Sat 20th June 2015 : Inchcock Today – Working away…

Saturday 18th June 2015


Woke around 0520hrs. The little Inch had been bleeding again – cleaned it up.

No memories of dreams at all – just know I had them and didn’t like them.

Got up feeling confused and still tired and got the laptop on.

Replied to some emails and messages then set about starting this diary and realised I’d not made a cuppa!

Put that right and took me morning medications.

Awaited arrival of fodder delivery, and did some shredding while I waited.

Soon had  a big bag of stuff made up for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.


IMG_0176 Set of on a walk into Sherwood with it.

As walked from the flea-pit to Mansfield Road I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the pavement.

I know we have crop-circles all over the world, but Pavement Circles was a new one to me?

It had just stopped raining, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with them?

Odd that, I’ll check next time I poddle that way.

IMG_0177Up the hill and down into Sherwood, up the next hill and on to the Hospice shop at the top of it.

Not many folks or traffic around yet.

Pavement cyclist in abundance in Sherwood, but they were too quick for me photograph em – Swines!

Limped up the Hospice shop and gave them me stuff, and collected me bags from last time.

When I came out, the Nottingham citizenry had IMG_0178awoke and were milling around in great numbers.

Halfway back at the top of the first hill, and no pedestrians about there only traffic.

I decided to walk down a bit further and call at the Lidl shop to get some of their bug bags to use for me sorting IMG_0179later.

I got some funny looks when I queued up with me 10 bags a pint of mike.


So I took em back to the flea-pit with the two I’d got back from the Nottingham Hospice shop.

Made a cuppa and tool me midday medications.

Had a pot noodle what I got last week cause they were on offer at half price – 50p. Sorry I did now, it wer crap! Eughh!y

Finished of some graphics of Shirley Blamey and Mike Steeden and pt them in their gallery on Facebook. Then sent her them via email.

Feeling guilty I got on with this Diary up to here and then got on with some sorting of me rubbish like… fer several hours!

Well shattered now, poor old thing.

Packed a few bags with kitchen and cleaning stuff, moved the other stuff, made a mess doing it, spilt bird seed all over to join the shredded paper I spilt earlier when trying to pack it into a potato bag.


Mayhem Pandamonium and Help!

Going to read me book and have summat to nosh now, then take me evening medications.

Tried to ring BJ but he was not answering belss him.

Drained is how I feel really.

Hello, did yer miss me??? The internet connection went down for a few minute then. BT? Huh!

IMG_0181Decided to add the Nosh photo I took earlier – but could not find the camera?

Eventually after an hour I did find it.

Mixed Veg, sausages and potatoes, with Polish brown bread.

Rated: 8.4/10.

8 thoughts on “Sat 20th June 2015 : Inchcock Today – Working away…

  1. You sure do a lot of walking Inchy. It brings back memories of the days when I could walk places, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. It would be a bumpy trip on the stairs now though. My chair only goes down, and then it goes all topsy turvy while going down. I’m not too eager for a broken neck, or any other body part, at the moment.

      • I’m working with a therapist on walking Inchy. We took a few trips around my apartment this morning, going about 50 steps. With help from my walker to lean on. And both shoulders hurting worse than the feet I haven’t felt for 25 years. It would be so nice to take another 5 mile hike out in the country again, the way I used to do. Some things are just not meant to be though.

      • Proud of you Angel, well done. Mobility is taken for granted by many, but it is so precious. Even a few paces will be a deserved victory. Don’t overdo it pet, but don’t give up. Cheers. X

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