Inchcock Today Wednesday 24th July 2019: Humph! Tsk! Hehe!

2019 July 24

2019 July 24

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Luxembourgish: Mëttwoch 24 Juli 2019

12:35hrs. Worra dream last night! It felt so real too, mind you, I’m glad it wasn’t! I merrily jumped off of High Tor cliff top, in Matlock. As I neared the river Derwent below, at a tremendous rate of knots, and ready for the end… I found I was in a bakery, being churned along with the dough? As I did my best to eat the mix as I spun around, I seemed to wake in a hospital, in a bed next to Peter Crouch, who had broken his leg. Next minute, I was in a dentist’s chair having a tooth extracted. The dentist kept telling me to stop singing, which I wasn’t doing. How can one sing while having a molar pulled? A chap who looked like Edward G Robinson came in, and shot me three times! Stuck some Elastoplasts on me, and they took me away in a 1950s type American Ambulance. I did my best to recall what happened further, to no avail.

Physically, I only had a bit of back pain, from the tumble on the bus, I assumed, yesterday. The dancing and electric-like twitching of the fingers, hands, arm, and shoulder were all calmish. Just the odd few seconds blasts, they were well copeable with, as I was not doing anything dangerous. Like making tea, getting on or off a bus, dealing with electrical things, using the sock-glide, pushing the trolley-guide etcetera. Haha!

I dismounted the £300 second-hand, almost decrepit,  creaking, c1968, horrendously beige-coloured, often not working, rickety, rusty, Back-Pain-Brenda annoying recliner, in a state of mild semi-confusion. I did not need a wee-wee. Yee-Haa!

3Wed01cI wobbled to the kitchen. Got the hand-washing done. Took the medications taken. Did the health checks, then made a brew of tea.

The reading on the HCs was another good one. The SYS 142, DIA 58, PULSE 79 and the temperature was 35.1°c. It was then that I realised it thundering and lightning! It must have only just started, or I would surely have been aware earlier?

I went onto the unwanted, finger-flesh-chewing opening spring metal clip-opener sharing, impossible to get at to clean the windows new balcony. Try as I might, and I did, I couldn’t catch the lightning in these pictures. Sulk-Mode Adopted!


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After another small mug of tea, tried again to catch the lightning in one these shot. Humph, failed again!


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The rain soon eased-off, then it seemed to become lighter quicker than ever.

I did some updating of the Tuesday post, but it was a horribly slow gong. The affected with Diabetic Polyneuropathy, Axonotme and Peripheral (Sounds professional?) The right-hand fingers mainly were the trouble. They did not recognise when they touched anything. Making more mistakes than the Government, dropping things, generally, I was in a pickle. I gave up in the hope that things might improve later. I went to get the ablutions done.


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Typing is so hard now. I’ll do the rest in shorthand. IRN nurse arrived and took the blood.

Got blog finished. Stated this one.

Kitchen window shots.


Took loaves to hut. Took some photos while out.




Zzz! Woke must stay awake for the medicines arriving, I hope they are delivered.

No, the lousy, unreliable pensioner-hating, leaving me in the lurch, stranded, abanding me without an even one Bisoprolol heart-tablet, hateful, lousy, lying, vasodilator denying, violators of trust, unscrupulous, disreputable, none-communicative, vacuators of any vestige of morale or faith in the medical world, and a danger to vulnerable people! In two words, Unreliable Gits! They failed to deliver again. I could die contentedly if I knew they would be blamed! But they wouldn’t be, of course, the buck would be passed, or facts distorted. Not that anyone is interested. Humph!

Life stinks!


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wednesday 24th July 2019: Humph! Tsk! Hehe!

  1. Interesting dream. Your leg is starting to look like a cat scratching post. Nice description of the “unreliable gits” Decent look meal.

    • The leg is, Tim. I just must be scratching in the night, although I have no recollection at all. Oddlymost!
      Finally got the beta-blockers delivered Thurday. Such a shock! Hehe!
      TTFNski Sir. Thanks.

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