Impudicity-Inchy, Thursday 11th March 2021, Diary

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Thursday 11th March 2021

Norwegian: Torsdag 11 Mars 2021

23:40hrs: I stirred, after a decent five-hours of undisturbed sleep, in need of an urgent wee-wee. I disentangled my elephantine over-wobbly-bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner, and stood up to catch my balance…

Neuropathy Pete’s adventitious right leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance kicked-off, with a concise but brutal flailing performance. Luckily before I’d hobbled away from the recliner, which I sat down on again post-haste. No harm was done; I was back up and wee-weeing in the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) within two minutes. The evacuation was of the WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) style.

I got the Health Checks done, starting with the BP Sphygmomanometer, And another decent-looking set of results this morning. SYS 144, DIA 72, and the PULSE down to only 82!

The contactless thermometer was in the green, and it read 36.8°c – 98.24°f, much better than late!

I went to open Microsoft Excel to update the recordings, but once again, it was updating ‘Office’ and would not allow me access to the programme. Cracklepackers!

I had a devil of a job in updating the Wednesday Diary. So many late photos yesterday to old and sort before even starting on updating the wordage! SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were playing up and making progression even slower than ever. A little annoying! However, I eventually got it finished and treble checked, find endless errors to put right. Tsk! I’ve probably missed some of them; sorry about that if I have. I had a weak wee-wee.

I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea and then posted-off the blog. Pinterested a couple of snaps. Spent a few minutes getting this block started and went on Facebooking catch-up.

Perused the Facebook reader. Then read and replied to some WordPress comments. And got rid of another weak wee-wee. And for the first time in 30hrs+, the need for the Porcelain Throne showed up. Off to the wet room. I’ll see how things pan-out, then I can decide whether to take another of the Numark anti-diarrhorea tablets or not.

It felt strange in my not hurrying to the toilet for once. I thought things would be tighter, and they were, but still gooey. Not bleeding, and only a small evacuation, which was black in colour? As usual, my habit of dithering over choice and decision making was rampant, and I could not tell if I needed another Numark tablet or not!

On the way back to the computer, Cathy Cartilage joined in the pain giving ailment list. Gawd, she was giving it to me!

I did some WP Comments answering. And went on to the WordPress Reader section.

The howling wind seemed to be getting louder now. Still, it masks the ‘World Wide Hum’ a bit. I’ve never known it so bad since I moved here? I bet it wakes some poor soul up!

I got dirted again when I put the kettle on and did some handwashing. Some cotton long and short socks and the made in Myanmar (Burmese), too small to fit me, grey zip-up jacket. Done, wrung, and hung to dry above the kitchen sink.

Another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so I ambled along to the wet room. (Well, the toilet was in there, so it seemed a logical move) Hahaha! Again, as the first visit not long ago, the evacuation was only a small, once, but far messier than the last one was!

At least this helped me make my mind up to make a brew of Glengettie and take the morning medications with an added Numark anti-diarrhorea tablet.

I had a look at the leg ulcer. I’d gained some blotch marks around the ankle, and the old wound looked like it might be flaring up again? Mmm?

I got back and made a brew and took the medications. As I was taking them, it sounded like the ‘Hum’ and the howling winds were in competition to be the loudest. It was not helping my concentration at all.

Ablutions tackled:

As I got stripped, I could see that the ankle looked much betterer than earlier? Then realised I was using the Kodak camera; that’s why things looked brighter. I put the Kodak camera away and used the Canon for a while after this.

The session went very well, indeed! The dropsies added up to about eighteen/twenty, I reckon. But no tumbles, no dizzies or bleeding either! Shaving produced not a single nick! No falling or injuries during and dressing! The medicationing was fine! Mind you, because of this good luck, I didn’t put any socks on. (I had too later; when it got so much colder!) 

All done, I got the missed socks from yesterday, hand-washed, and hung.

I moved the earlier hand-washed grey jumper onto the serving tray and placed it near the kitchen wall heater. I must keep checking it for safety. As it is not really dry enough yet.

Then I made up some black waste bags and a recycling one and got them in the walker-guide box.

I trundled off into the foyer and out to the lift lobby and down to the chute room. The first bag  I got out of the box looked a little too large, I squashed best I could, and it went down with no trouble at all, as did the other bags. I’m was in danger of a Smug-Mode coming on here. Hehehe!

Back to the flat and checked the Amazon tracker. The pill pots weren’t even out for delivery yet; no, it looks like it might be another late stay-awake night for me.

I took a picture just as the sun disappeared and the rain stopped.

I had a nosey at the YourArea Emagazine. At least the Covid-19 new cases are well down on last week!

Stores closing in Nottingham, fast-food stores opening in Nottingham. All confusing?

Well, what a shock on the local weather forecast?

The lackadaisicalness and weariness came over me, and I became pretty useless brain-wise. I put on the Amazon tracker and just sort of sat there waiting for it to get closer and arrive. Doing very little, apart from doing some self-analysing and fault finding for about an hour or so. Then the door chimes rang out! The Amazon pill-pods were there on the floor outside the door.

I collected them and did a visual inspection. At least when the next month’s prescriptions arrive, I can sort them out using these new pods, hopefully easier than last month with all the mixed empty mishmash of pods to get confused with. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

Totally drained now, mentally for some unknown reason. I got the nosh prepared. I ate it all. (By gum, I’m eating well recently, too well?)

I foolishly thought I’d stay up to watch the two episodes of ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ on channel 11. Not a chance! I was in the land of nod before the programme even started! Waking up to the tune of the end credits playing. I considered getting up to wash the pots and dishes, but I was soon back with Sweet Morpheus.

But it was a fitful sleep this time. For the next five hours, I seemed to blink awake and drift back into slumber so often? There were no thought storms involved, though—just a vague sort of ‘Oh sod it!’ response each time I fluttered begrudgingly awake and drifted back into a tristful sleep of sorts.

18 thoughts on “Impudicity-Inchy, Thursday 11th March 2021, Diary

  1. We’re getting snow this the next days as well, with anticipated accumulations of about 25cm. I can do without it, but these late season snows, at least, melt fast. Snow fall in the mountains are supposed to be measured in meters! (I live in the state next to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming.)

  2. I liked how the month of March is Mars in Norwegian, the planet that could be inhabited by Prince William in the future.
    YourArea e-magazine reports all yer need to know about the waning days of winter, not a pretty sight is it?
    Tales of the Unexpected — the story of falling asleep during a television program and awakening refreshed and eager to begin another splendid Martian (by dint of Norwegian). Thank you Norge!

    • Ah, the Vikings. “The Vikings originated from the area that became modern-day Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. They settled in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, North America, and parts of the European mainland, among other places.
      (Thank you, Mr G!) I believe England’s first conquerers?
      I may have mentioned this in another reply, but its bloody cold here this morning, and both heaters have packed up! (Shudder, shiver, shaking!)
      Tis not indeed a pretty sight, Billum.

      Sorry about that delay, Sir, had to go to the Throne. (Messy).

      I’ve forgot what I was going to write, now…

      Keep safe, and patient with my wonderings, please. TTFNski

      • The Vikings simplified the grammar brought to Britain by the Saxons.
        We are getting very tired of winter, and are looking for every aspect of Spring weather. At least our heaters have not packed up, that is a hard blow.
        Hoping you made it to the Throne without smelly issue.
        I try at all times to be a patient correspondent 🙂
        TTFNski, kind Sir!

      • Was it the Saxons who took us over first then, Billum? Further prove of my lack of educational opportunities, and limited brain-power! Tsk!
        I think there is a bit of heat coming from one of the heaters? It’s all too confusing for me you know. (or not) Hahaha!
        Ah, how sweet those words ring! ‘Looking for every aspect of Spring weather’, Billumski. I’m with you there!

        The throne session, decided me to take another Numark® stool hardener with the morning meds, for it was indeed (how did you know?), another sticky, messy affair! It needed refilling of the tank by hand several times, and five flushes to get rid of the evacuated product! You watch, tomorrow it will be like concrete! (I hope not, mind)

        Thanks mate, love to HRH… oh, what is the link for her website, please?

      • You’ll hear them referred as Anglo-Saxons, but the Angles were the indigenous English speakers. And the Saxons were, of course, Sachsen from Deutschland. Lisa just wrote some great lines on her blog. I shall have to discover the link to her website. Tomorrow would be a good time for that. You are welcome in advance, Sir!

      • English converted by the Saxons contained all those many inflections. As soon as the Vikings settled in to join in marriages and public life, they tossed all those noun endings into the sea and watched them sink. Hence was “the” created. Those Vikings had too much on their agendas to learn noun endings. 🙂

  3. Nice to see your BP and temperature normalized. Global warming and all that jazz. At least you don’t have to worry about going out in the cold, snow, and freezing conditions. It was warm here this afternoon, but rather windy. You know that it’s really cold out when the weather woman’s nipples become erect while she’s forecasting a cold spell. Good looking CCC.

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