Inchcock Today: Tuesday 13th January 2015

EHxx07StretchWoke up around 0250hrs.


Did my best to recall the dreams but nothing there?

Started laptop to get some work done on the third Zimmer Frame Squeaks post.

EHxx03ShirlGunI got carried away with it I’m afraid, doing the graphics took ages, but I was into it and enjoying it – so much I forgot I was to go to the launderette today. Huh!

Here’s some of the graphics wot I dun and put in the post.

Zimmer Frame’s Inchcock – The End!


Well gone lunchtime when I realised about the laundry.

But I got the post done and posted.

Had a scrub-up and got the things ready to take to the Nottingham Hospice shop in Sherwood.

As I opened the door I was met with rain mixed with snow a-falling. I 0201considered abandoning my little walk, but I needed bread and more importantly the goods had to get to the charity shop so I plodded on… as far as the end of the road when it dawned on me as the rain leaked in, that I had put me slippers back on and not me shoes!

Sad? Yes!

Back to the hovel put me shoes on and set out again.

I checked the time on me mobile and saw a missed call – it was from Big John me mate, so I called him and as he lives in Sherwood he said he’s see me at the Post Office in ten minutes.

We met at the pedestrian crossing near the Post Office and had a natter and I asked him if he could take a photo of me wearing me new glasses. He suggested I call at his house when I’d done at the Hospice shop.

The arthritis was bad this morning, but the angina a lot easier thankfully.

I called in the Polish shop to get some bread, then on up to the Nottingham Hospice shop, then over the road to the Holland & Barrett shop to get some Cod-liver oil and Vitmin B complex tablets. Plenty in stock now, just in case the promised storms do come.

The rain lessened and the wind dropped? Worrying that.

I called at Big Johns and he took0203 a photo of me new glasses – cutting me head off nicely.

Another little natter, but I had to refuse his offer of a cuppa and sit-down due to Arthur Itis and me bladder. Hehe!

I noticed the clock had been repaired at the Fat Cat noshery and pub over 0204the road.

I’ve never seen anyone going in there other than staff. The black car belongs to the owner Abdul.

I limped home slower than ever but arrived just before the rain got nasty.

WC’d and made a flask of tea to last me the night.

Made some sandwiches and started the laptop… and I can understand this being hard to believe – but the BT  Internet Connection failed.

Gnash spurgle-clang damn!

Read me book for a while then tried again and it was back.

Started this diary then did some facebooking.

The rumbling innards began again… Tsk!

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