Inchcock Today – Tuesday 5th June 2018: Stuck indoors for the builders’ appointment. Of course, they did not arrive again!


Tuesday 5th June 2018

Telugu: మంగళవారం 5 వ జూన్ 2018

0405hrs: Believe this or not, but it is true. I woke up with a start, full of determination and conviction that something needs attention in the spare room. (Had I dreamt this?) I then jemmied my distended, bloated, protuberant, ovoid body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner in what seemed at the time, like seconds (An impossibility, admittedly).

WDPA4A There I was, stood in my bloodied protection pants and slippers, looking like a bald Popeye’s Bluto in the reflection of the window, pondering. As I did my best to remember what it was that I had gone in that room for, to do or whatever reason. I still await a resolution to this puzzle. Shlimazel!

I tried to get this annoyance from my mind, which was an easy enough task, as the grey-cells began to fill up with with the usual worries, fears, frustrations, and floccinaucinihilipilification.

WDPA4A But even these thoughts were put on a back burner by the brain; when I stubbed my toe going for a wee-wee. I silently uttered a few well-chosen, if naughty words to myself, then cleaned up and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


Took the medications and made a brew.

Thought about the depressed and miserable young, Good looking (Makes yer sick, dunnit? Hehehe!) sub-contractor worker who will be calling today to damage the window framing on the balcony some more and leave me with a mess to clean up again. The poor lad is so down with his messy, disorganised duties, I feel so sorry for him.

Then, there’s the meeting at 1400hrs (providing the chap is not working in the flat at the time), about the fire sprinkler training and educational session. To be held in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

I finally made a start on updating this diary, so far as to here. Then finished of yesterdays and got it posted off.

Rushed off to the Porcelain Throne, of dear, Trotsky Terence playing up again.

Did a bit of work on graphicalisationing, then 2Tue02abgot the ablutions done.

Made another brew and back on the computer to update this blatherskite.

0815hrs: The young man could be arriving anytime from now onwards today, to titivate around the inside of the balcony window. I noticed that the balcony had had some top insulations broken off, and some the brackets put on a few weeks ago, removed? A smaller bracketing section was now lying on top of the base.

I went on to WordPress Reader to catch-up.

Then used CorelDraw to catch-up with the advance blog draughts, or should that be draft?

1155hrs: Still not got any graphics done, but I have collated them ready to make a start on.

The Willmott-Dixon lads have been at it with the drilling outside the window.


A blinding headache now to add to Duodenal Donald’s angst! And no medicine, cause the Chemists missed it off on my bag of prescriptions! I cannot go to fetch any today, because I’m waiting in for the Good looking disgustingly handsome young man coming to do the putting right of the balcony inner door frame, and, if he does get it done before 1400hrs, I’ve got the Fire Sprinkler lecture to go to.

I went for another wee-wee, and then to make a mug of tea. The hoist and working lads moved down a floor while I was doing this, and the noise lessened. Phew!

The photo below on the right of the balcony base, looked no different to the earlier one I took? Seems they were working on the underneath of the balcony?


Make an effort get the graphics sorted, finished and saved. Back on to CorelDrawing.

Spent another two and a half hours on the page tops. But got the week’s supply done. During which, Herbert joined in audio-mayhem, but only the twice. The pitch level was horrendous on the drilling.

I got the potatoes into the oven, and the Health Checks were done.

No signs of the chap who is booked in to do the plastic restoration work yet. 1440hrs. Have I spent the day in for nothing? Not being able to get out to get the medicine? A definite sign of dissatisfaction and Pissed-offedness is brewing.

Back to CorelDraw and created a few more page top graphicalisations.

Got the meal done, hoping the plastic-specialist lad does not arrive late while I’m eating it.

2Tue25The last of the seasoned potatoes, sugar snap peas, gherkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, beetroots, boiled eggs and pork pie. Last of the sourdough bread and butter and a mug of clementine juice.

IT went down very well, too! An overall rating was given for this one of 8.8/10.

Did the Health Checks and got my head down.

Put the TV on, as an aid to my nodding-off.

It was amazing that I fell into the land of much-needed nod so quickly.

I was woken an hour or so later, but could not ascertain for sure what had awoken me. By the time I’d got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and moved to the door to have a search – there was Jenny’s Frank walking down the hallway.

2Tue24Bless him, for he bore a gift of two Pork Farms pork pies.

I was still a little confused with just coming back into the land of the living, and cannot recall all that was said to me. I thanked him vociferously and put the pies in the fridge. I’ll have to find out if anything was arranged or agreed on in the conversation, tomorrow.

The poor lad must have been trying to get my attention for ages, to get in the flat, but without the hearing aids in, I could not hear him. Tsk! Thanks, Jenny and Frank!

I took a photo after Frank had departed, and caught my reflection in the window (A scare at any time doing this!), I realised I’d had a nose-bleed, and the blood had congealed on my moustache. Nothing to fret about, this happens every now and then when the INR Warfarin Blood Level is a little high.

2Tue26I wonder what Frank must have thought when he saw it? Oh dear!

Returned to the chair, but could I get to sleep again? No!

I took this picture on the right later, when I had to get up again to have a wee-wee.

I had a dream when I first managed to doze off again. Crystal clearly, and entirely emotionless, I was climbing these long steep steps up to the towards the guillotine (Which would be an impossibility with Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Hippy Hilda). High into the sky… I could not get there, the rungs went on forever. My only concern was, had I left the kitchen tap running?

So, looking back on the day:

  • The Nottingham City Homes – Willmott Dixon appointment was not kept. Which of course keeps up their 100% nonfeasance record of never arriving when arranged to by appointments they made.
  • I have had to miss the meeting about the Fire Alarm Sprinklers, waiting in for the chap to come, who didn’t.
  • The Willmott-Dixon failure (Not unexpected naturally with their record at risk); Also meant I could not get out to collect the Antacid medicine that the Chemist had failed to give me with my prescriptions.
  • Also, their repeated negligence has kept me indoors and on tenter-hooks all day – Again!


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  1. Insensitive blokes! At least you had a decent meal for all the trouble of waiting around for nothing.

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