Why Inchcock stopped going to Nottingham Forest matches

Part of the Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe


My heroes:
Peter Grummitt in goal.

Bob Chapman, Terry Hennessey, Pete Hindley, Bob McKinlay, my favourite John Winfield were in Forest’s defence.

Jim Baxter, Henry Newton, Ian-Storey-Moore were in midfield.

Joe Baker, John Barnwell. and Barry Lyons up front.

All mismanaged so ably by Johnny Carey

1969, and my mates begged me to stop going to Forest matches!

Mick said I was a ‘jinx on them’.

Bill said I was the ‘kiss of death to them’.

Frank said I was a ‘curse on them’.

Alf said I ‘cast an evil eye on them’.

They each suggested I go forth and multiply and questioned my parentage.

They then pointed out that I’d only been to 6 matches that season, that resulted in:

Versus Man United Lost 2-1

Versus Derby County Lost 1-3

Versus Leed United Lost 6-1

Versus Burnley Lost 5- 0

Versus Leeds United Lost 4-1

Versus Coventry Lost 4-1

… and could I please stop attending the City Ground? (Or words to that effect)

I laughed this off as rubbish.

The next season, after I attended my first match (And only match of the season) versus Arsenal, and they lost 4-1… I did stop attending the City Ground after that!

6 thoughts on “Why Inchcock stopped going to Nottingham Forest matches

    • Does yer know, I went to a boxing day matches at home against the Gunners years ago, there were 42,000 at the match and I arrived late. Eventually I scrambled up a wall to see the pitch – it was an hour before I saw that Arsenal were playing in blue and yellow… minutes later a bobby called me down from the wall and threw me out of the ground! We lost that one too! Oh dear, I’ve a post in progress about that as well… Tsk! Don’t tell anyone will yer? TTFN mate.

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