Inchcock – Thu 6th Dec 2018: Cunning Weevils, Dentist visit, Short but great Social Hour – Betterer day today!


Willmott Dixon women supporters? Hehe!


Thursday 6th December 2018

Swedish: Torsdagen den 6 December 2018

00:25hrs: Extraordinarily, as I woke up, I found myself already disentangling my roly-poly, paunchy, pot-bellied body from the £300 second-hand recliner. With some speed and ease as well! The brain finally informed me that the need to utilise the Porcelain Throne was why I was up and about in no time! Without further ado and avoiding toe stubbings and knocking into or anything over, before I could say, Jack Robinson, I was in the wet room and seated on the Throne.

Perfect timing. Had a cleanup and antisepticalisationing session, and I spotted only one of the 0Stegobium paniceum (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) anywhere in the room. Not to be fooled by the cunningly guileful army of insects again, by their crafty pretending to be retreating and a day later they return to counterattack in number, I decided to use up what was left of the £6.59 can of Rentokill bug spray over the wet room floor and in the corners. Persisting with my expensive battleground defensive counter-measures, I put a replacement can of the killer in the wet room, and then used up another can, this time of the Sanmex bug killer in the kitchen. There were many baby Weevils in there this morning, some alive others dead. Not giving up on my mission, I went to check out the spare room… surprisingly that was all-clear of the Stegobium paniceum (Weevils).

WD54.39.1 In all, I had used up or finished off £15 worth of insecticide, and started the coughing off again. Oy vey is mir! I blame myself, if I hadn’t told people where I keep my hoard of jewellery and stash of cash for them to help themselves to when I croak-out, I might have got more help with the Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles problem. Only joking! Tsk! Hehehe!

Industrially… that’s not the right word, is it? Productively, I got on with updating the Wednesday post, and eventually, got it posted off.

Then I had a brainwave for an idea for a funny ode. Got it written and graphicalisationed, then I posted that off.

4Thu04Went for the forth of the day up to now, SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee).

Checked the emails. Morrison sent this one on the left. Tsk!

I had planned that as a little Christmas present for someone as well. Grumph!

Also and as well as, I had an 4Thu001aemail from the surgery.

The Warfarin INR level came back as being very high for some reason?

So, I must take care not to cut myself. No wonder that the Fungal lesion is bleeding, I know why now.

The appointment for next week was a bit disappointing; they had made if for 1020hrs.

Which will mean with my sleeping pattern, by the time I get their and back, the day will be over for me, I’ll be too shattered to get anything else done. I sent an email in return thanking them and mentioning the lateness of the appointment for me. Hey-Ho!

WD54.39.1 Just about to make a start on this blog, and I realised I had not done the Health Checks or taken the medications yet! So, I put things right. Klutz!


3Wed29The readings had come down nicely.

Please note the weight decrease!

Extra Smug Mode Pleasurably Adopted!

It’s not been easy this dieting and exercising. 

Mind you, look at what I’ve had to do to get it down, shall we?

  • Long Walk Sunday
  • Mammoth getting soaked to the skin hobble Monday
  • Long hobble in the drizzle on Tuesday.

And the toe and ankle are giving me some real hassle now. As for cutting back on the food, that is the hardest bit of the plan for me. No, I lie… cutting back on the nocturnal nibbling is the worst and most difficult! My pot of jelly babies has had sweeties taken out and put back in so often, they have gone misshaped and soggy! Truth Mode Adopted!

I got the nibbles, prizes and the treats into the bag ready. I’ll have to carry that weight with me to the Dentists so I can call at the hut for the Winwood Social Hour on the way back if I get it done in time, that is.

I counted out the four Scottish Shorties ready to be dunked in my tea later for breakfast. Four! Pathetic! Damned dieting… Grrr! Sod-it, I’ll have six now instead! Naughty boy, hehe!

Got a start made on this diary at last.

Ablutions all done, changed, got the bag and set off out, taking empty jars of pickled egg and gherkin to the Alcoholic addict’s glass bin. Haha!

I got the second Health Checks done, in case I forget later in the event of my having any injections at the Dentists.

I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room shed. Glad to see Regal Jenny there and both of the Wardens. Quick natter and nibble giving, and off on the walk to the dentist.

4Thu05Going down Winchester Street, I took a photographicalisation of the allotments on the corner.

Doris, my neighbour has one of these plots, I believe.

Down the hill, and took the opportunity of 4Thu06making another of the ‘Moody’ traffic shots again.

I went right up the hill, to the Wilko Store. I came out with some liquid soap flakes, nibbles for the box, Dia-limit capsules and stress relief tablets. And, £10.20 less well off.

Up to the Dentist, and logged in. The nurse came to fetch me, and up the apples & pears to the number three surgery. The dentist and nurse were both new to me and were most helpful. After the check-up, I was passed AOK.

Down and out into the gloomy weather again, and further up the hill to the chemists, 4Thu06awhere I got some Co-Codamol capsules. I struggle with the tablets sometimes, they being so large and in need of breaking can cause me bother, too. I’ve still got two halves somewhere in the kitchen that I’ve never found after they shot-off while splitting them. Haha!

Another piece of Nottinghamian Street Art between two shops was recorded.

4Thu07Up the hill into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I stopped on the way to have a bit of fuss with some dogs who were taking their owners for a walk.

The top of the gravel footpath that had all the wet leaves that made walking difficult it was even worse today. But I got through it alright without any Accifauxpas.

4Thu08Halfway down the pathway, I took this picture of all three components of the now named Winwood Heights complex.

Woodthorpe on the left, the new Extra Care Unit in the centre Don’t know what they are going to call that yet? And Winchester Court on the right as you look at the picture.

4Thu09Down and into the foyer to the lifts, taking this shot of our Christmas Tree.

Up to 72, and took an SSWW I got this blog updated and rushed off to the Winwood Social Hour.

A most delightful session, although not many in attendance, we had much laughter and rib-taking to keep us amused. And much pleasure was taken in my having stick about the size of my meals and walking too far on my hobbles. Hahaha! Many little chinwags, as well. I do enjoy having these confabs, laughs and even the mick-taking. Haha!

I walked back to the flats with Catwalk model Gaynor, Cuddly Mo and Herbert-John.

While I waited for the Morrison Delivery (No alcohol-free wine, though, Humph!) I again updated this blog, then got some page top headers prepped for the Inchcock Diaries.

4Thu10Got the nosh prepared and consumed, a little earlier than planned.

Baked beans seasoned with balsamic vinegar, mustard, BBQ flavouring and oregano. Beef pie and a few oven chips. Naturally, being a dedicated dietist, I had no bread, the gorgeous pastry of the pie was more than suffice.

The common or garden custard and strawberry (I think, it was a fruit of some sort) jelly dessert, followed. A worthy Taste Rating of 9.2/10 granted for this one.

4Thu11The Morrison delivery arrived.

A smaller one than usual. I got most of the nibbles and pressies needed for the season of ‘Goodwill’ in now. 

Got the fodder put away.

Washed the dish and pots.

Did the Health Checks. Had an LSWW (Long-Sharp-Wee-Wee)

I settled to watch one of my most favourite of all my films on DVD. ‘Pat & Margaret’. Starring the much missed, Victoria Wood and Julie Walters.

But the usual fatigue got the better of me. I tried rewinding a few times but kept nodding off, so I gave up, and fell asleep, to have what turned out to be a hilarious dream!

TTFNski folks.

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