Inchcock Today – Sunday 22nd July 2018: Great start to the day – shame about the rest of it. Hehehe!


Sunday 22nd July 2018

Welsh: Dydd Sul 22 Gorffennaf 2018

0315hrs: Only got about 3 and-a-half hours of shaking and waking feeling dizzy and disorientated, sleep in. I awoke with thoughts racing undisciplined rambunctiously around in my mind. A total fertummelt of higgledy-piggledy confusing concerns, fears, and worries. And there they remained taunting me for ages. No summations, plans or decisions were made. My confusions were probably more profound by the time I gave up trying to sort things out in the mocking-myself grey-cells zone.

The best thing about this uhtcearing was that Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun of last night had both departed my body, and this almost brought me to the brink of feeling happy. Hehe!

Also, the Health Checks I did next, produced decent results; the arduous hobble yesterday, must have helped me keep the weight down.



The sphygmomanometer operated first try.

Things were rapidly changing mood-wise, emotionally, and I found myself singing some old songs from the days when I was alive. I reckon I had a verbal bash at; Billy Fury’s ‘In Thoughts of You’; Adam Faith’s ‘My Last Wish’; Cliff Richards’ ‘The Young Ones’ and hummed Acker Bilks ‘In a Persian market,’ among others.

I got the kettle on and made a brew, then took the medications.

7Sun06cWhoosie3W01A: What a Shlimazel! Getting the tablet tray out, it slipped from my grasp.

But amazingly I bent down and caught it before it hit the ground – I momentarily felt a bit smug about this… then I clouted the top of my head against the countertop edge as I was getting back upright.

The need for the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne arrived. So I attended. Another unpleasant, ‘Loose’ activation. I cleaned up a bit and put some cream on the head scratch, well just a bruise really.

7Sun01Made another mug of Assam tea, (The much stronger flavoured Twinnings brand of tea, the PG version is very bland tasting) and took one of the Diahorrea Donald capsules.

Managed to get a photographicalisation through the filth, bird-poo, sprayed plaster and mud covered windows in the main room.

7Sun03Went to get some fresh peas podded and into the saucepan with some sugar and Balsamic vinegar seasoning, ready to cook later.

The temperature had gone down in the apartment, well down. In fact, it felt cold.

I got the computer on and started to create this diary.

Whoosie3W01A: A much more painful and puzzling one this time.

7Sun07I walked into the 1950’s made cabinet doors I’d left open.

At first, I thought I just had the one bruise to boast about, it was coloured deep bluish in colour. Then I noticed I had another one coming up?

Maybe I had hit the leg against the brass handle and the corner of the wood?

7Sun07aWhoosie3W01A: I got the camera and took this photo on the left. By the time I took the second picture on the right, it, another bruise was coming through on the leg, of a different colour. And the black ring bruise seems to have moved?

All very confusing. Painful too! Hehe!

I think a third bruise is trying to come through now. Tsk!

Talk about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – it’s Gerry and the Amazing Multicoloured hairy left thigh! Hahaha!

Back on the computer and made this blog up to here, then

Went to finalise the Saturday diary. Three hours later, I’d got it done and posted off into the ether.

I answered the comment. Then went on the WordPress Reader section for a perusal at the blogger’s work and fun.

Had a shave and wash and medicationalised areas of my body in need (Hehe!) Made a fresh mug of Strong Breakfast Tea and got on CorelDraw to make a few TFZer humourous graphics for Facebook.

Off to the ablutions now… back soon.

Did the Health Checks and the medicationalising was completed.

Went on CorelDraw and made a couple of TFZer graphics to use later. This took me over three hours.

Got the meal ready. Again, it looked succulent and smelt appealing. But the eyes must have been bigger than the stomach, cause I could not eat it all, and had to put a lot of it in the bin?


Whoosie3W01A: Went to the toilet for a wee-wee, and Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun both attacked. For a while, I was once again considering if I should press the Health Alarm Button or not. I didn’t like this scenario in the least. Then a feeling of weariness and fatigue hit me.

I got the pots washed, and the uneaten fodder was thrown in the bin and wrapped. From then on, I was pretty useless and a physical and mental wreck. Concerned at not knowing why. No more singing old songs now!

I settled in the recliner and nothing for hours, as I watched the banal, trite and insipid boring programmes on offer. But, sleep would not come, however, tired I felt. Well, it did eventually, but so late into the morning.

Gnash, Hehe! Tsk!

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