Inchcocks Diary (Curtailed), for Fri-Saturday

First, a few words to explain why this blog is as pathetic as it is

❶ I’ve lost so much time with Liberty-Global Virgin Media going down, I lost count of how many times in the last two days!

❷ Then, today (Saturday), Facebook started doing the same thing!

❸ I took a tumble on Friday, which left me with the shakes.

❹ The eyes seem worse today; it’s a struggle.

❺ Shaking, Shaun returned.

❻ Eyesight still poor


Good morning; I didn’t do this blog until Saturday evening. There are very few memory notes on the pad and not many photos to help the grey cells out. Facebook was going off again so often, and Liberty-Global – Virgin Media. So this is not going to be very erudite… not that it ever was. There will no doubt be some guesstimating and missed events.

Up at 01:30hrs to get the previous day’s blog completed. WP Reading. Comments, and I pressed on for hours to get the blog done and posted. Facebooked until it, and Liberty-Global Virgin was going down so often, I gave up. Try to catch up later.

Carer Valerie called, and I had the shakes at the time, which worried her a bit; bless her. I was still a bit unsteady when the Morrison delivery arrived, but when he left the packages in the doorway and had scooted, I started to come round nicely. I took some photos while I got the things away.

Still, the fridge didn’t look overfull to me? Could it be the eyes? Or a ghost coming into the flat and eating my stuff while I slept? I put it down to the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, or ectoplasms, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind? I sorted things out but could sense, no idea how, but this happens sometimes, a feeling that either an involuntary right-leg, Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance Shuddering Shoulder Shirley was on the way and building up in preparation. It was a tingling sensation up and down my right side, where the stroke affected me. Huh! I decided to take as much care as possible to ensure there would be no ending up on the floor again today!

Herbert kicked off with the clattering, seemingly forever dropping things, drills, hammers, and meal boxes… Humph!

Arrived, I was not too good, and she noticed it. Said I was looking sweaty and pale, bless her.

Ablutions, then blogging away, making little progress. The computer went off again, so I made a meal; I can’t really remember if it was this one or not.

I recall going in the wet room, but I must have had a funny turn cause if I’d worked it out right, I was in there for an hour or maybe fell asleep on the Throne?

I had no idea who the evening caller was; I wasn’t even sure one had called… no… one did… I reckon. Shakes bad.

At it again. Clunk-thudding it.

Ah, I think it was Carer Cheeky Charlie who called on me, but… maybe not.

Got to sleep easier tonight, but the jumping awake was annoying.


Gave up trying to sleep and rose around 01:30hrs.

Worked on blogging, no washing. Did my best.

Serene Sarah, I’m sure. Or Cheeky Charlie, was it? Both are lovely gals.

After she’d gone, I went to use the Throne. I was doing alright, had a wash while in the wet room, and as I turned towards the door, I had an involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance! I hit the wall and slid to the floor, and made a bruising contact with the floor in no time! It had to come; I expected this yesterday. Minutes afterwards, the lower back pain started and still has not stopped. I’ll see it goes, but I may call the NHS 111 number if I am forced to seek assistance. I won’t do it now cause the pain may ease off as time goes on. I’m such a hero… Hehehe! I’ve been a little wobbly on the legs since the Accifauxpas.

I’ve been a bit unlucky this week. The 40 bus did not stop to pick us up at the bus stop. The tumbles and knocks this week. Walked into doorframes, dropped a bowl of potatoes and cheese, burnt my hand, and slipped off of kerb hobbling up Winchester Street… so, everything is normal there then.

At it again. Clunk-thudding.

The Carer is due anytime now. Got a wash and got into the jammies. Then remembered the potatoes I’d put in the slow-cooker 13 hours ago… Mild Panic Mode Engaged, and shot off to check on things in the kitchen…

As I was getting them out of the pot with tongues, I got a hickey as I caught my little finger in the gripper. Oh, heckithump! Not only were they too soft, each one had blackies on the inside when I sliced them, So they are even looser now.

Carer Valerie arrived and asked me if I needed any help with the spuds. I declined her offer but thanked her. She got the tablets given to me and went on her way, taking the waste bags with her. ♥

I got back to the now lesser-blackeyed potatoes I’d sliced, and put them in the oven, to hopefully crisp them up a smidge. Got some tomatoes o the plate ready and two slices of imitation pork. But…

I cast my mind back to when I had to cook and clean for Dad. I’d got no bread, well I had, but it was in the freezer. So I got a few slices out, put them in an empty saucepan with the garden peas, and hoped they would thaw out before I needed them. No freeze, no fridge, no hot water other than what we boiled on the fire and stove, and no electricity (but we did get it later). Easy peasy when we got DC electricity fitted, gone were the candles… and damned good riddance! How the hell did I manage?

I checked on the potatoes, now sliced and in the oven. The sun was beginning to go down, and I took a few minutes pareidoliaing at the cloud formations. II thought I saw a mouth and lips or an imitation black hole that was white. Hehehe!

Got the fodder served up. The slow cooker and sliced and oven-baked potatoes were terrible, possibly my worst effort in years. But everything else was fine and tasty. Taste: 6.5/10.

Off for a wee-wee and had another figure-finding session at the kitchenette window’s clouds. Sadly, no pictures or visions were seen in the clouds this time. Although looking at them now (Sunday morning), I think I spot a monster in there flying?

As I searched for Sweet Morpheus, Herbert gave me a last short mechanical serenade with a whirling, whining sound to round off, decrescendo style. Possibly, an underpowered drill chugging? I mentally wished the aloof Laodicean a good night.

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit

54 thoughts on “Inchcocks Diary (Curtailed), for Fri-Saturday

  1. Bad Internet sucks. You need to stop that tumbling. You are too old for gymnastics. Besides all the downtime of your Internet, and being on the floor, your bad eyes managed to see well enough to do excellent photos and get caught on on your posting.

    • It’s a bit hit and miss, Sir. Many failed ones never get on. I’m typing now with theright eye closed (The wrose one). But even that is not easy. Still, I’m on the Dr Lillies list at last! Try saying that when you’ve had a few, Hehe! It’s all taking too long, on blogging. But I loath the thought of not doing it, Tim. Thanks for caring mate.

      • You might want to get an eye patch for the bad eye. Then you would not be straining your good eye while trying to keep the bad eye closed.

      • I dhould have thought about that, Tim. The not so bad eye, is they say, going to be monitored to see when that needs doing. But not until the glaucoma has been tackled, as for the Saccades, they didn’t mention that at all? (Not to self: Look up what Saccades is!)
        A touch of New Mexico common sense there.

  2. Nice variety of edibles in stock for every eventuality or emergency noshing, sometimes while sleeping, that is efficient use of your time, innit? Had the taters not been terrible, the score would likely have ranged in the mid 80’s. 8.372 of a possible 10.000 at least.
    Hard to imagine how you managed to cook in the old days, without electricity, instant hot water…all those luxuries that you now enjoy. Everything is relative, is it not? And you have all those beastly denizens of 72 to haunt and vex you, making it a genuine challenge.
    In that cloud, I saw the profile of a face looking to the right with a full head of black hair (possibly a toupee), a round white eye, and an enormous black mustache. A big fellow by any mode of reckoning, I reckoned it with my slide rule of course. Reckon is from the German “rechnen” for whatever that is worth — might get you a cup of Glengettie at the Nottingham Spice and Tea Exchange. Or 10,000 Fake Farthings at the Check-Cashing Joint.
    In the second photo, I see a Sun God giving birth to a Sun son.

    Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit, believeth Billums also

    • I’ve been up fpr fifteen hours, and still not got the bblog finished for today, mate. Not a good day again, no falls or tbmle yet. Hehe! But memory problems, as I hop[e you’ll read in the morrow. Struggling to type now, as I get tired the vision, and concentration gets worse. Dementia Dorren has toyed with me today. Yet I could recall the elephants escaping with clarity?
      Well worked out scoring the meal there, Billum. You do entertain me and make me laugh mate. thanking you.
      Good cloud spotting skillls there! I thought a mouth or black-hole.
      All the besr wishes for the clan an the Manor Laboratories XXX HRH

      • Hahaha! Getting thrown in the canal sticks with me as well. PLease accept my thanks for being who you are, for HRH and Alan, and adopted furries too!

      • Getting tossed into a canal would not stick to memory in the way of a Post-it note. Gad, not.
        Thanks from all and each for being inimitable, kind Sir!

      • That is a long time to stay up, dog-snabbit. Being tired invites memory gaps and concentration lags. It is also the kind of state when Doreen takes advantage and does what she does best. A fell skill-set is what I’m calling it. No one wants to become the toy of such as DD. I thoroughly enjoyed the memories of those grand elephants, thank you for gifting them to my memory cells.
        I enjoy setting up “what if” scenarios such as: what would the nosh score be if the taters tated better, or if the peas dried up, or the maters fell onto the floor flat side down? Good opportunity to use the slide rule, too.
        Cloud spotting should be an olympic sport. Of course! Makes sense to me.

      • By Jiminee, Billum, I thought I was reading my own thoughts as I started on your comment there, Sir! Spot-On!
        All the scenarios with the nosh, have been known, Humph!
        I just can’t understand why (Cloud perusing for figures) it isn’t Bill. Maybe there is not enough money in them? Hehehe!
        Keep sfath all ♥

      • Sleep deficits cause ailments to magnify, presently Doreen is maestro of the show in Woodthorpe 72. She is instructing the ailments in her orchestra to reach a crescendo at the most inopportune moment. Feh!
        Nosh scenarios arrive in all manner of morphs, textures, temperatures, tasteworthiness, digestive results. So, arriving at a nosh rating is a scientific endeavor. Unless I am completely and totally mistaken, the team in Lab 81 studies matters regarding noshability determinations.
        Cloud matters are researched in Lab 17 or Lab 22, I think.
        Safety there as well, Sir!

      • A mass of amusing anecdotes there, Bill, Merci mon ami.
        Tiume being of the essence, it is imperative… Oh, Throne. back in a bit.
        Well thast went well sir, but unfortinatley I’s forgot what I was gping to type… I hate myself abnd Doreen at times!

      • I did enjoy crafting those anecdotes. An enjoyable hobby, it is.
        The thought lost during the trip to the Throne might slip from Doreen’s grasp while you are at the computer station — in Lab 72, of course 🙂

      • I share your thoughts on the enjoyable anecdotionalisationing, Billum.
        Danged cunning is Doreen! SHe’ll let me remember great detail about some event – the black out hours of whatever it is I did. I have jet to find a suitable word for this… any help wouldb e appreciated. Doreenisation? No…

      • Constructing anecdotionals is indeed enjoyable, and we both like to weave the anecdotal into our writings, mate.
        Doreen is cunning as all-get-out, she enjoys delving about your memory cache and handpicks the incidents that she wishes to include, stirring them in with other memorials bubbling away in her cauldron.

      • Hehe! I’m being Doreenificationed!
        She got me last nigh, Billum. Making my nosh, I couldn’t get the potatoes back in the husk, and though ‘I know, I’ll put them back in the oven and crisp them up ‘for a minute or two!’ I forgot alll about them, and served up the meal, went to watch ‘Hertbeat’ on the TV. Carer called, and eventually I got to sleep, the bestest sleep in months! Woke uppeth, had a terrible Porvcelain Thrones sesssion… then as I got to the kitchen, I thought ‘It’s warm in here…wonder why?’ The husks had been in the oven for about eight hours!!! I regret not taking a photo of them now. But I did show then to this motning mob-handed two none-talking, disinterested Carers (No Richard?) One of them laughed out loud, which did me good, all I got from theother was a turned-up lip. Hahr-har!
        Not agood start tp the day, I have to say, but I’ll press on anyway – Haveth a
        good day!

      • Danged Doreen. Does she ever sleep?
        Those potatoes were as mischievous as Doreen. Eight hours is enough time to warm the rooms and burn the taters, were it not?
        Hardly a wink of compassion from those disinterested Carers, Richard would have backed you up rather than produce one laughing out loud and the other producing that turned-up lip. Not to be confused with the famous British stiff-upper lip, is it?
        Pressing on is all you can do under such boorish company.
        A good final chunk of Thursday goodness wisheth we to yer, Sir!

      • Oh, indeed Billum. They were doneth to a T! Hehe!
        Hahaha! Certainly not a stiff-upper-lip mode, Billum.
        You bestest wishes will be needed Sir, for EQ has warned me that Saturday will bring misfortune; He’s never been wrong yet. Dangit!
        Julie and HRH deserve a medal each! 🧡 If you don’t mind I’ll throw one in for the Lab Professor as well… no, Two!

      • I thanketh yer, Sir. May your lips be comfortable: upper and lower both.
        Countering an EQ is something that the lads and lasses in Laboratory 11 have been researching with quite a bit of vigor. Now that Saturday is slipping away, I hope that they were able to tweak the time/space in the general direction of good fortune. I shall wait for the Saturday issue of IT to hit the streets with news regarding the fortune/misfortune spectra.
        I shall inform Julie and HRH of medals wished for them. All I did was wait around in the gathering room next to the court. They let me in for closing arguments, but that was about it. They did not even request me to appear as a witness, but that only means that the jury did not need my witnesshood before reaching a verdict. But I value the TWO (2) medals that you sent to me as Chief Lab Professor and Witness to This and That, These and Those.

      • A Sonntag mit a difference today, Billum. Herbert didn’t kick-off until late, and didn’t last long? A better Sunday than for ages? Hoping to get Richard back Monntag, I shall passeth on your kind wishes.

      • A — welcome surprise indeed, those are the best kind. The rare day when Herbert not only kicks the stuff late, but stops his noise-making early.
        — A great way to experience a Sunday.
        — A near impossibility.
        Glad to read that the incomparable Richard may return tomorrow, bzw. Monntag. I thanketh you profusely for the passething on my kind wishes. 🙂

      • Tis Monntag, and I have Richard’s treats and cold drink in the fridge for wheneth he arrives (if, of course). Due anytime now the lad is. Then… Oh, Procelain Throne needed… ⇨ ⇨ ⇨ ⇨ ⇨
        That was messy!

      • You remember all the favorites liked by the Carers, already in place for the hoped-upon Richard visit.
        “Due any time” means that he has already completed his visit according to the Crowell Manor official clockery. I hopeth that the visit occurred with Richard as Carer and that he thoroughly enjoyed said treat.
        I like all those arrow characters. I should make more use of those.
        Regrets for the mess.
        It is a national holiday over here: Memorial Day, dedicated to the war dead.

      • Richards arrivedeth this moprning. Bt the lad was not in good health. Coughing, sneezing and sweating like never before. I hope he is not going to get poorly. He still managed to sow me how to take Grammarly suggestions off – then he spent ten-minutes more, for us both to figure out how to get them back on as Grammarly had disappeared. I wonder if Meridian are charging me extra for all this fun? Hahaha! They have already put up the costs by 22%! Swine! I’m hoping that this will mean a 22% reduction in my being given the wrong Warfain doses, and Carers not attending.

      • I imagine that the Carers receive regular testings for Covid, worrying that Richard shows so many symptoms that point to that explanation.
        I am still among the very few who always wear a mask at the market. Alan continues to keep us supplied with N95’s.
        Very good of Richard to help you with the likes of Grammarly, a thorough-going lad indeed.
        I would not put it past Meridian to cut corners. Hoping somehow that I am wrong.
        Speaking of Warfarin, one of the techs at the INR Clinic suggested that I not take Warfarin at the same time as my vitamin and mineral supplements. Have you heard of that concern? Warfarin is baffling stuff, most certain.

      • Poor Richard. And some of the others are looking a bit peaked and disinterested. Communication is not the strong point. I still wear a mask when I fo out, not that it isvery often. If I go down to the chiropodist or Sheriffs officer… I mean Wardens office I wear one too. I’ve a good supply of them, via Amazon.
        My Warfarin level is still high, and since taking the Hemp, I’ve taken it at the same time as the Warfarin… so you have a point, Sir. I’ll look it up now… back in a bit…
        I’m back, Billum. Mr G says: “Like any other medication, warfarin can interact with drugs, foods, vitamins or herbal supplements. The interaction might lower the effectiveness of warfarin or increase the risk of bleeding. Common suppliment that can interact with warfarin include: Vitamin K, and B, Aspirin or aspirin-containing products.”
        Glad you brought up the subject, I’ll take my Hemp in the afternoon from now on. (If I remember to).
        Indeed Warfarin can be a little confusing. This very morning, I found the carers had four different dosage sheets in the folder – so have I been given the w;wrong ones or not? Oh, dearie me! I’ve thrown away the older ones now.
        Worra a struggle! Cheers, love to all. 💙

      • Communication channels require diligent preventive (and ongoing) maintenance.
        Google is as knowledgeable as anyone I know, except for the furries of course. Warfarin is mysterious, the active ingredient in rat poison. It does make sense that the pills would interact, increasing and decreasing the potency here and there.
        ’tis indeed a struggle, unser Kampf as it were.
        Much love from us and the blessing of adequate sleep. 💙

      • More wise words well written Sir.
        Indeed, out struggles can be trying at times – but its great to share, innit, Sir?
        I believe I may have broken the record for the number of nocturnal jump & spring awakenings last night?

      • I fang you for those kind words, Sire Inch.
        “The more we try, the more trying things get.”
        — Adages at odds with conventional wisdom

        We need to check with the Guinness brothers and find out how high the bar goes for nocturnal jump & spring awakenings in a single night. I can think of no one I have ever met who has more NJ&SA (in a single night). So yer definitely in the running (or jumping and springing) 🙂

      • Had me larfing there, Billum, for which I fank you again.
        Oddlimost, last night was much better for SA’s, I only recall about six, so maybe things may calm down… What am I saying!

      • You are certainly welcome, Sir.
        A mere half dozen SA’s is a market improvement. And I agree, expecting things to calm down is like seeking to alter the laws of the universe.

      • Merci Booku. Hehe!
        There is a rule of the universe that I’m listening to at this moment. Mankind call it ‘The Worldwide Hum’. It’s so loud, driving me bonkers! They should rename it, ‘The Winwood Heights Hum’! Argh!
        Can the slide-rule, help me?

      • Bitter shern, Haha!
        The Worldwide Hum is an oft-reported phenomenon, reported from all sorts and kinds and types of locations. But somehow not heard by everyone. I am pretty much an equal-opportunity profoundly deaf person, sometimes the only one who does not hear what everyone else hears.
        “Do you hear that, Bill?”
        “Hear what?”
        “What that?”
        Every one within hearing distance:
        “We all hear it. What’s wrong with you?” “Pissing us all off now. Just listen and you’ll hear it. Why are you so stubborn?”
        “I don’t hear it at all.”
        “Fucking Hell!!”
        The slide rule can’t hear it either.

      • Hahaha!
        I never heard it before I got up here in the flat. I can’t here voices, yet I hear this damned annoying humming! Why? Slide rule ineffective… that’s bad news, cocker. The biggest mystery is how I can hear it in the first place… I’m confusing missed now… Haha!
        Cheers to all, Billum. ♥

      • It must be enormously confusing if even the slide rule is ineffective.
        Hoping that your Sonntag was not as bad as often is the case.
        We send our cheers, mate. And that includes all the lab folks.

      • An excellent and apt name for the lab complex, indeed. Labhilarity it is. I fank yer mightily for this. It rolls perfectly off the tongue, but without the hazard of a dropped pea orb. Hahaha! New signs are on order, Sir!

      • That brougheth a memory back, with an hour I’d worked out what it was… I think. Was Sontarians not involved with Doctor Who, Billum?

      • ’twas indeed from the Sontarans from the planet Sontar in Doctor Who. I always enjoy how they get so self-involved and try to find out which one is the most blustery. Sontar-ha is their favorite, and probably only, chant. Repetition is an art form for these guys.

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