INCHIE: Friday 14th April 20-23

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Alto: “And he told me he was feeling happier this morning?
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But the wee-wee colour is betterer!
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I was up, took the night pouch off, and started several different jobs simultaneously. But I was, at that time, in a better condition than the day before. For a few hours, anyway. I can remember some of the things I began doing. Made a brew, which went cold, as I decided it would be a good idea to get the ablutions done. Then found myself making up the laundry bag ready for collection, and I struggled to open the box of soap pouches. I had to rush to the , that evacuation was over about five seconds after I’d sat down. But the sense of another one was on the way, made me stay where I was and had a go at the crossword book. While doing this, and rather successful for once, blood from Little Inchie was felt running down my leg. So I abandoned the crossword and cleaned it up; there was only a spot or two left to come, then back to the puzzling. The follow-through, backup, or second coming did not arrive.
While I refilled the bowls from the kitchen to refill the non-working water tank on the WC… yes, you guessed it! I had to rush back to the . So, with the first dollop of mush not being cleared yet, I then had to get four bowls of water to encourage the mess to go down the toilet. I was well worn out by the time I’d done it all! But did that stop me farting about doing other things at the same time? No!
I went into a short Memory Blank, I think at this time… well, I know I did; when I came round, I wrote it on the pad, and there is nothing else on it at all, apart from my weakling up time.
I found another mug of tea with the bag still in it gone cold. I moved some spring water bottles around in the kitchen, left the cold water tap running, and although there was nothing in there, I’d left the oven door open!
I did start to realise I needed to concentrate. I did feel a little better later. A Carer called, and I’m sure we laughed about something or other. 

What I’m writing may be out of chronological order, I fear. I think maybe I got the ablutions done before the Carer called. Anyway, I had to return to… yes; the yet again. Swift, messy, and how I didn’t drop a bowl of water or take a tumble was… well, a miracle! Ah, I did have a few cuts shaving. But little Inchie was no longer leaking, yes, the odd spot here and there that the PPs coped with admirably; this is several times a day occurrence from tube inserted.
Now the vagueness returned for a while. Eventually, very late on, I got the computer started, and the second carer arrived. AHA! She had some medications for me. At last, some Codeine! I asked for one straight away. This cheered me greatly. I really believe, swear, that the pain reduced the in half an hour!
The vagueness was coming and going for the next hours. I know Sister Jane called me, be nothing about what we spoke of… other than we were both sad to see Nottingham Forest struggling (I think?)
Around 16:00hrs, I finished and posted yesterday’s blog, then as I went to make a brew and empty the , I found I’d put the oven on a low light? Wish someone had told me. Hehehe!
There must have been raining outside, but I’d spent so long doing the blog that it is now almost time for the early evening carer. I can’t even remember the afternoon safety check caller. I’d been in a mental cocoon, I think.
So, I thought looking at the photographs I’d taken should help me recall things. As I got the camera to take out the SD card… ~~I saw in the computer’s external disk thingy reader.
I fear things are getting worse. Just doing this blog is taking me so many
error-filled hours. Causing frustrations.
 I think I can hear an alarm now, but it’s just stopped?

I left all three receptacles filled with water in the wet room in case there were any more needs to utilise the .
There were a few, and after heaving water from the kitchenette to the Wet room, , has been ever-present since. The painkillers were week used today! A morning view of the sky so blue. I even managed a little spot for two of pareidoliaing.

Computerisationing had an enormous amount of errors and miss-reading. As the day dragged on and I got more tired, so wrong options were taken; thanks to and .
The afternoon brought storm-threatening darkness. Not that it mattered much to me. I’ve not been outside now for about... oh, ages. It must be close to a month now since I’ve seen and breathed fresh air?
The last time I went out for a pleasure hobble around the flats, ~I had to return sharpish half was along Citrus Walk in front of the flats. Blood from Little Inchies , then the valve sprung open and filled my shoe! I can remember that well enough!

Then after taking the photo above, gave me something that he hasn’t shared with me for months on end, probably close on a year; an involuntary Right arm Hitler salute! I could have done without that! I rattled my knuckles against the window handle and, at the same time, I managed to knock off the window shelf, the knife box, the kitchen roll holder, the box of bags, and a jar of mint sauce! .
Then bending down to pick up the knives and check for damage to the floor, I hit my head against the freezer door edge! It took me an hour or more to get everything back where it should be.
I’d been lucky, I think, all the same. All five of the scattered-about knives missed any part of my body!
The only bad bit of the cleaning up and sorting was retrieving the bamboo stick that had rolled between the base cupboard and cooker. The burn in my hand that caught against the oven was nothing to a man like me. I laughed it off and at it! I’m inured to pain and a brave heroic sort of chap.
I made an error… (What am I saying? I’m always making errors)… with the daily meal. But it didn’t matter as it happens. I overcooked the vegan burgers, uneatable! But, me having the Natorra black tomatoes on the plate; They taste like meat to me? Lovely!
The ready-sliced potatoes (I thought after yesterday’s [photo on the left] Accifauxpas while slicing fresh potatoes were a good idea) Were very nice and crispy. Even the pickled beetroots were nice and well cooked, soft and kind to what few teggies I have left. I shan’t get any more of those burgers. Flavour Rating: 9.3/10.
Got settled down.
The feet and legs were looking better tonight. The ankle ulcers had all but disappeared again.
The skin looked a little darkly cadaverous. But I knew I’d not snuffed it yet, cause as I was nodding off, the leg slipped off of the chair, and that woke me up, so I knew I was still here when the pain and shock woke me out of my wallowing. But, putting getting back into the land of nod into a no-go area! Humph!


4 thoughts on “INCHIE: Friday 14th April 20-23

  1. At least your day started off well before you you started beating yourself up. Head meets freezer door sounds painful. Great looking meal.

  2. “The once-leading surgeon worked for the NHS as well as building a practice at two private hospitals run by Spire Healthcare in Birmingham. He is serving a 20-year jail term after being convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent. There had been “no medically justifiable reason” for many of the procedures, conducted between 1997 and 2011, a court heard.”

    Cretin criminal of the day. How low do they go? Too low already, of course.

    Thanks for your words, kind Sir!

    • However did you get into that site, Billum? I couldn’t, without signing up for a free 2 week trial then £50 a month charge for access?
      But I’ll put the thing on the net to find it elsewhere in a search.
      The Scottish Scumbag!
      Him and Nottingham’s Doctor Harold Shipman are the pits.
      I did see on the Guardian that said: Joe Biden to stand again, should he? He is not popular. We say he is the Trump-Slayer, that is enough to let him stand again!
      Fair to me? Yes!

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