Inchcock Today – Sunday 9th September 2018: Second day of not seeing or speaking to a soul. Humph! Thank Gawd for the internet, even unreliable Virgin Media!


Sunday 9th September 2018

Finnish: Sunnuntaina 9 Syyskuuta 2018

0140hrs: I stirred into pretend life, with a tightness and stinging in the stomach. Not rumbling or grumbling, just painful, but not overbearing.

Slowly some thoughts, or instead bits of memories, stirred of a dream I’d been having. I was in a dessert, sat on a bench, I think I was waiting for a bus? I got excited when an Arab on a camel appeared in the distance coming toward me. A day later he got to me. He was a postman, and gave me a letter, which was a bill for 50,000 (or some such massive figure) Oxo cubes? He said the bus would be along in a few months. “I’ll be dead by then,” I said to him, adding, “Can’t you help me please?” He took out a large heavy sword and chopped off my head in one swipe. Some things happened I cannot recall, but later I was sat on the same bench, but it was as if it was on a giant iceberg. Can’t remember details from here, but I ended up on a canal with frothing water, in a rowing boat with a hole in it? Ah, well!

7Sun02Like an automaton, I escaped the £300 second-hand recliner, with nocive attentions from Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald making my progress slow. Donald suddenly in a right nasty mood with me.

Whoopsies Into the kitchen to make a brew of tea, and while the kettle boiled, I emptied the waste bins and sealed the used sacks, then replaced the black bags.

In one of the bins, the Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles numbering ten or so were at the bottom.

They were clinging on as I upturned the bin to shake them out into the empty sink.

By the time I got to making the mug of tea, my desire had gone, and I did not bother making one.

Things seemed a little unreal now.

  • Me remembering bits of a dream – rare!
  • Me not wanting a drink of tea – remarkable!
  • Me up and about for ten minutes and not needing the Porcelain Throne – worrying!

I took the medications and got the Health Checks done.


Chuffing ‘eck! The Sys is very high. Hey-ho!

6Sat05Then, the late call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

To the wet room, deposited my rear-end on the porcelain, and waited… and waited for some movement. Not that I was complaining, I managed to read of some unknown to me, causes that instigated the First World War. And there were many convoluted reasons. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, Kaiser and King Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary; Sultan Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire, and Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, sure were in a pickle of varying sorts and degrees.

When the ‘action’ started, it was quick and caught me off-guard. Talk about massive! How something inside did not split open, I don’t know. But, there was no bleeding from Harold’s haemorrhoids afterwards, so that was a good thing. I think I blamed the Aldi Frikadellens again for this.

I did make another mug of tea and took it to the computer with me, and started to finish off yesterdays Inchcock. But, it went cold. When I realised this, I began to worry about myself. Hahaha!

Made a start on this blog and got up to here.

7Sun05I made another cuppa. It was as if it was a drug that I had to take, from habit perhaps?

While in the kitchen, I decided to sort the medicationalistical tablet and capsule dosage pots for next week.

Went on the WordPress Reader section.

Notifications, a couple of comments replied to.

I’d let this mug of tea get cold too? What a Chamoole, Tsk! Got the potatoes in the crock-pot.

I spent a while adding to my personal dictionary. It is taking ages and costing me so much time to get it made back up. How I lost it is still a mystery, but I had just had MS windows update come through?

Two-and-a-half hours later, I gave up on the word saving. Dysbulia had affected me. Hehe!

I went on CorelDraw to make a collective graphic for the TFZer site. It took a while.


7Sun07I went into the kitchen to check the potatoes, in the crock-pot and get the oven stuff ready for the ribs later.

Whoopsies The very second I started to unroll the foil to put in the oven tray… The hands and fingers froze-up! Gnash! Blooming amazing!

I haven’t had any freeze-ups for over a week now – and it has to come just at the wrong time, doesn’t it! I’m getting carnaptious now, and peed-off a tad with life’s twisted fortunes!

At times I find life to be full of Catastrophes, accidents, frustrations, crashes, declines, defeats, deficiencies… but still, it’s been like this for ages, so I should be used to it really. Hehe!

I set about doing a TFZer series of graphics. I’m calling it, The TFZer Models, Catwalkers, Sirens and Pulchritudinous Personages. 

Five-hours later, I got them finished. Phew! I shan’t put any names on here. I’ll post them all to the TFZ site in a bit so they can get first look at them. There are only a few here, I managed to do twenty of them in all. I do hope they like them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wax2The dang internet kept going slow again, most exasperating.

Off to make a celebratory mug of tea, I’d forgotten about the potatoes. They were very well done.

So, I turned them off. Humph!

I’ll get the graphics sent off now. Providing off-course, the Liberty-Global Virgin Media internet is working and not too slow.

7Sun38Got the nosh on again.

A Taste Rating of 8.8/10 given for this meal.

I must have been overtired with all the concentration on doing so much computer word and graphicalisationing. Cause tired as I was, I repeatedly nodded-off and woke within minutes. I seemed unable to get to stay asleep.

In the end, managed about three hours unbroken slumber. And somehow or other, I awake full of zest… well, no, maybe that’s not the right word. Erm… Fighting-git! No! Feeling perky… No! Well, feeling okay, then. Hehe!

TTFN each.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 9th September 2018: Second day of not seeing or speaking to a soul. Humph! Thank Gawd for the internet, even unreliable Virgin Media!

  1. Great set of graphics. History of WWI can be a moving experience. The beetles are persistent. Are you familiar with Salvador Dali’s painting “The Persistence of Memory”? You can probably get a nice “Persistence of Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad Biting Black Beetles” garphicalization from those pesky EBWIBBB’s. The meal looks marvelous.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I try to get some reading in each morning, usually on the Porcelain Throne. I think I must have read about 90 pages of the book, and war hasn’t been declared yet. I’m fascinated and learning as I read.
      “Persistence of Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad Biting Black Beetles”, I like it!
      A betterer nosh at last. Haha! Tonight it will be chips or potatoes and two thick wholemeal bread sandwiches with Pork Knuckle crammed inside. I forgot to get the tomatoes when I was out today. So, ketchup (You call that catsnip, I think, I could be wrong of course) or BBQ sauce will suffice. Oh, I’ve got some of the pickled cucumbers.
      Cheers, Sir.

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