Inchcock: Tue/Wed 11/12th November 2014

Tuesday 11th November 2014

I slept better last night, only waking up about five times I think.

Up and on the laptop drinking a cuppa by 0445hrs.

Not feeling on top form though, took some bags out to the bins to find someone had dumped their rubbish bags nearby.

Bit of an early dizzy spell.

Going to spend the day indoors methinks. Working away on the laptop and feeling guilty.

Gaws ‘eavens – the little ‘Inch’ is bleeding profusely again!

Crappo at times life innit?

Wednesday 12th November 2014

I was feeling nervous when I awoke at 0120hrs, apprehensive.


Checked out ‘Inchy’, bleeding again, applied some more Corticoid cream.

Had a rinse and cleared up the blood and came down had a sip of spring mineral water and got medications ready for the 0500hrs doses.

Can’t believe I do not fancy a cuppa.

Aware that today I have visitors coming to assist me, and I am very nervous at what they will find here at the hovel.

Updated this diary to here.

Lynton and his son John called, they were stuck on the motorway and would be a little later than arranged – nice that.

They arrived and I felt I’d known him for years.

We gossiped while they helped me get the laptop going so much better. We left it doing a clean-up programme and they drove me out for a bite to eat in Sherwood.

They kindly went into the Computer shop with me to analyse and understand what the chap was offering.


See me smiling? Thanks Lynton!

Then we went into a cafe where they treated me to a bacon sarnie, and let me knick one of John’s potatoe waffles.

We returned still nattering to the flea-pit.

They helped again by taking away some of the rubbish I have accrued.

They will never know how much they have helped me today – bless em both with all my heart.

A cuppa tea and they were off with fond goodbyes.


Sir Lynton Cox – A Gentleman

Now John has got my wi-fi sorted I can use the laptop upstairs again, and it is so much quicker.

Had a microwaved potato and sausages for me nosh.

Tired, but feeling happier than for a while I went off up to kip… angina playing up. Tsk!

TTFN all.

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