Inchcock Today – Thurs 25 July 2019: A vicambulation to take some photos of the garages, & belated Medications delivered!

2019 24 June

2019 July 25

Thursday 25th July 2019

Dutch: Donderdag 25 Juli 2019

Horrible last night. Trying to stay awake for the promised delivery from the lying, unreliable, pompous Carrington Pharmacy. It didn’t arrive. Now, I have ran-out of Beta-blockers! Let down again! I was tempted to post a dirty great photo on the blog, with a few chosen words of hate, in revenge, for the hassle, they are putting me through with their spoken untruths, and letting me down repeatedly! But I didn’t, even after they late made a promise again, I expect that if, I say IF it does come today, it will be so late,  I will have been up for 23-hours on the trot. And expect to fall asleep! Do they give a toss?

03:00hrs. Woke, wee’d off, and not wanting a wee-wee! Well! I got up from the recliner and checked to see if any missed-calls were on the intercom panel, there was none. No, Bisoprolol had been posted through the letterbox either. My heart sank!

I got to the kitchen and did the handwashing, got them on the airer. Made a brew. Did the HCs and, and off to the Porcelain Throne. 

WD 40.0.0. Agony. It took me a crossword and twenty-minutes of Porcelain derived pain. The blood flowed, the temperament seethed with frustration. Duodenal Donald started giving me grief, and I generally went down a few points in the already low satisfaction and contentment departments. Carrington Pharmacy, are about as reliable as a politician or used car salesman! Something else to add to the list of ailments to tell the Doctor about tomorrow. And that is only if I can find the written list I made in the first place!

4Thu001The legs looked a to be improving, though. Arthur Itis was all calm. Colin Cramps had eased-off. It seems like Duodenal Duncan, and Diarhorrea Donald had added themselves to today’s ‘Issues’ list, to worry about, and giving me grief! Dysthymia-Mode-Adopted!

WD 40.0.0. Typing this, made me check with the Google Calendar – Boing! The appointment is for Monday, not Friday! Double-Dysthymia-Mode-Adopted!

I added a Movicol sachet to the medications. Desperate, this was. It didn’t work when they gave it to me in the hospital, but, needs must I suppose!

WD 40.0.0. Well solemn now, down, frustrated again. Miffed, nettled, antagonised, exacerbated! Fed-up with life’s cock-ups, failures, and disappointments all seemingly coming my way! They could solve all the issues if the chemist just sent me a pack of cyanide pills!

I started to create this blog and then went on finishing the Wednesday post. Got it posted. The fingers were not so bothersome, this morning, but still annoying at times.

I made up an email to the Pharmacy, and sent it off:

WD 40.0.0. Mr (Name), A few words (or more) on my medical condition and confusion over prescription promises.

I am, as you may be aware, in rapidly decreasing health. Being diagnosed with peripheral neuralgia and dysautonomia. Then I had the stroke, which advanced the problems with peripheral neuralgia and dysautonomia. The dancing and shaking right-side of my body, foot, leg, arm, and shoulder. There is no controlling anything when it kicks off. I get confused and panicky now.
The doctor and nurses kindly arranged for me to have the blister packs delivered (You delivered the first months for me, thank you). Over the first few weeks, unfortunately, I have dropped many tablets due to the issues I have. I found myself short on the Bisoprolol tablets.
This Tuesday, I asked the Warden at the flats, Deana, to call your Pharmacy to explain what had happened, as I feared I only had a couple of the beta-blockers left now. (My hearing problems) She was told that meds would be delivered on Wednesday. Which cheered me up, and took away a worry, which was grand!
I stayed in all day Wednesday. No calls registered. My usual time from 16:00hrs for getting my head down, was gone, and I forced myself to stay awake in the hopes of getting tablets for the morning. But this morning, still no calls registered, nothing put through the door.
I do not want to moan, indeed in the past, I have rightly praised your services on the web. But I am now getting panicky and confused this morning, and a little miffed.
With the electricitified fingers, lack of sensation in them, etc. it had taken me well over an hour to type this message, with all the corrections needed.
I will get in touch (and hope I do not miss any medicine delivery, Oh dear!) with Warden Deana, and ask her to call you, so she can let me know what is happening.
Sorry, to bother you.

Gerry Chambers

What do you think? (I tried to make it as uncomplaining sounding as I could.)

I sent some of the blogs photos off to Pinterest. Then got on with this post. I took time out, to clear the computer bin. Duodenal Donald is still annoyed with me.

I went on the WordPress Reader section.

4Thu05I just about had time to go to add the photos to the Facebook page, then got the Ablutions sorted out.

After the per diem struggle with sock-glide (it was a draw!), I got the medium length bamboo socks on. The legs look so much more attractive with the socks on – than off. Hehehe!

All went fairly well. Then I set out for a hobble to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, shed. To try to ask Deana to ring about the medications.

As I hobbled along Chestnut Way, Deana was just popping out to visit a tenant in my block. No problem with that, I went into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ.  Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

Where Julie asked what the problem was. Then she phoned the chemist. Who (possibly lying again), said the prescriptions would be delivered this afternoon. Which is what they said last month. Then didn’t turn, but did the next day… at nearly 20:00hrs! Knowing full-well that I get my head down from 16:00hrs to 18:00hrs, but I must not complain, not be naughty, and be bothered, they aren’t, so why make myself ill with worry. (Fair enough the lack of the medication for the ticker may kill me? But then I can come back spiritually, and take my revenge. I’m sure I’d be more suited to that existence).

Mary then Chrissie came in, and a chinwag was enjoyed. Dean returned to find that Julie spoke with the chemist. I did ask if she could ring them again and ask them if it is possible, could they delivery any earlier. But no go, so I departed. Over the road and a natter with some tenants waiting for the bus. I could not go out yet again for another day, thanks to the lying Carrington Pharmacy staff, misleading yet again. The place, after two years or more, is about to be stripped and the contents moved over the road to the Windwood Court building, today I think. To new facilities, eventually. A podiatrist, hairdresser, Sports room, a roof-top sitting area, a nurses room, new holding-cells (Hehe!), and about 40 new extra-care flats.

4Thu05aI decided to take a walk, a gentle, steady amble, to the dead-end of Chestnut Way, to photograph an area I’ve not done before. I took this picture on the left, of the entrance to the new Winwood Court and office facilities.

As I pottered about for the first time ever, down the dead-end garages, to take some photographicalisations, my mind had an eschatological moment. Possibly assisted by the attitude of the Pharmacist, not being bothered in the slightest by my having to miss two doses of the beta-blockers cause of his failed promise to deliver them on Wednesday (He can go forth and multiply. I will try to change chemists ASAP!). But, I decided within moments of my deep thinking, that all tellurians, especially of the humankind, should be terminated. That would at least gives me an advantage over others for the first time in my life.  For them, well, most of them will not want the world to end. Me? Que sera sera! Then I realised the way and what I was thinking! Time for some phycological help I guess. Tsk! I soon returned to my usual, leaning toward my regular senile, passive, chronically depressed old self, though. And started to take some photographicalisation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu10The excellent windows being fitted in the Winwood Extra Care Court. And the outside entrance for Woodthorpe Court, on Chestnut Way. Going in through the foyer doors, I observed that a washer was free. So I nipped up in the elevator, to get the more substantial washing. Collected it and down again and got the washing machine going.

Going back up in the elevator was a bit of a job, as workmen were using them. Not that it mattered to me. I was in no rush. Doreen came down and out. I asked her how she was, but don’t know if she answered, I think she did. Poor gal didn’t look too well, hope she’s going to be alright. Got up and by the time I had put a few photographs on the computer to use, it was back down again, to move the gear to the spin dryer. I did so, without seeing a soul. I wiped the inside of the washer drum after getting dryer going. But, Haha, as I went to get a lift back up, it took a long time. Presumably, the workmen were moving up and down and having to move their gear and tools in and out. Again, it was no sweat for me.

Back up and got the photographs on and sized. On the way down to collect the washing, I called at Josie’s and gave her one of the Tuna Fridge Pots. I’m glad she got me trying the tuna, it really is tasty, and not too pongy like some fish is. Delicious, too!

4Thu09I got down. No humanoids were about again. I removed the clobber and folded it, there was only a dressing-coat, bath towel, woolly hat, a jumper and one pair of pants, to transport into the bag on the three-wheeled-trolley. Cleaned the filter and inside the drum.

The left hand was still giving me some stick. Between the base of the fingers I wrote this, cause at the time of writing, a mind-block caused by my lethologica, knuckles was the absent word – Tsk!), and the wrist. I might have caused some injury when I had a fall on the L9 bus, or: after looking up this type of pain, it could be some kind of Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis.  (Clever stuff, yea? Haha! I looked it up on Google)

Did some more computing work, on CorelDraw to create some graphics to use later, and updating WordPress.

5Fri01I got the nosh sorted and served up.

I overdid the quantity a bit. (Not half!) Gherkins, crispy smoked streaky bacon, beetroot, fresh garden peas, various types of tomatoes, and some of the Asda chips in bacon juice. By Gawd, they are naughty but so lovely!

I wonder if any other company makes these for sale? The chips are done with the skin left on. They are saporous, palatable, scrummy, tasteful and scrumptious! (I may have overdone the praise a little there, Haha!) A tip here, if you manage to find any to try in your local Asda (Walmart); Oven cook them for longer than on the packet. I do mine for 35 minutes, to give them a crispyness! (Any more cooking tips you need, can be found at WWW.Inchcock-the-overeater.Twit/Sherwood) Hehehe!

Note the newly trialled Lemon Curd Yoghourt? Thinner than I anticipated, but not too sweet, so I may try these again. I did the washing-up

WD 40.0.0. I took off my tee-shirt and socks. Got them all in the hand-washing bowl. Left them to soak through. Back to the front room, and was about to take off my trousers, and I heard a woman’s voice beckoning from the hallway! It was a lady from the chemists, belatedly delivering my medications! It must have been a terrible sight for the gal! My short, blobby scarred body bouncing in front of her! She’s let herself in and took the med’s to the kitchen for me. I thanked her and, she got out as quickly as she could, and I don’t blame her!

A good job she didn’t come a minute or two later, or the sight that would have greeted her, would have been even more horrendous, ghastly, nightmarish and odious for her – Inchcock naked, all bar his PP’s! Makes even me shudder at the thought of it! And what a blessing that the dysautonomia wasn’t affecting the leg, arm, and shoulders at the time she came in! Imagine that if you can (although perhaps it might be safer for you not to); A decrepit, short, fat, bald, Nottingham Pensioner standing front of you, wearing only what looks like a giant nappy, stood there with his dancing and shaking all of his excess fat at you, arm and leg jerking away… No, no, too much to bear even thinking about!

So, it seemed my email might have had some effect then? For they delivered the stuff just before my usual head-down time. This was good and encouraging. I felt lightened!

I got one of the bottles of spring water with orange cordial I’d mixed and put in the fridge and got settled in the rickety recliner, to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD. I managed two, I say, Two episodes without nodding off!

Then, Zzzz!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thurs 25 July 2019: A vicambulation to take some photos of the garages, & belated Medications delivered!

  1. In the infamous pharmacy wars here, I once had to remind the pharmacist, who’d just told me they didn’t have what needed on hand, that it was good this specific vitamin (for people on dialysis) was just a vitamin instead of something I’d die without. “Oh, we have it on order…” Well, I’m not the only person in this town on dialysis or prescribed that vitamin, so why can’t you anticipate having the appropriate supply in inventory and on order? “Hunh??” No system for inventory control apparently. Or one that needs a tune up. Maybe I should offer to help them! (“Look, you little SOB,” I say, looking up to this tall fellow, “If you can’t do the job, I’ll give it to my two cats!”)

    Good luck with your pharmacy wars~!

  2. You finally got you meds, a few chinwags, a bit of a walk and some photos. Quite a good looking meal.

    • Thanks, Tim.
      My EQ tells me you have some agitation lurking about in your life at the moment?
      I hope things get clarified andsorted soon, Sir.
      Your butterfly post still lingers in my mind. Special one that was, a jealousy prompting effort of the highest order. You amaze me with your photographicalisationing skills.
      Cheesy potatoes for Josie today. (I hope, if not it will be tomorrow)
      The chilli along with the Mivicon seem to be working at last. I nearly got caught out this morning, and didn’t get to the Throne on time! Hehehe!
      Hello and best wishes to your good lady, and a bit of ether fuss for the furries.
      TTFNski, taketh care.

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