Inchcock Today – Wednesday 6th September 2017: Laundry Room Duties – Trotsky Terence Returns, Whoopsiedangleplop. Humph!

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Maltese: L-Erbgħa 6 ta ‘Settembru 2017

0325hrs: Woke up doing my best to recall anything about the dreams I just know I had been having, absolutely nothing came back to me. Tsk!

The sudden need of a Porcelain Throne visitation arrived. The £300 second-hand recliner was as wobbly as my belly as it shook and shuddered to allow me to struggle out of it to get to the wet room. The plates were tender, and both Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis showed their displeasure with me. Still, Duodenal Donald was very calm this morning. The Throne session was not friendly, and cleaning/freshening up was required afterwards.

Got the washing sorted and down to the Laundry Room one lift number one. Had to get some cleaning done before I could use the washer. It was of poor condition, soap powder clinging to various parts and what looked like some sort of bodily pustule gunk on the inside and rim of the drum?

The hands and fingers were doing well, mind. No Arthur Itis or Cramp Craig attentions.

Back up to the apartment. Kettle on and took this photographicalisation out of the kitchen window.

Back to the Porcelain Throne, oh dear, twice already? However, things were far less messy on this occasion.

Started the computer and to work on finishing yesterdays post. Time to go down and move the clobber from washer to dryer. Down in lift number one. Moved the things and up in lift number two.

I spotted this whatever it is on the floor under the button panel? Any ideas, please?

Once back up, I set the timer to remind me when the dryer should be finished and pressed on with the Health Checks. Sys149 Dia 74 Pulse 80 Temp 34.1, all looking fair enough, but the weight was 14.88 again. Huh! A brew in the new cute mug and took the medications.

Down to collect the washing in lift number one this time.

My two Kippahs had dried well with the other stuff, but I did realise that I’d forgotten to take the towels down again! Humph. Clot!

Wiped around and cleaned the filters and back to the lift. I paused to take a look at the book shelves despite the lack of lighting and spotted something that shouldn’t have been there.

Can you spot it? Alcofrolics!

Back up again on lift number two, and the blob of whatever on the floor, seemed to be glowing now? Tricky to tell mind, cause the lights in the elevator had started flickering and flashing again. Hehe!

Put the gear away in the airing cupboard.

Had a wee-wee and into the kitchen and got some fresh garden peas podded and placed in the crockpot with a large potato and seasoned with the Polish All Purpose seasoning ready to start cooking later.

Got the yesterday dairy finished and posted off.

Emails checked, then WordPress Reading done.

Onto Facebook next.

Then got the ablutions tended to… the razor cuts bleeding took a bit of stopping. Little Inchy needed gentle treatment after cleansing, with the Dakacort and antisepticalisationing. Poor little thing. Huh!

Finally all sorted out, I took the bag and box of recycling stuff down with me on the hobble to Sherwood. Dropped the box near the caretaker (The Phubbing Champion) door, and noted as I started to walk along the road, there were no signs of any workmen again around the site of the two high-Rise flats?

As I turned down onto Winchester Street hill, I saw that the Council was doing some work on the bus stop near the Laundry. I had to cross over the road, because they had blocked off the pavement, right at the most dangerous part of a double bend. Humph!

Got over to the pavement and took this photograph of the flats I’d just left.

Down the surprising traffic free hill and into Sherwood and called at the bank to get some spending money. I like going there, getting belittled and looked down on can be very therapeutic, I’ve heard.

Over the road and down to the Polish Delicatessen and bought a sliced loaf and some cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic.

I noticed that the closed-down takeaway on the corner near the traffic lights had lost another letter from those that precariously remain above the shop. Haha!

Walking along, I saw that a new eatery was being got ready for opening on Mansfield Road.

This seemed to me, to be a failed business before it even got built.

Bearing in mind the amount of abandoned retail units there already are within yards of this new one? Why anyone would open a takeaway or restaurant business with so many bankrupted and closed-down ones already evident, plus there being at least eleven still operating within a third-of-a-mile on the same road, I don’t know?

The only one of these above still open is the Polish Ania restaurant.

As I made my way up the hill, this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist gave me a rum look when he saw me with the camera, and eventually got himself back onto the road. Not until he nearly ran into a woman with a pram!

Popped into the Bird’s cake shop and got a fresh cream iced bun. (It had to happen, my weakening after so long, Huh!)

Then, I called at the Co-op store and got some tomatoes, mushrooms and TV paper. Then into some Charity Shops, Mind, Sue Ryder and Hope, where I got an odd looking mug that took my fancy.

The last thing that I need, as I have bought about four this last August? Going Bonkers?

Up to the bus stop and three of our residents were there in the shelter. Little Annie, from Gordieland, a right, real character she is. About 4’10”, thin as a rake and brave as anyone I know. I like her, and we had a great laugh on the way back up the hill. Even the driver of the bus joined in the ribaldry! Hehe!

Back at the apartment, just in time too, cause Trotsky Terence started off again. Cleaned up afterwards and into the kitchen to get the fodder away and meal started off.

About two miles away there was more of the mystery white smoke billowing up.

Not the slightest idea what had or was causing it? Annoying that!

Soon had the meal sorted and served up on Lizzie’s plate.

This effort was, tomatoes with Balsamic vinegarette dressing (The ones bought today at the Cop-op, Horrible tasting, bitter, they were!), Potato cubes, fresh garden peas, orange peppers, sliced boiled potatoes with a dab of Soy sauce, pork loin, mushrooms and apple. I also made one small… smallish, er… giant sandwich of belly pork with herbs and spices to go with it, occasionally dipped in BBQ sauce.

After eating it, I fell asleep with the tray and remnant of the fodder, still on my knee. Of course, when I woke up after dreaming something about my becoming a Councillor for the Samaritans? – The food was spread over my bulging stomach the chair and the carpet, the tray had managed to lodge itself down the narrow gap between the seats. A right performance it was retrieving it and clearing up then trying to get back up again on my feet! Thought I was doing well with the Whoopsiedangleplops as well. Grumph!

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, had a rinse and got settled to watch some DVD episodes of the ‘Hussle Series one’. Did very well staying awake for two whole episodes.

Drifted into and out of sleep for an hour or two, before needing the Porcelain Throne again.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 6th September 2017: Laundry Room Duties – Trotsky Terence Returns, Whoopsiedangleplop. Humph!

  1. Great zoom-in photos of the smoke. Looks quite serious. To tell you the truth, it looks like you had a wee wee in the crock pot with the pees. Lots of good photos today, and a very full plate of food.

    • Thanks, Tim.
      I never did find out what caused the smoke. Tsk!
      Funny you should say that about the Crock-Pot, cause I thought the same when I took the picture. That or a fish aquarium without fish. Haha!
      Took me hours to get the photographicalisations ready to use. I’m going to give the Lumix (For Sunday) a rest and charge up the old Sony to give it an airing.

    • It is so sad, Corin. And the crime rate is now the second top area in Nottingham. Oh, dearie me.
      I did get a bit carried away with the clicking on the camera. Hehe!
      Taketh care. Cheers. XXX

      • No worries, I enjoy your photographs, edited or not 😉 It is sad that the local crime rate is so high, perhaps this is what’s causing the economic recession in Sherwood. I work at my local Walmart & we have quite a problem with shoplifters, especially at night (when I’m there) as we are now the only store (other than a few gas stations) that are open 24 hours a day. All the other Walmarts throughout the Memphis area are closing at night now.

      • Well, fancy that, gal. Our Asda stores (Bought out by Walmart a few years ago), used to have around four 24-hour-trading stores in Nottingham, now they have just one, in West Bridgford. The others close at 2200hrs, I think. Apart from the Arnold one, that is 0700 – 2300hrs during the week.
        I don’t blame them for closing at night, with all the hassle this can bring from the dishonest, alcoholics and druggies.
        Many years ago, when I was assistant Manager at the Tesco store, we had a problem with shoplifters, one of the incidents was actually humorous. I wrote about it on my blog a few years ago, and since I have met someone who was actually there and can remember it. I’ll see if I can find it and update it with her comments added.
        Do you have the touch-card system on the tills over there?
        TTFN flower.
        XXX ❤

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