Irkable-Inchies Diary – Sunday 7th February 2021

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Sunday 7th February 2021

Dydd Sul 7fed Chwefror 2021

23:00hrs: I woke in a confused condition, and lay there, half-hanging-out of the c1968 recliner, with paperwork all over the carpet and ottoman.

But the brain recovered and started stutteringly working. I realised that all the form-filling that arrived and needed sorting must have been on my mind while sleeping? I was probably perusing it in my sleep, which is surely impossible?

I found the resolution to rise up on my feet, catch my balance and go for the daily early morning wee-wee. It was a long trickling job, it stung a bit too. (I later checked the NHS Wee Colour Card, it was on three, which is good) During which, I decided to get on with the updating of the Saturday (Gawd, I hate weekends – I’m not all that keen on weekdays nowadays actually!) I’ve no templates done, and I still need to create some graphics to make anyTsk! The plan was to do nowt but concentrate on getting on with it!

I opened the computer, well, turned it on, and opened CorelDraw and WordPress. But my plans had to abandoned as off to the Porcelain Throne I trotted!

Precisely the same type of evacuation as yesterdays first effort: No pain, no bleeding, no mess! Grrreat! All done and washed up within a few minutes! Back to the computer.

Pressed on with finalising the Saturday diary, did well, the ailments were hardly bothering me at all? Amazing! Smug-Mode-Engaged! Got it posted off, emailed the link, and Pinterested a coup[le of snaps. Then went on Facebooking.

Set myself ready to make a template for today’s blog, got it created, and a second-calling to the Porcelain Throne arrived. (Just like yesterday?) And turned out to be another carbon copy of that 2nd evacuation like from Saturday!

Sloppy, in messy slithery dollops, stunk awful, and much bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. More time was lost in cleaning things up, but today it was not such a lousy job, cause I got to the Throne in time. Washed and disinfected, and back to the computer again.

I read and replied to the WP comments. Went on the WP Reader Section, and finally, after hours of being up, I made a start on this blog. Two-minutes later, I needed a wee-wee, washed the hands and made a brew of Co-op 99 tea.

Then, CorelDraw went to get some graphics made-up, a long job, but I enjoy doing them, oh, another wee-wee first. Started graphicationalisationing at around 03:00hrs.

Around 05:30hrs, a third Porcelain Throne session had to be tended too, and I do not kid you… it came so suddenly, straight to the wet room, and somehow, I got there, but only just in time. Trotsky Terence is now in full charge of things. I dug out and took an anti-diahorrea capsule. Then back on with the graphics.

I got the graphics done, but not until 08:50hrs! I was ready to go back to bed, Hahaha!

Seriously though, for a moment. The ‘runs’ must be connected to yesterdays bad-do when I just gave up doing anything and felt rotten. Not good anyway. Not identifiably poorly, like in a haze? I could only sit down. Now the third Throne visit in what, eight or nine hours?  Mmm? Same again, but messier! Eurgh! Had a shave and shower, which went okay.

I took a snap of the bleeding eye, I think it is looking less bloodied now!

I got Josie’s nosh prepped as far as I could, and heard a clunk? It was a parcel being put through the door, a small one in an inner box? It was the Alert Wristlets for Warfarin. Although dearer than the last ones I bought (I break them regularly you know, Tsk!), they were not very thick or wide-fitting.

I nipped back to do some work on the blog, and I had problems with the WordPress Editor. The scroll bar had disappeared, making it hard work to change colours, modes, add graphics… well, everything really. I searched on Gooogle, to find that many other people were having the same problem, the only reply to one question from WordPress only worked o the new block layout, and I can’t get my head around that at all. I tried sending for help on all three channels available from WordPress, they were either gone, dead, or turned off! I turned of the blog and put it back on, but that didn’t help, then it dawned on me – Josie’s meal!!!

I hobbled hastily and got it ready, but it was twenty minutes passed when I got it to Josie’s flat.

Still, she was on the phone to her sister, and she didn’t seem worried, bless her.

I rushed around cleaning up after the cooking, and got mu saucepan filled with peppers, peas, chilli-meatballs, sliced some sweet carrots, onions, seasoned with sea salt, Oxo meat and vegetable cubes, and a pinch of chilli powder.

I went to move the potatoes, that had been in crock-pot for around six hours, to the saucepan. But they were rock hard still? If anyone likes green or hard potatoes; I can recommend Iceland to send some!

I left the saucepan on a minimum low heat and gobbled up a banana. I felt quite honoured at Iceland, sending some fresh foo that was not sour, green, mouldy, out-of-date, and edible. I must send them an email thanking them.

I had a bit of a job getting the rubbish bags gathered and sorted into the cardboard box. Some heavy loads were in it today. BPB kicked off as I bent to pick the package up onto the trolley guide, and has been lingering on and of ever since.

Of course; this Back-Pain-Brenda agony doesn’t affect me in the slightest. No, a man who’s suffered a change of heart for a plastic and metal one, a Barium meal gone wrong, a burst duodenal ulcer, been shot twice, fell of the back of a lorry on the A52, had a 100% record in his squash games, boxing matches, (he lost every one). The got Peripheral Neuropathy, a leg ulcer, and next, a stroke, and still didn’t complain later in life when he got Saccades, started stuttering, and was diagnosed as diabetic. No, a little thing like BPB isn’t going to bother me, oh, no… Well, maybe a bit then! Hahaha! Even when I got to the chute-room and trapped my knuckle on the cast iron drop lid, I merely laughed it off. Ahem!

On my hobble back to the flat in the lift lobby, the silent suddenly hit me.

In there, I could not hear the blasted ‘Hum’, or any of the machinery noises either, which were there when I got back in the apartment, of course?

It dawned on me that I had not taken the afternoon medications, nor had I done the Health Checks, either! So, I did! The SYS reading may impress Tim Price, 147, Dia 71, Pulse 95 – Grrreat! I can report to Tim, I took them very late in the day, and after three Throne-dumps!

Or was it four? Ha!

Time to get something to eat, the Inchy-made nosh of, Meatballs, onions, sweet carrots, potatoes (canned ones now), peas, black beans, parsnip, and yellow pepper. Riskily flavoured with chill powder, sea salt, squid vinegar and vegetable and meat Oxo cubes. It smells pleasant enough from where I am in the next room… Crickey, I have to go check it in case…

All okay, it’ll be ready in a while, five or ten minutes methinks. Had a spoon of the mix, the onions are terribly tough (thanks again to Iceland), everything else seems fine and dandy.

The meal looked a treat, a delight, appealing… but it wasn’t! The expensive sweet tomatoes had not cooked and were too hard to eat easily, I picked them out and dished them. The roll was a smidge stale tasting, I dished them. Everything else tasted fine… apart from the well in date lemon yoghourt, that had gone off! So, I dished it! Overall taste: 7/10. I put the things to soak in the sink.

A quick look to see if owt worth watching on the bo and, then getting washed and changed into the jammies. Then a prayer for Josie not to wake me again this week. She didn’t bless her! 

I turned the TV on, and then I nodded off. Woke ten-minutes later, thinking it was time to get up! As I struggled to get free of the recliner, it dawned on me what time it was, and I plonked back down in the chair. Minutes later, I was in the land of nod again, dreaming about a river in New Mexico, and searching for my lost camera, which had a 2-foot long lens extension? Two owls hooted as I passed them by. Other things happened, but no idea what now? I think I know where this dream came from, a site on WordPress. I woke again, thinking that a few minutes had passed, and four hours had!

Got up for a wee-wee…

12 thoughts on “Irkable-Inchies Diary – Sunday 7th February 2021

  1. That is one bloody bloody eye you have there. That’s quite a banana, also. That’s a right decent looking pot of CCC.

    • Cheers, Sir,
      Struggling to see now, everything is taken sooo long get done. Hey-ho!
      Hope allwell out in the bosque… if thats the right spelling.

  2. From my own recollections of the bloody eye: it is looking better, should mostly disappear quite soon now. Speaking from owt rather than nowt, the redness has subsided to a betterer shade of red. “A good sign” is my opine.
    That banana looks like it has been sculpted. You could add some red food coloring on a piece of bread or potato to represent the right eye, a piece of bread or potato *without* the red food coloring to represent the left eye. While you’re at it, add a hat, a couple ears, a nose, and a mouth constructed from nosh items. Today’s CCC might contain all the body parts you need to build a proper sculpture.

    • Hahaha, advice and suggestions to ponder,. Haha!
      Struggling here cocker. With Saccades Sandra playing up as well, the headaches just lke last time I had this eye problem, are getting worse. I need so much more time to get things done, even shaving, getting dressed, and of cause, typing.
      If one of the other ailment gang start off, I could be in a pickle!
      Moan over, sorry about that.

      • Moans, groans, and koans are all given time on this vital organ of a publication, particularly as they now seem to happen simultaneously. You have a lot of issues to cover as editor-in-chuff of this esteemed organ. Your readers find a fine forum for their discussion, if not their solution.
        Keeping Kovid out of our various residences becomes kritical.

      • Not familiar. But being as it came from the original Mission Impossible, no problem, I loved that series, don’t see them on the box anymore.
        Merci fr the info, reat advisor, Billumski!

      • Gellerese was peppered all through scenes, it was always a great game to guess the Geller. Fun stereotypes on that series. 🙂
        Advisorily yers,

      • I love it when the goodies win, Billum!
        The flaming ‘Hum’ has had its volume put up again an hour or so ago, driving me bonkers! We, maybe not. Hehehe!
        The snow has stopped falling, and I’m sabout to take me (a guess this) fifteenth wee-wee, might be more. Hey-ho!

        My advisoralisticalness, thank you,
        Blow it, I’ll make myself a brew.
        No tea for a hour, that makes me feel blue,
        I might visit Mr G, education to accrue,
        Although my remaining brain cells are few,
        I forgot what I was going to do…
        Ah, a cuppa, see ya later bless you!

      • Very satisfying when the goodies win, sometimes against all odds, sometimes with a hat trick even.
        We were forecast to receive 1 to 3 inches, but got 10 inches. More to arrive this weekend. Hey, it may as well arrive on the most miserable day o’ the week: Sunday. Snow and Sunday were made for one another. The dastard day be Sunday.
        A cuppa can revive the most devilishly delayed proper tea. that is just how it be, mon ami. 🙂

      • Go on, cheer me up, Billum! Hahaha!
        Pattie in Canada said on the Facebook that it was -35°c where she lives out in the sticks, snow covered ice underneath, posted a video of her niece throwing hot water up in the air, and was ice when it landed on the floor! Cor! And I thought -3°last night was cold… Brrr!
        I’ll have a look to see what the forecast is for Friday, I’m dreading going out if its snowing or icey, I can slip over just looking at it, Oh, dearie me!
        Reviving tea, I see,
        For this advice is there any fee?
        I appreicate it greatly,
        Snow, can I go for a ski?
        Sunny? will it be?
        Crikey, of for another pee!

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