Inchcock Today: Friday 30th January 2015

Sorry about my absence recently folks – a most regrettable series of unexpected events having taken place and testing my patience to extremes.

Dentist problems, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, laptop dying a death, medical appointments – bought a new second-hand laptop that was as much use as a ‘Fart in a colander’ wouldn’t let me use coreldraw or let me on the web at all – got another one, this let me on the web and install and use Coreldraw (Fair enough Coreldraw still crashes regularly though), feeling so low about it all. Then of course could I find the unsaved passwords and user names?

Then I could not load Word so had to use the free Apache word processor. Luckily it gave me the option of which programmes to link to it. After some farcical fa-lingering (Is that a word… it should be!)

Not a bad little package either, I like it.

Downloaded AVG antivirus and installed it on new second had used laptop wot I’m using.

I wish I could find a way to disable the touch-pad though – I keep making errors and faux pas with catching it when typing or mousing and finding myself faced with complicated pages from deep within the laptops secrets asking me to choose options I have no idea about?

What a palaver!

Friday 30th January 2015

0503Up at 0500hrs

Lousy night full of dreams of which I can only recall odd bits of:

I think I had become a judge or dictator and was passing sentence on cyclists who drove on the pavement: 6 years… without medical attention, food, 0502visitors and locked in their cells for the duration?

Bit worrying that…

Forced myself down the stairs (carefully) and noticed how light it was – t’was the snow that made it so!

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

I must try to get out later to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, snow permitting and get a walk in.

Started this diary passed wind and visited the porcelain again. I thought I’d got rid of the rumbling innards but back it comes. Huh!

Had a go at trying to work out how Serif Art works… gave up.

I wondered how the pigeons and mallards were doing now the snow had returned – hope I can get to feed one or the other of em later.

The arthritis and angina are not too bothersome yet today, the innards might keep me from getting my walk into Sherwood and bus to town though – I’ll do some graphics and see how they brew.

Coreldraw9 crashed and I had to force close and go through the starting instructions again. Huh! As I was about to close the laptop – Windows updates came in, so I ticked download. Taking so long I left em installing.

Took myself down to the kitchen to have a wash shave and titivationing as the tap twister in the bathroom has fell to pieces. Am I lucky or what? Hehe.

0504Got changed and the bits ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off, sneaking the dickies some seed as I departed.

The snow has all but gone now and I felt in decent spirits as I set off up Mansfield Road into Sherwood.

The sky was beautiful – then I was advised by my grumbling innards that it would be a wise move to find a toilet ASAP! Despite the pain in me knees I sped as fast as I could to the Sherwood Library – just in time. Luckily my EQ had made me carry a toilet roll in me bag that came in very handy as the WC there had only those little tiny shiny postage stamp size sheets!

I came away cleansed and proud of my foresight! I felt like stopping someone and telling them… but I resisted.

The constant involuntary wind emissions as I hobbled up the hill to the Hospice shop had me a tad worried, but all seemed okay.

I dropped off the goodies and caught a bus into town. The emissions of wind stopped as fast as they had started – until I was stood up waiting in the queue of folk to get off the bus – the ensuing involuntary blast that escaped will probably result in someone writing to the local paper about it… it felt like it lifted me up – and the pain with it!!!

So off to the Victoria Shopping Mall toilets, I didn’t need to guess, the haemorrhoids were bleeding badly after the nuclear explosion from me rear! Tsk!

So it took about 40 minutes from my thinking how well I was doing and feeling confident to becoming a nervous wreck! Hehehe.

Cleaned up and refreshed again… I had a poddle through the shopping mall taking some pictures for the TFZ gals in the market.

I called in the cheapo shop for the 4 for a quid Lion bars wot I like – they had gone up in price! Damnations curses and sadness ensued!

Nipped into Tesco and got some Cox’s apples (Best tasting in the world yer know when fresh), and special offer microwaveable buttered potatoes.

Had a wander around and ended up in Trinity Square, where I sneaked some 0507seeds to the pigeons. I’m really must stop doing this before I get caught and fined, but there is one pigeon who has lost his foot and hobbles around bravely getting beaten to the food by the others usually – and I just can’t help feeding him.

The shopping centre apparently built the sides of the building sloping to 0506prevent the pigeons roosting – hehehe!

I took a photo from the gallery walkway over Upper Parliament Street, no shortages of buses today in the City of Nottingham… fair enough they were not moving mind but…

As I walked back to the bus stop I 0505espied two mobile food outlets next to each other – Joe’s Burger and chips and Ali’s Lamb / Chicken kababs and doughnuts. It makes me wonder how these chaps make it pay. They’re both with a few hundred yards of McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, two independent cafés and a gigantic cafe for the less well off.

It amazes me, especially as there were only three customers at one of the stalls?

Any road, I made me way to the bus-stop, but didn’t make it, I had to divert into the public toilets on King Street hastily – again just in time. Oh dear, getting fed up with with this now! I must call and make an appointment with the doctor.

Back to the bus-stop, searched fer me bus-pass which I knew I had earlier… found I’d dropped it in me bag somehow. Huh!

Got back in the hovel and paid a painful visit to the porcelain. Creams applied!

0508Put me bits away and checked on laptop, the windows updates had finished at least. Kept getting message from AVG that the initial full scan had failed and needed doing urgently – went into AVG and it told me I was protected?

Started this update and Coreldraw9 seemed to acting okay.

Had the mash with franks and bread, followed by yoghourt and a lion bar.

Got to get out early in the morning to get so see Sister Jane, but could I get to sleep… huh! 

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