Inchcock Political Party Shadow Ministers rethink their Manifestos!


Rachel Carrera says:

We must fight on and not mewl, it’s the voters that were the fools, following the main party like mules!

Shirley Blamey says:

Extreme policies we must overrule, I’ll do the job just give me the tools!

Angel says:

It’s the greedy politicians we must attack and ridicule!

Marissa Bergen says:

We need Punk-rock, in the home, on public transport and the vestibule!

Mike Steedenski says:

We must legalise hemp, marijuana, and the absinthe soaked toadstool!

Danny Soz says:

Everyone should hire a vehicle from my VAT free car-pool!

Inchcock says:

Bring back hanging for Pavement cyclists should be the rule!

Gazza H says:

Remove Inchcock as our leader and use him as a footstool!

Dunc the Hunk says:

When I went to school, I lived on gruel, Gawd life can be cruel!

* Gazza asked me to point out that no Shoplifters, Pavement Cyclists or Members of UKIP were harmed in the production of this load of rubbish.

13 thoughts on “Inchcock Political Party Shadow Ministers rethink their Manifestos!

    • Well thank you.
      They made me try to learn the clarinet at school yer know, it wus a waste of time wiv me being deaf like and no-one knowin… ah… Claret – got it now, sorry. I must remember that for future use mate. TTFN

    • Oh yes indeed Dunc. If any member of the Cabinet requires a graphic doing for a special post – I’m yer man! Just tell me what you’d like and I’ll do me best to do it.
      Also, they get a free blackcurrant and vanilla ice cream lollipop and and a mention in me will.
      Take care Sir. TTFN

  1. I feel so proud to be part of this group of leaders. I am a bit disappointed you didn’t mention anything about the guys named Wayne and Humphrey and (what was the other one??). Anyway, I’ll have you know, if they end up joining the campaign, it’s your fault!

    • By gum Gal, I’ll mention this Membership criteria on the Parties next publication. I was considering proposing you for the Minister of Entertainment? Thanks for offering you support. Hi-Hooooo, it’s into power we go, dud di dum dum dum, hi…. Getting carried away here, sorry. I blame Mr Steedenski. TTFN

      • Minister of Entertainment sounds good. Of course it will be very discerning entertainment which is to say, my way of the highway!
        Yes, if all else fails, blame Mike Steedenski!

      • Your way of the highway – so it will be then Marissa. I’ll bring it up at the meeting next July at the soup kitchen gal. TTFNski

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