Thursday 7th September 2017 – Social Hour Day-Medication Whoopsiedangleplop, to the delight of Trotsky Terence. Humph!


Thursday 7th September 2017

0335hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner with the stomach rumbling away. Sure that I dreamt earlier something about my being inside a body, and trying to wash off graffiti from the Sigmoid Colon innards. (Where did I get this name from, is it real or did I make it up in the dream?) I was wearing a butchers apron as I used too many years ago when working at the Nottingham Cooperative Society as Greenfruit and Wetfish shop manager? This was the first time in weeks I think that I recalled actual parts of a nightmare.

My innards put an end to by pondering over my hey-days as the rumblings turned violent and I hastily struggled out of the chair and to the wet room and much-needed Porcelain Throne. Where the almost burning pains were alleviated as I painfully and messily evacuated the contents and had a good clean-up. I fear my thinking is becoming dereistic?

Into the kitchen and did the Health Checks, made a brew in the new second-hand mug and shuddered at the weight I had gained overnight, and this just after a heavy Porcelain Throne exodus, too! Tsk!
I took a Loperamide Hydrochloride capsule, to try and counterbalance the return of the dreaded Trotsky Terence!

Sys 158, Dia 63, Pulse 76, Temp 35.8 and the tonnage (Hehe!) at 14.97!

Buying the silly mug yesterday, I am sure, is a sign of my becoming an oniomania sufferer, (CBD) and think I may have to mention it to someone in the know?

Back to get the computer going, and signs of overnight nibbles were found. Guilt and self-reproach had to be repelled!

Started this post going up to here, and then begun to finish off yesterdays when a second call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

And what an unpleasant affair this one was again. Luckily I had the pen and crossword book stored in the wet room for such occasions. Any tips? Hehehe!

Back to the diary updating. With a couple of visits to the Porcelain Throne interrupting the proceedings.Then… recognition of a Calamitus Whoopsiedangleplop made earlier!

Then… recognition of a Calamitus Whoopsiedangleplop made earlier!

Muggings here had taken a Senna tablet in error for a Diah-Limit one! This could be interesting. Oh, dearie me!

I got the pod peas and orange peppers into the Crock-Pot with some brown sugar to the marinade, them to use later.

Realised I’d forgotten the mushrooms and sliced a few and added them afterwards.

Finally got the Wednesday diary done and posted off. Then checked the Emails and responded to them and WordPress.

A little time left before I had to get the things ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour, so I had a go on Facebook.

Onto the ablutionisationing session. Far fewer cuts shaving today, Trotsky Terence intervened once, teggies, medicationalisationing of certain quarters, got the new trousers on and took the rubbish bags to the chute.

Collected the bag of raffle prizes and nibbles and set out for the Winwood shed.

No folks or workmen in sight as I took a slow amble down to the shed. Taking two photographicalisations of flowers on the grass verge that were near the bus stop.

Nature is marvellous, it is just a shame it took me all these years to get around to appreciate it more.

Just one berry left on this giant bush, looking so lonely with the others dying around him. This yellow flower was the only one of the hundreds around that did not have a centre pattern?

Into the hut, there were a few more residents here this week compared to last. They demolished the nibbles in short order, many taking two, one for their partner who can’t get to the meeting. I can see what will happen now, those without a partner will be wanting two next week! Hehe!

No BJ this week, but I remembered he is on holiday in Cornwall, and next month two weeks in Ireland. Jealous? Me?

Folks seemed in a decent mood.

When I left early to catch the bus to Arnold, a lorry arrived delivering hardcore.

I meant to get the man in the pictures little dog in the frame but missed him. The tiny spirited thing didn’t half have a go at the lorry when it passed them, making the two of them jump a little.

A lot of tenants arrived to catch a bus, and the lady from the end home came, and we had an excellent nattering session. This girl lives in the Home at the end of Chestnut Drive. Briarwood Court ran by Metropolitan, it provides accommodation for people with learning disabilities. Accommodation consists of a four-bedroom house and seven self-contained single flats. They provide white goods, and there is a communal washing machine and tumble drier. A key-worker provides fifteen hours per week of one-to-one support in the customer’s home. Support is provided for as long as each client needs it, with the intention that they develop the skills and confidence to eventually live independently. (Found the above details on the web) The poor thing was in a bit of a confused state and very worried about them hassling her about her loss of weight. She had lost three stone in a year, and I think they were trying to help her to gain weight. They have a holiday she can go on for free, to the Mediterranean, but say she must get her weight up to 8 stone, or she will not be allowed to go on it. She told me of the things happening to her and people getting upset with her. Perhaps they are trying to get her to understand things health wise for her benefit? I don’t know anything other than what she tells me but felt a little honoured that she chose to say it to me.

During the chinwagging, on the bus, she asked if it would be possible for her to attend the Winwood Social Hour. Bill (William on Sundays) and Roy both said I should ask one of our Obergruppenfurheresses. Maybe I could invite her as a friend? She is a gentle lady, and I believe she needs extra help than she is getting. I wish I could assist in some way. When Warden Deana returns from her holiday, I will inquire.

I did offer her a nibble, and she thanked me and took one, a Penguin bar but will she eat it? Bless her.

Dropped off the bus in Arnold and went straight to Asda. Where I had a long slow hobble around and ended up spending far too much on unneeded fodder again. Humph! I bought Nibbles for the meetings, a parsnip, carrot, red onion, leek, bread thins and two beef slices in pastry.

Went to get the bus and missed it. Tsk! Decided to have a look around the shops before catching the bus going the other way, and staying on it to come back again on the way to town. Does that make sense?

Hobbled to the Iceland store, bought nothing.

Then out and along to the Fulton Foods shop, where they had some very cheap offers on nibbles, and I purchased a box of – Lamb steaks in rosemary and mint sauce cook-in-the-bag style. Might have one of these tomorrow with some Crock-Pot veg cooked in seasoned with lamb gravy water? The last ones of these I had, were mostly bone, but the gravy was excellent. And, very cheap at £2.99 a pack.

To the bus stop, long way out to Bestwood and then back to Arnold and then Daybrook, Sherwood and the flats.

The leek that I had bought was smelling so strong, the scent came out from the bottom of the bag on my knees and made my eyes water Hahaha! I bet this one will be tasty?

The Briarwood lady and Roy and Bill (William on Sundays) and Welsh Bill got on in Sherwood, and we chatted.

Hobbled to the flats with Welsh Bill and a lady. She had a moan on the way about lack of movement with the apartments, and said how she had requested that the bus move the stop to nearer put flats. I mentioned that it might cause more difficulties as there would not be room for it to turn around at the end. But she would not have it, all she was interested in was not having to walk so far. Hehe!

Imagine if the bus was at the end turning like she wanted, and a lorry arrived like this one from earlier today?

Got in, Throne. Got the dinner on the go. Beef pie with trimmings.

Back at the apartment: A Porcelain Throne Visit – messy again, Trotsky Terence lingering still. Turned the computer on updated this diary a bit. Then, got the nosh sorted.

Got the nosh sorted.

Mushrooms, yellow peppers, last of the fresh garden peas, hash browns, lousy tasting bitter tomatoes, apple, Marmite crisps and a beef pie.

Not the best of meals, but a worthy 7.9/10.

Did the health Checks, took the medications and had a glass of spring water.

Fatigued again, I washed up and settled to watch ‘Hussle’ on the DVD.

I got through a whole three episodes without a single nod-off!

Had to visit the Porcelain Throne, a messy session again. Trotsky Terence and a rumbling tummy. Tsk!

Cleaned me and things up and took an Acute Diarrhorea capsule. This got me through the night alright, Throne visiting-wise. Hehe! Bearing in mind the earlier Whoopsiedangle plop with the Trotsky medications, it might have been worse.

The nodding off started minutes after I’d got back into the £300 second-hand recliner. I’m sure many dreams were had, but remember nothing of them, other than a sense, a feeling, that the school days were in them somewhere.

Woke early with a jump at 0235hrs?

5 thoughts on “Thursday 7th September 2017 – Social Hour Day-Medication Whoopsiedangleplop, to the delight of Trotsky Terence. Humph!

  1. The orange peppers make the pod peas in the crock look much more appetizing. Than the wee wee pea pods. I’m very impressed you can work those crossword puzzles. They just leave me puzzled. Interesting house both what is in it and the architecture. Even without the little dog, the photo with the guy and the truck is a good one. Looks like you have potato chips and tater tots on your plate.

    • I’ve taken to the sweeter orange peppers, now Tim.
      I very rarely finish a crossword completely mate, just twice this year up to now, but I know that pushing myself brain wise is good for us old uns, or so I’m told. Hehe! But it is like a tonic when I do manage one.
      Glad you like the piccy, thanks.
      Yes, I overdid the meal a bit. Not one of me best, but enjoyed the chips for a change.
      TTFN Sir.

  2. :O oh no, the med mix up seems like it brought on a few extra sessions there, glad it didn’t bring on terrible abdominal cramps. btw the sigmoid colon is a real part, dreams are sure odd if you found graffiti there LOL, both for whoever put it there & however it was that you discovered it <3

    • Yes, a bit of a Whoopsiedangleplop there, Corin. Did me no good. Had to laugh at my self afterwards, and felt a right clot at the same time.
      How I got into there to clean off the graffiti puzzles me, and how did I know where I was? But I did. I just must have heard or read something earlier about it, I assumed. The oddest one for a long time that was gal. I am surprised there is such a thing. I think I used a wheegy thing?
      Back to no memories of th dreams again now. Tsk! Might not be a bad thing after all? Haha!
      Cheers pet. XXX

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