Inchcock Today: Wed 14th January 2015

Up at 0235hrs – WC.

No memories of me dreams although I can feel them in a way – if that makes sense?

0301rollI was taking the card out of the camera and whallop the light bulb blew and died – I thought I might have croaked as well at first and I accidentally took a photo.

My first task was to replace that. Got the spare bulb then step-ladder and painfully mounted them and managed to changed the bulb without to much kerfuffle… pain yes.

The new style bulb is not very strong, must get a stronger one when I’m out later today in Derby.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop started.

Worked on graphics for later and did some facebooking again.

WC (Another close call).

Thought about the things I’ve to do today: Get light bulbs, call to see about camera, get me hearing-aid batteries, take me library book back, go to Derby to feed the mallards… there’s summat else I’m sure about… oh yes, collect me prescription from the GP… still summat else though…


Titivated missen and set out on my walk to the doctors GP surgery, took some nibbles for the GP reception gals and the chemist gals but… whatta-shocka. I didn’t realise just how severe the frost had been last night. Many area that had not had the sun reach them were treacherous to walk on.

I nearly did a ‘Whoopsidangleflop’ at the first corner.

Arrived okay with care and got my prescription from the gals and set off for the Chemists to get it filled, it was only some extra Phorpain gel and Codeine Phosphate 30g. But I was so glad to get them in now in case the weather does another nasty. The girls appreciated their nibbles. (I could have worded that better?)

0302iceI left and crossed the road to walk down to the Chemist and as I was passing the large Peugeot dealership every single car on show, and there must be at least 200 of them was well and truly frosted over… a job there for someone I thought. (Secretly trying to contain the smug thought that it wouldn’t be me nowadays… Hehehe!)

I got to the Chemist and they soon sorted me out with medications and accepted with glee the nibbles I gave them in thanks. (That’s better wording?)

0301franceI did notice some shaving foam and gels in the tiniest aerosols I’ve ever seen on a display in the chemists.

On closer inspection while I waiting for me prescription to be filled I found that the asking price for these miniature aerosols from France was £3.95 ($6.03)  A tad high I thought!

Off out and up along Mansfield Road to the City Centre.

0304artOn nearing the Cemetery, the same spot where I’ve noticed many pieces of Nottingham Street Art over the last couple of weeks including drunks regurgitated curries, the vandalised electricity box and the decoratively placed empty beer and wine bottles and – blow me down with a feather duster – there was another!

This time it was of the Nottingham Canine owners variety. Prettily arranged along the pavement and no paw marks on the frost either. But it was still freshly steaming!

I plodded on to the bus station completely forgetting to call into the hardware store for me bulbs. Tsk!

Never mind said I to myself – I’ll get them in Derby.

Got to the bus station and was on a bus to Derby and travelling within a couple of minutes – although the Red Arrow service uses motorway buses that annoy Arthur Itis, as you have to climb several steep steps to mount the bus. An elderly couple in front of me struggled too and I made a funny, something about “They don’t think about us old un’s struggling do they?” with a cheery smile – The look of contempt accompanied by an obviously well practised sneer worthy of HRH herself that I received back ensured I said no more to them during the 38 minute journey.

I made sure no contact was made with the Grumpies as I alighted from the bus in Derby.

0305PigeonI went straight to the riverside and fed the pigeons. Again for some reason the Mallards were absent? Hundreds of seagulls, a few Canada geese and  few hundred pigeons – but no mallards?

I assume the white snail-like object in the photo was a white pigeon or seagull landing? It looks like it has the same colour feet as the other pigeons. Perhaps an alien slug landing? Any ideas please? I didn’t notice it when I took the picture.

Then as I started to walk to the Eagle Centre to see if they had any cooked pork – the heavens opened.

In the market there were even more stalls empty today. So sad.

I remembered to call at one and get me bulb replacement. The chap sold me some that were the equivalent to the old 150 watt bulbs. (He says) £3.75 ($5.71) each. The last bulb I bought cost 50p (76c)! It was a while ago mind.

I plodded up to the butcher that sells the cooked joints and a nice looking piece of pork for £3.

On the way back through the market to the bus station I had look at some caps on a stall, but none of them were priced – so I moved on.

I espied some crossword books on sale at 2 for £1.50 – had a peruse and found they were my sort (Not too hard at all) so bought a couple.

Again as soon as I got on the bus it was off. I settled in and had a look at the first crossword in me book and spent half an hour on it – only got about a third of the the answers. Huh! I’ll keep it in me bag so it’s handy on bus trips. Mind you I still lost me last one somehow.

0304aShopsAs we neared Wollaton on the bus I took a photo of some shops near the traffic island.

The ones on the left and right were closed down. Not many vehicles in the car park, another sad photo for the records.

When I got into town it wor a bit of a job and painful getting down the steps of the bus.

I must remember to go the the other bus station at Broad Marsh bus station next time – it’s a fair further walk to get to it and the bus takes over twice as long as the Red Arrow to get to Derby because it takes the scenic route through the villages – but as long as I’m not in a rush I’ll catch that next time to please Arthur Itis.

Caught a bus back to Carrington and went in the co-op to get the bread I forgot to get earlier.

0305StJSome apprentice yobs were again lurking drinking and sat on the bench in the cut-through, so I took the longer route passed St Johns Churchyard.

And again, there were no persons letting their dogs crap in the graveyard again! Good that! Because it is a lovely place and looked after well.

Got in the flea-pit, WC’d, made a flask of tea and started the laptop – many of the keys seem to be sticking?

Well, I got the light bulbs, got me prescription from the GP, filled it at the chemists, forgot about the camera, forgot about me hearing-aid batteries, forgot to take me library book back, went to feed the mallards but they weren’t there… how did I know this? When I emptied me bag I found the reminder list I’d made but forgot I’d taken with me… Tsk!

Had  big nosh of sliced pork loin instant potatoes with cheese and bread thins.

Tried to read me book but kept nodding off despite enjoying the book so gave up and snuggled down.

Then took several hours to actually get to sleep!

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