Inchcock Today: Friday 15th June 2018


Friday 15th June 2018

Ukranian: П’ятниця 15 червня 2018 р

5Fri001WDP02A 0405hrs: Stirred into a semi-conscious state, then awoke to find my legs and torso precariously spreadeagled over the £300 second-hand recliner, an empty mineral water bottle, my reading spectacles, two empty Cheese Curl packets, a pen and pencil, the partly screwed up notepad and a tipped up waste-bin scattered around on the floor?

One night-sock partly on, the other, I have yet to find. Got the camera from the Ottoman and took these photographs.

The legs and ankles were in a right state: blemishes, scratches, blood blisters, bruises and pot-marks in abundance.

I had a few moments without moving, uhtcearing about how and why I found myself in this condition this merry morning. What the heck had I been doing in the night!

Then I spotted that the right shin was somewhat sticking out as if it was bent or broken. Yet no pain came from the tibia area at all. The bone looked like it had gone all misshaped.

I was aware that the edema in the limbs had gone down a lot.

Ah, well, such is life.

WDP02A As I started manoeuvering myself carefully and most circumspectly out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the need for a wee-wee abruptly arrived. So, I weaved my through the evening’s flotsam and jetsam on the floor, to the wet room. The short-sharp wee-wees I’ve been having recently had come to an end. I spent so long at the bowl: I wished I’d not taken the book out of the room last week: I could have read a few chapters by the time the flow stopped. Hehe!

Back to the main room, and carefully, taking my time, I cleared up the melee of a mess from the floor without making any noise, so as not to disturb the neighbours this early in the day.

5Fri001bWDP02A To the kitchen made a brew and did the Health Checks. While on the sphygmomanometer, I was forced to stop and nip back for another marathon wee-wee. Oh, dear!

If this keeps up, I’ll become a ‘Micturate Marathoner’. Haha!

By when I got back, the tea had gone cold!


Got the Health Checks finished and started on updating the Thursday Diary, eventually getting it posted off.

After another long wee-wee, I got on with this post.

WDP02A 0725hrs: Noises, like something heavy being dropped, emanated from the flat above. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in me risking getting put-down and another telling off from the Nottingham City Homes Management for saying about the noise, like they did a couple of months ago. As they told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. I don’t want to lose my home, even if it noisy. Or do I?

0800hrs: I got the ablutions tended to.

All spruced up and fresh now. I nipped up to Cyndy & Erics flat with the chocolate ice-cream that Morrison’s substituted and I foolishly accepted. I tried one, they were too sweet for me. They took them off of me, thankfully. Now today, if I can get some proper ice-cream cones from Asda, I’ll have room to get them in my freezer now. I must get to call on Jenny later, to find out if they need more of the crispy biscuit squares, yet.

I had decided to have a hobble through the bottom field and up through my beloved favourite Tree Copse. Then into Woodthorpe Grange Park down onto Mansfield Road, left over the hill and to the bus stop there. To catch a bus into town. Then catch a tram out to the Radford Asda (Walmart), to get some shopping in to make right the Morrison substitutions. Tsk!

5Fri005Back to the apartment, had a long wee-wee again. I dropped a black bag down the rubbish chute with the new miniature opening on the way out.

Down and out, across Chestnut Walk and to the bottom of the gravel footpath up the hill.

I stopped to this photograph of the complex, that was busy with chaps putting the underlay on the walls on my block.

5Fri005aThen I poddled into the bottom field. Taking this photograph from the middle of it as I made my way painfully towards the Copse.

WDP02A The feet and ankles were giving me some harrow pain by the time I’d gone a hundred yards.

Most disturbing, cause they stayed this way for the rest of the day. I was hobbling, limping and 5Fri006walking all funny. Puzzled as to why?

A little further into the field and I stopped to take this visualisation of the buildings.

There were no dizzy spells suffered at all though.

5Fri007As I went into the path into the Copse, I turned and took another picture.

I was feeling rather good, apart from the poor plates-of-meat.

I was enjoying the weather and spent a long time pondering, looking at and admiring nature, especially inside the trees.


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2Tue09Walked over the hill and down to the bus stop, and caught a Nottingham City Transport bus into the City Centre.

Not many folks about this morning, which surprised me. I had a good look to see if Policemen were about, but didn’t see any.

Across the Slab Square onto South Parade and 5Fri012caught a tram out to Radford.

Only a handful of passengers on the Pheonix Park bound transport.

At the next stop, near the Theatre Royal, this all changed. Dozens of students got on.

I alighted in Radford and limped to the Asda shop. I was in no hurry, and as the feet were hurting so much, I took an unhurried hobble around, stopping at most sections for a meander at what was on Special Offer.

Much later, I paid the lady on the till and had spent £25,51, Oh fool I am!

I came out with two bags full of shopping. Consisting of: a pack of six ice-lollies, two boxes of four Ice-cream cones, a box of English Strong Breakfast, and Assam tea bags (They were on offer). Biscuits and chocolates for the nibble-box. A pork pie. An orange chocolate bar. Bag of fresh pod peas. A tin of curried beans. A turnip. Seasoned potato slices. Sea salt and lemon flavouring But I’ve forgotten what I was going to use them with. Klutz!. Cheese Curls and some Balsamic and onion flavour crisps on offer, for Jenny and Frank, to try.

5Fri013As I left the store, a bit of an altercation was taking place. I moved out of the way as fast as the weight of the bags would let me.

I shouldn’t need any food over the weekend now.

The feet really were even worse now, as I made my way to the tram stop.

The carriages were cram-packed this time, but a young lady and man moved to the side-saddle sets to allow me to sit in a higher off the ground seat. Bless em!

It all worked out very well timing wise. I got off the tram at the Theatre Royal stop and made my way to Queen Street, and an L9 arrived a few minutes later.

A couple of other tenants got on en route.

WDP02A When we got back to the complex, I had further pleasurable chinwags. Then made my way back to the apartment, having a laugh with Roy and Tony. Between us, we made a right mess of controlling the lift, Hahaha!

Roy initially got us in the cage, in order, that we should have needed to get off. Roy had a carton of something that Tony bad purchased and had put it on top of his lethal four-wheeled shopping trolley. When we got to the 6th floor (Tony’s), he lifted the bo off of the shopper and caught a floor button, and we moved to the 8th floor. So Tony had gone up with us to my 12th floor, then Roys 14th, then back down… I’m all confused now. Hehehe!

Anyway, they were both still in the lift when I got off and bade my farewells.

5Fri014I got in and this time, had a short wee-wee.

Washed up and got the purchases stored away.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I could hear the sub-contractors for the rest of the day, as they applied the underlay on the walls, ready for the cladding to be used later.

5Fri015I went to take off my day clothes and get into the jammies, and doctor the plates of meat.

Several of the lasses and lads were outside working on the hoists, so I left the day clothes on. Hehe!

I got on with updating this blog.

Realised that two World Cup matches were on TV today. So I turned on the Uruguay v Egypt match to watch while I was using the computer.

Half-time now.

I got the oven for the potatoes.

I wish I could ease the agony of the feet and ankles. I tried the Arthritis pain gel and took an extra Codeine.

WDP02A Trying the pain gel was a bad mistake! Talk about sting! Flipping worse than ever now. Nebekh!

5Fri016Then got the nosh sorted.

Watched the match Egypt v Uraguay, I thought Egypt played well, while I was eating this okay meal. An 8.9/10 taste rating given to it.

Changed channels from one match to another. Morocco v Iran, then moved over channels to watch Portugal v Spain. The best of the games I thought.

By now it was well past my head-down time, and I could not get to sleep for hours. I resolutely told myself this must not happen again and swore I would not stay up late to watch football again, until the first England game. I’ll probably regret that. Hahaha!

Mind you, tomorrow the France v Australia game should be worth a look. Just in the hopes that the French might lose. That would be marvellous if Australia could put one over on them… I can dream. Hehe!

0025hrs: Still praying for sleep to come to visit me.

Morning each.

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  1. Looks like a good meal to munch while watching football. That is a stack of food you have piled up on your stove and counter. Great set of photos.

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