are called Protection Stamps, (That Olive informed me of) for blotting out names on letters etc. to save me using the shredder each time. Asked a lady on the Customer Service counter, but no luck, she suggested I try W H Smiths in Victoria Centre.

So I departed and climbed the stairs up and over the road into the Centre and 0001called in the Market to get some nuts. Took a photo of interest as I was over the roadway. In the distance, I spied the flashing blue lights of an emergency vehicle and zoomed in with the camera to investigate. Note the cyclist just about to pass the car?

He pulled out without looking in front of the bus, which had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Naughty!

Onward into the top floor of the centre and to the nut stall in the vegetable place. I overspent a bit here… Chocolate and yoghourt covered cashews and some yoghourt covered hazelnuts. Then got some pod peas and yellow mini tomatoes.

Hobbled along to W H Smiths, but they had never heard of anything like a thing called a Protection Stamp.

Carried on and down into Tesco to spend a bit more. Tomato Juice and salt and vinegar rice cakes.

01iThen out into the busy streets and over into Trinity Square, where I spotted some stuff in the used jewellery shop window, that I thought might appeal to the TFZer ladies, so I took a photograph.

Pearls and diamonds!

I wish I could buy some and take them to the gals.

Then I popped into the Little Waitrose store to spend even more.

Got a yellow pepper, Marmite Rice Cakes, cheese twists and an onion.

01fWalked down through the City Centre on my way to try the stationery store on Exchange Walk for the Protection Stamp.

The folk were clearing and packing up the Nottingham Beach rides and sand.

Looking at the mayhem, I nearly walked into a Community Policeman near the council house steps – but I don’t think he was aware of this, as he stared at the workmen with a smile on his face?

Down the alleyway to the Ryman stationery shop. A very kind lady who I asked about the Protection thingy, went and fetched me one and returned with it, a smile on her face and wished me good luck. I think I might have looked a bit pale and poorly to her? Bless her.

I proceeded, after realising the funds were now getting low, to the bank to get some cash. I had ten minutes before the 40 bus was due to leave, but there were no people at the bank counter, so I entered and got served immediately. Then, the dreaded Whoopsidangleplop – I could not find me bank card!

I was flapping and panicking a bit now, so angry with myself again. I hoped I’d used it when ordering Morrisons online and left it near the laptop? The girl sorted getting me some cash. Humph!

To the bus stop and while I waited, did another search of my pockets – and found the bank card! Oh, the relief! Still felt a right plonker, though!

10bCaught the number 40 back to near the flat. As the bus pulled off, there were four people all looking at their phones at the same time, and I thought this scene if I got a photograph of them, would be of use for a humorous graphic. But the bus stopped to let them cross before I got the camera out. Ass we moved on, another lady on her own was on her phone, so that had to do for me idea for a funny shot. but I couldn’t think of anything to write on it.

When I dropped off the bus on Winchester Hill and I managed to get across the road safely, a chap who got off at the same time as I did, shot past me at a good rate of knots. Further on he had to stop for traffic to cross the narrow road onto Chestnut Walk to the flats. We started a conversation and nattered away. He lived in the other block of flats, Winchester Court. on the first floor. He told he was 85 and had seen here for four years. We both agreed how nice it was. He departed briskly into his block and I thought, I’m not doing very well… he is 86 and he left me for standing with his athletic walking rate? Hehe!

I called in to see Olive, but she was not available. (Sob!)

I got in and just missed a phone call – I hope it wasn’t Linda I’d missed. Very embarrassed about getting the time of our meeting wrong. Shame mode adopted!

In the flat, a quick WRWW, then I got the food away and started the meal preparations. Took the medications while I thought of it.

BR02As the darkness began to fall, I noticed the wonderful red/orange glow from the sun’s decline from the kitchen window.

I took this photograhicalisation of it, but it came out nothing like as vivid as the eye saw it.

The choice of repast was again decided by the  use-by dates on the BGafood in stock. Minced lamb and potato ready meal. Colcannon potatoes, yellow tomatoes, beetroot and marmite rice cake, followed by the last of the short dated honey yoghourts.


I think I’ve been getting up too early the last few mornings – I was struggling to stay awake to watch the goggle-box, yet sleep would not come?

So, the planned avoidance of any Whoopsiedanglplops was a failure today!

I’m just happy that card was found!

TTFN all!

Inchcock Today – Sun 4th Sept 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop


Sunday 4th September 2016

Awake at 0200hrs; Dreamt of being chased through corridors again.

0205hrs: Got out of the  £300 second-hand recliner chair without any hiatus and to the WRHD in the wetroom. No bleeding anywhere this morning, that’s a good start.

01h0218hrs: Got the washing ready and went down 01ito the laundry room to get the washer going.I checked the filter on the dryer, and it was right clogged up!

Got the meshing out of the dryer. I checked the filter on the dryer, and it was well and truly in a state of not-being-cleaned-for-agesness!


0235hrs: Back, up to number 72.

0255hrs: Down again to the washing room to transfer the clothes into the dryer. Cleaned the inside a bit first, as it had streak marks on the inside of the drum.

0310hrs: Back up again to the apartment and got the laptop on to do the final touches to yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

0410hrs: Once more down in the lift, and folded the gear into the bag, had a wipe around, and cleaned the dryer filter and refitted it. Back up again, having taken care not to make any noise on my trips up and down, with it being so early.As

As I passed the notice board on my way back, I saw a not about one of the tenants, May. She is in City hospital, and not very well. I’ll get in touch with Jenny who wrote the note later today and ask if I can visit or send her some flowers.

IT was 0500hrs by the time I’d got the laundry back into the flat and stored away in the airing cupboard and clothe-racks. So, it took about three hours to get the task done, and that is quicker than it usual is. Being so early a start, I didn’t have to wait for any machines to come free and the lifts were not being used by anyone else.

01fI looked in my daily bag but could not see my pound shop floppy hat. After a short search, I realised that I’d given it to my Australian pet, Koala Katie to look after. No luck in the search for my expensive wind-proof umbrella, though. Tsk!

A mystery as to what I’ve done with that?

Time to take the medications and get the laptop on to update this diary of woe. Then spent many hours Facebooking without any annoyance other than it was going a bit slow.

10bGot a good ablutioning done, during which a Whoopsiedangleplop occurred. Well, a dizzy spell I think, but it was a quick one. One minute I was getting the shaving tackle sorted for use, then found myself on the floor with a bruised cheek and tiny little cuts on my face. Probably caused by whatever I hit on the way down to the floor where I was wounded and confused I soon came round and with the help of the sink, got up again. Might I have a shiner in the morning? Hehe!

Got the showering done and went to see Olive. I was pleased to see she was doing so well again today, she’s been through a lot of procedures with her Crohn’s treatment and blood change. An amazing woman, she managed to tell me off for my falling and heard some tales from her past. I love listening to her stories, it’s the way she tells them yer know! I departed after a cuddle.

The Haemorrhoids were suddenly giving me bother and became very tender. May have been started when I took my trip to the wetroom floor? But I now found myself in a position of not wanting to stand too much in case the dizzies returned, and in pain when I sat down? Ah, well.

St02Got the fodder cooking, not that I felt hungry at the time.

The Crock-Pot garden peas, red peppers and leeks were added to the tasty Beef and Potatoes ready-meal. Beetroot and two bread thin slices.

Honey yoghourts to follow.

The head started aching, and the piles continued to sting. Humph!

I foolishly washed the pots before eating the food. Due to difficulties in cleaning the Crock-Pot porcelain dish, by the time I got to eat the meal, it was not very hot. But still, it went down the gullet okay. I’d done the pots early so I ould watch the England match against  Slovakia.

I was rather confused by the commentator’s comments during and after the event. Got a feeling of Deja Vu. They thought Rooney had played well? I’ll have to get another TV that shows the same as other people see when it comes to England footie matches? Hehe! Well, at least they won. I hope to be proven wrong about my fear for the future games.

Sister Jane called at half-time. Nice to have a natter with her.

Having got up so early, I took the evening medications and tried to watch some TV. But the dropping off soon got the better of me, and I gave up. Turned off the gogglebox and was away to the land of nod withing minutes. The dreams came, despite my being so tired. Annoying when no details can be recalled at all, just vague suggestions that I was being chased again..

Woke around 0230hrs, had a WRWW, and the piles caused so much pain, I had difficulty in finding a position where I could sleep. Bother!

Inchcock Today: Sat 3rd Sept 2016 – Off to get some Nordic Bacon, it rained heavily. Tsk!


Saturday 3rd September 2016

Dydd Sadwrn 3 Medi, 2016

0455hrs: After laying awake and dreaming of sleep for several hours, I gave up and dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the St02porcelain for a WRWW and WRHD session.

Stepping on the scales en route did my confidence a bit of good. I’d lost very nearly a pound from yesterday!

I’m hoping that after the WRHD sitting, it might go down a bit more?

Dang my eyes, after the throne visitation, it was the same weight this time!?!?

A bit cold this morning.

St01I sorted next weeks medication pots etc. out and got the podded peas on the cook in the Crock-Pot.

Now, they’re at least six peas as I know of, lurking somewhere in the kitchen that I cannot locate for the life of me! One of them shot into the wall behind the cooker and disappeared down the back of it, the others I’ve not the least idea where they might have ended up?

Got the laptop on and finished the Friday post and sent it off.  Started this one and the graphicalisationing for future use. 

Well, well, fancy that Virgin Media internet went down! It hasn’t done this now for at least six days. Humph! After a while, it came back on of its own accord.

Had quick go on Facebook while it was working, got a bit done, but it went again.

So I got the ablutions done, and ready to go to Asda (Walmart) to get some Nordic Style Bacon if I can, and get back in time for the meeting with Lynda at 1400hrs.

To the bus stop outside, it looked a bit rain-worthy. Then it came as I got on the bus. No fellow tenants to talk to today.

01fAs we got into town the rain poured down.

Lots of Nottinghamians got caught wearing summer clothing.That did the trick.

The bright part of the trip out was the Pavement Cyclists were getting soaked. I liked that a lot! Hehehe!

01hI hobbled down Queen Street and crossed through the Nottingham Beach, on the way to the tram stop.

Taking this photographicalisation of the barren of people beach, eateries and amusement rides as I passed through and over to the platform and swiped my Pensioners Bus -Pass on the machine.

Caught the tram, it was rather surprisingly lacking in passengers, and it soon arrived outside the Asda store.

I avoided the beggar at the top of the steps and made me way down to the shop entrance.

I hobbled swiftly along to the Continental meats fridge and located the NordicStyle Bacon Blocks on sale. They only had three left on the shelf, and they had gone back up in price by 59p. This didn’t put me off and I purchased every pack. Then got some black bags and cheapo minced lamb for the hot-pot to go with the home-made Crock-Pot seasoned vegetables.

After paying for the stuff, I searched my bag for the new umbrella – but couldn’t find it? When I got home later (Very wet!), a search there was fruitless as well? Am I losing it, or is someone or more on the nick?

01iThe tram back into town was even less populously full of with folks?

Got off at  the Theatre Royal, and checked the time. I had 20 minutes before the L9 bus was due.

So, I had a nice walk around Trinity Square, being as the rain had eased off a lot.

Saw these rings and thought of the TFZ gals and took this photograph so the TFZ Angels could decide which they fancy best.

10bI think that Jilly from Australia will, like me, fancy the green ones mostest!

Then I realised when I got back to the bus stop – it was Saturday – only every two hours on a Saturday, so I had either another one hour to wait, or catch the number 40 bus, which is always busy and drops me off on Winchester Hill BGand I have to risk life and limb crossing the road there on the hill bend, then a decent walk in the rain, so as to get back to the flats.


I caught a 40 after only waiting for 15 minutes. Managed to get back in the now heavy rain to the flat

It soon filled up at the very next stop.

BR02To the flat for a WRWW and updated this diary.

Went to meet Linda at the Coffee Meeting. We both got confused, the more we looked into and investigated the British Gas farce!

She found in one statement come bill, they said they had installed a new machine on July 16th?

My head  was spinning, as she tried to sort it all out for me. Ended up, she kept the folder with all the letters and said she would sort out some quotes for other companies I might transfer to later. I’ve to meet her at 1100hrs in the Woodthorpe foyer on Monday. I thanked her and handed out the nibbles to all there.

Called in to see Olive and update her. She looked just fine today and after a good gossip and gooderer cuddle, I departed.

BGGot on with sorting the meal out.

Minced lamb stew and fresh minted garden peas.

I burnt the potatoes a bit, but they came out excellent, just how I love them. Crispy skin and very tasty!

I dabbed some Vegemite on them before eating. A 9.6/10 given.

Read the Nottingham book for a while, then settled down (In between WRWW visits of course) to watch TV, channel five all night was the plan. I got up to the second programme ‘Adolph & Eva’, second set of advertisements and drifted off, waking around 0200hrs…

Inchcock Today Friday 2nd September 2016: Odd dream to start the day


Friday 2nd September 2016

0355hrs: Awoke, trying my best to recall a dream I think I was in the middle of. Or perhaps I dreamt dreaming. (I don’t think that makes sense, but the words flowed out so easily I’ll leave them in if you don’t mind?). In a train with people from my past and present, they were all people I’ve never actually met in life, but I knew of and had communicated with, this was printed on the train ticket, the size of a shopping trolley and made of cake and icing? Note at the bottom of each ‘ticket?’: “£5 penalty will be imposed in the event of any passengers eating this ticket” Signed “British Railways”. Each of the folks, all at the same time, started to eat their own tickets… Uniformed men got on the train carrying stomach pumps… They all pointed to me and told them I was the culprit and was an escaped miscreant on the run?… much more took place that I cannot recall, I do remember when they kicked me off at a station they gave me a ticket ordering me to get a haircut, and I must present my Bus-Pass to the Doctors Surgery of my choice within seven days?

Can anyone else remember dreams occasionally in this way with so much minute details of bits of it and big blanks in between? I think I drove off from the station operating a giant motorised pram?

0405hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair refused to work at all this morning – I managed with difficulty and trying not to break anything on the seat or me, to get out and scurry shufflingly for a sudden WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session. Things went well for once. No bleeding from Little Inchy at all, only the tiniest bit from Haem Aroids and didn’t stub my toe on anything at all! Looking good I foolishly thought!

0001As I was getting the medications out to take, I recalled a bit more of the dreams, no idea how or why.

I was asleep on the luggage rack above the seats in the train, corridor style, couldn’t get down.

That’s all, apart from details of the type of carriage it was.

1930s period, I think? Something like this picture.


Leeks, carrots, parsnip, tomato, red capsicum and podded fresh garden peas prepared for going into the Crock-Pot this morning.

Seasoned the concoction with vegetable stock, mint, basil and a touch of salt and black pepper.

 Got on with doing this diary to here, then made a new header with all the medications on it for a bit of fun.

cropped-nccwalk04.jpgSet it on rotating header mode, so it comes up at random with the other headers I’ve done before. The nurse on it is the actual nurse from the surgery. An excellent sport and beautiful gal too!

This took me a few hours to get done. Then I went on Facebook with crossed fingers to see if it would let me. It was okay for a while; then I had to come out and restart to get it going again.

Took the midday medications.

Checked the emails. Had a good shower, shave and freshen up.

Off to see Olive. She was radiant and had a twinkle in her eyes today. Had to force me to leave after a chatting and cuddling session.

Caught the L8 circular bus to Mapperley. Nice gossip en route with other passengers. 

Meandered down the hill to the Aldi store. Got some more fresh garden peas, cheese curls and a TV paper. I like this branch of Aldi, that’s twice I’ve been here, and the lady on the checkout was pleasant and didn’t rush me through BGtoo quickly – a big difference compared to Lidl, where I think the staff are trained to scowl, sneer and overcharge me.

As I left the store and walked onto Woodborough Road, two Nottingham Pedestrian Cyclists came belting towards me – I fumbled to get the camera out, but by the time i did, they were long gone at the speed they were travelling. Still, I got this van parked on double-yellow lines at the junction.

BR02MC01Walking back down Woodthorpe Road, left into Sherwood Vale, right into Mapperley Rise and on through Chestnut Walk to the flats, I noticed this bush or whatever it is, next to some blackberries in scrubland coming through the fencing. Wondered what they were, if I remember, I’ll show this photograph to Olive when I get to see her next, I think she might know what they are called.

Back at number 72, performed a much needed WRWW (Wet Room Wee Wee). Got the bits put away, and checked the Crock-Pot veg, the put the lamb hotpot in the oven. Feeling hungry early today.

Popped on the scales, popped off of them depressed and not wanting to talk about it. Sob!

Got a phone call as I stood next to the phone. I think it might have been from British Gas, I couldn’t understand much of what the bloke was saying, but the  accent sounded like the last caller that I found out was from British Gas.

I was annoyed with myself again. When I was hobbling down the hill from the shop, I’m sure I had a good idea for a funny post for WordPress, but could I remember owt about them now? No! Humph!

I put the Warden, Deana Walker’s arranged meeting for me to have with Lynda Morton, the ‘Fuel Poverty Advisor’ from Winchester Court onto my notepad – the meeting is for 1400hrs today at the Winwood Hut during a Coffee Session? Must remember to take the British Gas paperwork folder with me, in fact, I’ll put it in me bag now… Done it!

Planned some TV viewing for the night – and watched every programme chosen without any nodding-offs at all! In fact, I turned the TV off to try to get to sleep and ended up putting it back on because I couldn’t get off to kip. Huh! No idea when I did eventually join the land of bliss…

Inchcock Today Thursday 1st September August 2016: Tenants Social Hour today


Thursday 1st September August 2016

Horrible night of the WRWWs. 0310hrs: Gave up on sleeping and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner for yet another WRWW, and decided to get the washing done while it was early enough to ensure a machine should be free to use in the laundry room.

Took the medications while I thought of it, with some orange juice. Then got some clothes on.

0335hrs: Got the clothes ready and went down to get them in a machine.

0335hrs: Laundry room, washing into the washing machine, on the short cycle.

0345hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat.

0415hrs: Back down in the lift and swapped the things into the dryer, in cotton-dry mode.

0420hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat. Laptop on worked on the diaries.

0520hrs: Back down in the lift and collected the cleaned and dried stuff and back up to number 72.

0529hrs: Back down in the lift and fetched the soap and freshener I’d left on the draining board in the laundry room. 

0536hrs: Back up on the lift to the apartment.

Shattered now. Hehehe!

Clothes away, WRWW, kettle on, laptop back on, graphicalising and diary work commenced once more.

Got the nibbles and pressies in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour.

Tried doing some Facebooking see if it would let me this time… No problems today, spent too much time catching up, though, had to rush to do me ablutions and get ready for the Social Hour, Tsk!

Called in to see Olive on the way, she was in good form. Kiss and a Cuddle and off I trotted to the Tenant Meeting.

Not many there to start with, and not many turned up. But a good session was had. Frank who’s won a medal, posed for a couple of shots.


11aBJ arrived, and Bill was there with us. No Eddie today nor Toni, at the start. We knew Eddie had an appointment and would not be here, and Toni bless her got here a few minutes before the end of the session, but the organisers gladly made her a cuppa, I gave her some nibbles and we had a chat.

She was not looking too well today but didn’t complain at all, bless her.

09Thin on the ground today, but those who could manage to get to the meeting seemed to enjoy it.

BJ was in fine form too, gave me right going over verbally! Hehe!

BJ and I stayed a bit longer to try and cheer Toni up a bit.

I had to depart to catch the L9 bus into Arnold; I wanted to get the photographs printed.

Called in Asda (Walmart) and got them in the machine, paid for them then got the shopping done. I got some more pod peas, cheese twists, Germolene antiseptic cream (for the boil), Instant mash and some Irish Batch bread. Collected the photos and nipped over to the Fulton’s Food store and got some of their excellent pickled beetroots, and a pack of two Lamb shanks in a mint sauce at £3.99, brilliant value.

BGTo the bus stop and the vandalised bench.

Noticing a person sat on the next bench further along.

Wondered rather ungraciously, if she had been the cause of the damage to the other bench.

Felt so guilty at having the thoughts about the generously sized lady.

Being the only person waiting at the bus shelter, I was soon joined by three girls, two fellows, then a man and a woman, then two more chaps arrived. When the bus came, it was like a scrum to get on first. Tsk! 

The large tattooed lady won, with a cunningly adept and chunky elbow poked into my ribs. But I managed to get on second. Because I think, the others felt sorry for me.

Back at the flat again I called to see Olive, but she was out.

I had a WRWW and got one of the lamb shanks boiling in the bag in the saucepan.

Put the food away and sorted the photographicalisations, and took Franks down to his flat where he dwells with Jenny. No thanks for them either, Humph!

Back to 72 and checked the pan and started the Crock-Pot vegetables warming up.

On the laptop to download the photos and update this tosh.

10bThe meal and medications were taken, with some Tomato Juice, a banana and a naughty Strawberry Sundae.

The minted lamb shank was alright, the vegetables marvellous tasting. The Tangy Tomato Juice was very sweet.

Hope I can remember how and what I seasoned them with for next time I make them, tomorrow I think.

Watched Death Wish. No, I didn’t! I watched DieHard4 on DVD. Managed about an hour before I nodded off, waking up as the time for the New Tricks on TV was due to start, so turned over to watch that at 2100hrs. Got to the first commercial break and drifted off. Woke again, needing a WRWW at 2250hrs and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any hiatus and tended to the call of nature – stubbing my toe en route. Huh!

Sat down again and was soon in the land of nod proper-like.