Intangled Inchies Diary – Monday 15th February 2021

TFZer Lillie, at her weekend cottage

Inchcock Today

Monday 15th February 2021

Finnish: Maanantai 15 Helmikuuta 2021

05:00hrs: Woke up to pains from Cartilage Cathy, and where Colin Cramps had been having a go at me again, nocturnally! But, nothing, compared to the previous two nights. I drank no end of spring water yesterday, and as Tim Price says, it seemed to have helped! At least I got a few hours kip in, a decent four hours I work it out as.

As soon as I attempted to move my old aching limbs, and flobby-bellied torso from the Grotty, £300, second-hand, c1968, unsteady, not-working, incommodious, sickeningly beige-coloured, haemorrhoid-testing recliner to catch my balance. Cathy and Arthur Itis complained, and the knees were dodgy again, so I really took my time, gingerly hooked the wooden walking stick over my shoulder, and tried to walk to the kitchen, without using it. I got there without any hassle, but, as I mention, I was weary and planning my route near solid objects I could use if I did go over.

No wee-wee called for? I got the kettle on and cracked my elbow on the countertop, and calmy muttered some oath or other – good heavens, my voice was all nasal and croaky? There was mucus wanted to come out from the throat and nose, I got rid of a bit of it. But it was still better than two days ago, just the knees and Colin Cramp’s after-effects were any bothers. I talked myself into an even-keel frame of mind.

I tackled the pre-Dump Health Checks. The dependable, trustworthy, Chinese manufactured Boot’s Sphygmomanometer results were okay. SYS 161. DIA 70 PULSE 90. A good start!

In Hong Kong, the Chinese Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer returned decent reading, lit up in the green. Of 36.7°c – 98.6°f. A smidge high, but well down on what it has been some days. So, no complaints from me!

I made a brew of Glengettie, took the morning medications, and got a packet of the luxury Lemon Wafers out, for the nurse when she calls to take my blood. When she’s been, I’ll nip some down for the Jenny family, I bet Frank and Nora will love them.

The legs seemed to be regaining some muscle now, that Colin Cramps has had a ball with the legs and hands these last three nights.

I’d let the tea go cold, so I went to make another mashing. Oh, the fog falleth!

I constipated on getting the Sunday Diary updating done, I’ve got to make a template for today. It’s all go! Concentrationalistically, I pressed on and got it finished, but it took me a few hours. Thanks to Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters being so kind to me, I hope this continues for a while, Grrreat! Got it done and posted-off to WP. Then on Facebooking, but with my getting up late, it was time to get the ablutions done, before the nurse arrives.

I had to use the Porcelain Throne first. Despite my best efforts, nothing moved again, a couple of tiny meatballs, and they hurt on the way out!

The Ablutions went really well! In total, I had only six dropsies! Yes! The getting dressed was the opposite of yesterdays when I put on Tent-like new PPs. I adorned one of the blue ones, just the reverse, these were the ones sent too small a size. Things were getting a little squashed! Tsk!

I hand-washed the Afghanistani made turquoise thick-thermal long-sleeved jumper. Washed, rinsed, fabric-softened, rung and hung it up above the sink, to drip dry. The Coronvurus might be beaten by the time it dries. Hehe! 

Then, back to the Porcelain Throne, I fell confident of an evacuation this time.
Which just goes to show you
how wrong a man can be! Apart from a few more rock-hard walnut-sized lumps, a fair bit of wind, and the innards giving me some jip. Humph!

Washed, and went back to the kitchenette, the fog seemed about the same as earlier on.

I’ll have to dish these PPs, too inhibitive, far too small. Will, I ever get a pack of them that isn’t too large or too small? I bet Tena are making a fortune and clearing out there small and XXL stock! Gragfackles!

I did the Post-Dump, Health Checks.

SYS 162, DIA 71, Pulse 89, on the Boots Sphygmomanometer, manufactured by, ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) Guangdong, China.

Body temperature at 37.2°c. Which is lower than it has been for a while, but apparently, still a midge high?

I updated the XL Health Check log, and it was back to the Porcelain Throne again.

No joy, things had not loosened, they’d done the opposite I reckon. Nothing moved, but I knew there was a significantly impacted dollop in there, praying to be freed! Oh, dearie me!

I went in search if a new bob-cap, I knew was in the junk room somewhere.

After an hour or so, I found it, at last, I keep my head warm at least.

The label, a Primark one, tells me this Chinese manufactured Head Heater, hat, was 2.6 togs? I got it on straight away, snug as a bug!

I made a start on the template for today, then began to work on it.

WordPress was messing about with the picture gallery, that confused me a bit.

Four hours later, I went onto the WordPress Reader section.

I came across this photograph on the SD card. Must be another one taken in error? But when and what, beat me. Any guesses?

Time to get some sarnies made up for nosh. Oh, I’ve not seen any signs of the nurse? I double-checked on the Google Calendar – Wot a plonka! It’s next Monday! Still, I can nip the nibbles down the Jenny, Nora and Frank. So, I did.

Returned, and made up a nosh. I rather spoilt myself. Milk Roll buttered pork sarnies, being the highlight.

Flavour Rating: 8/10!

Colin Cramps visited again, but not as bad as is usual.

Sleep came belatedly, whenever Colin eased off, the Thought-Storms took over. But I managed a four-hour nod -off!



16 thoughts on “Intangled Inchies Diary – Monday 15th February 2021

  1. “Brought home the wrong husband!” that’s a really good one. Hmmm. You are up, down and all around on your temperatures. Not good. Not good at all. It would be nice if some medical types would take notice. That’s great you found your head heater. That will help when you get the chills. Excellent foggy photos and great looking dinner.

    • Bit of a gem, I thought, had me s,iling, and that’s not easy nowadays, Tim. Hehe!
      Ah, the old hat, it’s bben on my head ever since I found it… well, apart from showering. The shivers are still with me, not so often though, so fingers crossed. If Colin Cramps lets me. Tsk!
      If things haven’t improved in the morning, Sister Jane says to let her know, and she” ring em up for me! Bless her.
      Keep safe.

  2. A 2.6 TOG rating is impressive, I guess — whatever a TOG is.
    Can’t make out what the back of the head might be. Possibly one of the Woodthorpeean ghosts what materialized for a brief photo op?
    A foggish day for certain — perhaps with a 2.6 FOG rating. Hahaha!!
    A happy head-warming helps the noggin retain thoughts — cold from Canada to Mexico in the US these days. I should look for a head warmer with a proper TOG rating.
    I just found out that a TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade.

    • I did look it up once as IK recall, but I’ve forgotten what it is. Nothing nre there, then.
      The mysteries of Woodthorpe court, eh?
      Fog or tog, that is the question.
      I was about to tell you check with Lisa re the TOG.
      Tog, I’m offf to the bog. Not an easy challenge with Constipation Konrad in charge. Argh! comes to mind.
      All the the bestestest. ♥

      • The mysteries of Woodthorpe Court include the TOG and the FOG, not always in that order, mind you.
        To BLOG about the TOG and the FOG and the BOG, that be our mission.
        The FOG and the TOG and the BOG are woven together by A. Certain Conan Doyle in the apocryphal
        “Hound of the Woodthorpers.”
        We wishes you all the best of bestestests, kind Sir!

      • Thanks. cocker Billum. A smile a while.
        Taketh care, hope the vaccine mark two go well.
        Deana phoned me yesterday, wanted to know why I had not done the home Covis-Test… I might as well not give answers or tell of my problems, cause folk either forget them, or didn’t listen in the first place. Tsk!

      • Happy jabs to you, kind Sir!
        Die Menschen werden die Fragen — sowie die Antworten — gleich vergessen.
        Eines Tages vergessen wir Covid-19 ja auch. 🙂

      • Summt in ot yer say, Sir Billum. We may forget Covid-19, when we move on. Haha! I hope never to know of the Covid-19a. Covid-20, Covid 20-XLS…. then maybe Covid 21 Mark 11, and 111? Haha!
        Love to Lisa and yo and furries too.

      • We are on one of our dental holidays. Some heavy-duty work over a couple days.
        Have mask, will travel.
        Jab number 2 for Covid on Monday. May it soon be a distant thought storm.
        Our son is watching the furries in the meanwhile. 🙂

      • All the very bestest dentally speaking, Billum. Have mask will travel, Covid risky having to go out, I’ll send a Covid Warden to follow Lisa and you , Billum, as Protectors. No, I’d better not, they might arrest you both for going out!
        I can’t get the first one now, mate. Tsk!
        Are you both having it at the same time?
        Good to know the furries are being cared for.
        Keepeth safe. May your dentalisationing dilemma soon be over!

      • We wear masks, even when not robbing a bank. 🙂
        Always good to have COVID wardens around. We have to travel 75 miles to our dental amusement park. I was a volunteer for a tricky procedure that required approval by tooth experts at every step. Lisa was assigned a fellow with an evil toothside manner. Rude and arrogant he was. My dental student was fabulously attentive to every detail.
        Furries are content (and spoiled 🙂

      • You little ‘Tricky-Proceeduriser’ you! Hehe!
        I’d like to wish the uncouth, snotty at Lisa git, gets galloping nob-rot, and learns betterer manners! Git!
        Glad the furries are spoilt! Haha! It’dd only right, innit?

      • I hate to witness the way some tricksters keep advancing their careers at the expense of everyone who ends up in their offices. I told Lisa about the time you “referred” to a dentist because they were located on a more convenient floor. Logic is not one of the tools sharpened by the “expedience” seekers. Who are the “patients” to complain?
        Lisa will have nowt to do with the tooth-rotting snottish dentist. Nowt a word, mind you.

      • Lisa is particularly susceptible to the advert’s customer culling — a sudden and urgent need to obtain a pizza or some such purveyed craving. The purveyors plant the thought, then convince their audience that it is the audience wot is doing the thinking.

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