Inchcock Today – Monday 7th August 2017: Traffic Mayhem

Most uncomfortable sensation of failure in the dreams

Monday 7th August 2017

Sindhi: 7 آگسٽ آگسٽ 2017

0425hrs: Woke thinking of the nightmare come dream I’d been suffering, what seemed seconds ago. Scribbled down bits I could remember to write here later.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into wet-room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Which went extremely well. No bleeding now, from Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harold at all. Although, I had to smile when the toilet block I added to the cistern yesterday, bubbled right up to the rim when I pressed the flush lever. It was still present after I’d nipped and got the camera to take this shot. I think I might have put two blocks in by mistake? Hehe!

I certainly felt a lot better than last night, and the depression had gone.

Made a strong mug of Yorkshire Tea, did the Health Checks and took the medications as I started the computer.

Not very happy with the weight increase over the week, though.

All else looked okay to me?

Craig Cramps and Arthur Itis were both being nice to me.

Finished off the Sunday post and finalised the weeks Health Checks.

Took a break and popped out on the balcony to take these shots.

It had been raining a bit in the night, but the wind was low this morning, glad to say.

The Car Parking must be a nightmare for the residents as well as any visitors and the workmen on site.

The view to the South was as appealing as ever, I like to try and identify the buildings on the horizon in daylight.

Mentioning nightmare reminded me to have a look at the dream notes on the pad.

I reckon that it consisted of all the different things I’d got wrong in all the workplaces where that I did get them wrong.

Machinery seemed prominent all through, which is something I did struggle with at the time at Carters pop factory after I got promoted from the cleaning operative to Zone Controllers position. I would have liked to stay in the Hygiene team, but they privatised it. I knew there, I was capable of doing any task demanded. The Co-op managing days tormented me, and some of the dilemmas and altercations I’ve had when on Security were in there. Yet, oddly, not memories of when I got shot, knocked out, bitten by dogs or stabbed were in it? Just my inabilities, failures, fears and mistakes? I do not want another dream like that, ever, thank you very much!

Back on the computer. Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

Then Facebooked a while, taking into consideration that I had to watch the time so I could get ready to catch the L9 bus. Meaning I had to start the ablutions at 0830hrs to get them done in time to catch the first bus at 0930hrs.

So much to get through on Facebook, I decided to catch the later bus.

0825hrs: A shaking shuddering in the flat! It was the workmen on a gigantic hole driller or flattener, judging by the sound of it, thumping away, between the two blocks of flats where they are preparing groundwork to build the third block, of smaller luxury apartments. Out of view, so I could not get a photo. But I kid you not, the computer and my belly shake every time whatever it is clamped down. Who would have thought it would spread all the way up to the top of the flats? Just hope it doesn’t loosen any of the concrete!

Ablutions tended to. Gathered the things needed and set off to catch the bus.

Many folks at the stop, but no time for a chinwag, as the bus arrived on time and caught us all off-guard. Hehe!

The City Centre was a mass of traffic. So many works were taking place everywhere.

The Broad Marsh bus station had been closed for demolition, and every corner of the streets had a new bus stop to replace those lost, and mayhem ensued!

Traffic lights out at the corner of Milton Street and Upper Parliament Street with temporary lights, for sewerage work. With no stop/go lights for pedestrians. (Fair enough, the Nottingham populace ignore them anyway).

Interesting Nottingham Post video of the works, showing the new buses. Click this link to see the mess: Traffic mayhem in Nottingham

A chap had been knocked over at these lights, and of course, the ambulance and police had a devil of a job getting through to him.

To the City Centre and the beach entertainments, the atmosphere was one of tension and discontentment.

Nobody was smiling much, no one interested in the amusements and the Nottingham Beach only had three people on it.

Walked through and down Exchange Walk to St John’s Church.

Even the flowers at the stallholders display on the Walk were withered and well beyond their best. (Behind the depressed looking Nottingham pedestrians).

I hobbled on down and through to the Broad Marsh Car Park (As was, it is closed now, creating more traffic problems) and along Carrington Street to the Canal.

Where I had planned to feed the large variety of ducks, Mallards, Canada geese, etc.

But the seed, bread and mealworms were left in the bag. Not even any pigeons, let alone ducks in sight? Over the bridge, there was the usual array of Nottingham Street Art.

I went to call at the Nottingham Citizens Advice Centre about getting help about finances, to find it closed.

Feeling a bit depressed myself now, I hobbled back to the Slab Square.

Even less fold on the beach now.

Had a window shopping session in the mall, then, foolishly perhaps, I wandered down to the M&S food hall. (Fatal for the finances that! Huh!)
Spent a fortune. I did treat myself to a new ready meal. Cheese and bacon (Both of the two ½-inch pieces of bacon were excellent, Hehe!).  It contained new potatoes, milk, single cream, and cheese in it, also savoy cabbage; Which I am not supposed to eat, but there was only a tiny bit of it, and I do miss my now barred Brassica.

Tomatoes, bubble & squeak, San Fransico style sourbread, everyday yoghourts, a lemon fool and a small box of fritters, also bought.

Had a hobble up Clinton Street, battling through the now increasing number of mostly seriously stern-faced Nottingham citizenry en route. Made my way to the bus stop on Queen Street. Where this young lady on her mobility scooter on her mobile phone, came out of the Post Office and down Queen Street, actually hitting my shopping bag as concentrated on her conversation, bless her!

I rather ashamedly thought if drivers get fines for doing this, why not the mobility scooter users, who do not pay road tax, are not forced to take insurance or driving tests, etc.?

Took this photo at the top of the street while waiting for the bus.

I called it, ‘Reflections of Nottingham Buses’.

Back to the stop and amazingly, the L9 bus arrived on time? Don’t know how he did it! A medal due here methinks?

There were new temporary lights on the route back to the flats on a housing estate in Mapperley. Tsk!

Had a go at the crosswords en route. Didn’t do very well, though.

A wee-wee was needed urgently.

Back at the Winwood Flats, the weather was all right still, and again I was last in the race back to the apartments.

The traffic was bad on Chestnut Walk, as expected.

Got to the porcelain just in time.

As I put the fodder away and got the meal ready cooking, I spotted some smoke outside, that looked to be coming from Sherwood.

It was clean white smoke, so I don’t know where it was coming from or if there was a fire at all. Didn’t hear anything about it on the radio.

Change into my night attire (Undies), did the Health checks and took the medications.

The meal, an easy one to prepare, and at last, it turned out a decent one.

I have to say, this San Fransico style sourbread is most delicious, if expensive at £2 for a 400g loaf.

Soon had the food eaten up and the pots washed.

Settled and fell asleep without any effort. Waking in time to do the late evening checks and medicationalisationing.

Tons to choose from on the TV. I was sure I would manage to stay awake this time, after having the involuntary Old Folks Nap earlier.

Got through a full episode of Law & Order. Nodded off at the commercial that followed, woke up an hour or so later and thought it was morning. Started to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe against the Ottoman (It’s got to go?), saw the clock, it was midnight.

Tsk! Hehe!

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