Inchcockski – Sun 16 Aug 2020: A day of insomnia, aporia, and irresoluteoscillating!

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Sunday 16th August 2020

Greek: Κυριακή 16 Αυγούστου 2020

04:05hrs: Woke, in a ‘Widdendream’ state of mind, and took a few moments for the brain to engage-gear and pondered, over expectancies, fears and consternation’s, that lay ahead. But the need for the Porcelain Throne, soon put an end to that little plan.

As I got freed from the rickety second-hand, £300, c1968 recliner, and got the feet down to catch my balance, it looked like the leg ulcer was trying to flare up again. A little itchy and painful this time, as I got Metal Micky (the four-pronged walking stick) and wobbled off, certain that I must have been nocturnally eating again, seeing the empty nibble bags as I made my way to the wet-room.

As I plopped down on the raised WC seat, the Furunculosis problems at the rear-end showed their displeasure, with a few sharp stingings! Humph! However, the evacuation was the easiest I’ve coped with for a few days. Aha, a smidge of good fortune! Shame the dang boils are so tender!  Cribblebogangonies! Washed and cleaned up, applied some antiseptic cream to the furuncles. And off to the kitchenette.

The view from the light & view-blocking, thick-framed, kitchen windows, was one of a depressing nature. Mist and showers! A zemblanity. A combination that may well bring forth rain later, of a severe kind, methinks, (Or not).

I got the kettle turned on, and dug out the sphygmomanometer from the medical drawer, which revealed some satisfactory results for once. I avoided going into any sort of Smug-Mode! The thermometers were still not operational.

I made the brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. As I went to pick up the small mug, the left hand, no, right-hand fingers started dancing of their own accord! Painfully too, in the joints. Osteoarthritis, I believe, is coming on.

Well, it’s only fair to give my old friend Rheumatoid Arthur Itis (Knees), a bit of company. I’ll have to think of a name for this new ailment? What about Ozzie Arthur Itis? No, too long. I could do with making some of the current names a bit shorter as well. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley are in line for being reduced, if I can think of shorter replacements. Takes me yonks to type them! Hahhaha!

I set about the updating of yesterday’s post. Ozzie Arthur Itis was giving some trouble as I typed. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley were only a bit of bother, now and then. So, I got the job done in a reasonable time for once. Posted it off, emailed the link, and went on the WordPress Reader.

Then onto a much interrupted by wee-weeing, Facebooking catch-up. Ordered some milk from Amazon, in individual-serving sleeves. I took a look at the weather from the balcony.

Then I made another brew, Thompsons Punjabi, and had a peep out of the kitchenette window. Still bleak.

I viewed the emailed ‘Your Area’ news, report. It showed some details of the Corona Virus situation, but they had now changed the layout format.

No doubt taking the Total Cases number off, replacing it with only news cases, on the instructions of the Government, who would sooner highlight 22 new cases, and not not the actual 1,166, or the 4498 for Nottinghamshire. It looks better! Hehehe! I’ve been in Sherlock Holmes Mode!

The reduction of 5% in Nottingham crime figures is not surprising, we have so few officers left to respond. So this figure I believe is Reported Crime, many folks don’t bother reporting it nowadays, I think it’s becoming almost an expected facet of life.

Then, I got the Ablutions tackled. A phenomenal reduction in dropsies this morning. Why I’m not sure. Shirley and Nicodemus were both behaving a lot better, is the only reason I can think of. Unfortunately, there were two toe-stubbings, and I banged my elbow while losing balance putting the PPs on. Gleefully, the medicationalisationing also went easily. I’m beginning to worry, this is not natural!

I got my Chef’s hat on, metaphorically and in reality, that Sister Jane bought for me! Hehehe! And started prepping Josie’s Sunday lunch.

I was accompanied by Herbert’s knock, bang and, clunking! (I wish I knew what it is he’s building!)

I did my impression of Gordon Ramsay, and although I say it myself, I thought I did a half-decent job of the nosh and extras on Josie’s plate. The cheesy potatoes I was well pleased with. I used the usual Leicester grated cheese, added salt and a drop of Sainsbury’s balsamic vinegar (the mortgage should be repaid eventually). Halved some of the Vittorio tomatoes, sprinkled some onion salt on them, and Surimi sticks, fresh garden peas, a mixture of Tuna and egg mayonnaise, red grapes, and gherkins. An apple and desserts on the tray with a can of pink G&T.

I delivered it on time, 12:00 on the dot! I think Josie felt a bit awkward accepting it today. She asked what she can get me in return again. Once more, I said as long as you give me a smile, and enjoy the nosh, that’s all I need! She gave me a smile!

Back to the flat, and got the clothes (shirt, slippers and trousers) off. Well, I could hardly take her the food with only my PPs on, Hahaha!)

Gawd, Herbert was giving it some hammer again! Sounds like he’s in his kitchen this time. 

I checked the emails and messages. Viewed and answered some comments.

 Hello, Herbert’s back in his front room with the noise now, straight above me!

I’m getting tired now, but it is essential that I do not fall asleep. Else I might miss the order arriving from Morrison’s. 

I settled to watch some TV with sub-titles, so I didn’t miss hearing the intercom. And it was a hell of a battle not to nod-off. I opted to get the fodder prepared and eaten, this should keep me awake for a while. Despite my weariness, I enjoyed this. Flavour-Rating 7/10. Please note the slightly less than usual amount of fodder on the plate. Smug-Mode-Engaged! Hehe!

Put the things in the washing up bowl to soak, and got back down in the c1968 recliner, and found something with subtitles to watch, but had to be cautious of not drifting off. When it came to 17:30hrs, I was well pleased with my ‘Stay-Awake’ tactics…

Then, it dawned on me, the delivery was due, twixt 18:30>19:30. Not 17:30>18:30nrs! Keeping conscious was a devil of a job. I was struggling with it… eye-lids drooping and the intercom sounded. (A good job it did then, too!) I admitted the delivery driver and got the facemask on. Off to the door to await his arrival. The chap put the bags through the doorway for me, thanked him, slipped him a can of G&T, then I got the bags into the kitchen. Not many there I thought?

I got them unpacked and had a look at what’s what.

I got the fresh stuff put away in the fridge, and found it was not cram-packed like it usually gets when I have a delivery. I’m getting betterer in not over-ordering? I mused!

The Sourdough and Cheese muffins, after a bit of re-juggling, or even re-jiggling about to make a space, only just fitted in the freezer with the orange lollies.

Then, I spotted the large bag of frozen mixed casserole vegetables. Had I made another cock-up again? There was no way that they would fit in the freezer anyway, not that I wanted or needed them.

I’d bought some chocolate and treats for Jenny, by way of a thank you. So I put all three in a bag, then phoned the good lady, to tell her I was coming down with the nibbles. I know that Jenny will make use of them, also that she will help others in genuine need. ♥

The gal recognised how late it was for me to be up and about (She’s clever you know, and caring!), she thanked me, my pleasure, and back up to the flat I trudged.

I took a snap of the evening’s weather, through the light & view-blocking, thick-framed, kitchen windows, washed the pots and put them to drain, and made for the £300, second-hand, rickety recliner; in search of Sweet Morpheus!

What a failure that was! I ended up nibbling, miserable and annoyed that I was so worn-out and tired, but sleep did not come for many more hours!

I’ve become a terribly affected insomniac. I don’t like it! Humph!

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  1. IT is a veritable font of philosophical ponderings. From A to Z today.
    from aporia (An expression of deliberation with oneself regarding uncertainty or doubt as to how to proceed).
    to zemblanity (the inexorable discovery of bad things, the opposite of serendipity), a curious connection to the Russian chain of islands Novaya Zemlya. Our late great cat Monty had a white splotch on his forehead that looked just like those islands. A favorite site, atlas obscura, point out that it was a Soviet nuclear testing ground as well:
    Hey, hehe. Looks like I’ve also been in Sherlock Holmes Mode!

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