Inept Inchie – Wednesday 17th February 2021 Diary

TFZer Prizegiving Ball – Damned Covid-19! Hehe!


Wednesday 17th February 2021

Italiano: Martedì 17 Febbraio 2021

Been up all night, since giving up on my attempts at getting some sleep: Colin Cramps, Coughing, Shivering and Thought Storms put an end to the search for Sweet Morpheus.

I had a wee-wee, then got another bottle of spring water, the throat was dry and sore. I think te taste-buds have gone on strike again. The brew of Glengettie was undrinkable. An irony taste, and despite not having a meal yesterday, I had no desire for food.

I went to empty, clean and sanitize the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), and found a letter had been posted. It was from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, re the new Coronavirus, can and can’t do details and instructions. Telling me to continue to stay at home in lockdown, until 31st March 2021.

Fancy that!

I cleaned the bucket and returned it to near the computer for later use. Then got the Pre-Dump (Thanks to Tim Price for this terminology, Hehe!), got the Health Checks done. Gotten Himmel! What a change again. The SYS had gone down to 121. Never been lower. DIA 68. and PULSE at only 80. The Chinese (Hong Kong) made, by, Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd, contactless thermometer, was in the green again, with 36.8°c-98.24°f, might be smidge high, but much lower than the last two readings taken.

I started and persevered with the updating of the Tuesday blog. The ailments were being kind to me, just a lack of concentration delayed me to start with. Then Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters started to become intermittent, and I lost a lot of time, forever making errors and correcting things.

Got it finished, had an SP wee-wee (Short-Powerfull) type, which had a long, frustrating PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling) follow-on. Posted off the diary, emailed the link, and viewed and read the WordPress reader section. Facebooking, then I pondered on whether to make a brew or not… but the irony taste in the throat was still there.

The dreaded ‘Hum’, suddenly became much louder. How the poor devils with good hearing can cope with it, I don’t know.

I went on CorelDraw to do some graphic catching-up. Within a few seconds, the innards tightened, no gurgling, just a stabbing pain.

So, off to the Porcelain Throne, I hobbled. Nothing happened! I was sat sitting there, praying that Constipation Konrad would be kinder this time to me this time… but other than a little wind, that actually hurt when it escaped, the crammed-full innards contents refused to budge! Tsk! 

I gave up and went to get the 2nd Health Checks done. Cor blimus! The SYS had gone down even further, to 112, now!?!?! DIA down to 64, and the PULSE 84.

The body temperature on the reliable Chinese (Hong Kong), made by, Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd, contactless thermometer, was in the RED now! 37.7°c – 99.86°f! This has been up and down now, for weeks, since I caught this cold, or whatever it is. According to Mr Google, this morning I’ve got hypotension and hypertension at the same time?

I still don’t fancy a brew, so onto CorelDraw to do some graphic catching-up.

Many hours later, I’d managed to cobble-together about six graphics, two TFZ and four ‘Thoughts’. Now to get the templates started. I scanned the YourAream Emagazine for owt of interest. The Covid-19 latest figures. Mapperley and Gedling are introducing Covid Marshals on the streets, to check that people are wearing their facemasks when shopping!

On with the templating. A slow, slog, many slip-ups, silly errors made, and no wee-weeing at all! Failing at both ends in the evacuation stakes – No wonder, the innards are giving me some stick. The chances are as the pressure increased, I’ll likely explode of summat. Hahaha!

I replied to some emails… had a rare wee-wee, of the SSPV (Short-Sharp-Painful-Variety), no pre or post dribbling. But I noticed that the colour was that of the unhealthy number-four option on the NHS record card. ‘Dehydrated’.

Off I poddled to get the ablutions seen to. Started earlier today, so I can take my time and make sure the wall heater is on first and the room snugly warm – I don’t want the shivering to start again. I remember how damned cold it was in there yesterday, and the sweating warm started, and it toyed with me for the rest of the day, must avoid that, if I can. Got the heater on, and did the handwashing, all done, rinsed, wrung and hung above the sink, back to the wet-room. The Hum suddenly came much loader for some reason. So loud!

The ablutions were done, and some concerning, but not a lot, discoveries were made. The old heart op scars had become very vivid. Arthur Itis and particularly Cathy Cartilage knees were looking a bit tattered and battered?

I dropped both razors at the same time. No mean fete! And I was annoyed at myself and shot down a little too quickly to retrieve them. I went over and hit my cheek against the deadly unused sock-glide! A conclamation of inner voices burst forth… Idiot, Pillock, Pratt, and much worse curses flowed. Getting back up was a challenge and a half!

On all fours to the shower chair, and somehow or other I manipulated my onerously over-bellied body back up onto the now oh, so painful knees and legs. Got the job finished, between even more swearing and self-loathing comments uttered. By the time I’d failed again to pass anything on the Porcelain Throne (Somethings got to give soon?), I was a physical wreck. Hehehe!

I made an order for Iceland, due in the morning twixt 06>08:00hrs. I phone Deana, and Sister Jane phoned me. Can’t remember much of either call, sorry.

I spent hours and hours on Template making and graphics, proper industrious I was!

It took a lot of effort on the part of my poor old confused brain, and lots of mind-rubbish was desarcinated and deracinated along the way. Which eventually was too much, and the Template making had to stop, just too many thought-Storms were being prompted – Most of self-disgust and personal shame, past and present.

I got the made in Myanmar (Burmese), maroon zip-up jacket hand-washed, done, rinsed, freshened, and hung to dry above the kitchen sink.

I took this photograph of the Chestnut Walk car park from the kitchenette window. And felt the need to settle and try to unwind a little.

But, first, something to eat had to be arranged.

A canned chilli, with tinned potatoes, seemed an easy option, and it was, too.

After eating, I ate most of it, I planned to get the pots washed, sit quietly for an hour or so, and see how I felt. Which I did

Boy, oh, boy… I drifted off into the sweet land of nod in no time… waking up… ready for this? Seven hours later! The body must have been ready for this marathon?

11 thoughts on “Inept Inchie – Wednesday 17th February 2021 Diary

  1. Eye eye, those are some excellent BP readings, but you eye looks terrible. You got something going on that your body is fighting with fevers and sweating. At least you can still eat a decent bowl of CCC.

    • Eye eye, red-eye, I see. Hehe!
      Bloods almost gone again now, mate. I can’t weigh it up.
      Suddenly the BP comes good? Same yesterday, too.
      Glad I read this when I did, Sir – it reminded me of a can of Stagg American Vegetarian Chilli I’ve got to try yet, so I put it in the saucepan, added some red beans, oxo cubes and passata, added some Basil and chilli powder. that will my nosh later one. I had a taste of it after mixing it up well,not too hot, I reckon I’ll enjoy this one.
      Hope things have calmed down a tad for you, Sir.

  2. Good to see the Covid monitors looking for the maskless, they do not merely monitor red masks, as I understand the mission statement. Speaking of red, the red in the right eye looks much improved. Red monitors up the kazoo these Covidish, pandemical days.

    • Ah, red links, Sir! Mayhaps I can find red masks to order and go along with the bruises, eye furuncle? However, this morning I had to have a good look to find any red in it, but the itching is returning, and reading anything is a prob;em now, with Saccades Sandra active again. Tsk!
      I wish we could dentists, mine lies to and ignores me betterer than most.
      Pandemically speaking… I’ve forgot what I was going to say now, it tok me that long typing.

      • Your dentist also sounds like a semi-reformed Nazi. As likely to fill your eyeball with novocaine as yer gums. Liars and ignorers by nature, training, and foul disposition. Torturing tskers is wot they be, in my opine.

      • The Dr. Mengeles rule the day while their victims rue the day. Astonishing how all these “nice” people got to the top at the loss of so very many who were tortured and exterminated. The US military hired quite a few talented rocket scientists who built their missiles using slave labor. How many eggs cracked to make how many omelets?

      • It’s worrying, Billum. I watched a documantarty on how the US protected three scientists who worked om the Dooglebugs, all got a new identity and cash for like in 1959.

      • I was a 12-year-old in 1959, watched all the rocket-science stuff on TV. Werner von Braun was a rock(et) star on Disney. They paid me $2 every two weeks to deliver papers but did not offer me a new identity. 1959 was also a slide-rule and logarithm year for me. 🙂 🙂

      • Ah, I didn’t have access to a TV back then in 1959. Mother had done just started her longest runaway session, four years this time. Of course that was end of the four week old telly, dad sent it back. He wouldn’t let me watch it anyway.
        It was a learn how not to learn anything, apart from survival at school.
        You little memory prompter! Hehe!

      • I am indeed a memory prompter. TV sets were repaired at home, a technician would set the TV on the floor and we got to see all the high-voltage stuff. One time, the repairman turned to obtain a tool and the hammer at his belt proceeded to burst the cathode-ray tube.
        Survival skills are something that must be well-toned if you are the most bullied kid in the class, particularly when the teacher is the chief bully. Worra a memory!

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