Of lists of love and hate (challenge)

Of lists of love and hate (challenge)

TessaThanks to https://tessacandoit.wordpress.com for nominating me for this one!

Now I need to put my thinking head on, and that’s not been used much lately, and actually think!

Hehehe, just a bit of fun like.

The rules are quite easy:

1. Name ten things you love

2. Now name ten things you hate

3. Nominate!

What I love…..

1. My laptop

2. Blogging

3. The Internet

4. Microwave sausages

5. The people on the Troll Free Zone on Facebook

6. Cyber-friends

7. Helping those worse off

8. My Free Pensioners Bus-Pass

9. Sociable people

10. My pipe – even though Doctors say I can no longer smoke it

What I hate…..

1. Pavement Cyclists!

2. Me Ailments: Dodgy ticker, reflux valve, haemmorhoids, skin cancer, bowel cancer, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, high blood-pressure, cramps, stuttering, partial deafness… better stop, I’ll run out of room! Hehehe!

3. Politicians

4. Anti- social elements of our society

5. Taking/making decisions

6. Cruelty to animals

7. Bullies

8. Being handicapped and unable to do certain tasks

9. Being nervous of my own shadow

10. Being alone, although I have been for donkey’s years now




No obligation to do this – but it might let you release some built up feeling by releasing to the world your dislikes! Hehehe!

16 thoughts on “Of lists of love and hate (challenge)

  1. I shall have a stab at this a little later methinks…had to sort out how to get this bloody PC to start having been in France just long enough to have forgotten where the on/off switch was…I shall report back Sir!

  2. Congratulations Inchy. This is very interesting, although I think I already knew most of your dislikes (or hates). I enjoyed your likes, and had a good laugh over your “hates” although I would call them dislikes, hate being such a strong word.

      • I think I can understand that one Inchy, I would hate those too. They should be given their own separate place, like only one sidewalk down the middle of a busy street where they can’t bother everyone else. Over here the cyclists are not allowed on the sidewalks.

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