Friday 26th August 2022

Opening Political Cartoon
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I woke up and was on my way to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket) within 30-seconds of stirring back into ersatz life! With managing to almost fall out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner last night. I don’t know how I didn’t lose contact with the Amazon-bought, uncomfortable, plastic-peeling-off-of swivel chair! Hahaha! Yes, I’d fallen asleep at the computer!

The wee-wee was of the variety of UTD (Unwilling-Trickling-Dribbling) and CM (Cessational-Micturitional dribbling). The after-dribble after the initial wee-wee, possibly tool three times longer!
As I turned back with the bucket to be emptied held in my hands, I stubbed my toe against the ottoman! My reaction to saving the bucket from being dropped; was nothing short of a miracle. I dropped it, but not from a great height, and the liquid stayed in the bucket. Naturally, as the pain shot up the leg to the brain, I merely laughed it off. No cursing whatsoever.

I got the bucket emptied, sanitised and disinfected, and got on with the task of sphygmomanometerisationing.
I was jolly-well pleased with the Blood

Pressure figures. I put them in the medical site’s programme and returned this descriptive graph. I remembered that the Riverside Diabetes meeting for today had been cancelled as I was doing the readings.
I added my graphics to it in the name of entertainment… and because I love making them for a bit of fun.
After four days in the red zone, one day nearly of-off the graph: Things seem much improved today. Back in the amber area, that’s where I like it to be as well. Although two years ago, I had one day in the green Zone. Yes! That’s been my target ever since! If I live long enough, I might achieve this.

Aha! My spirits rose enormously! This morning’s Carer was Carol-Anne! Not seen her for months, many months. I thought she’d left to be honest.
What a precious gal. I had to give her a kiss and cuddle on her arrival. Carole didn’t mind, bless her. She spoke of the extra hour on Fridays, not having been since it was so-called arranged. I explained: It was initially for the Carer to do the laundry. But sometimes the laundry would come back not dried, and the clothing wrinkly. Also, I had not had socks, bobble hats, and shirts returned. Conversely, I have made a hand towel, tea towel, and pair of ladies’ knickers. I’m still paying for the hour, even though I’m paying Esther to do the laundry. She does a good job, and Esther hangs up the trews and shirts for me. Also as well as and besides that, she sews missing buttons on for me. Carol and I had an excellent nattering session, mostly me bemoaning my plight with the Diabetes, PN and Doctors farce. As I was paying for the hour, she lent me an ear. Hehehe! She checked the dates on the stuff in the fridge for me, cheese and ready meal found out of date. She will talk with my Doctor for me when she gets back to work. Carol has a few days off, going with her Mum away for a while. Great! She had to rush off after the hour, another call to make.

I spent many hours on CorelDraw before getting onto the blogging. Most of it was accompanied by Herbert’s mechanical concert from above. Percussion and drums mostly, with an odd clunk, throw in for good measure.

It was well into the afternoon before I started the daily ode and cartoon-creating. But I love doing the blog. Sometimes my hoard of followers and fans comment on them, you know. Why, on one day, only last month, both of them did!

That took a while too. Better get summat to eat before the evening carer arrives. Now then, what’s in the fridge freezer to have? I shall investigate… hang on; I’ve got some potatoes already on the boil.

Hang on, I’ve got to get the Warfarin tablets cut. So, I will do that. All done!
I’ll get a meal of some sort sorted out. Potatoes, tomatoes, and pretend fish sticks, it looks like. Good job. I’ve got the JS order coming on Sunday. It’s looking bare in the fridge after throwing away the short and out-of-date food. Tsk!

I’ll have a rummage around to see what can be found. To make a decent meal… Doreen makes me feel a schlemiel!

Well, I managed to knock up a half-acceptable-looking plate of fodder.
Imitation fish sticks, crispy onions, tomatoes, gherkins and those terribly-tasteless so-called by J Sainsbury, new potatoes. The overall flavour score was 6.4/10. The tomatoes and pretend fish sticks were not bad.

Arrived late, into that it mattered to me. Two Carers, one presumably a trainee. I was in a half-daze from being rudely awakened (Haha!), so I cannot say who it was that came or what happened. I recall telling them to help themselves to a treat on the top of the bookcase. Then walking to the door with them to lock it and wishing them well.

After that, I got down in the recliner again and started to watch the end of the heartbeat programme. I and my nodding off again. I woke for a wee-wee with a mammoth amount of

Back to the TV, nodded off again, and woke for another wee-wee! With the regulation .

Fell asleep again and woke up with the Dirty Harry film being shown; it was just starting. I decided to try and enjoy viewing it and bugger the sleeping. Ah, I like Clint Eastwood films.

At least another ten or twelve times and had to have four more wee-wees.

Woke up with the film credits scrolling down the screen! Well, that was Farcical!

I was worn out by then.
One final wee-wee with , and off to the wet room to clean and freshen up. Changed into new PPs, of course.
Straight off into the land of nod when got down again.
Overnight, I had to force myself awake eight more times for a wee-wee! Each one was short and sharp. Thankfully there were no more leakages, seepages or in these ones.

What an Oddlimost day!


10 thoughts on “Friday 26th August 2022

  1. That’s wonderful Carol-Anne showed up and cheered you up. No diabetes for the day? With all the training, have they been monitoring your blood sugar levels when the vampires bleed you? It seems to me, a low down know nothing slob, mind you, that if they have you taking diabetes classes, they should be also monitoring to see if you are diabetic of on the virge. Decent looking meal.

    • It’s all very confusing to me, Tim. You’d have thought it was possible to monitor things. The DVT clinic are at a different hospital to the Diabetes Team… but with the wonder of the internet you’d have thought?
      I’ve just had a thought (I do that occasionally, you know), I’d bettert vhecvk to make sure the once in three years visit to see the doctor, doesn’t clash with the rearranged Riverside session… Oh, heckithump!

      • I don’t know how you keep it all straight. I think you need a nurse Nichole type (remember her?) to take care of you all the time. I wet nurse might be in order as well.

      • No wonder I’m in a state, with the advised assistants and return of Nichole, I might have stood a chance. Haha! Nice ideas, mate.
        No, the Diabetes have emailed me to change the next three appointment times! Argh! Meaning I must remember to ask Deana to change arrangements with the transport people, yet again! Nothing ever goes right lately. Grumbleknacks!
        Still, at least I’ve got some food coming in the morning. Todays nosh was a disaster, and I may have eaten an out of date pastie… Oh, Woe is me! Hahaha!
        Cheers, Tim.

      • I eat out of date food all the time. If it isn’t moldy or smell bad, it’s good in my book.

  2. Petal is adept at falling asleep at the computer while she fighting to stay awake. I wonder if it might be SM’s tricky mischief, he is a crafty and devious bloke — a control freak too. But he is the guy with the sand bucket, innhe?
    Speaking of a bucket, t hat was quite the trick with your pail, Sir. Landing without losing its contents: a formidable feat. Full stop.
    A bounty of Carers this day, two regulars and a trainee. On the job training is the best kind. Carol always seems to treat you with respect and Esther goes the extra furlong to make the clothes presentable; sewing on a button is not something you expect. A good gal with a unique voice.
    Both political cartoons hit the bull straight in the eye. You’ve inspired me to bounce on over to British news sources for just such contributions on the current goings on in the UK. IT spurs my interest and piques my curiosity for the backstory, the stuff behind the headlines; the major UK media sources are tabloids compared to the inside information that your readers find every day on Inchcock Today.

    • Well put re SM, Sir. Spot-on!
      I still can’t believe how I managed the bucket-miracle. I’ll pay for it later I suppose. Hahaha!
      I’ve missed Carol, and now she’s on holiday, so no chance of seeing her again for a while. Tsk! Sob!
      IT… still waiting for fame… well, maybe not. How would I cope with it if it came? No, best not.
      A smiles raised again there Sir, bless your cotton socks! (I must look up where that came from, Dad used to use it a lot.)
      SM mucking me about again, Grumph!

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