Inchcock Today: Monday 31st October 2016: A Day of Pernicketyness


Monday 31st October 2016

In Usbek: Dushanbe 31 Oktabr 2016

Woke up at 0235hrs: In the same position, I fell asleep in. Headphones on the head, remote control for the TV at my right side and the wind-up torch between my legs. The £300 second-hand recliner was on a go-slow, and shuddering with it; But it eventually let me out, in the nick-of-time to get for a WRHD session. Not a good one, bleeding and a hint of constipationalistic none activity were present for a painful while.

Kettle on. Took the medications with an added Senna tablet, made a cuppa and got the computer started. Such a pleasure to load CorelDraw X7 and be able to see what I am downloading. All thanks to Duncan’s visitation yesterday.

Made sure I’d put the Morrison delivery on the Google Diary, noting that today I had the INR Warfarin level blood test at the Sherringham Park Surgery, then the monthly prescriptions to collect from the Chemist. Must take a large bag with me today then.

Finished and posted yesterday’s WordPress diary and started this one off. A real satisfaction in being able to use CorelDraw and see the imports.

Made a start on the ‘Marmite’ article. It will be a photographic gallery of Marmite products, some genuine but a few not so. Just of Marmite lovers really I suppose? Hehe!

Took a while.

1mon02Stooped, er, no, stopped for a break and made another strong mug of tea.(Flipping tiny keyboard, I’m forever having to correct mistakes).

I had to open the kitchen window to take this photographicalisation of the misty view outside. 

Bonfire Night weather this, that is on for the 5th November.

Getting the window to close was a little harder than opening it was, bruised knuckles as testimony to that!

Got back onto creating the Marmite post. Finally getting it finished and posted, then rushing around doing the ablutions so I could get time to visit Olive on the way out.

Regrettably, she was not in, huh!

1mon07Set off on what turned out to be a very little one-way hobble to the surgery and around Carrington. Caught two buses back.

The mist has lifted at last, and it was pleasant and warm with little wind and what there was wasn’t a cold one either.

A jolly pleasant hobble, other than having to make it a fast one to there in time for my appointment), down Chestnut Walk to the bottom of Winchester Street Hill, left down Hood Street. Right to the end of Marshall Street and left down Mansfield Road. Carrying on up and over down over the hill, down into Carrington.

1mon03The signs of the season were all over the streets and roads en route.

Arrived with a few minutes to spare in the surgery, signed in and got the crossword book out.

Called in a couple of minutes later and had a great humourous chinwag with the nurse as she took my blood for the INR Warfarin level test.

Out hobbled into Carrington a called in the Lidl shop. Got three large open mushrooms, mini-peppers, seafood sticks, Pork Frikadellens, Gnocchi and some part baked Ciabatta rolls. Along with the other stuff in the bag, it became rather cumbersome. Hehe!

1mon04Out and into the chemist to collect the month’s prescriptions – which weighed more than the other bag!

I’d taken a thick empty bag with me. So I carried them both to the bus stop, taking the scenic route around Carrington, just to see the old place. But I could not bring myself to look at the old house on Sherbrooke Road.


Roy, last week in the Laundry Room

I met my fellow tenant Roy waiting at the shelter, to do the same as I, and catch a bus into Sherwood, then another one up to the flats.

We had a good laugh, and he put one of my bags on top of his trolley for me, bless him.

He did comment: Careful you don’t get home to the flat without the bag! Haha!

When we arrived back in Sherwood, we crossed over and found that a bus must be due shortly, because the shelter had been taken over my the flats tenants. There were seven of us, counting Roy and me. I went down the line and donated a chocolate coin to each one. We did have a laugh. Which continued on the bus. Even in the lift going up, although, by then, there were just three of us, Roy, 94-year-old Norman and me.

I had such a good time, I forgot to use the camera. Tsk!

Out of the lift and called on Olive again. No reply, I hope she’s alright. It may be here dinner day with her family perhaps.

1mon06To the flat and a much needed WRWW.

Took the midday medications. Put the prescriptions away in the right place and rotated them. Stored the fodder away.

Got the kettle on and set about doing a graphic for Marie in Australia. Thought she might be able to use it in her posts. I’ll not show it here, in case she does.

1mon03aWent to make another cuppa, the last one got cold. 

I noticed how wonderful the Copse looked from the kitchen window, and took this photograph of it, in all of its amazing winter-is-coming colours! 

Not many folks about in the woods today.

I got a call from an Asian sounding gentleman and rang off quickly. I thought 1mon09it might be the hacker again. Then remembered I was paying for withheld numbers to be barred from getting through? So I tried 1471 and was told that 02034574172 was the number ringing. Then, I put this into Google and found many complaints about this number. Hundreds of comments about the caller wanting to ask just three questions. People discovered that they were charged for the call. So be aware my friend, please.

1mon08Then I tried to find out if I could buy a caller display landline phone, but many pages gave differing answers.

But I could not find if it was possible to buy a Virgin compatible caller ID display landline?

The trouble is, every time I’ve been into the Virgin Media showroom they have told me to call their helpline, and with my hearing difficulties, and the chance of me making a mistake, it is no an option for me.

I suppose I’ll have to call on them again, but don’t hold out much hope of any help.

Popped out to see if Olive was in yet. No, not in.

Did some Facebooking.

Nipped back to see Olive, not in, bet it is her dinner day, maybe?

1mon11Fodder. I got the meal ready.

But what is it? I’ll put a competition photo on Facebook in the morning. Clue, the shell-like things are something I’ve never tried before? Or maybe not.

Consumed the meal, washed up and visited Olive again, crossed fingers.Olive

Olive answered the door. I asked if she was alright and she told me she’s just shut her living room door to get some peace for the day. Oh, dear. Hope she didn’t mean I was calling too often, cause I’d not called on her for two days? We had a chinwag and she told me she would not be available tomorrow, 1mon10she’s out all day with the family. Gave her a peck said my farewells and limped back to the flat, just a touch depressed.

Making a mug of tea as the day faded, the sky lifted me a bit.

Once again, I settled in the recliner and put on the gogglebox only to fall asleep in minutes.

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