Incubi Inchie -Tuesday 16th Feb 2021 Diary


Tuesday 16th February 2021

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 16eg Chwefror 2021

2230hrs: Woke, so happy that Colin Cramps attacks least night, were far shorter than they have been, and I’d managed to get about four or five hours in the arms of Sweet Morpheus.

Almost on automatic-mode, I got up caught my balance and took a wee-wee. Vicious it was, no idea why. The volume of it nearly almost took the bucket from my grip!

Then, I did the pre-dump Health Checks. A big difference today. The Boot’s Sphygmomanometer readings were better, the SYS 137, DIA 70 and the PULSE 87bpm. That looked good to me.

The Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd, contactless thermometer, offered a reading of 37.4°c – 99.32°f. A smidge high, I thought, but less than it had been yesterday.

I got the morning medications taken. And cracked on with the updating of Monday’s diary. Got it done (Not a lot left to do), posted it off, sent the email link, Pinterested a snap or two, and went on Facebooking catch-up.

Then had to make up a template (this one) for today’s diary. Got this far with it, and checked the WP comments. Then started the next template. It was becoming a grind, as my concentration was letting me down terribly.

Then, I had a summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room.

CW02: I sat, and just one that this was going to be a Constipation Konrad event. I got a couple of clues answered, then the motion began. Grindingly slowly, eventually, the action finished. I stood and looked at the red, and dark brown nuggets, with white spots in amongst the cam filled bowl. No blood flowed, though! I had to refill the tank by hand four times to get it to clear fully. A relief came over me that at last after so long, things had moved at least. Then as turned from washing…

: There on the floor were some of the smaller nuggets! Hazlenut sized, that must have either came out as I dropped the pants, or after I’d stood back up. It was embarrassing either way.

Made the first brew of Glengettie, and updated this diary, then onto the template making again. But remembered to do the Post-Dum,p Health Checks! SYS up, DIA down, as was PULSE.

  The body temperature from earlier had shot up into the red area, at 38.5°c – 101.3°f – which was not good at all! If I remember, I’ll retake it again later on, and if it is still high, I’ll phone 111 and ask for advice.

On ith the slow job of doing the templates again. I’ve got this one, and Wednesday’s was done, so I’ve got Thursday’s now. Did Fridays, and now need to make some more graphics, so, onto CorelDrawing.

Stopped to get the ablutions done, a stand-up job, cause I was shivering a bit again, and made sure I’d got some warm clobber to put on, afterwards.

The teeth cleaning was painful, more bits fallen off of the molar. The saving was made hard work, between SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) and SS (Shaking Shaun) they did a good job this morning, of cocking things up. No sooner had I stopped shaving, SSS and SS both disappeared? Tons of dropsies and three tiny nicks. I was still getting the odd shivering bout.

I made a brew of Glengettie, it still doesn’t taste right, you know, Tsk!

I retook the temperature. It was lower than the first two goes, so maybe it’ll be okay. 36.9°c – 98.42°f.

I did a quick update on this blog, and then checked the delivery time ETA of the Lemon Puff biscuits due today. They haven’t been dispatched yet. I wanted to see Deana, see if she’s not too busy and ask her to ring the Doctors for me. Ah, well!

Back on CorelDraw to make graphics. Got a couple done, and Sister Jane rang. We chatted for a few minutes, mostly me moaning about feeling so bad again, Hehehe! She had to shoot off for her second Covid-vaccination.

I decided I’d close the computer down, and get myself sat-down with a quilt over me. I’ve got the thermal hat on, the massive but usually warm XXL PPs on, and the heating is on, but I still keep getting the shivers. If I can fall asleep, that sounds like a good idea…

The mobile phone burst into life. It was Warden ILC, Deana. Checking on how I was. I moaned about the fools expecting me to cope with the self-test kits, and chuntered on about the shivering, coughing and sore throat. Anyway, I’ve to stay in the flat for seven more days. Which is going to get mucky – how do I get rid of my waste-bags? Fed-up!

Got a bottle of spring water on the ottoman, no desire for any food yet. Took the evening medications early, just in case I fall asleep. (Fat chance, with Colin Cramps performing!) Turned off the computer, and went into ‘Morbid-Mode’.

Gave up trying to sleep, got up for a wee-wee, and stayed up.

16 thoughts on “Incubi Inchie -Tuesday 16th Feb 2021 Diary

  1. You are early on your post today. It seems like activity spikes your temperature, but at least it went back down that’s a good sing. I hope Deana can ring the doctor for you.

  2. The disposition of the not-yet-dispatched Lemon Puff Biscuits is an issue, but I am confident that arrival by close-of-business Friday will see these puffs stuffed into a pantry already packed to overflowing.
    Well, I am not the only person chuntering about those coughs and sneezes. The weather in these climes is perfect for the development of coughs and sneezes. Please send my good wishes and hopes for betterer health to Jane, I look forward to joining her as a fellow second-jab recipient. Perhaps they will give me a sticker this time? May the Covids infect ever fewer breathers. May they find a death knell ring for each person receiving inoculations, that’s wot I be wishing.
    Morbid-mode is a very effective sleep preventative, Staying up is a common result.

  3. Lemon puff biscuits are formidable medicinal supplements for ‘wot ails yer’, wot assails yer, wot soothes the savage palate, wot balances the universe, in short: wot is wot for wot yer got. Betterer than a gallon of snake oil…make that 3 barrels 🙂

    • I can’t find where I put the lemon puffs, Bilk, just as well I’m not to eating them at the moment – but will attempt some Chilli Con Carme, passata, chick peas and some bread to soak up the fluids, is that alright with Lisa? I like to get permissions sorted out. Hehehe! ♥

      • Lemon Puffs should be between Laundry Detergent and Passata, unless misfiled.
        I always check with Lisa for permissions, else trouble threatens.
        This morning, a snow floe broke loose from atop the car and avalanched over the windshield. Worra load of damp snow. I received a high-decibel suggestion from Lisa to remove the pile up post-haste. Chop, chop!!!
        Suggestion taken. 🙂

      • Checking with Lisa, a very wise and sensible move that Billum!
        Lisa is always there with advise, I know, she told me. Hehe!
        When i was having the tling with Grizelda, I nicknamed her Obergruppenfurheress, she loved it! Another mempry invoked, Billum.

      • Lisa advised me not to drive whenever more than seven inches of snow-floe cover the windshield.
        Good to invoke a grizeldian memory, Sir.
        An eine Obergrueppenfuehrerin muss man gut zuhoeren.

      • Sensible gal!
        I always listened to her every word. not that she said a lot, but she was rather active in activities, if you know worra mean.

      • Good sense should rule the day. The highways and byways are dangerous places to visit — particularly when an avalanche can abruptly cover an entire windshield, a heavy avalanche too.

      • Quite so. Nature sends snow that accumulates on a horseless-carriage, the windshield acts as a slippery slope. Touch the brake and you set off a mighty avalanche. 🙂

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