When Inchcock Met His Beloved Grizelda

Grizelda and Inchy.

I met Grizelda from Germany, A fine lass, well built and ample,

As an instant romance it was the perfect example,

We got physical too, she’d entangle and she’d trample,

Thankfully my puny body she did ogle and sample!

Ah… memories….


8 thoughts on “When Inchcock Met His Beloved Grizelda

    • Thanks a lot Angel. I can’t forget her even now after…. er let me work it out gal… er… Blimey, it’s over forty years! Memories of made of this stuff eh? Taketh care.

      • Absolutely Inchy. I have some memories of my own from, hummmm, 55 years ago? He raced motorcycles, but died of cancer. Life is strange sometimes.

      • It certainly is Angel – more so than fiction sometimes.
        So sorry to hear that.
        I lost my Suzanne to the Big C as well, August 1977.
        Thinking of you. X

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