Inchcock Today – Friday 20th July 2018: Eyes tested – Cataracts found in the left one. No wonder I’ve been struggling to read the subtitles on the TV. Hey-Ho!


Friday 20th July 2018

Samoan: Aso Faraile 20 Iulai 2018

0435hrs: Woke up in yet again a different mode and mood. Anxious stressed and not sure why. Recalled I have the Opticians visit, the Chemist for the prescriptions, and a feeling there was something else, but uncertain what it is. Nothing new there!

The ailments seemed in a good mood though, and that helped me partially attain such an outlook.

I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner and doing the Health Checks.

5Fri001bI made a small mug of the PG Assam tea. A decent brew when made in a tiny cup, the bags are not strong enough to produce any strong malty flavour in an adequately sized mug. But this one was tasty enough.

The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.

The readings looked okay.


The innards summoned me to attend the Porcelain Throne. Surprising that, as I’d already had that ‘extra’ session of mammoth proportions last night? No bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids whatsoever, they were just a touch sore, though.

Cleaning up afterwards, I spied a few of the iron-clad uncrushable biting mini-beetles running about on the floor and sink.


WCplasterA: One of them was not the usual jet-black like the others. It was a tiny bit bigger, more aggressive, with a redder colouration (probably through my blood the beetle has been dining on? Hehe!) I got the camera and returned, by then all the other black ones had disappeared from sight. But this more significant, slightly unconventional looking one was still there. I got a piece of toilet roll and tried to squash the little thing. The result was, it bit me, I nipped him between my fingers, and dropped him into the sink, and seemingly unharmed, he ran away so fast, trying to get to catch him I knocked my knuckles on the tap (faucet). A tough, nasty one this varmint! I hope he hasn’t got any illegal immigrant family members with him.5Fri003

I had a quick rinse and spotted that Belinda’s Blotches were now diminishing faster than my memory. Haha!

I got the computer on and started this diary going.

I shall not mention the Wee-wees again, they are so frequent; take it that one every half-hour or so took place. Tsk! Hehe!


5Fri005aSister Jane emailed me a picture of one of her Hedgehogs in her garden last night, which she caught on her CCTV cameras.

She also pointed out error (She’s very good at this, Hehe!) in telling me she has not yet had the operation for her wandering misaligned toe, with an up to date picture of her tootsies.

Went to finish the Thursday diary.

Started doing the Facebooking, when the Willmott-Dixon lads are getting nearer to my floor with the drilling and banging. Glad I’ve got to go out now.

WCplasterA: Must rush and get the ablutions done, just noticed the time, Oh dearie me!

The ablutions were done in a rush.

WCplasterA: Plenty of the dang iron-clad biting beetles in the wet room, in the sink, bowl and floor. Got a few of them and after putting them in a cup of bleach, then crushing them, some of them actually died, a couple ran off! Wholy moly!

Ang01Got the glasses out with the phone and camera to take with me, got the hearing aid in the ear-holes and set off out.

Very busy on Chestnut Walk, machinery and plant all over the place. Having to take care, no pavement to walk on one side, and not much room on the left.

I got to the bus stop as the bus arrived. Plenty of us old uns got on. Had a bit of a chinwag with Roy on the short trip into Sherwood. Alighted the bus and walked over the crossing and to the Optician’s place.

Ang01aAs I approached the pelican lights, a party from the Child Care place looked well organised. The children were behaving themselves, waking in twos hand in hand. Just to think, in a few years they will be shoplifting, drug-taking, swearing, smoking and most likely broke when Brexit takes a grip!

Got to the optometrist’s shop and went in and introduced myself. Signed a form or two, and sat down, getting the crossword book out.


A lady technician appeared and took my spectacles to measure them, and returned them. Then the ophthalmologist called me in and set about giving the eyes a proper examination. There is nothing he can do to help the left eye, as it has cataracts developing, but he can adjust the lenses in the right eye that might help. I said: “Oh, I see! Well, not very well, though. Hahaha!” He had to smile although I could see he didn’t want to.

Thorough test, then I went to see the technician lady. Who sorted out an explained the options for me, spectacle-wise. I opted for two different pairs so I could not get confused between the varifocals and the reading glasses.


Total cost to be, well, the quotation was for £272.00 to pay. Not overly shocking. Lovely staff in the business, who would not stand a chance-in-hell of working for Lidl. No sneers, insults, innuendos, dirty-looks or superior tut-tutting and putting the customer down at all. And; they did not ask for payment straight away!

Ang01bAs I thanked them and left the store, I walked a few hundred yards up the hill to the bus stop. I couldn’t have timed it better. The second I got to the shelter an L9 bus arrived. Luck! Did you notice that? I had some Luck! Yee-Haa!

A few bus-stops further on, and I was back on Chestnut Walk.

Mayem all over the place. The Willmot-Dixon Ang01clads were hectically managing delivery and workings of plant and materials, guiding lorries and tractors in and out of the various small gates on the site.

Holes and trenches covered with massive steel sheets had appeared since I had left the place earlier.

Traffic got worse than I’ve ever known it.

Ang01dBut credit to the Willmott-Dixon company, they had arranged for men at each gate to monitor the incoming vehicles.

With there being no footpath on one side, and parked traffic on the other walkway, it made hobbling safely, cautiously and imperative for the old residents.

How some of the drivers manoeuvred without Ang01ehitting someone or something, is deserving of a little praise, I think.

They had fenced off two car parking spaced so they could have somewhere to park their trench-digger plant.

I bet this cheers the residents with cars up no end!

I got up to the flat after this little photographic session, and I had a wee-wee. Let’s just take it that this activity took place from here on, about every half-hour.

I wrote the date of the glasses to be collected in the Google Calendar. Noting as I did, that Foot-Lady Sue is due on Monday 1000hrs.

Made an extra-strong mug of English Breakfast tea and got on with updating this blog.

Then on Facebooking.

5Fri35Got the lamb and chips in the oven cooking. Peas and potatoes already in the crock-pot.

WCplasterA: I made a right cock-up of this meal. Had to leave the chips and lamb in the oven longer, cause the potatoes in the crock-pot were cooked through! I had to transfer them to a saucepan to boil them more quickly and turned the oven down while they boiled. Oddly resulting with chips undercooked, and the lamb overdone. The potatoes, tomatoes and garden peas came out fine and dandy, though.

Despite all this, I gave it a Taste-Rating of 6.5/10 for this sad effort.

I looked at the TV schedule. There was a Steven Seagal film, Belly of the Beast on TV, but not until 2100hrs.

Somehow, I managed to stay awake until it started. I even got through a set of commercials, before I fell asleep. Tsk! Being on Freeview. I expect it will come on again, so I can fall asleep watching it once more. Hehe!

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