Inchcock Today Monday 15th August 2022 – With Ode

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Independence Day for India & Pakistan 1947

Up all night again! Rose from the c1968 recliner went to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket). Then realised I didn’t need to be there. This was the first time in years that I had not wanted to pass water on waking! Oddly-most?
I knocked nearly everything off of the small ottoman!
This snap was taken after I returned the things onto the top and tray. Turned away and knocked off the two bottles with the walking stick. It could happen to anyone…

I then spent over four hours completing the template for this blog and updating Sundays. Finally got Sunday’s poor effort completed. I posted but had to do so in shorthand. Everything was taking so long to do; time was running out. I’d lost the memory notepad anyway, so even if I had the time, I’d forgotten what had taken place. Good job; there were a few photos on the camera to assist.
Even making the WordPress comments took me well over an hour. And there are only three of them to do. I’m beginning to struggle to see now. Making tons of errors.

I utilised
the blue & white Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, manufactured by ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) in Guangdong, China, to take the blood pressure.
SYS 150, DIA 76 and Pulse 75.
My Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™ contactless thermometer was used. With another near-perfect figure showing up. 34.8°f.
The NHS score came up as: ‘
Your blood pressure reading of 150/76 is high. You should check your blood pressure at a GP practice or pharmacy within the next week. I can’t say why, but I thought this reading would be nearer to the amber. Hey, Ho!

A short mechanical concerto from the flat above. A slow build-up using a drill mayhaps finishing with a clattering, then a shuddering clung. Almost musical.

Arrived a little later than usual. The poor lad had been working for over 14 hours. He was yawning a lot, poor lad. But gave me time to listen to my tale of the diabetes farce day at Bulwell.

 I had a stand-up ablutionalisationing session. Some discomfort was involved, but nothing serious compared to the last agony of the Porcelain Throne activity!
❶ Teeth cleaning, these may become my latest ailments, I fear. So tender, teeth breaking up.
❷ The shaving had the usual view nicks, again nowt worrying about.
The cleaning and medicating of rear-end stingers was not too bad,
Both the cleaning and ointmenting of this touchy area were extremely painful. But they are each time.
& combined to give me any shaking, but I avoided toe-stubbing, falls, or banging into anything… 🌟   🌟

The Porcelain Throne was needed as I washed nonchalantly, drying myself off. I was two paces away from me at the time, and I increased my cocky to Grade One. 🌟   🌟
Did I need to have rushed? No! Most painfully, I was still sitting there with what felt like a bazooka-sized shell, half-in and half-out! This caused to bleed profusely and necessitated more sanitising and ointmentasioning! – Treble ! Of course, it didn’t bother me.

Coming out into the hallway, the standoffish, smarmy slob from above gave me a short mechanical blast of noises as if to mock my pain. Has he put a CCTV in my flat? Hehehe!

I got back to the computer and started this blog going. Damned hard work with Doreen and Cataract Kathy both determined that I would not be able to cope with so many errors and cock-ups.
Indeed, they were successful in their mission, For after a few hours, my body and mind were drained. I bet I’ve missed no end of mistakes. Billum pointed some out from the other day. That one involved Arithmaphobic errors. I am struggling. Very frustrated. Would I be able to live without this blog? Ideally, I could leave it alone until after the cataract has been sorted, but… I don’t know.

I stopped and went to make the first brew of the day. Ah, a bag of seaweed crisps with the tea, and just sit and think things through. I intend to have a biscuit, no better not, something less stomach bulging…

Got the kettle on and got side-tracked by noises coming from outside,
I got the Canon and had a look to see if I could find what was making the now stopped din,
Of course, I couldn’t, so I went my get my long-range spectacles,
Could I find them?
No! Dementia Doreen again!
So, I returned to the kitchenette to make the tea. I’d not turned the kettle on.

Put a Quatermass DVD on. Grrreat! More blogging, but only for an hour or so, felt slightly rough, and I sat down in the recliner.
Woke up with the right foot slightly swollen and the right leg more prominent than the left (water retention).  I idly rewound the DVD. and watched some more of the movie. After six rewinds and nodding offs, I gave up and responded to the innards’ rumblings – off to the wet room.  
This session was painful and bloody, just like yesterday’s – but, Hey-Ho!, less of both! 🌟   🌟

As I got back into the front room, I espied signs of Nibbling in my Sleep! Empty, and a partially-full packet of Leicester Cheese flavoured Mini-Cheddars, and a few crumbs. Some suspected of being from the Shiitake mushrooms and Seaweed crisps, but there were no signs of any empty bags.

Hello, Mr Snotty has started on a series of tap-tapping, mostly followed by a thud. Musical Genius, he is!

Got the computer on to update today’s blog, then started on the next News Snippets blog. Oh, look at the time! Where did it all go?

An unintentional little lie lays there above. I got a bout of ditheringisations, pondering and divagating… and changed my mind; (Doreen Dementia allows me to at times). And I ended up working on a new file of Ode words with different endings. For hours! Though I do enjoy it.

Some silly-time in the morning now, going to get some even more belated nosh now.

I poddled off to the fridge to see what choices were in there for a nosh… I think I may have a live-in, or burglar, helping themselves to the fodder. Where’s it all gone? Most likely, Doreen confusing me again.

Surely I’ve not eaten all that stuff? Or did I? All those sliced potatoes, I can only remember eating one of them?
As I opened the freezer, the memory triggered. A rare thing, you know! I take it all back! I gave some to the Carers, and one was out of date.
Got some nosh sorted and two new mushroom steaks, each eaten in a brown cob, with the last of the salad and some BBQ sauce.
The mushroom steaks were not a scratch on the No-Bull burgers. Which Iceland have replaced with these horrible tasteless turds.

Samantha arrived and gave me the medications. Didn’t want a treat; she was busy, bless her. Sarah took the waste bags to the bin on her way out for me.

I tried to watch the Widowmaker film on the telly. Fell asleep so many times it was farcical. So off with the TV, and I was soon in a deep sleep. A weird dream was enjoyed.

21 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Monday 15th August 2022 – With Ode

    • Hi, Tim, I’m struggling with the eyes now, everything //i do takes yonks longer. I’ve seen the typo just now just left it. Sick of ever correcting things. Can’t read use by dates, read some of the offical mini-lettered mail letters. Not long ago found one in the box – with the spy-glass, and that’s hard work, worked out it is from the Hospital, copy pf letter sent to my Doctor – you remember her? Hehehe! Going to get the Carer tonight to read it for me. and all being well copy it on blog. Took a photo of it, can blow up in CorelDraw. Then no doubt spend a day on the web finding out what the medical terms means. Haha!
      All this and crap burgers!.

      • I reckon there’s plenty worse off, Tim. Just hope I get a date for the frist op soon, but if they have only just informed my doctor, and once on the waiting list the avarage wait is 26 weeks according to the NHS website, I ‘m going to struggle. Then again, mate, I’n pretty good at strugglng. Haha!

      • Yes you did. I hope you can get an appointment soon. You are and expert at struggling and making the best of your limitations.

      • Jolly decent of you say so, Tim, thanks.
        Got uo an hour ago, put the unwashed icecream bowl to soak in the sink, and went to get ablutions done. Shaving and the water ran cold? I realised then after checking, I’d left the hot faucet in the kitchenette. Duh! Back to the wet room o find I’d left that tap running as well… So, a word of praise went down very wekk, Cjeers, mate.

  1. Much experienced and explained in to today’s issue of IT, you always bring the real stuff to the fore and without fear. It takes me as much as a month to publish a single blog entry, as I truly tend to overthink things to a fault. You have inspired me to write more frequently about transitory events in this six mammal household — the three homo sapiens and the three felines who work the cogs in the machine that we know as the Manor. So I asked The Cambridge Tome of Wordlets:

    “a member of a large organization whose job, although necessary, makes them feel as if they are not important.”

    A good start, nicht wahr?

    • IT, is the only way let things out. although I find id easier to tell HRH & Billum, ho always cares, acknowledges and advises. ♥♥♥
      Gave me a much-required smile again, I fangketh, you.
      The Manor clan… Oh how I wish I could be a part of it!
      sfter wrting the above, (No Grammarly), I found eleven mistakes, bet I’ve missed some. Frustrating… darned Cataract Cathy!

      • You are an expert on the craft of expounding upon events built from 24 hours of moments.
        Somehow we merge our two towns together in an ethereal way through the magic of the internet. Your spirit resides in the Manor 24/7.
        Hoping your eye procedure takes place soon, mon ami.

      • Thank you, mu Cyber buddie, or should that be buddy? I’m getting tired now. Hehe”
        Great honour to be lart of the Manor clan, Sir. I fank-you all!
        Just put some chips (fries) int oven, dinner, about eight hours late, but still.
        Mittwoch just departing now, Dienstag holds new hope, I hope he let’s it go. Haha!
        Bless all at The Labs and Manor ♥

      • It’s “buddy”.
        You are indeed an integral and honored part of the Manor, mate! A mere many geographical miles, but near the speed of light by ether standards.
        Bless you and family all ♥

      • It’s worth, is invaluable, for I knew not that you had rebuilt a carbureter. Now, I do, thus in future times there will come an opportunity to use this knowledge in prose or grahic?
        Hehehe! Cheerski.

      • Good to read that my carburetor “skills” could appear on the esteemed pages of IT. Whether in prose, graphic, or both. I fank you in advance, most kind Sir!
        Cheerski be the word.

  2. Honestly. You got me at #2 and distracted me, with your pertinent question, “Why do idiots get chancellorship?”
    I don’t know. And I should know, since I live in America.
    Interestingly, the word seems to come from Germany, or Austria.

    • Sorry. I did write Government, but it wouldn’t fit in the text frame, so I took it out to keep a balance to the graphic. Not a lot of people can say that… Hahaha! ♥
      I think you are right about the words origin, Cindy. I seem to recall reading something years ago about the earliest recorder us of the word. Someone in the Austro-Hungarian Empire leadership.
      How I can recall this amazes me, Cindy. Fir this very morning, I put a bowl top soak in the kitchen sink, and went to a wash & shave. Whole shaving, the hot water was getting colder – so I nipped back to the kitchenette, to find I’d left the hot tap (faucet) running! Cleaned it up, and went back to the ablutioning – I left that tap on as well!
      Cataract Cathy and Denemtia Doreen are to blame. Haha!
      TTFNski. ♥

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