Saturday 17th December 2016 – Inchcock Today. Under threat again.


Saturday 17th December 2016

Sesotho: Moqebelo Lekholo la bo17 December 2016

Well well well. fancy that, no memories of the dreams I just know I’d had, again. Huh! After trying to recall them and failing, I was up and on the porcelain by 0200hrs.

Even more painful than yesterday, so I took two Sennas straight afterwards. A further cause for concern apart from the bleeding and agony (Huh!) was that I’d left the flipping wall heater since yesterday morning, and overnight… that’ll please British Gas who like to take me money.

Got the gear ready and down to the laundry room and got the washer going. Back up and took the normal medications with a cuppa.

6sat02Down again half an hour later and moved the things into the dryer.

I then nipped out and took this photographicalisation outside of the foyer door.

It was not cold at all out there, just a little bit misty at the moment.

Back up to the flat and got the Computer going, starting to do the diaries.

6sat04An hour later, I nipped down to collect the laundry.

Spotted a hand written sign on the board, this time someone selling an electric bicycle (Spelt wrong, hehe!)

I assume this is from the mugwump who rode into me last month? I hope he is not getting another one?

6sat03As I went through the inner door on my way back to the flat with the bag of clothing, I noted that the stolen Santa Teddy Bear had been replaced with a much smaller one. Can’t blame em can yer, Tsk!

Some, not very many, in fact only a couple or so of the Tenants here, I would not trust an inch!

Back up to the apartment and a quick WRWW then I got the clothes put away.

Prepared a vegetable mix to have later with the Chicken and mushroom Risotto. Trimmed and chopped some parsnip, turnip and fresh mushrooms into some chicken gravy seasoned stock and got it all going in the Crock-Pot slow cooker on the Auto setting.

The turnips and parsnips must be in season methinks, cause the last lot tasted very good. I wasn’t sure about adding leeks and or onions, but thought perhaps they would not go well with the Risotto rice?

Found me singing away to myself? Bit worrying that! Hehe!

Did an order for Morrison’s foods to be delivered on Monday. I’d have liked to have had it on Wednesday, but there were no slots available due to the Christmas pressure? It was Monday or not at all, so Monday it is. I hope I remember ’cause I’ve got the INR Blood test at 1030hrs and I have to collect the prescriptions as well. Best if I go on me walk earlier and call at the Chemist first, the Nurse and then back home (I like that word, home) hopefully in time for the delivery. Fingers crossed!

6sat01Sorted out next weeks medication pots, think I got them right first effort this week. Of course, I may fond out differently later… Tsk!

Then got the computer back on and finished yesterday’s diary off and posted it, then started this one off.

Huh! Just realised I’d not done the midday ones – Crankle-Clot I am!

6sat05Did some Facebooking on the TFZers site. Posted the diary and some photographs.

Kept stirring the Crock-Pot vegetables regularly… ish!

Hung myself out of the window whilst in the kitchen making another cup of tea and took this photograph, ’cause I thought it looked a little moody?


Finished the latest TFZer graphicalisation and got it posted. I’d put nine TFZer pets in it for a bit of fun.

Must now get the ablutions done and get myself ready for a walk into Carrington and get the prescriptions from the chemist to make sure I’ll be okay over the holiday break. Crossing my fingers that they will be ready today?

Back in a while folks.

I’m back. When I departed on the walk to the chemist, a car pulled up at the side of me, and I received a loud full of foul language vicious verbal attack from a bloke in the vehicle. Threats and promises of rearranging my features and being beaten up ensued. The angry man would not listen to what I wanted to say. Stunned I moved on afterwards. Can’t go into detail for sheer fear.

All over a previous misunderstanding.

To the chemists, prescriptions not ready until Tuesday.

6sat06Did some shopping at Lidl.

Bus back into Sherwood. Called in to have a look at the new bakery shop – their Sourdough Bread was £3.50 a loaf, I did not get any.

Walked through the park back to the flats.

Watched the dogs a bit.

The stomach was churning now and I could feel Duodenal Daniel starting off. The altercation was to blame.

Not up to concentrating when I got in… well, only concentrating on the bullying tactics and intimidation.

6sat07Got the meal ready. Uncle Ben’s Mushroom Rissoto with some crock-pot vegetables and a sliced boiled then roast potato.

I think I would have rally enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the fretting and fear that had overtaken my disintegrating mind.

Still, I might give the Inchcock Today diaries a break, as I do not want to broadcast the current situation and how it is affecting me too much. I feel ashamed at how I withdrew and accepted the threats of violence and meekly walked away.

Bad news like this, I do not want to advertise.

I thought about this for hours and hours and decided I dare not mention this again until I find out what happens now and in the future. I felt terribly low and fearful… and the thought of having escaped the violence in the old house, to come here and have it starting again… Oh, I don’t know. Well I do know I dare not mention anyone involved in this incident for fear of his carrying out his violent threats.

As I write this, I do not know what to do. There is no way I will involve the police yet, as I hope things might change for the better, yet know they won’t.

Confused and dispirited.

I can only wait and see what develops.

Missed the evening medications again.

I’ll see how I feel in the morning about whether or not I can do the diaries at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 17th December 2016 – Inchcock Today. Under threat again.

  1. Sorry to read you have to resolve this issue yet. Don’t hesitate to involve the police at the right moment if you are concerned about physical harm to yourself!! Let British Gas be the only dark force in your life.

    • I agree almost entirely with weggieboy. The only difference being that the “right moment” to contact the police is NOW. No-one should be subjected to threats of violence.

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