Inchcock Today – Tues 18 Dec 2018: Long busy day, the brain deciding not to help me much!



Tuesday 18th December 2018

Lithuanian: Antradienis, 2018 m. Gruodžio 18 d

WD 51.0.0 00:16hrs. I stirred into simulated life, and I seemed to delve into a discussion between the brain and mind for a while.  It went something like:

  • Why are we so bloody tired this morning?
  • Dunno, but I feel shattered!
  • What time is it?
  • Couldn’t care less, let’s go back to sleep!
  • Good idea, mate!

Minutes pass by…

  • I can’t get back to sleep now! 
  • Nor me!
  • Bugger-it! We’ll have to gerrup then!
  • No, damn life, let’s get caught up wiv the kip!
  • Could be dodgy that, staying in the recliner!
  • Why?
  • We need to use the Porcelain Throne!

WD 51.0.0 00:30hrs. The mind and brain now linked up to enable me to get my ever-growing stomach and torso from the chair, and fumble my way to the Porcelain Throne, and arriving only just in time to avoid an embarrassing situation! This session 2Tue02fwas back to being of the messy liquified type. So glad I got there when I did and not ten seconds later. Phew! Antisepticating things and I spotted the advance raiding party of EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) on the flooring!

The swines had fooled me again after all my defences and spraying sessions. Still, they come! 2Tue03Most had perished in the residue of the Santex bug spray, but a couple got away scot-free!

Bigger looking ones, this time compared to yesterday. I used up a can and a half of bug killer. They were all near to the shower drain like the other tenant found in his apartment. It appears these drains might be the ingress and egress routes they are using get about from flat to flat. Maybe, perhaps?

WD 51.0.0 I returned to the £300 second-hand rusty recliner, to ashamedly find signs of nocturnal-nibbling having taken place! A guilty-looking single jelly baby lay in the creases of the recliner cover, and an orange flavoured Smartie or two were nearby on the floor! I put on my slippers, and found more Jelly Babies! Mind-boggling, innit? How can I not know, or remember what I did during my so-called period of sleep? Am I developing habromania, or just going psychopathologically unstable? I can get overwrought, you know. Haha!

I got the Health Checks done. Pity there is not a machine like a hemadynamometer to test for habrobaniacal reading!


2Tue04Well well, all the readings were down compared to yesterday morning. I don’t think I’ve had the Sys and Dia so low before?

If I remember, I’ll mention it to the nurse at my ridiculously late Warfarin INR blood test later on.

Oh, wrong again, Klutz! I just noticed that the Temp is higher, though.

Got the computer on and added some liquid refreshment (For Jane and Pete, not me, I’m no longer an alcoholic like wot they are! But, things can change, Haha!) and minced lamb to the order for Thursday.

Then got on with updating the Monday diary. Posted it off, and went on the WP Reader.

As I was starting this blog page, another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So off to the wet room.

WD 51.0.0 How or why the change I have no idea, but this session was back to the rock-hard mini-rugby balls? A bit of bleeding with this one. Just how, can things change so radically within an hour or so? Still, no chance of getting bored at least.

Went on TFZer Facebooking.

Oh, dearie me, off to the Porcelain Throne again! Back to the messy type session again. I hope this settles before I have to go to the doctors. Fingers crossed!

2Tue08A sudden desire for food suddenly overcame over me! I just had to make something to eat?

I put some sausages in the oven and ate them with some bread and tomatoes. And really enjoyed them too!

2Tue07Went to wash the tray. 

WD 51.0.0 To find I had left the oven one! Still, it helped me make a ‘Moody-Photographical-Shot’!

I usually, but not regularly will have a few Scottish Shortie biscuits and maybe a yoghourt some mornings. But this meal caught me out, and my eating all of it did, as well?

Ablutions, showering and the door chime played its tune (Dusty Springfield – ♫ I only wanna be with you ♫). I covered up my unmentionables with a towel, and when I got to the door whoever it was had gone.

Ablutions all sorted out, nibbles made up and hearing aids in. Waste bag to the chute on the way out. In the lobby was Sturmscharführeress Warden Deana. It was she who had ‘rung my bell’ (Hehe!) earlier. She wanted to know if I had made a battery-check with the monitoring station this month. I wasn’t sure but thought I had… I told her I’d make one when I got back to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed on the memory stakes! I poddled on passing the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get 2Tue09stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

Walked down Winchester Street Hill and it felt odd and unnatural walking down there so late in the day to go to the surgery. Thanks to the receptionists not making me an appointment in the first place, thus, my having to get one for so late in the day. 1145hrs, not good for me, but it 2Tue10can’t be helped. I begin to fade every day around 0100>0200hrs with my odd sleeping habits.

On Mansfield Road, I turned right, across the road and walked right up to Mini-market, where Abdhul stocks my favourite biscuits, Highland Shorties, and bought a few packets, to last me over the no-bus, depressing chinwagless holidays.

2Tue10aThen down towards Carrington on the same side of the road. 

Where I comforted myself as I took this picture of the Funeral Parlour that I have paid in advance either burn or bury my overweight body. Not that it matters which to me, of course. Last week I think it was, that Sister Jane, was asking what tune or music I would like playing when I get burnt or buried.

As I plodded on my way, this seemed to take on some importance for me, and I considered my choices. Rattling the brain, perhaps:

  • ‘Unforgettable’ from Nat King Cole? But that had nothing to relate to me, other than I loved the song and admired the man for his smart way of handling the racists who managed him.
  • Dean Martin’s ‘The man with the Mandolino’. That has some connection with my failures in life, perhaps?
  • Billy Fury’s ‘In Thoughts of You’. Just cause I loved the song with the bloke bashing hell out of the piano keys in it. Hehe!
  • Ah… In the maze of my mind and memory, I found the one for Mr Bagulay to use! ‘They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa” (1966)’ The perfect song for my funeral, Title-wise an excellent choice, I thought. Singer-songwriter Jerry Samuels became an unlikely one-hit wonder with this tale of descent into madness about being carted off to a mental institution. In the 1960s the song went to #3 on the pop singles chart. However, its treatment of mental illness led to the song being banned on many radio stations and music rights organisation BMI removing certification of the song. Today “They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haa” remains one of the most unusual humorous hit songs ever. So, Jane, please ask them for this for me? Thanks, petal.

2Tue11WD 51.0.0 Well-pleased with myself for getting this sorted in my mind, I realised I’d walk by the surgery, and had to walk back up the hill to get to it. Hehehe!

WD 51.0.0 As I approached the entrance to the surgery, a dreaded bike, in the entranceway! One I think, I have seen a Pavement Cyclist using previously!

I was already feeling a little tired, I logged in the with the receptionist, and sat down and got the crossword book out. A dismal failure, my efforts this morning. I don’t think in the ten minutes or so of trying, I got more than three clues answered! Ah-well!

An unknown or seen before the nurse came out to collect me. She was helpful and patient with me as I struggled to get the shirt sleeve rolled up.

WD 51.0.0 As she was trying to stop the bleeding afterwards, she realised that she had used the wrong container to put the blood in from the needle. Her face showed how embarrassed she was about this, and she had to retake the blood. I did not blame her in the slightest, though. For I had been waffling on while she was taking it, and no doubt this contributed to the faux pas. I tried to make the lady feel better afterwards by telling her this, and gave her a giant bar of chocolate for Christmas and thanked her as I left. Nice lady. As I went from the surgery, I dropped a bag of nibbles off for the receptionist, despite their making things so difficult for me by not booking me an appointment. But, I thought back to the mistakes I have made over the years at work, and there were many I can tell you, none intended, but they had repercussions for others at the time, all the same. So, my failings back then, helped me to cope and empathise with others failings now!

2Tue11aAs I left through the car park on to Mansfield Road, the view was so indicative of something, but I could not find of what! So I took this photo of it.

I tried to work out what it was that appealed to me about snap. The dreary cold weather, the biting wind, the sadly bare trees, or the fact that it had started raining, perhaps?

WD 51.0.0 I plodded on to the Lidl Store to get some cheesy cobs and have a look around. Being the time of year it was, the store was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Cram packed with square-jawed determined Nottinghamian shoppers intent on getting their vittles bought. And not to interested in who’s toes they tread on as they barge persons out of their way (Me, of course!) I came out, after paying at the self-serve checkouts, with: A pork pie for Christmas morning, snack tomatoes, Sopocka, sugar-snap peas, two cheesy rolls and a very naughty large tray of De-Luxe Lemon desserts. Guilt Mode temporarily adopted!

2Tue11cThe very-fine drizzle was still coming down, as I departed the shop onto the gloomy weather.

I did notice a lack of people about, yet the shop was cram-packed with megalomaniac, possibly SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sufferers and kleptomaniacal Nottinghamians? Haha!

I caught a bus back into Sherwood.

2Tue12I got to the L9 bus stop in Sherwood, and Frank was there having a natter with a chap in the shelter.

Others joined us (Afraid I can’t remember the man and woman’s name, Tsk!) We had a chinwag and laugh en route home. Frank seems to have disappeared, he did not get on the bus.

I didn’t feel up to going to the Willmott Dixon party, I think the extra blood taking might not have helped and maybe made me even more worn-out a little. But I was feeling so done-on when I got inside the flat.

2Tue12aWhere I surprised myself with making another meal. Habit perhaps?  A large plateful, as well. Sopocka sarnie, cheesy cobs, cheddar, tomatoes, chestnuts, pickled eggs, roast onions and potato sticks. Although I didn’t eat anywhere near all of it, I did consume the two pieces of the De Luxe Lemon Dessert. Sumptuous! But naughty?

I went to the kitchen and disposed of the uneaten fodder in the bin, (Tsk!) washed the pots and off to the wet room for an SSWW.

2Tue12b Back to the kitchen to top up the bottle of spring water with some orange barley. 

WD 51.0.0 I spotted just one rather large, but dead (Possibly one of the Weevil armies equivalent to a Tiger Tank!) EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle).

It would help if I had the skills of Dr Dolittle. Then I could start a dialogue for peace with them? Mind you, look at the Brexit Talks! Humph! There are no signs of Weevil-Exit movements! Hehehe!

Washed changed and got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and put a DVD in to watch. But fatigue won the day, and I kept nodding and waking for an hour or so, then I drifted off into a much needed deep sleep.

WD 51.0.0 An hour or so later, I was woken by the landline phone light flashing! I assumed because of the timing, it must be the Chukky-chicken chap again, so I tried to ignore it. No one I know would ring me at this time, I’ve tried to inform everyone about my early to bed and early to rise sleeping habit.

WD 51.0.0 As I was trying to get back to sleep, the mobile phone rang, by the time I’d struggled to get to it, the ringing stopped. Perhaps it was the surgery, but surely not, they would not have had the results of the blood test yet? And hopefully, if it was them, they know about my hearing problems and would use the Email, and I could read this in the morning?

I was so niggly with myself now, especially as I could not get back to sleep for ages! Grumblegluts and annoyances!

I put the TV on, and that worked, I was soon off into slumberland!

Humph, worra day!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tues 18 Dec 2018: Long busy day, the brain deciding not to help me much!

  1. Very clever thought for the day. Sausage breakfast looks good. A new Nurse that you got all out of sorts with you good looks a charm, so she had to do a double blood draw. Do nurses do your blood draws because of the warfarin and all? Over here they have labs with broods of vampire phlebotomists drawing blood. The only time a have had blood drawn by nurses in recent years was when I was in the hospital. The streets looked pretty much abandoned in your photos. That was downright decent of you to cover yourself when you answered the door for the phantom ringer. The Up-chuck-a Chicken dude is getting to be downright annoying. Great looking dinner.

    • The brekkie went down well, mate, thanks.
      I felt for the nurse when she made the Fauxpa… but she move away… Hahaha!
      She showed an interest after taking the double dose, and let the Anticoagulation and Arterial Thrombosis clinic know about my new bruising, and the fingal lesion bleeding again.
      They called me this morning with questions about the fungal lesion, which they have never mentioned before, so the gal done me good. Bless her! It is the Warfarin level they have to monitor, Tim.
      Up until I had the ticker replacement, I don’t think I had more the six or so blood takings, since them of course, I can’t go six days without one! Hahaha!
      Broods of vampire phlebotomists drawing blood? I like it, might use that later.
      I thought the same thing about the lack of people. If I remember rightly, it was the same last year… I think.
      That ‘Up-chuck-a Chicken dude’, is getting on my goat!
      Cheers, taketh care.

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