Saturday 27th August 2022: Diary Cartoon Ode

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05:00hrs: I stirred into mock life. As I moved my legs in preparation for getting to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), and found that the ankles and lower legs were stinging away.
New veins coming through, two papules I’ve not noticed before as well. Still, once I rubbed in some of the pain gel and took a Codeine, things very soon started feeling much easier.
This first wee-wee was of the PSSU (Persistent, Short, Sharp, Uncomfortable) mode. In fact, every other one was up until about 17:00hrs. So no or to bother with like yesterday.
I got out the Boot’s Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure machine. And took the pressure. I was well pleased with this set of figures again. one. SYS 135, DIA 68 and the pulse rate at 31 bpm.
The body temperature was down a little, but no worries.
Put the figures into the website and got this graph that I toyed with to decorate it with a CorelDraw-made graphic of yours truly. Hehehe!

Then I got carried away with making some tabs to use in this colour. Which is R 99 – Green 0 – Blue 75 on the RGB scale.
Took me far too long, but being a Saturday, one usually gets interrupted less often. I may regret saying that… just a feeling.

An hour or so later, it dawned on me that the morning care had not been yet. Or was it a new Carer that didn’t know about the door chime? Not long after, Samantha arrived, apologising for being a little late. Sam granted me a little chinwag this morning, but not a lot! Hehe!.

Later, I realised I’d taken a morning photo and not put it on the blog.
So here it is. I took it with the old Fuji camera; this is the size and shape I wanted to change the Lumix too. It’s just too baffling for me to understand. I went on the net and searched – followed the instructions, but nothing came up as they said it would. So I took this photo with the Fuji as well.
I can’t win very often, can I? Still, they came out alright for a 1975 4xA4 battery-powered camera. It’s the one that Carer Richard gave me. Bless him.

Got on with updating and posting the Friday blog off to WordPress.
Then had a look at what was available for some nosh. I think I’ve got an order coming tomorrow, Iceland.
The rather tough-looking bean-pastie and some potatoes left over from yesterday. A can of curried beans and a cob to heat in the oven.
Hello, I heard a noise in the hallway area – Dang dang, dang-dang!

Ah, it’s the DVD Quatermass Two DVD being delivered. A real oldie, now I can watch it while eating the meal.

What a mess I made of the simple job of opening the wrapping. I cut my finger on the edge of the plastic box, dropped the DVD, trod on it and felt the plastic splitting! The glasses fell off of the face bending down to retrieve them! What next, I thought? I’ll tell you… I rescued the DVD from the split shards of plastic. Cutting the same finger again! Down the nail this time. Variety is the spice of life?
Putting the disk into the ancient but still working DVD player, who interfered, but The DVD ended up on the floor, via The TV stand, swivel chair, bounced off and rolled along the floor underneath the Carers new table, went right back as far as it could, and settled!
I got the long picker-upperer and retrieved the absconder DVD. Will it be damaged? Will it work? I returned to attempt to get it into the player once again…
Stubbing my toe on the ottoman en route.

I then remembered the food in the saucepans and oven cooking! I hastened into the kitchenette to check on things. The potatoes were bubbling away, and the water had evaporated, so only half of the spuds were being cooked. I tried one, rock-hard on one side, soft as much on the other! The baked beans seemed to have faired better, not burnt yet.
I got the oven glove on, and I opened the oven door – standing back to avoid the extruding heat from hitting my face. But, there was no heat escaping! I’d not turned the oven on! So, no worries about having a burnt baked-bean pastie, then. Hehe!

Finally, I got the meal served up. I put the cheese pastie underneath the beans, a messy-to-eat meal, but it looked appetising enough to me. Even the potatoes appealed.
How wrong can a man be?
It was an absolute disaster! The potatoes were tasteless, lumpy even bitter tasting!
The curried beans were far too strongly flavoured. As for the cheese pastie, I don’t know what I did, but it tasted foul! Thought about it later; it may have been out of date? But I can’t read the sell and use-by-dates on much of the food I buy. to blame!
Flavour Rating: 2/10. Spit! I forgot all about the DVD to watch. I was concentrating on not being sick and the worryingly growing stomach pains. Haha!

I fell asleep, a deep sleep, and was woken up by the , Shannon I think her name was, waking me up from behind the recliner. I’ve no idea if she pressed the door chime; I heard nothing if she did. She soon had me sorted, and we managed a mini-natter. Took her choice of nibbles and or drinkies, and I went to the door with her to lock it.

I took these photos with the Lumix from the TV screen.

Then, decided to watch the Quatermass 2 DVD!
It was most similar to the TV series. Very few, if any, improvements to the script or plot were made. Another thing they did the same is they used Hillman Humber cars throughout.
Even a rare Super Humber Estate.
I loved watching the transport in London.
I think this wagon was a 1961 Dennis Pax flatbed. Of course, I could be wrong; I often am, very often. But I get used to this; it’s even worse nowadays with .
Sid James’ first appearance in the film. Going into a police station.
By gum, he looked young. Sid James was a bit like John Wayne; they both acted in the same way, more or less as themselves, not the character they were supposed to be playing. Which was okay with me. They both have distinctive personalities.

I took this snap of the kitchen view of the evening skies using the old Fuji camera. I still can’t get the Lumix to change photo shapes or sizes. Someone may read this (or not) and show mercy and help me sort the Lumix out.

Then onto finalising this post and getting it sent off to WordPress. This was not finished until 00:55hrs!

55 thoughts on “Saturday 27th August 2022: Diary Cartoon Ode

  1. Sad state of the meal. Laurie’s parents came over for dinner and I made fish and chips. It was darn English of me. My brother sent an update from his DNA testing. We are mostly Scottish with a Welsh name and our ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Your legs look a little better and quit artsy. The Tate should be taking notice. Nice photos through the window and of the movie.

  2. The characterists drawing political cartoons in the UK are very adept at their art, they are more distinctive and creative than the typical editorial cartoons produced in the US. The depictions of Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are lively, and the nearly total focus on tax cuts (for the rich) and “handouts” (if you are anyone else) skirt the actual issues at every political pose. True politicians are the ones who tell everything *but* the truth.
    A highly accurate Ode to the Haze, Sir. I’ve been there more than once but have mellowed as age takes over (not much choice since my time machine doesn’t take me to other eras), learning things the hard way was so often my method. Yet still around to witness the carnage out there and report it right here on IT. 🙂
    Glad that the Quartermass DVD survived its adventure, Sir.
    Monday approacheth. Fare well, mon ami.

    • I love to tweak the cartoons sometimes using CorelDraw, I really enjoy doing them, hoping I am not going to get in trouble for using them?
      You, have been through the mill en route to here. But prevailed against the odds, methinks. Well done Mon Ami!
      Sunday has passed, now I am free, to start again on another Monday. And good for that I say! So wishing you the very best for today, if I may.

      • You do superb stuff with that CorelDraw, mate. I fank you much, Sir! And I do not think they will complain since you are using it for satire. So there!
        Petal has often encouraged me to write about my experiences because she finds them somewhat unusual and unexpected. A compliment, I opine. Haha!!! Our trio could fill a three-volume boxed set of tales. A three-season TV series methinks.
        It’s always good to see Sunday pass, and now you are already into Tuesday. Wishing you well, mon ami!

      • An interesting site, this one. We are *both* supposed to be in Ancient Greece/Rome. Our bogus time machine comes in handy? Also a good opportunity to take some rust off my ancient Latin-language skills. “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres” sayeth Google the Gaul. Hahaha!!
        Cheers to your mid-ears!

      • Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres – ‘Googled’.
        Dr Who had the Tardis to change languages, now that helped them out. Hehehe! I loved that episode, with the firey monters, auger and Mount Vesuvius erupting.
        I asked Carol if she’s seen Deana, and she told me it was a Bank Holiday, so ILC (Independent Living Coordinators would not have been working. Oh, good, I am struggling with the changes in the Diabetes courses dates as it is… I foresee more clamamities on the transport side… but that’s me. A worrier of superior quality. Haha!
        Keepeth safe please. I anticipate some new development coming from Lab 211, slide rule wise. (No idea why)

      • Two years of Latin, a highly inflected language, was a required language at the high school I attended from 1961 to 1965. It helped me understand German grammar. So, watching Dr Who aided me too, doth it appear.
        Bank Holidays occur to the left of the Atlantic as well. I hopeth that Deana caught up on some rest, perhaps time to watch Time Lords at work. You are an advanced Worrier, kind Sir! — with the equivalent of a doctorate in Bother Studies. Better than Geography and German methinks.
        The Labsters are burning midnight oil in Lab 211. They’ve been trying to divide 11 by 2 and know not what to do with the remainder, so we’ve changed the Lab Number to 212. Gives them a much needed break from Worries. Haha!!!

      • A well formulated cheer-bringer this one
        Billum! I fanketh you for smile-raising at a time off great depression – worried over gettinng things sorted for the Diabetes meeting. Hoping Jillie ill call to see me today, her bottles of wine await, ♥
        Thanks, Sire.

      • I fank you, fine Sir! It took some advanced calculational mathology to find a “cheer-bringer”, but ’twas worth the effort to shrink those botherations. Haha!!!
        Wine bait works wonders. 🙂

      • Smile-bringing is an underrated lifeskill, something to share with folks while out and about. People you meet may be carrying unknown burdens, ailments, and pressure that are part of our culture. A simple smile can allieve much, as long as it isn’t phony. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of phony smiles — out or about.

      • I’m in agreement with you there, Billum, fully! I sometimes ger surprised looks when I greet people, as if ti say “What’s up with him?” Not tonight with carer Sam, she came in amd put mu Tork on her head (It was Hanging on a peg in the hallway) and took a selfie of her selfy. In a great mood tonight she was. A kind word, or heartfelt smile can do wonders sometimes. Jenny phoned me today, to tell me she’s left some tomatoes outside the door for me. We chatted and she is suffering bad with back lately, yet walked up and in the lift to give me a pressie. So, I nipped down with some painkillers, for her. ♥
        Hope they help.
        Humira still effective, Sir? HRH & SM in agreement? Thanks and all the bestest wishes! ♥

      • Yes, mate, I get the same reaction here. People expect a Bah Humbug on every day of the year, and get miffed at an unwarranted smile or a friendly nod. Nurse Ratched (of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) would be a model citizen methinks. “What’s *your* problem?” is the more “civilized” reaction. I like the light-hearted manner of Carer Sam. Don’t know what a Tork is though.
        Leaving tomatoes is a fine kindness, particularly when accompanied with a chat. I now know the word “pressie” — after a quick consult with Gerry Google. A good exchange of pressies, that. I need to order a couple more injectors of Humira on Monday for this coming Friday. Just wrote it down on the To Do List. SM has relented a bit for HRH.
        And we wishes thou an “uneventful” Sunday (already happening in N’ham, I note).

      • A’Morning this fine Monday, full of joy, happiness, contentedment and hopes for the future… I’m not sure where that came from, Bill. I slipped into a dreaming-mode, I think. Hehe!
        Nurse Ratched, I’ve never seen the movie, but read a lot about it, and that name ‘rang-up’ from deep in the memory banks.
        Very similar to Nurse Ann at the Doctors… going there on Tuesday… Oh, dear, the dear, Nurse Ann, I’ve feeling queer… Hahaha
        Good for SM, about time too! Good for HRH as well, and no doubt pleases you.
        Humira, that reminds me, the Germoloid cream, prevously $4 a tube, are now… £6 – Argh!
        It makes me worry Liz when she wins, tackling inflation – there may well be riots I say!

      • Monday, though only one day removed from Sunday, turn out to be its polar opposite — a calendaric conundrum.
        Ratched sounds like a medieval torture device, something that grates the nerves. Like a Sunday ? Nurse Ann, playing the role of Nurse Ratched…
        S. Morpheus is a complex character, a guard at the gates of sleep.
        Fortunately, Humira is completely subsidized. I think that one injection would otherwise cost $1,300. Good that I am not allergic to the stuff.
        Just read this quote from Liz:
        “Britain has been through worse in the past – we have the attitude and spirit to get through it.”
        A stiff upper lip is all that’s needed?
        It’s grand that the Germans are not bombing London?
        Liz Ratched?

      • Loved the nurse Ratchet script Bill. I’ve tinking of taken a calming pill before I go to see Nurse Ann tomorrow. (Shudders with fear!)
        Gotten Himmel! Humira costs! I too am much pleased that subsidisationing comes into play for you, Billum! Is that what RedWig was trying to stop?
        “Britain has been through worse in the past – we have the attitude and spirit to get through it.” Should read “Britain has been through worse in the past – but we have lost the attitude and spirit to get through it.” Hehehe!
        I note that ‘Stiff upper lips are onlt adorned by the well offs, nowadays. Crime and inflation are the main bugbears for Mr. Ordinary.
        A multiolerapist was freed early by the stinking Parole Board last month. He did it again, this time to a neighbours daughter… his name was witheld in the report??? I spit on the gullible overpaid parollers!
        Guess what though? Nurse Hristina came earlier today, that took the blues away. ♥

      • A calming pill may be timely. Speaking of timely, Monday is sliding into Tuesday. Hoping your shudders were mild ones.
        Trump’s solution to everything: do nothing and take credit for everything, and blame all *his* failures on the nearest scapegoat. Lackadaisical was his Presidential style. When a hurricane struck Puerto Rico in 2018 he threw a pack of paper towels at a crowd in SanJuan, their capital city. F”’ing Creep.
        I fank you for pointing out that those stiff lips are the stuff of the well offs. An important distinction.
        Those Parole Boarders are a sadly consistent lot. I also fank you for spitting on that sad lot.
        Gott sei Dank that Nurse Hristinal showed up, and *early* at that. ♥

      • They are, essentially, celebrities who pose as leaders and diplomats but they mostly simply faff about and play to the camera.
        See you post doctor visit, mon ami!

      • Politicians, well Ronald Reagan wen for actor to politician… which actor whould you like to stand, Billum?
        Bit late getting Tuesday blog of, didn’t get it done until gone one on Wednesday agternoon!!! Or even, afternoon! (I spotted that one, can I get a refund from grammarly? – Hehehe!) I don’t think that Liz is up to challenging for Thatcher for the title of the Iron Lady? I hope!

      • I would vote for Ronald Colman, star of such great films as Random Harvest and Lost Horizon. A better “Ronald” than Reagan, in my rating system. About 60 years ago, someone told me that I reminded him of Ronald Colman.
        Grammarly might hesitate on granting you a refund, let us know if they do, Sir.
        Liz, the Ferrous Lady?

      • Do you know, Ronald Coleman came up in conversations all the time when I was young. Many people said someone looled like him to neighbours. And the other adults all laughed… I can rememer this. I’ll have to find a photo of him to check if I did. Hehehe!
        I’ll keep you updated with the Grammarly situation, Billum.
        Love the Liz the ferrous lady. Liz the furious ferrous lady would be too long a title. Har-har!
        Cheers to all at the Manor Labs! ♥

      • Some early acting experience with potential Coleman roles there.
        Grammarly does come up with fresh surprises, a feature?
        And Liz is just getting started. As I understand it, the PM moves into Number 10 the day after election. Good Lucketh!

      • All my aps on the editor page moved of their own accord, and the Featur Editor option disapearred yesterday morning?
        When I got back in the minibus and turned the computer on, they were back where the should have been? Aha… thought I. Opened CorelDraw, to find the list of graphics saved, to open was empty? Turned everything off, and restarted, and CorelDraw graphics access was back! I’ve not checked it yet today, went on Comments first. It’s a challenge…
        Oddlimost, todays cartoon is about Lix in Boris out. No, Tuesdays blog. Which you may have seen… what day is it? Hehehe!

      • “The Mystery of the Apps that Automatically Moved” by Erle Stanley Gardner, with companion volume: “The Feature Editor that Disappeared.” Haha!!!
        Looking forward to seeing the cartoon, *also* on the theme of “moving” from Boris to Liz.
        Much to ponder in the latest IT.
        Bitte schön!

      • Todayski, they have gpnre back towhere I put them in the first place on WP. Does Mr Fries Liberty-Global happen to own WP? Hehehe!
        I’m middong Boris already. By all accounts, Liz is a righty alrighty.

        Beschütze meinManor-Familie,
        Ich denke an euch alle…
        Ich wünsche Ihnnen allen, das Sie schmerz- und sorgenfrei sind …
        Alles Gute, von mier!

        I no doubt got that wrong, Bill. So here it id in English:
        Keep safe my Manor family,
        I’m thinking of all of thee…
        Wishing you all to be pain & worry-free…
        All the bestest from me! ♥

      • Mr. Fries is a rabid collector it seems. Not a pretty sight are it? Boris Fever has been sighted over the entire UK it seems. Is it politically possible for Mr. Johnson to regain Number 10? For Liz to change her mind while everyone else is losing *their* minds?
        Not bad German phrasing at all, IMO. Quite well done, Sir. I fank you!

      • Poor Boris, he’s cut his bridges methinks now. I’ll miss him. Liked the Liz bit. ‘their’ minds. Haha!
        You are kind to ignore my mistakes.
        Argh… Josies stew… TTFN!

      • Boris has grown on me as well, this reminds me of people who burn their bridges *before* crossing them. Margaret, Elisabeth, and Theresa make an interesting trio.
        I enjoy word puzzles, they bring the sleuth out in me. So they seldom escape the Sherlock within. At the same time, they save you the needless chore of proofreading. Glad to help. We both benefit that way.
        And Aarrgghh a largh, Josie’s stew has encountered a stew of a different measure…
        TTFN, my friend!

      • ‘Burn their bridges *before* crossing them?’ That reminds me of someone.. erm… Oh, yes… me! Hehehe!
        I can still cope with crosswords Billum, although the eye-sight is g=making a smidge more difficult.
        What would I do?
        Waiting sat sitting on the loo,
        For a motion that is long overdue…
        Without the crossword to do?
        I suppose being crap at solving them helps me in a way, cause I’ve given up on ever getting another one completed. So, no expections on my behalf. Does that maketh sense? Haha
        I recall going on this Team Building Course weekend, in the Derbyshire Dales. To things sort of indicated my not bolonging on the trip. On one of the inside activites, we were all given puzzles to do. I got all five wrong. Then on a single canoe down a slalom, I fell out of the boat, and by the time I’d got myself on the bank, then found the canoe, all the others were back at the base, tucking into their teas. When I I arrived, soden and cold, they realised I was there with them. Nice!

      • I have been known to burn bridges before crossing as well, perhaps the bridge troll awaits us there?
        What can you do when you’re waiting on the loo for a motion or two? Solve a puzzle though you’re crap at it? Well, crap is what a loo is all about, without a doubt.
        I always hated “team building” sessions at P&G, they were always phony. Forced fun. “What animal do you think you would be?” A tiger was an expected reply, but I picked raccoon, citing its role as a recycler. So, “not fitting in” is a badge of honor. My canoe moment.

      • I think you put the Porcelain Throne situation well there Billum. First smile promted!
        We have anither link in the Team-Building experiences. Haha! All the usual clan would keep together… that’s how htey lose people! Har-har! Bet the racoon got some groans?
        Were Lever Brothers you main competitior at P roctpr & Gamble?

      • Sturgeons Law: “90% of everything is crap.”
        I much enjoy our camaraderie, retelling so many experiences shared — acmes, abysses, and the sloggings along as well. Now including Team-Building. Clans and cliques indeed. Losing good people would appear to be part of their mission statement. Silent harrumphs, rolling eyes, and “I can’t stand racoons.” Hahaha!!!!
        Their main competitors were Lever Brothers, SC Johnson, and Colgate-Palmolive. Back in the 1980’s my friend Gordon remarked that P&G dismissed employees soon as they hit 55, about my age when I handed in my badge. Had to fight for unemployment compensation but finally succeeded.

      • More inner laughter prompted with that one, Billum! I fank-You!
        I too, love a good old fantasy fluttering of wordings. As well as hearing of the unbelievable similarities we have shared, Sir.
        As I recall, it was the same over here in my Tesco and Co-op days. I will always remember a Findus rep who called each week, a decent unpushy man. The last time he came, he told me they had made him redundant and he would not be calling again. He would have been about 55, at a guess. I was busy at the time, and it did sink in until my lunch break. Gawd, I felt so sorry for him. I think he was like us, a None-Fitter-Innerer.
        Ceers, Mon Ami!

      • Nice that we can now joke about it.
        Word smithery is a fun hobby, combinations of letters with fluttering wings that originate anywhere. Our similarities are always fun to discover. The excellent word “amok” is from Malaysian. Trivia of the day. 🙂
        Redundancy at 55 seem common in both of our realms. The decent and unpushy seem to the sort who get their shove out the door when job prospects are the lowest. We are privileged to be fellow non-fitter-innerer.
        Cheers, mon ami!

      • Fank you kindly Billum.
        Quick update, mate, I’m in a state: Coming out from the ablutinalisationing, no more chunks od teeth fell off, one… I say…ONE tiny cut shaving, no dizzies, leg dances or banging into anything in the shower! Brilliant thought I. Came out and went A-over-T on the towel airer! Clouting my head in the door in my ay down.
        That’ll teach me to go into Smug-Modes!
        All the best from None-Fitterer-Inner-Inchie. Haha!
        Love to all at the Manor Laboratories.

      • But it could always be worse. Alan and I were just discussing the way that Russia always treats their own soldiers — with little to no regard, but a shit-load of disregard. Glad that we are not Russian soldiers, mate. Some of them are older than us, some a lot older. Gad.
        Proud to be a NonFitterInnerer and not Russian soldiers!

      • Wise words, Billum.
        Putin, a name that in futrue years will be more famous the all the other warmongers – when the so called aliens find what is left of the world, and read of his exploits, they will flee the ruined planet, for rear of manking making a comeback!

      • Alan keeps me current with all strangeties going on in Russia and China, absurdities at every corner. I fully agree with you on that likely alien response, the stuff of Science Fiction since at least the 1930’s.

      • It would be an act of great kindness to give aliens an early warning on all our warrings. On a related thought, Lisa *is* indeed a follower of Quartermass. Now *I* need to catch up. We watched some early Dr Who last night, the episode: The Silurean. A fun one.
        🙂 and Haha!

      • Fsit enough, Billum. I msy have a look myself as ell, if I can find which DVD it’s on. I just can’t see to read the miniature wrtting on the box. Hehehe!
        When they are hiding under the stairs at Downing Street, I see mto remember seeing a blooper – course I could be wrong…

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