Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th August 2020: I quodlibetificated with my own brain today. And, lost! Hehehe

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Saturday 15th August 2020

Croatian: Subota, 15 Kolovoza 2020. Godine

04:30hrs: I woke to find the room light was still on. The ankle ulcer had changed overnight in appearance? I wondered if I’d been nocturnally meandering, walking, wandering, or wee-weeing? No signs of anything else unusual?

Up and off to the wet room without any delay, and I was amused (if that’s the word), to find a complete opposite mode of release—an RSP (Reluctant-Sprinkly-Painful) effort. The PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble), was very testing of my patience. But I kept my cool about it and even sang to myself as I washed and went off to the kitchenette. Smug Mode Adopted!

Then, Four-Pronged Metal-Mickey nearly had me over en route, though. My own fault, trying to carry the camera and the grey bucket as well as using the four-pronged walking stick. No real harm was done, I just added another bruise to the arm. Hehehe! 

I took a snap through the new thick-framed, light & view-blocking, kitchen windows, that were designed by someone with a hatred of old people, (it is impossible to gain access for cleaning for old folk who are not agile and have to use death-defying step ladders, to reach!). They may have hatred or a phobia of photographers and or lack of common sense, as well.

  But, of course, it doesn’t bother me, in the slightest. I enjoy falling off of the step ladder, stubbing my toes, and laying in a heap on the floor for a few days. Living off of scraps of teabags, as I could reach in the waste bin while waiting for someone to help me get back up off of the floor. Hahaha!

Where was I? Oh, yes, I hid my bodily mass behind the bit where the handles are located and left the light on to see if I could get any reflections of interest.

The sphygmomanometerisationing revealed some decent readings this morning. The small thermometer flashed a figure up on display for once, too quick to read it though, then showed ‘Low’, and died a death! I really must open it and see which replacement batteries I need to get.

I got the long-sleeved t-shirt in the bowl, soaking in Surf. Note the size of the flamming great bottle I bought! I’m not sure, but I have a feeling I might have ordered another one on the Sainsbury order due this morning? Surely not? But perhaps?

I put the bottle in front of my young, Arnold Schwarzenegger-like, ripped, taut, strong, healthy, muscular body. I hid the injection scars behind the Surf. Otherwise, people might think I’ve been using steroids to get this Herculean, shredded, mesomorphic, as healthy as a horse, well-honed body.  Yes, I was joking. Hahaha!

I got onto the computer. Checked the calendar, Sainsbury order to be arriving between 0730 > 08:30hrs this morning. Downloaded some photographs, and worked on updating yesterday’s diary. Getting it done and posted, eventually.

Then realised I needed a template, so I copied one and worked on it. Then found that the Friday post had gone off in the ether and been replaced with this one! After all the hours, efforts, and pains gone through to create it in the first place, I was sickened with myself! Self-loathing flowed, for my stupidity, and not knowing what I did wrong, soon got Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald going within minutes! I was in a sad state!

I stewed, cursed, and went into a right glum mood! After a while, I decided to just put the photographs I had left, and a few notes on another post. All those hours of work lost! Copied a job again, and the categories and tags, did not appear? Well, pee’d-off now!

Off to take some extra Peptac and painkillers, and make a brew of Assam Extra Strong, which was a bit weak? I tried to calm down! Not very successfully!

I emailed the link! Pinterested some snaps that I could still access, and went on the WordPress reader section. Anne Gyna is still stinging away! Although, Duodenal Donald was easing off a bit.

The enthusiasm began to return, but I still hopped off to make another brew, of Glengettie this time, to replace the one that had gone cold. Took a photo of Chestnut Walk below the flats.

Then, I went to get the ablutions were sorted out. And did so with fewer dropsies and Whoopsies than I have in a long time. However, good timing again, just like yesterday, I needed to utilise the Porcelain Throne first. What a marathon! Constipation Conrad ensured it was well over ten minutes before any movement started! And when it did, the continuous pain was pretty bad! Still, I had some crosswording done, at least. Fungleboggles!

As for the medicationalisationing, its never gone better! Smug Mode-Developing! Back to the computer. As I began to update this post, the Sainsbury delivery chap rang the intercom I let him in, and he arrived at the door a couple of minutes later with the bags for me. Decent sort of bloke, we had a mini-natter as he put the things for me through into the hallway.

Incredible, how much less fodder you can buy from Sainsbury’s for the same price as elsewhere! Tsk!

I soon got the things stored away. The usual ‘Why did I order that’ situations were discovered. Such as: Why did I get more lemon-bliss, when I have two packs in the fridge already? And unbelievably, I’d bought another £5 bottle of Surf! Tsk! Klutz!

Surimi sticks, new potatoes and fresh garden peas for nosh later, methinks? With some lemon bliss and fresh orange juice! Sounds good to me!

I got the potatoes in the crock-pot and went on the Facebooking next.

Brother in law, Pete rang. Nice to have a natter, even if his £2000 new latest model phone sounds all scratchy, braking-up, and keeps fading. (Jealous? Me? Yes! Hahaha!) We had a good natter, and his treatment mark11 is taking place at the City Hospital on Monday. Again, all the bestest, Pete!

The radiation treatment is causing his hair to fall out as they warned him it might. He later sent me this photo. taken this morning, after the lad’s shower. He’ll end up like me shortly! I suggested a wig-search might be a good idea. Hehehe!

He seems to be taking things in his stride, bless his cotton socks. More radiation on Monday, and some new treatment as well. Let’s hope things go as well as they can for the man who helped me when I was the hospital, after having the stroke and nicked all my valuables. I might get them back. Hahaha!

He mentioned the pathetic blog yesterday. And after we’d ended out nattering session, I delved into trying to find out what I’d done wrong, I was determined to find out! After an hour, I gave up! Went on the WordPress comment reading and replying.

Checked the spuds, they need a while longer to be fully-cooked. So, I went on CorelDraw to make some graphics up. Got two TFZer graphics done that I was reasonably pleased with. One was a new header, I’ve put in on this blog, but I’ll take it off later – one of my worst-ever-efforts! Shame!

I made a Morrison order, taking what I thought was great care in doing so. The system is complicated at this place. What a cock-up I made of it! I thought I’d arranged for the delivery for Wednesday 19th August, 0:730 > 08:30hrs. Then a pop-up screen told me that they are delivering to someone close by, and it showed the slot. Not interested, I pressed the final checkout button. They confirmed the delivery: Sunday 16th August, (get this, at 18:30 > 19:30hrs!) Thus, I now have incurred a £5 delivery charge added, and I am forced to stay awake and wait for the food to arrive, tonight! What I did wrong, I don’t know! Brunglebogs!

Time to get the nosh done. A flavour rating granted of 7/10.

The dang ‘Thought-Storms’ took over, and Sweet Morpheus was denied yet again. For hours I tried to get off to kip. Then, Red Dwarf came on the goggle-box, great, I thought! And fell asleep!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th August 2020: I quodlibetificated with my own brain today. And, lost! Hehehe

  1. Pete can join the bald brigade. I’ve been there many times from chemo. I never had radiation since lymphoma is systemic. That photo of you ripped abs behind the Surf does look really ripped. Good photographilization there. Nicely arranged meal.

    • Cheers, Sir.
      We’ve been through some stuff between us, Tim, but this isolationining is getting to me now! Tsk!
      I reckon Pete would look good being bald, a distinguished appearance? Haha! I was luvky, (funny miss-type there) lucky, having lost all my hair well before the treatment. See, I have had some luck, not-half!
      Your skills as a brilliant photograper, shine through (Humming bird my favourite, I think).
      Hahaha! The ripped Surf, that tickled me funny bone!
      Taketh care, and a bit of fuss for the furries, bet the new gals will settle quickly.
      Cheers, Sir!

  2. That depiction of you sitting on a bench and eating a sarnie is fabulous. The fully-equipped fellow on the left side is all business and you are one cool cucumber in comparison. Grand imaging, talented Sir!

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