Inchcock Today: Fri 16 Dec 16: Whoopsidangleplops again… Humph!


Friday 16th December 2016

Irish: Dé hAoine 16 Nollaig, 2016

0230hrs: Sprang awake with an image of me in a big sewer come drainage pipe with my jammies on, trying to do a Rubik’s cube that kept falling apart and turning into Oxo cubes. Perhaps it was part of a dream? I’ve never seen or handled one in my life.

Demand for a WRHD session presented itself, and I dismounted the working perfectly but noisily £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the porcelain room – the stench and stink from last nights Whoopsidenagleplop with the burnt oven-cooking was lingering tenaciously and malodorously. Performed the WRHD session, with no bleeding at all from Haemorrhoid Harold!

Into the kitchen and took the morning medications and opened the window a bit, then sprayed some air freshener around, but it didn’t clear or mask any of the foul smell of burnt lamb juice, that with the flat being so small, had permeated everywhere. Phoo!

If I get out today to try and get to the Sainsbury store again (Hopefully catching the right bus this time, Hehe!), I’ll see if they have any active fresheners on sale.


I stood looking out of the window for a while. My dereistic view on life filtering into my thoughts and a sort of mild melancholy came over me for a few moments.

I pondered on how the horrible fetor in the flat could be alleviated, went to look in the cabinet to see if I had anything capable of being used effectively, stubbed my toe on the scales and lost interest.

5fri01I had an idea to do something with this photo for the TFZ site later, given time that is.

Took a close-up of the house wit the decorations outside, they had altered and changed them around Good effort.

Did some work on the diaries and got one posted off, then went onto CorelDraw to start the TFZ Cooks graphic from scratch.

Spent too much time on the job again, got to rush now to catch the bus… Tsk!

5fri04Ablutionised in record time ad down to the bus stop. Where I proceeded to get carried away again with nattering to some tenants and… hard to believe, but I got on the wrong bus again!

I stayed on all the way to town, then caught a bus out to Arnold.

Dropped off outside the Sainsbury store and proceeded to collect some Yushoi Soy & Balsamic Rice nibbles, a parsnip, two small turnips, two large King Edward potatoes and a Sourdough loaf of bread.

5fri03aWalked into Arnold proper and purchased twp cans of fabric freshener.

Hobbled up to the bus stop and as I waited, espied that the vandalised bench seat had not been attacked again since my last photograph taken of it. Hehe!

Nice chinwag and laugh with a gal on the bus as the darkness began to fall earlier than ever today.

Got into number 72 and attended the porcelain demands for a WRHD session. And it was heavy duty too, a bit bloody. Took the medications along with an added Senna tablet. Got a feeling that things were going to get tough in the WRHD department. Tsk!

5fri05Got the meal cooking and watched some of a DVD film.

Made sure I didn’t nod off this time.

Tomatoes on Sourdough bread, pickled mushrooms, strong cheddar cheese, foul tasting bland BBQ chicken legs, Cox’s dessert apple, appetising baked potatoes with cheese. Followed by a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Finished watching the film and got the TV on in plenty of time to watch the most welcome double-bill of Hetty Wainthrope Investigates. Tried to make sure I could enjoy these: I visited the porcelains, made sure all the lights and taps were not left on, brought the pain gel,  sure the diamorphine and antacid were all to hand – so determined I was to enjoy my second favourite ever programme undisturbed!

Fell asleep at the first commercial break – Gnash!

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