Inchcock Today – Saturday 21st July 2018: Got a long hobble in today


Saturday 21st July 2018

Maori: Rāhoroi 21 o Hōngongoi 2018

0455hrs: Woke up, feeling sure I had just had a night filled with so many dreams and nightmares. One of them, or a bit of one, I found scribbled on my nocturnal-notepad.

6Sat05It took me a long time to decipher the handwriting. Then a bit of memory clicked-in. I was in a supermarket looking in the freezer section, and a large packet of roast potatoes started to sing to me. Hehe! ♫ All of me, why not bake all of me… ♫ Not the foggiest what it was all about.

6Sat02I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, almost nimbly and without any pain whatsoever! Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna… in fact none of the usual ailment were bothering me. Apprehension and confusion at this ease of movement replaced the typical matutinal physical pains.

Even Belinda’s Blotched were not itching anything like they have been doing, and the marks were far less prominent. 

Yes, another person with my name had woke up again! 

5Fri17: I almost skipped (Well, hobbled more easily) to the Porcelain Throne. Where the evacuation was uncomfortable, gooey, messy and sticky! I must remember to get some more toilet rolls on Monday. Tsk!

My EQ told me something was going to go wrong, or happen to me soon, to take me out of this unexpected and rare, yet pleasing mood of contentment. I hate it when this happens, for it is seldom wrong.

Ang01Got a good cleaning up session done. Found some more of the ironclad biting beetles in the wet room.

All black ones this morning, none of those oddly tinged red ones like yesterday. The reddish ones tend to nip a little harder, but their shells are softer than the black ones. I wonder if they are black ones metamorphosing black ironclads or are they another species? They are longer and more significant, but there are not many of them compared to the black ironclad buggers with their shells so strong it is hard to crush them, and the darker ones are much quicker but have a far less painful bite.

Off to the kitchen, made a brew and took the medications. Then did the Health Checks. The results looked fine to me. Even the weight had stayed down, mind you, I had just passed what must have been a couple of pounds of waste product to the Porcelain Throne, hadn’t I?


6Sat03Returned to the computer room and noticed the Nottingham City Homes Monitoring thingy was still showing 31°c – 88°f. The temperature has been in the red zone since they provided this machine. When I mentioned this to someone the other day, I was told it is the same for everyone! So, why did they offer them in the first place, if they are going to ignore the readings anyway? Smoke & Mirrors?

I pondered a while on things to be done. Monday FootLady Sue 1000hrs, then collect prescriptions from Chemist. Wednesday afternoon Opticians (Remember to take the broken glasses with me), and the INR DVT blood test at the City Hospital. Thursday Morrison Delivery 0630hrs then Social Hour. A ficulnean idea, making plans so early.

On the computer and began to finalise the Friday post and sent it off. Had a bash on the WordPress Reader.

Made a start on this blog.

Went on Facebooking to add photographs and check on the TFZer site.

Oh, dear, it sounds as if Herbert above is getting his equipment ready for drilling, knocking, tapping, clattering and buzzing making his engines again. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes upset for moaning about their favourite mollycoddled tenant making a noise. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. “You’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

I decided to catch a bus into Arnold, and walk all the way back, to get some decent exercise in.

So, I’ll stop here and get the ablutions done, so I don’t miss the bus out.

0840hrs: Back in a while.

1230hrs: I’m back now folks. Now for the tale of trip out.

6Sat06I took the bin bags to the chute and the empty jars to the recycling bin on the way to the bus stop.

Willmott-Dixon who are not working, Saturday you know. Had left some massive metal sheets of iron, over the gaps left from digging to put the cables and pipes in, to lead to the New Build Block, making sure none of us old dears could fall down the hole. Interestingly, they had left one if the yellow sections of barrier out of the line. So, if any of our residents come home pickled (And that is well possible, we have more than our share of alcoholics, Hehe!) and want to throw themselves down the hole, they can. Or one of the sight impaired tenants. How caring if them.

Limped on to the bus stop, where a mass of residents bodies were waiting for the bus and grew in number as I remained with them. Some laughs and chinwags were enjoyed, especially with Cyndy and Roy, a pair of characters indeed.

The route taken on the bus, and then on my tootsies hobbling home, here.


I dropped off the L9 at the Sainsbury Store and spent some money on Lucozade, potatoes, oven-bottom-muffins, onion salt, Hisin & five spice sauce, surimi fish sticks, shortbread and shorties biscuits and some apples. I cunningly decided not to get the spring water (heavy to carry) or ice-cream cones (would soon melt) and decided to buy them nearer to the flats. Because I was still determined to walk home and get some exercise in, cause I 6Sat10still feeling perky, the state as I woke up in.

Finished the shopping and paid the lady at the checkout.

I hope she gets her teeth or throat seen to soon, she didn’t seem able to speak or smile, Poor thing!.

Out and started my walk back home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6Sat09What a shock I got when I got into Daybrook!

You may think that this picture is from somewhere else or doctored. But, no, it’s the genuine article.

I saw two Nottingham Policemen in an unmarked police car who had stopped a cyclist who was sat on the wall of the Vale pub. Their body language indicated they were not happy with him, whatever he’s done of had happened. I plodded on.

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6Sat16I called in the small Tesco store and got some spring water and ice-cream cones. By gum, the bags were heavy now, and I was struggling a bit with them.

As I limped through the gates, this kindest young lady stopped me and asked me if I was going all the way up the hill, and could she carry one of the bags up the path for me. I felt humbled and cared for in a second. Thank you a 6Sat18amillion times for that grand gesture and offer, young Lady! I did have to decline, because I had weighted the two bags to be more or less even, and this was taking pressure off of Hippy Hilda. Who was showing signs of not being too pleased with me? Restored my faith in humankind this did. Worryingly, the EQ was still sure that something not pleasant, was and is always going to happen today. Already!

As I made my way up the tortuous to my feet tarmac footpath, watching the many dogs taking their owners for a walk and a game of ball, and enjoying it; An altercation suddenly blew up between four dogs! I think the animals were only playing with each other, but it took a couple of owners a while to separate some of the woof-woofs. Hehe!

At the top I turned right and into view came the Copse and the flats.


6Sat23Worryingly, I spotted several bees that looked to be in distress, apathetic some of them had lost their colouring and were melting; if that is the right word for it. (I know its not the correct wording, but as I sit here typing this, I am feeling suddenly worse and concentration has gone kaput!)

 I put the bags down outside the foyer, partly to give me a rest and to view the scenery. Dizzy Dennis overcame me for a minute or so, but I recovered well and went inside to the lift.

6Sat155Fri17: Then back out to collect the bags. Shmendrik!

Got up and into the flat, now with a vagueness that came from nowhere. Still, I got the fodder put away and decided on garden peas, potatoes, and chicken for the nosh. Got the potatoes in the saucepan (Thinking I’d put the peas in the slow-cooker before leaving earlier – I hadn’t, but didn’t realise it yet).

Got the computer on to update this post thus far.

Oh dear, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven having a go at me now.

Did the Health Checks, and took the medications.

6Sat27I’ll get the meal served up early, and take a calm sit down… well that’s the plan. Hehe!

Chicken thigh, potatoes and two tomatoes filled oven-bottom-muffins with onion salt, and an apple. Enjoyed this one, gave it an 8.8/10 taste rating.

Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis were not helping me to get to sleep. They both persisted to the point that I considered pressing my wrist alarm. But I’m glad I didn’t.

There were two films on that I fancied watching. As a rule, I would not consider viewing anything on this late. But the dizzies and unsteadiness would, I thought, might be more comfortable if I was concentrating on something else. So I attempted to watch the first film, Claude Vann Damme’s ‘The Order’ – farcical, constantly nodding off for a few minutes and waking again. Missed most of the film and the ending. Woke and decided, I should be able to get to kip, as the dizzies were few and far between now. But no, sleep did not come. I repeated the same pattern in watching Steven Seagal’s ‘Belly of the  Beast’. Missed even more of this film and the ending… and many bits in between. Grumph!

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  1. Must be my age and activity level, but I especially look forward to your nosh evaluations! LOL! Might get some ideas for what to fix for supper, eh?!

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