Inchcock Today – Sunday 8th October 2017

Sunday 8th October 2017

0040hrs: After a lousy few hours waking and nodding off, I eventually found the will-power to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and trundle to the Porcelain Throne. Where things in the lower regions seemed to have altered yet again – back to the winds emitting without solids, innards churning and my sneezing regularly once more. My toothache was far worse than of late, this I put down to the substantially rocklike nature of the batter on last nights fish fingers in the meal

I assembled the washing and accoutrements in the bag, and poddled down in the lift and got the washing machine going.

0106hrs: To the apartment and got the medications taken and the new doses pots for next week sorted.

0135hrs: Down again to the laundry and moved the clothing from the washer into the dryer.

I popped out through the foyer doors to take a look around outside. No signs of the predicted meteor shower as far as I could see, anyway.

I noticed that the bottle recycling bin that was emptied on Thursday was overfilled again. Every one of the glass containers was of alcoholic related liquids. Seems we must have an above average number of  Three sheets to the wind artists and well-lubricated old boozers in our block then? I’m jealous that they can afford to.

0150hrs: When I got to the lifts to go back up, number one was on the 3rd floor, number two on the 6th floor. I pressed the call button, and number one went up to the 8th floor, number two up to the 11th floor? Then elevator one came down to the ground floor – how this can occur, I can’t comprehend, understand or know. Tsk!

Getting into the lift, I examined the still there on the floor after three weeks, ‘Wachileno’ amoeboid (Alien Blob).

The worm-like birth in the centre has moved, and it looks like a new growth is taking place. See the fresh light brown patch above left of the original whatever platyhelminth like creature it is? I wonder which planet the Alieness that laid this came from? Hahaha!

0233hrs: Back to the laundry room.

I took some cleaners with me so I could titivate the mess left on top of the first washer.

Then I took the cleaned washing out of the dryer, cleaned the drum casing and filter.

Retrieved the clobber and folded it and loaded it in the bag.

0258hrs: Up and got the clothes stored away and refilled the cleaning gear pots ready for the next visit to the Laundry Room.

Made a mug of tea and got on with updating yesterday’s diary.

Did Email checks. Then started this post off.

WordPress reading next.

TFZing, but it was hard with the Virgin Internet going so slow and losing it regularly.

Facebook then. But the internet connection from Virgin Media had got so slow I had to give up on it.

Got the fodder ready early.

As Tim Price would say, it was very tooth-friendly.

The canned mackerel in BBQ sauce very tasty. A shame the banana was over-ripe and had gon furry inside, though.

I tried the Idahoan Cheddar Mash today. Greatly disappointed with it. There was something in it that tasted like it should not be there. Checked the label and found that it was coconut?

I’ll put the other packets up for a raffle prize, if I remember, I’ll offer Jenny some as a little thank you for caring for us.

That will teach me not to buy things, well, so many of them, without trying them out first!

They were very expensive as well. Back to the own-label cheaper ones next time. Tsk!

I got the google-box on ready to watch the England football match, then started to do the washing up, when Sister Jane telephoned me.

While I was listening to her tales and enjoying it, the thought that I had left the hot water tap on came to me – I explained to Jane, who understood and went to check it out. Yes, I’d left the hot-water faucet running. Luckily, only very slowly.

As I went back to Jane on the landline, that dreaded wet & warm sensation from the rear-end was sensed. I told Jane, and again she understood. Off to the wet room and started to check things out. Oh dear, the blood! Harold’s Haemorrhoids had and were almost spitting the blood out. This told me that at least only the external ones were bleeding. Heck of a job to stop them this time.

Cleansing, creaming, medicating and the use of almost a full kitchen towel was needed, along with a lot of patience. They were stinging someone afterwards, so I took an extra painkiller with the evening Health Checks and medications.

Dizzy Dennis had a go at me as I settled to watch the football game. I was getting a little despondent with things now. Huh!

I was even lower in spirits after the match. England’s campaign ended in victory – but mediocrity!

Still, apart from Hamorrhoid Harold and the odd twinge from Anne Gyna, the ailments had settled along with me to get some sleep.

3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 8th October 2017

  1. Coconut in the Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potatoes? The coconut didn’t come from Idaho, and can guarantee you that much. The coconut lobby must had some powerful constituents to be getting coconut mixed up with tater flakes. Wachy probably eats whoever tries to clean her up of the floor of the lift.

    • It surprised me too, Tim. Ingedients “Idaho Potatoes, vegetable oils, coconut, sunflower, rapeseed, moltodextrin, dried cheese, salt, sugar, skimmed milk powder and a great list of flavourings that include paprika and spice extracts and Citric acid, it says on the packet Sir.
      A good thought about Wachy! Maybe that’s why we have not seen our normal caretaker for so long? Hehe! And, maybe why the elevators have gone out of sync?
      Should I inform the Government do you think? Perhaps not, the yare struggling with Brexit at the moment. Haha!

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