Fri 29.5.15: Inchcock Today – Out and About Photographicalisationing in the Rain. The fool!

Friday 29th May 2015

Woke remembering bits of some dreams… chasing people but never getting close to them, down streets, over rooftops and in sewers and caves?

Came down and made a cuppa, fed the pigeons.

IMG_0093Made sure my neighbours and my bins were pulled out for the Refuse Administrator Facilitators (Formerly Bin-men before the European Human Rights shower got involved) arrival later. (0545hrs)

A bit damp this morning, the sun forcing it’s way through though. It went back in as I wrote this.

Took me medications.

The space in the corner of the room, now free of IMG_0094Nottingham Hospice Charity shop donations and rubbish bags took some getting used to. Hehehe!

It’ll soon get filled again once I get me wind and find time to do some more sorting.

Not up to it at the moment, the stomach is churning again – a feeling of comfortableness and expectancy lingers about this – please not the runs again… Please!

Updated me diary with dates of Dentist, Skin-cancer, INR Warfarin level test and Clinic appointments.

At last, a heavy-duty call to the porcelain. Regrettably the anticipated runs turned out the opposite and blood flowed.

Cleaned myself up, made another cuppa and returned to the laptop.

Used Coreldraw X7 to make the header for this post.

Bin men called, pulled bins back off the road afterwards.

Went up to have an abluting session and shave. Bit of a shock when I looked in the mirror – Gawd I look pale, almost ghostly!

IMG_0096Got me things, bus-pass, Pound-shop umbrella (Raining heavy now) nibbles and small shopping list: Curried beans and cooked pork only on it.

I thought twice about going out when I opened the door and saw the rain belting down. Huh!

Got me Pound shop umbrella, bus-pass, nibbles and shopping list only curried beans and cooked pork joint on it – IMG_0097no Heinz curried beans left in Nottingham, Derby or Mansfield! Tsk!

On me walk into town I was weary of the gigantic puddles in the gutters and tried to nip past them between cars to avoid getting soaked when they drive through them – but no, a flaming bus came as I was walking by a big un and soaked me through all down me right side.

I walked on and turned back taking a photo of the next bus to show how the first one got me! Swines!

IMG_0098No rush this morning, cause I couldn’t use me free pensioners bus-pass until 0930hrs so I poddled squelchingly along up the hill.

At the pelican crossing near the entrance to the Forest recreation ground the lights had taken a bashing from some vehicle or other.

I pressed on slowly over the hill and down into the City Centre.

Found myself a little early to use me bus-pass when I got to the Victoria bus-station, so I went in Vic Centre to see if I could find anyone selling curried beans – mission failed, I returned to the Vic bus-IMG_0099station and got on a Red Arrow bus to Derby.

As we stopped on upper Parliament Street I took a photograph through the front windows of the bus.

The rain continued to pelt down.

Despite the weather, that didn’t stop IMG_0100James Hunt the driver from getting us all to Derby in double quick time.

In Derby I went through the back of the bus-station to the river Derwent, the first site was of several poor weather battered pigeons on the posts at the river-side.

IMG_0102I walked back a bit and threw them some seeds and earth-worm sticks.

This attracted the mallards and Canadian geese to approach me demanding more!

It amazes me how great big geese like these can pick up and eat individual seeds from the floor?

I get an odd satisfaction from feeding these wild birds, don’t know why but I just seem to feel better for doing it?

IMG_0101(Made new header later in Coreldraw X7 using one of me photo’s of the pigeons I took in Derby)

I left the birds fighting for the food and walked down and over to the Eagle Centre market – thinking I might find some curried beans at the cheapo stall there.

When I got up to it I found an empty stall – they had closed down! Tsk!

So up and into the centre proper an got missen a pork joint.

IMG_0104Then to the Derby City Council offices and caught a bus to Mansfield.

By gum I value me free bus-pass!

The driver left the engine running, a bit roughly to me mind, and got out to have a fag.

We set off and the journey took about IMG_0105an hour to get to Mansfield.

The scenery along the country lanes was wonderful, even in the rain.

As the bus filled up the buggy-bays did too.

The kids seemed determined to destroy the seats and ring the bell throughout their journey.

The aisle between the seats came in handy for their chasing game as well. The driver knew better than question their antics and disturb the mothers on their mobile phones – sensible bloke!

IMG_0107We arrived at Mansfield Bus station and those left on the bus seemed in an inordinate rush to get off?

I thought there might have been an injury or two as they battled each other to get off the bus first?

Then they seemed to scatter to various exits and disappeared into the ether?

I trudged down the rain soaked under-pass and went to check out the B&M store and Pound IMG_0106Stretcher store in search of Heinz Curried Beans.

None to be had – I know Lynton Cox told me they had stopped making them like.

But if they stopped making em cause they weren’t selling, you’d think there would be some left to be had?


I made me way back to the bus-station and caught a Pronto bus back to Nottingham.

The wind is getting up now as well as the constant rain.

IMG_0108The bus stopped at some road-works for ages and this gave me a chance to take a photo of the fields and sky.

I was well pleased with this one.

I’ve made a bit bigger when I put it in. For once it was just how the eye saw it too.

IMG_0110And no reflections either?

We joined a rather long queue as we approached some roadworks using stationery trafficking lights.

We were there for ages, not that it mattered to me like, as I happily failed to finish me crossword again.

As we passed the roadworks the mud splattered onto the windows and that was the end of any IMG_0109good photo taking through the bus window.

I did try to take a photo quickly of a horse on a hill as we sped passed, but didn’t come out well. Hey-ho!

I could claim I was trying to take an atmospheric photo?

But I wasn’t.

IMG_0111Dropped off the bus in Carrington and hobble back to the House of rubbish.

I put the kettle on and as I started the laptop… sorry… Notebook (Can someone tell me the difference please?) there was no fewer than three peoples having a delve into the rubbish skip across the road – I caught the last one on me camera.

IMG_0112This skip certainly has fascinated and attracted much interest of the locals.

Made me pork and beans nosh.

Not made so much today, I’m learning.

AM. Note: Soon nodded off then, well tired I was.

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  1. Have you tried using a curry sauce with regular beans Inchy? That could make your curries beans completely new for you. I use a red curry as well as a green curry sauce for different foods, and enjoy them both. Some day I’ll even get the nerve to make my own sauce, or curry blend spice.

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