Inchcock Today: Thursday 11th August 2022. Diary & Odes

I can’t understand why my Odes have not yet made me famous in the rhyme and poet-master circles. All that effort, too!


0605hrs: I rose with thanks for being allowed to get in five hours of undisturbed time with Sweet Morpheus. Passing wind belched and detached my weight-ladened stomached body from the c198 recliner, and off to the wet room, and the . Where I passed the first half-hour of waking. Trotsky Terence had been beaten into submission by Constipation Konrad.
Oh, the agony! I couldn’t even try to do the crossword this morning. (It can take one’s mind off of the suffering sometimes, but not today). Things eventually started moving… a little, then stopped! I counted the crack in the ceiling plaster… same as last time, 36. Now there’s a thought; How can not remember so many things but am almost certain I could remember a silly, pointless detail like that? Back to the pain coping… I had visions of the bloody mess I was going to find when… or if the evacuation is ever completed.
I started talking to the evacuation product (I know, daft as a brush!). My faith was failing. Then I started wot think of the most ridiculous things, like, why have I never been interested in lepidoptery? Who’d have believed I’d end up with Doreen Dementia? Me! The calm one, the organizer, the carer…
The torpedo started coming out, and it was beyond my powers to slow or stop[ it. The pain grew worse and fortuitously. so did the escapage rate, and the last three-quarters of the turd almost flew out with a sickening thud as it landed, blocking the porcelain! 
Ah, blessed relief! I thought it would never free itself. Now to check on any damage done in the procedure!
. After all, that grinding pain and the gigantic, gargantuan torpedo having been slowly, oh so slowly, forced through and out, Harold’s Haemorrhoids had barely been bleeding! A few thin streaks of the old haemoglobin on the toilet paper, that was all. There was even little stinging pain, either! How come? All a part of the mysteries of Winwood Heights, the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodemons, apparitions and other grotesqueries haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchcock, to create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare, worry and confuse me! I suppose!

I got the take, with confidence from somewhere, that the results would not be anywhere as near as scary as yesterday mornings. I just knew not to worry. My EQ, telling me?)
Fair enough, it was still high, but if I remember rightly, it was 36 points less than Tuesdays was.
The body temperature once again was as near to spot on that you wouldn’t notice the difference!

I lost a couple of hours of the morning altogether. I had been doing something as I found later I’d written things on the remember-pad, but it’s in double-Dutch! And the kettle was hot when I went in the kitchen, but I’d not made any tea? Thankfully, these Mind-Blanks don’t happen very often. But they do concern me and are on the list to ask the Doctor about. But can I get someone to call the surgery for me? No! The trouble is, I forget all about it minutes later, until the next instance.

Arrived in a bit of a rush, but he never rushes me, bless him. But it meant quick talking and my missing some comments. But the lad had had a word with Deana about the paperwork he took with him to study and left it with Deana. No point in me keeping it; I can’t read it. He said that Deana will try to call on me later. This is out of sequence, as many other comments will be, no doubt/ I got very Confusion Konrad this afternoon and evening. Deana called later to confirm the booking for the lift with Easy Link. 10:30hr pick-up, to be outside to be collected. Later on, a nice-sounding lady land-lined me to confirm as well. That was nice! ♥

The steam-train building Herbert from the flat above was in fine form all day. No long periods of disruption, I must say. Just the regular clumps and banging, metallic sounds intermingled with some mini-concertos of a tap-tapping nature. Oh, and a cappella: Without orchestral accompaniment.

I just came across this writing on the notepad from hours ago. Any help would be appreciated as to what the heck it was I was recording; thank you. The dashes are undecipherable words: “Delug— 90% temp —– — —- — hoen –stly, —- forced sa–ey. Temp—— 94!” I may find time to have another go at making something out of it. Tsk!

  Now, for the cock-up of the day! If they gave out medals for Mind-Blanks, Forgetting and Insanity, I’d be in line for a gold medal after this incident.
The intercom rang forth: Someone telling me that they had a delivery for me.
❶ But the release button, yet again, did not work to admit the chap. I tried a few times, then said I’ll come down to you.
I had to get some trousers and shoes on, checked the intercom and could see the man still there, and rushed a little too much, and clouted Shuddering-Should-Shirley on the door frame! Agony again!
❸ Got down to the foyer, but no signs of anyone there.
❹ I assumed he had gotten on while I was faffing about to get down to him… Rushing again, I got the walking stick entangled in the lift elevator door. I now have a split-handled wooden walking stick.
❺ Got up to find the man looking around and bags near the flat door.
The man departed, and I started to get the bags into the kitchen. Then it dawned on me when I saw the Co-op label on some foods – I don’t recall making a Co-op order at all. I’ve just had a Morrison one yesterday. And, a few days before that, an Iceland one? Mayhap I did this during my Mind Blank hours?
Well, it had all the things that I might have ordered on the order. I must have made it, stupidly, cause there was not a thing I didn’t already have in stock on this delivery!
I’d even bought some bonkers-costly Mushroom Risotto.
More flipping chips and potatoes, too! I’d even got some more bottles of spring and tonic water!

Just as I was calming down after giving myself a verbal blasting for being so stupid… the intercom burst into like again.
It was another delivery, Amazon. And the Doctor thinks I do not have Dementia ‘properly’? I hope she gets it right when I snuff it, and she has to decide if I’m properly dead or not! Hehehe!
Depression came over me.
The chap had delivered the Lemon Sherbets disinfectants.
No problem with this one. I remember ordering these. I think! No, I did, definitely. Positively. Oh, dearie me!.

The temperature outside reached 92°f.
I gathered together all of the paperwork and reminder notes and what leaflets and letters had come in over the last few days, with the intention of perusing them to see which needed any assistance to read and understand.
.Which didn’t take me long to work out. Cause Cataract Cathy and Dementia Doreen made sure all of them needed some help. Some needed telephone calls; well, Deafness Duncan takes care of that.

Kicked off again. Tap-tapping, morse-code like this time. The stuck-up, toffee-nosed, self-important gentleman varied it for a minute or two; he decorated the tune with some clung-thuds. Kind of him. Ah, tap-tapping is back now.

Getting late now. Aha, ♫ Oh, Susan ♫ just sounded. It was evening who’d arrived. He seemed a smidgeon low to me. I might be wrong. I tried the jokes, my world-famous and light-hearted approach, but I couldn’t get a smile. So I offered the lad a bottle of shandy from the fridge. I had to make do with a half-hearted imitation smile. But that’ll do for me, I thang-you!

I’d like to know what’s making those noises above. They almost sound like he’s sat up there with a stick to keep tapping on the floor? I hope he’s not poorly.

Better get the ablutions done. I’ve already missed the first Diabetes lesson. I’ve already missed the first Diabetes lesson. I fear leaving it until morning again, with the transport also coming as mercifully, the top man, Nathanial, has told me he will stay behind to talk me through what I missed on the first course. Jolly decent of him, too!
State of the feet before getting the ablutions done here on the left. Off belatedly, to the wet room.
Three days of growth of the beard took some shifting. Only a few nicks. The teeth were painful to clean. Showering went okay, no knocks, falls, or Dizzy Dennis visits. Many many dropsies, mind you. Turned off the shower and dried off.
Yes, well… all were hurtful, to say the least. Germolene, Germoloid, and the worst of the lot… Little Inchies fungal lesion ointmentating! Arthur Itis and Cartilage Kathy were treated to some Phorpain rub.

I took an after-shower shot (Try saying that when you’ve had a few, Hehehe!) of the pins and plates.
Looking like they had been polished with Brasso or something of that ilk. Haha!

I settled in the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously, grungy coloured, haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable of, not working, recliner. Put on a Dr Who DVD and was soon sleeping away like a baby – I wee’d myself overnight!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

49 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thursday 11th August 2022. Diary & Odes

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Went to the diabetes class today – farcical tales of that galore to go in the next blog. Ont he £9 bus trip home, I thought I’d morthed into the Police series… Escooter yob icarrying hos gorl freind on it, I missed the incident, but not the lpunch-up afterwards.
      Got home, missed the chiropodists appointment, went down to the saloon, they did me… photo of the bloodied toe for the next blog.
      Can’t life be a…. well, what s the word, Tim? Hehehe!
      Oh, and last night, mo, this morning, Valerie told me she is leaving to work in a care home! Aye. aye, aye!

  1. You are in top form and are providing us a bounty of misadventures and more misadventures. Fewer Herberts but more Doreens? Meanwhile bureaucratic confusion increases?
    Yet, the spirits that dash to and fro keep you on your toe…Haha!!!
    Odeery is good for rehabilitation for wot ails me…rehaBILLitatation?
    Just conjecturing of course, Sir!
    I fank you for a rollicker of a post, and wish you an early and lengthy sleep. Monopolizing SM is fair play, innit?

    • Your first paragraph hit it on the head there, Bill! Loved the toes kicking in to it. Haha!
      Stioll here, now 00:25hrs, I was working on t he blog, but the eyes are so heavy and I needed a lift in spirits. So I read your comments. That did the trick! I fanketh you!
      SM seems to have abandoned me, two night with no kip really the nlast night an omprovement indeed – but tonight I tried to get back in with SM, bu got the two-fingers. Tsk!
      Passeth on please, mu bestest wishes for HRH Lisa-Petal, my Angel and guide. Cheers. X♥

      • Reminding me of the toe mangled by the Foot Doctor who became perturbed and sought to shoot some of the turbs in your general position.
        SM has been spending more time with Petal and just gives you those two fingers. So his work is done here and we are shoving him out the door and onto his flying carpet. What gives with all the car pets?? An enigma or such? Your bestest wishes were well received, HRH Lisa Petal Angel Guide send her very best to yer!

      • Thankething for the good wishes, Sir.
        Not feeling up to much now, gone a bit downhill this last hour. The eyes are making thing difficult. And tiredness not helping. I shall take some extra hemp and CBD methinks? I’m sure HRH did to if I got down. Not concentrating at all, jet three hours ago, I was feeling rahther sharped… Humph!
        Do you think it’s the Sunday Blues, Sir?

      • Sunday would account for all those things, methinks. Think of Sunday as a sort of dumping ground for all the disorders and ailments that build up during those other six days. Bad eyes do not help and tiredness only increases the misery. I have a hemp-oil related item that helps deal with the psoriasis that is rampant on my back and arms. Petal, the genius of all things medicinal (and all other things as well), came up with the idea of putting prescription-grade Hydrocortisone Cream USP, 2.5% on the hundreds of bumps. It works better than anything else by far. My dermatologist prescribed it, but only after Lisa recommended it.
        I wonder if hydrocortisone works for the Sunday Blues. Well…that might be asking for too much?

      • Hydrocortisone Cream, another link for us mate. The fungal lesion is the recipient. Glad to hear it has some affect, well done Lisa-Petal and Billum too!
        So that’s a cheer and a laugh for me Sir. Merci.
        I fear it soes not aid with the Sunday Blues this end, Bill. Humph!

      • Lisa-Petal knows her pharmaceuticals well because she is allergic to most of them in a paradoxical way. Glad that I am not allergic to Hydrocortisone Cream. I see the dermatologist on Friday, need to write down my questions and concerns on paper. Dabbed on some aloe vera gel on my poor back this morning, it is helping more than I thought it would. A cheer!
        May your fungal lesion lessen and leave (I’m in an alliterative mood it seems. 🙂

      • I sense that Lisa-Petal is a closset genius! And am sad I can’t get to have a chinwag with the Maonr Laboratories personel. ♥
        I had a fungal bleed today, and using that ointment is one of the painfullest of all of them for me. ARGH! Never mind, I wonder if it wil lever be healed – there’s a point to add to may doctors reminder notes. That is, if I ever see her again, of course. Tsk!
        Another trait we share there, Sir. BABG
        Bouldly Alliterative Billum & Gerry! Hehehe!
        Cheers for the cheering, Sir!

      • L-P is a genius inside and outside the closet. I also have trouble initiating a chinwag with Manor Lab personnel, they are very secretive and hard to find. Their nonexistence makes it even harder. Hahaha!!!
        What is the use of a doctor who does not even see a patient? A rhetorical question?
        Lisa refuses all ointments because they do not allow a wound to breathe, insisting on a medication in cream form.
        The opine on Google:
        “What’s the difference between cream and ointment? Both creams and ointments can have medicinal or cosmetic uses. The primary difference between the two lies in the ratio between oil and water. While a cream has equal parts oil and water, ointments contain about 80 percent oil.”
        I am glad that we share the BABG acronym, alliteration is far to rare out there!

      • Dang it, Billum. You’ve done such a good job, I forgot about the lab staff not being tellurian.
        Well, she (Dr) telephones now and then. Not that I can her her.
        I try to get Germoloid in ointment form Billum, cause Harold’s Harmorrhoids seem the get eased wuicker using that as opposed to the cream… but either will do.
        Thank heavens we are for altercation… far too much of that out there.
        I hope the pod peas arrive today. Cheers.

      • The lab staff arrive from every corner of the unknown multiverse, this makes them hard to recruit. My rocket ship is as unworkable as my time machine. Haha!!!
        Lisa is also allergic to circa 10,000 things…well, closer to 20,000 things…Haha!!
        Altercations outnumber all the other things. Hahaha!!!!
        May the Pod God be ye kind, Sir!

      • Morning, Billum.
        Your tardis comes in handy soesn’t it. Haha!
        Success is just around the corner- what nitwit said that? Hahaha!
        Outdid myself this morning; Washe the left overnight ice cream bowl, left it to soak in the kitchen sink. Went to get the ablutions sone, and shaving the hot water slowly went cold. I hobbled back to the kitchen, to find I’d left the hot faucet running! Dried hte spoon and bowl, but the kettle on and back to the wet room – where I found I’d left that tap running as well!
        Could be a dodgy day…
        Allergic Lisa-Petal, a gem that copes and shares ♥
        Raining here now, at long last, but not a lot.

      • There is a Fourth Law of Thermodynamics at work, something to do with hot water disappearance. Lab 4 might have an answer or 2.
        Yesterday (Dienstag) was a very dodgy day, I’ll call it a Roger Dodger of crossed communications.
        Lisa-Petal is a wound debrider of the first order — a skill learned the hard way of course, while under the care of non-caring quacks. L-P is sleeping like an owl at this moment.

      • Goten Himmel, you soun like me on Tuesday, Hahaha! another battle over?
        Glad HRH is sleeping, anutinme of day is a bonus, methinks. ♥
        Sleeping like an owl. Raises question – Is It Better to Be a Night Owl or Early Bird? I just used Mr Googke with this question, I could see only one suggestion that would give an answer, but it would not let get into the site, without a thrid-dgrtee of wuastions to answer, so I didn’t. I’m still up again, 23:00hrs, no signs of sleep yet. Then again, I’m working on the blog, Hehehe! Gaed it takes so long. I have to use the spy-glass more and more. Doing the Snippets blogski. Finishing it, well…
        I am most disappointed in quacks lately. Lisa-Petal has suffered far worse than most, yet still manages to care for others, Brilliant gal. You did well ther, Sir.
        Hello… Gammarly just came on it the comments!!! No, that’s it , gone again. Hump!
        Incidently, not knowing wot thermodynamics are, I don’t knoe the other three laws yet. He hehe! I’m confident that LAb Four will sort it out.
        Cheers Billum, tjhanks mate.

      • HRH is sleeping at this moment, having been limited to 2 hours by SM. Indeed, anytime is the best time to sleep. Unless you have to go to work. Hahaha!!!
        I was an Early Bird once, but not recently. A Semi-Night Owl now. How now, brown cow?
        No better event than meeting Lisa-Petal, no other event comes close.
        I must admit to a penchant for physics (where I learned of thermodynamics) and nostalgia. Old Time Radio is a place I go to for therapy. Fortunately, it is available 24/7 on the internet.

      • Just replied to a email form the HRH Petal-Lisa. 💛 What a gal! SM can be cantankerous thing!
        Ah, early-birding, that was me. Amazingly, another link; I’m begging… no, beginning to turn into a late nighter, too!
        I love the old radio shows too, Billum, we have Radio channel on DAB, that I used to listen to Hancock, The Navy Lark, Yes, Prime Minister, Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel and similar! But can no longer hear the damned radio. I have bought and tried endless cheap and costly headphones, everyone had been sat-on, trod-on, squashed, broken or just stopped working! Humph!
        The sound no longer works on the computer, nor the camera, nor the card reader, but I still get noises I can just hear, when I statrt it up? Can physics or the slide rule help? Hehehe!
        Cheers, Sir, thanks.

      • The red-bump doctor calls HRH Petal-Lisa to resolve misunderstandings with bump therapy. The appointment went very well today, keeping on the medications as prescribed should resolve the matter in about four months, better than four years, innit? Having a doctor who is not a quack is rare here too.
        Earbuds work best for me, particularly in my left ear, the somewhat good ear.
        Physics and slide rules may have met their match. Haha!!

      • The 4 months is a lot better than Here’s nothing we can do, we can’t repair dying nerve ends. I hope the improvement contnues, Billum. It must be a relief to talk to a medic who listens… Grrreat!
        Aha! An opposite twixt us… my right ear is not as bad as the left, which has always amassed more wax.
        The Olive oil three times aday, and when I’m up to it, a home syringe may not be helping improve things, but slows down the build up. Did I say that right?
        The diabetes course next Friday, I’m not confident of hearing and seeing enough, but want to try once more just to see.
        Arreuv… arevou, Cheers! Hehe!

      • It happens that we are two miles from a hospital to the north and two miles from our doctors to the south. It “pains” me to read that the medical scene is so grim in the UK…well, actually, it pains *you* far more. Sadly, my magic wand is as nonfunctioning as the Lab’s time machine. Putain de merde!
        Earwise, I do not produce much earwax, yet still condition them with medicinal olive oil for better hearing aid function. And, yes, you said that right, Sir.
        The diabetes course next Friday (a Humira day here) does give you a chance to mix with your peers, mon ami — even if your hearing and seeing flags.
        Bis bald, cocker! Haheha!

      • Katarakt Katie…
        Believe it or not, I typed the first two words, and had to hasten to the grey wee-wee bucket with some haste. Made it in time, felt smug, returned to the computer… But, what was I going to say? Tsk!
        I know the Lab Crews are very busy, but would it be possible for them to work out a reserve wand, attatched to your slide rule?
        I’m glad you didn’t use cooking oil in you ears, Hehe!
        Oh, another wee… I’m back again, Billum. Where was I?
        Being your Humira Day, I shall be thinking of every Freitag in future when the lift arrives, and be wishing you a Happy Humira Friday!
        “See you later alligator”

      • K. K. : omen of a need for the grey bucket. Haha!!
        The slidey board at the inside of a slide rule could readily be repurposed into a wand for magic. Easy as pi.
        Yes. The old canard “olive oil is olive oil” — seen on many an apocryphal bumper sticker — can become expensive folly. Those small bottles of medicinal olive oil do not constitute cooking oil. Oy!
        “See you later crocodile, after while alligator.” Haha!!!

      • Haha! Another much needed larf impuned there Sir… impuned? That’s not work I meant to type. Damned Doreen! Installed there, thank you kindly!
        I wonder why Popeye us no longer shown on the TV?
        Love to all, While I wait a while to hear from you, I while away dreaming of visititng HRH Billum, ♥

      • We are just returned from our latest trip to a distant dentist and fiascos at places of overnight lodging. This time we did not leave computers at home; we had them in tow, but the wi-fi at the hotel was kaput. So we visited a time before the internet. Haha!!!
        Popeye should have his own channel on TV. No one can open a can of spinach better. 🙂
        We are glad to be back and we sendeth ye our Love, notre ami ♥

      • Well, after all the planning of the Manor Laboratories residents – the flipping wi-fi goes down on HRH Lida-Petal & Professor Billum! Humph! No… “Double Humph!”
        Time before the internet – that sounds good to me!
        Glad you’re back safe & sound ♥

        I have to tell you this Sir: Warden Deana actually got to phone the surgery for me yesterday – Hurrah! (Four weeks after first asking her to… she’s been very busy!). And she got me a face to face appointment – the mind and memory blanks have been bothering me… the appointment is the first one available… Tuesday 6th September! She needn’t have rushed. (Sarky Mode Adopted). By the time I get there I’ll have forgotten what I wanted to go there for!

        Welcome Home! Hope all went well with the Royal teggies? ♥♥♥

      • We have a rag-tag set of computerables that feature finicky controls, stuff understood by our 75-mile-away Alan but indecipherable to Petal and Billum. Haha!!!
        Deana is your connection to many of the critical agencies that you require, but she is fiercely overworked. I imagine that other support persons are also stretched at Winthorp and environs. Danged that crap! Dr. Crohn and Dr. Psoriasis are scheduled out to September 22 and 23, respectively. And so it goes. Humira and Methotrexate until then.
        The Royal teggies are scheduled on that Daliesque clock at the opening of The Twilight Zone. Gad and Haha. ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Alan 75-miles away -where, I pray?
        Deana and most of the Carers are coming down with touch of ‘Fed-up-eritus’ methinks, Billum.
        Sept 23rd-24th – this year I hope? Haha!
        Would that be Salvador’s clock, Sir? I so hope things work out for both of beloved ether friend. ♥

      • “Alan 75-miles away” — ambiguosity detected. Haha!! We were 75 miles away from home while Alan was at home tending to all 97 Basement Laboratories as well as the 3 furries.
        Unrelenting stress results in Fed-up-eritus, methinks. And stress is endemic in our shared culture.
        Hahaha!! A good point indeed, mate. I can imagine walking in on a 23rd of September 2022 and told to take any available chair…for the next 365 days. “Make yourself comfortable, Mr. Ziegler.”
        Yes, Salvador’s clock it is. It is melting under a heat dome perhaps?
        Sweet Ether it is, turns out to be a grand way to share chin wags. ♥

      • It’s that ang Doreen that causes me t oget confused, muddled and forgetfull. mate. Hehe!
        I trust Alan was keeping an eye on the slde rule? Haha!
        Well, that is another amzing link, Billum, I kid you not! I said to Richard this morning (Nice long chinwag today!), I can imagine me gettiong to the Doctors after six months of trying, and I get sat down, and three dsays later, I’m thinking: I wonder if they have forgotten me? Richard laughed at that! Harhar!
        It’s no wonder confidence is something missing with me, Sir.
        I found the roses that Deana was collecting on Monday… they didn’t look too healthy, but asked Richard if he would drop them off at the office for me. Hopefully they may install some guilt. It’s mayhem for the wardens here, the top NCH bitch has been calling them everyday, and the stress is showing. Can’t find out why all the hassle. Poor gals!
        Hope all is well, and SM is responding to my demands to call more often at the Manor Laboratories? He didn’t like me asking I think. Nearing two AM here, and I’m going to try again in the recliner.
        All the best to caretaker Alan, Tanks mate.

      • Indeed, Alan would not allow any slide-rule thief to ferret the slide rule away during the absence of its owner and aficianado.
        The synchronicity of our separate descriptions of waiting rooms is worth mentioning. A waiting-room phobia? Good that it provided Richard a laugh, he needs every larf available. I get tired just thinking of Richard’s over-scheduled days.
        There are clearly people who gain some dastardly pleasure at making life and work more difficult, Scrooges before the arrival of spirits who hold up the mirror to their countenance. Spreading discord just because they *can*.
        SM does have a streak of Schadenfreude, finding satisfaction at his ability to steal sleep from us, simply because he is a Sandman.
        I shall convey your message to Carer Alan, kind Sir!

      • I thought Alan would protect the slide rule for you, mate. Yo can’t spare him for awhile to come and look at my cameras, computer and… No, that wouldn’t be fair, sorry.

        Haha! I fell for Richard the lad. Always tell him ehrn you mention him. Shan’t see him again now, until Monday… I hope too.
        wise and clever Scrooges thoughts there, Bill! Haha!
        I am almost getting angry with SM, Billum, not a wink of sleep last night! If he was sharing some out to my Cincinnatti Manor mentors, I wouldn’t mind… but I think he is not doing so? Do you think when I snuff-it, I might meet up with him? I’d love to put a taser in the coffin, just in case. (I am a fool!)

      • Were the time machine not a totally nonfunctioning figment of my imagination, Alan could probably fix it by swapping a vacuum tube or two. Heheha!!!
        SM is a tosser and a crosser, innit he?
        Including a taser in a coffin is a brilliant idea, and something an undertaker might like to sell to customers. Good to communicate with a fellow fool, mate!

      • I think those in the right Brainwave-Zone, would all wish it was there, underground in the labs of the Manor. I picture Alan now… calmly changing the tubes, and maybe whistling while he does.
        SM, ah, I did a funny (I hope) Ode to him to go in the blog, that’s my next job.
        Also within that IT… the Diabetic-Defence Meetings is cancelled! Rearranged for next Friday. That’s three meetings and I have yet to got through one!
        Pleased as punch that you liked the taser idea, Billum. Grammarly off on holiday again in the comments.
        Our shared assets and ailments always amazes me at how they grow in number. Nuclear Nincompoops International Association, mayhap? Hehehe! Glad we are the only members, nobody to nitpick at us. Hahaha! ♥

      • We certainly qualify as representatives of that Brainwave-Zone, a distinction of honor. Alan does approach work with a calm confidence and purpose. He listens to audio books on topics of all kind, Alan is a true autodidact.
        Another fiasco with those Diabetic-Defence Meetings was to be expected it seems.
        Having a taser at hand is useful for the living dead who have a phobia of grave robbers. Haha!!
        Having been born in 1947 helps us align events and perspective methinks. Nitpickers are wearying.

      • I believe I am an autodidact, Billum. Apart from night college to get my Membership of the Grocers Institute Certificate, I was taught very little. Then the arrival of the internet enabled my late semi-self-educationalisationing. Now with Doreen in tow… I wonder why I bothered. Hehehe! Excellent word by the way.
        I just saw Alan in my mind, he had electrical stuff in the process of being mended or adjusted, sloping ceiling, and blue colours. Tools welder, screwdrivers etc. on a table.
        We are a trio of caring tellurians, and should have been born to the same family. I think we’d have been so much happier, Billum. HRH as ruler, of course. (Not slide rule. Haha!)

      • You are an anachronistic autodidact, Sir! The internet appeared in time for you to apply your personal learning style methinks. My own style of educationalisationing requires me to obtain degrees in subjects that are considered to be ephemeral: Geography and Germanic Languages & Literature. A Master of Arts in each but an autodidact in computer programming. Haha!!
        Indeed, Alan does live in attic rooms with sloping roof lines, with electronic tools and with gauges set about on an extra-wide desk. The blue comes from painter’s masking tape — placed but walls unpainted. Hahaha!!!
        I consider us a family separated by geographical distance and matters of birth but closer than most families. Most families are comprised of warring members who are miffed at the existence of each other. And HRH is not often confused with a slide rule. 🙂

      • I enjoyed reading this one Billum, well, I do all your communications. Amazing link found there in the dream, Sir. I too would be proud to have such a lad.
        It’d the flat-earthers that get to me more than other conspiritualists, Billum.
        Mind you, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss battling for self-financial gain and non-existent power I find really bemusing. A country about to run out of water, go bankrupt, and lose it’s power energy sources… and still they desperately want the job?
        Just a thought. Hehehe!
        I remember getting my first Atari computer, second hand, no paperwork, and sitting looking at the blank screen… what HRH and you imagine me thinking?

      • “Thanks for reading” is how I end each post on my blog, so I thank you for *your* blog — one that speaks to me as a fellow traveler and value your communications as well, brothers who just happen to be thousands of miles away but as close as August is to September. I was born on my mother’s (Mary) 25th birth anniversary. Lisa shares many of the same interests and avocations as Mary (mystery novels, TV shows, singing, crafting, long-suffering). My father was born on the first of January, 1921. I am his namesake and share his preference for minimalism, fair-mindedness, distrust of politicians, independent thought, and sense of duty. You may claim him as your honorary father-figure.
        Sunak and Truss would find their ilk on this side of the Atlantic, as cozy as Trump and Farage. People who consider a wrecking ball as a tool of proper governance. TRUmp, TRUss mirror each other in too many ways methinks.
        My brother started off with an Atari computer as well, but he was already an engineer and programmer with what was then the local energy company (now owned by a company in North Carolina).
        “Things ain’t what they used to be.”

      • Dang decent of you to share, there, Billum.
        Your Sunak and Truss equating, made me smile, Billum. A scary choice either way.
        Things will be even worse when whichever one is selected and starts dictating.
        Cheers, Mon Ami.

      • As a sentimental sort of chap, I much enjoy sharing background information on the very people who influence my days and ways. Sir Gerry, as an honorary member of the family — as well as the Official Carer of Lisa’s created family — all Crowell Manor residents welcome you with open arms as duly appointed representative of The Kingdom United.
        My concern: will Larry the Cat continue his leadership role at Number 10? I trust Larry’s dictates. Haha!!!

      • Gacious thanks my Lord Billum!
        Larry does seem to have the upper hand usually. But others shine occasionally. Why this very morn, Reindeer Robert had moved overnight in the bed. nearer the front. How I don’t know, but his expression had a glow!

      • When all others fail, Larry is there to carry the day.
        All hail!
        Reindeer Robert ran rings around the competition and then nearly took the fore.
        RR Reigns!
        Reindeers are known to glow when a glow is most of need. Petal and I still enjoy watching the Rankin and Bass Rudolph — even in August. Even when it ain’t a fit night out for man nor beast.
        Merry Christmas!

      • Carer Samantha took a fancy to Lambie tonight, the first she had a talk with them, silently of course.
        Annuver bad day, which is not like a Monday. Richard was yawning while he was talking. CorelDraw froze… I couldn’t comtact Warden Deana.
        Still, Billum got though with his comments, so all is not lost.
        Cheers, mate!

      • Glad that Samantha got to spend some quality time with Lambie, the best lamb in all of Nottingham of course. Silent talks can be the best kind.
        Dang Monday, I shall now hope that Tuesday becomes a Trueday then. Yawning while talking is not the stuff of great conversations, are it? Perhaps Richard had a rough and tough weekend. Now I’m wondering if Richard does not enjoy Sundays. Hold the presses, CorelDraw is not supposed to freeze…I thinketh. And life-line warden Deana is supposed to be available. Might she be frozen in the way of CorelDraw? Hmmm, no way of knowing at the moment.
        Though it be nearly 10:00 on a Monday evening, you have made my day. Knowing that the comments of Billum have arrivedeth puts me in a celebratory mood. I fank you and wish you good cheer, kind and true Sir!!

      • Cheereth clawed from the darkenss, with humouressquess, nocely done.
        Love the connedtion with lack of Deana and CorelDraw, Sire Bullum.

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