Inchcock Today – Thursday 11th July 2019: A betterer Day! (I might be sorry I said that, later, Hehe!)

2019 July 10

2019 July 11

Thursday 11th July 2019

Croatian: Četvrtak 11 Srpnja 2019

03:10hrs. I had managed to get some sleep, two hours or so (Humph!). I woke with a rare visit from Colin Cramps. But he departed before I had got my lumbering, short, rotund body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, decrepit, gungy-beige coloured rickety recliner. No morning thoughts or ponderations at all.

WD b 0.0.255 I had a rather fearsome wee-wee, of the LHBLSWW (Long-Hosepipe-Blasting-Like-Splashback-Wee-Wee) mode. It was so unexpectedly forceful, it nearly made me lose my balance and drop the bucket, and walking stick! Hehe!

4Thu04I limped into the kitchen with the bucket and sanitised and cleaned it. Then I did the hand-washing, rinsed them with some Wilko softener added to the water, and got them on the stand-up airer in the hallway, to dry.

I did the health checks and imbibed the medications. When at last, and it’s been a long time in coming this one, a visit to the Porcelain Throne! And what a session it was!

WD b 0.0.255 It took a considerable length of time, and agonistic efforts to free things. I half-expected to find myself split in half lengthwise when I stood up! I don’t know about torpedo, it felt like I’d passed a submarine! The effort actually wore me out! Haha! The bleeding was surprisingly little, though… nae, amazingly slight!

Because of the nature of the painfull Porcelain performance, I made a brew of tea and took another Senna tablet. (I must remember to buy some more, I’ve used up all the Movicol prescription powders!)

4Thu03I could see the early morning view through the unwanted and unneeded new kitchen windows, with the light & view-blocking thick framed glass that cannot be reached to be cleaned, was rather appealling. So I took this first photographicalisation, trying to get a shot with the lighted greenery, the housing and the sky. It didn’t come out well. In fact, I tried three times, but this was the best I could procure for the diary.

4Thu02Then, foolishy, unthinkingly and stupidly, I thought I’d get up on the stepladder to take a shot of the amazingly eerie view of down below in the car park on Chestnut Way… A mistake!

The photograph came out really well for once, I thought. Then I started to wallow in my skills this isolated, rare, bit of success, as I climbed down the steps. Just what I wanted, I thought. Oh, I am good! I thought! Smug-Mode-Adopted… A more significant Mistake to make!

Blog01aWDA b 0.0.255 Irrationally and without due consideration, I had not put the slippers on and was bare-footed still. Stepping down to the next rung in the ladder, I caught the corn on the metal edge. Which was a nocive enough thing to do, but it got worse as I lost my balance, and for the third time in 24 hours, my body tumbled into contact with the kitchen floor!

WDA b 0.0.255 The bruises came out quickly. As I struggled again to get up on my legs again. I clouted my head against the draining board, went down, and Back-Pain-Brenda was not happy with this at all. She hasn’t stopped aching ever since! After the incident, skirmish, scramble, scrap or scrimmage (I want to avoid saying accident, cause it wasn’t really one, it was my silliness that caused it!), I took another pain-killer and went to check things best I could for any injuries in the wet room. Only a couple of bruises and a tiny mark on the bonce. I’m so glad and grateful that the polyneuropathy inspired leg and limb dancing and shaking didn’t happen at the same time. Phew! It would have been far worse.

I moved the steps on to the balcony, out of the way.

I began to update the Wednesday Diary. Of course, I lost some artwork again, thanks to:

Virgin blue

Got the blog done and posted eventually. Thank you, Mr Fries!

WD b 0.0.255 Then I forced my aching body to the wet room for the ablutions to be tended to. All went well, apart from a mystery cut on the back of the head, after shaving?

I readied the things for the trip out and took the four-wheel-guide with me today. I called at Josie’s flat, but no answer to the chimes. Off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

It was smashing to get to the Winwood Social Hour Meeting. But I wasn’t feeling too good, and I think the four-wheeled trolley got in the way and annoyed folk a bit. I took a few nibbles around, but I had to leave the rest of the bag to be handed round. Some excellent chinwags were enjoyed. Annoyingly, when I left early to get the bus, Dizzy Dennis left me, Huh! He might have done it when I was inside!

I had an unwarranted telling-off and natter with Obergruppenführeress Night Club Dancer and Warden Julie on the way out. Haha! Over to the bus stop, listened to some chinwagging and got on the bus last again, they are too quick for me! Hehehe! I chatted with two brothers, and one told me to put something in Google to find the value of it, but I’m blown if I can remember what it was, now. Fool! The bus got a tad busy en route, and the four-wheeler was in the way of other passengers, this made me feel “In-the-way” and guilty.

I dropped off in town on Queen Street and walked down to the slab square to take some photographicalisations. From the bottom of the road, from left to right, I did a series of shots. I followed the lady in the red top with the photos. She was getting a move-on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, I went to the Poundland shop to see if they had any Pork Farms pies in. But they didn’t. However, I foolishly bought more stuff that would go in the pathetically small box on the four-wheeler, and had to buy a bag as well! I ended up buying a bar of orange chocolate, a pack of bacon offcuts, Dettol, jelly-babies, liquorice medallions, nibbles for handing out, and yet another drain unblocker!

4Thu11Came out and had a roundabout walk taking photographs (I hope to make a blog with all the photos in it later).

Plenty of Nottinghamian cyclist, most of the delivering food, driving out in front of buses and traffic, and threateningly scaring old folk, and possibly young ones, as they belted along the footpaths.

4Thu27I caught the bus home, on Queen Street, taking this rather appealing photo, I thought?

And it was packed almost solid. Which meant me, as usual on the uncomfortable side-saddle seat, taking up room and stopping anyone else from sitting down with big four-wheeler guide. Oh, dear! Christine got on en route, but we were far too apart to talk.

Back home at the flats, and I carried a bag for Chrissie, who had a lot of heavy stuff she’s bought, to carry so far for her. We were enjoying a verbalisationing session, as  Generalfeldmarschalless Housing Patch Manager/ Catwalk Model, Angela Gould was passing in her pap-pap. Crissie stopped for a natter, but I dare not, as the need for a wee-wee was unwelcomingly close. So I slowly walked on with the bag and trolley and waited a few seconds, and Christine caught up. We went up in the elevator, and U foolishly got in first, forgetting that the gal lived above me! So the poor gal had to get out of the cage to let me out and then back in again. But she was very civil about it. Bless her! We said our farewells, and I hastened to the WC in the flat!

4Thu28Got the things bought put away, and started to make the fodder.

For some reason, I felt hungry. I was going to have some bacon and beans, but decided this meal, would be quicker to make. Haha!

A flavour rating of 8.5/10, and went off to get the washing up done. During which I needed another SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee).

Took the medications, made a brew, and I tried to watch an episode of Rumple of the Bailey on TV.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 11th July 2019: A betterer Day! (I might be sorry I said that, later, Hehe!)

  1. I hate when I’m awakened by a cramp. I forgot to mention on your previous post, the image of the trolley with the mag wheels was great. You need a big engine with it. You got a lot of really nice street photos today. Speaking of pesky people on the pavement on two wheels, they haven’t introduced the shared electric scooters in Nottingham as yet? You get those things on the sidewalks and they will be running you down from all directions. Those scooters are like the worse kind of farts we call SBD — silent, but deadly. Looks like a rather decent meal.

    • I got it off of pinterest, Tim, then added and changed some things. I liked the airhorn, I’d love one on my trolley.
      The Council in Nottingham, do a mobility scooter free hire. Anyone can hire them. Sister Jane heard her mates saying they don’t have to walk in Nottingham now, they use them, and everyone gets out of her way!
      Mega Whoopsie today mate. The sprinler installer must hit something whem they were drilling, and Bang! My electrics all went down! Gone 20:00hrs now, and I’ve ust caught up with the Hobble and nearly finished this blog. It was down from 09:25hrs until 18:00hrs! No other flat was affected, of course. Gnash!
      Gonn get some nosh then head down, Sir. TTFNski

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